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RPG Ghetto / planescape: torment (black isle CRPG)
« on: January 21, 2011, 05:08:52 pm »
anyone played it?

for those that haven't, a bit of info

-infinity engine based, modified AD&D 2E rules, heavily dialogue based
-set in the planescape setting (duh)
-main character is a dude that revives, losing his memories, every time he dies, and ends searching the planes to figure out what the fuck he is and why he can't die, while coming across all the shit his other "incarnations" (ie those versions of himself that had a distinct personality shift after their last death) did, as they've been around for fuck knows how long. REALLY epic shit follows.
-some non-standard game mechanics, most done on purpose, such as no traditional fantasy races, only one sword in the entire game, alignment shifts according to your actions, class switching for the main character (with individual XP pools for each class), and extremely non-standard NPC companions (including but not limited to a floating skull, a celibate succubus and a rogue modron quadrone).

ran this by lies, he thought some of you might be interested. if not, i am at thy mercy, and maybe perhaps might not repeat the error. *covers self in bubble wrap and curls into fetal position inside bomb shelter*

apparently t-shirt hell is now accepting new shirt submissions, and since i've been doing a bit of lurking, i think if anyone might have some funny shit to submit, it'd be you guys, so... yeah, that.
funny forum + funny t-shirt site looking for material = potential for more funny t-shirts. the lulz must flow.

(PS, you get money and free shirts if they accept your design)

Apple Talk / The Swearing Thread
« on: January 19, 2011, 05:57:52 am »
post your favourite examples of swearing  :evil:

any language, any dialect, any kind of swear words. if you can, post a translation

mine is this one, from my very own argentina:

translated transcript of what i can discern of the first 13 seconds (full video is 2:17): "you're a son of a thousand bitches""we went past, you big-balled (idiot), your mother's cunt!""dunno, now we're gonna retake this dick" "now this son of thousand bitches decarburates (?) his car, the son of a bitch"

oh, also

Apple Talk / o ye of this site, i come bearing tribute...
« on: January 19, 2011, 05:10:18 am »
...and shit like that.

behold, the best thing ever to come out of transhumanism to date!

and beneath it, the truth of humanity:


here ends my deliverance of gifts. le bye

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