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Apple Talk / OH, Arizona!
« on: May 14, 2012, 07:10:50 am »

Fianceé of a chef wants to be fattest bride ever at 325 kgs (700ish lb)

You're welcome.

This is pretty much a riff on Zygmunt Bauman's "Wasted lives..." and Loic Wacquant's "The prisons of misery"...

Capitalism creates "human waste" as a byproduct of its "progress"; human waste is -following a metaphor of how industrial waste is created in order to generate profit- that which will not be used, for "recycling" (integrating elements to the productive cycle) is costly and is overlooked.

Human waste is the reserve army of cheap labor, but now there is no way to get rid of them as it was done in past times, such as marginalizing them towards unpopulated regions, or some desert island, now they are left to fare off in political situations of wars and massacres of ethnic cleansing (see Africa); theres also the bio-segregation in "refugee camps" in which they will never be acknowledged as "exilees" for that would imply that they cannot go back to where they came from, but thus remaining in political limbo, not having rights and access to society nor being able to return to their homeland. There is also prisons, where after "paying its debt to society" and tries to return to work and reintegration, runs into how almost nobody wants to hire an ex-inmate, exacerbates its previous condition of exclusion and forces the person to participate in illegal activities to make a living and ends up in prison again.

The neoliberal project and politics fragilize salaried work and worker protection, which creates situations of misery for a great segment of the population... this situation is controlled by measures such as "Tolerance Zero" and "The War on Drugs"(tm) but how?

Prisons are a way to segregate the "dangerous population" and to put them in a position whereby their labour can be exploited thru the prison work system... there is statistical correlation between the mass unemployment and the raising of the time of court penalties... for example, in France, the inmate population is basicly composed of inmigrants and street drug dealers...

So on Wacquants (translated) own words "the invisible hand of capitalism now wears an iron glove"

Apple Talk / Parallels of Warnock's dilemma and pd meta discussions
« on: May 02, 2012, 07:17:20 am »

this is not intented as being snide or whatever, but i was surfing wikipedia on an unrelated interest and ran into warnocks dilemma and an external link

i just find it interesting on how a given past situation has been experienced by other forums

Aneristic Illusions / mexican pre election civil advertisement
« on: April 17, 2012, 07:33:45 pm »

just ugh, but cant say it does a bad portrayal of present and future of mexican society


Buford, the smallest town in the USA, with only one habitant, and situated in the state of Wyoming, was sold today in an auction to two vietnamese for $900,000 -9 times more than its initial price-

I mean, isnt that land ultimately the ownership of the state or the federal government?

Dont you guys have uhhh, a cap on the size a single property can extend to?

Does this mean they can make their own laws and enforcement?

I recall this being done by private prison companies that buy entire towns, so im not sure what this trend means.

Its sort of like the privatization of territories that arent profitable for the government to companies... like a sort of thought process "this territory doesnt have strategic value in natural resources nor taxation, we rather sell it for some money than let it just sit there being worthless"?

Principia Discussion / RAW and the Banshee connection
« on: December 30, 2011, 11:33:35 am »

The Kathak Mix was remixed by producer Youth and released on the US version of the CD single. This version included spoken samples of Robert Anton Wilson in the introduction.


The song is about Jayne Mansfield, and is supposedly their biggest hit... the remix is awful compared to the original...

Is there a reason the soundbit at the start of the song, in which RAW rambles about Eris is included in a song that doesnt have anything to do with her??

 :? :? :?

Or Kill Me / The Dangerous Chapel (a fragment; translated)
« on: December 19, 2011, 09:07:04 pm »
***I know that i said I would translate this, but this is as far as ill go, because i dont like the self-important auto-interview style, because i really dont think Ratatosk will end up publishing it in Intermittens and because i think you need to go to therapy***

All this story is true and obviously its incomplete, its just a sketch of what really happened to me. I cant remember half of it already, but a lot of impossible things for consensual reality happened to me in the hospital, believe me.

Source: “Laynd in the Dangerous Chapel”

I’ve been on the edge of mentally dying, losing reason.

I’ve suffered fear, to the extent of thinking I was gonna die being eaten alive.

Auditory and visual hallucinations, like creating the appropriate script, inventing the reason for my false death. Giving resources to my mind to keep on the tragic-comedy that brought me to the hospital some night of May. Having lost reality, it was only left to interpret every phenomena as a signal, each color as a meaning, each number interpreted and valued, like a supersticious instruction manual towards “true” “reality”, the lost reason or map of a previous reality. Each schedule or bar-code told me something, it gave me a meaning that helped me keep on forward.

Now I know nothing is true.

That reality depends on how you focus on things, that its plural and mutable.

And that the mind can twist into almost impossible extremes.

Fortunately, I got out of the Dangerous Chapel, from the psychotic break or however you wish to call it in sanity and without deep consequences. In some months or years ill be totally recovered if I don’t have relapses and all goes well. In my case, mental death invented reasons for physical death. And I(it) almos accomplished it.

-Kirot, October 2010

“Once in the Dangerous Chapel, you start to irrationally associate things just so the world makes sense”

Kirot registered himself in the spring of 2010 as a user in Decondicionamiento with the user name of “Laynd”. The very thing he did was open a thread about the “Dangerous Chapel” of which Robert Anton Wilson spoke in his “Cosmic Hammer I”, giving some hints about his pass thru that fearsome place which some medicalize as “psychosis”, which others consider as the confrontation with the Minor Guardian of the Threshold and that many simply call it “Initiation”.

Now, Kirot wants to recount things from his personal experience, being the proposition to develop this ideas in an interview format in which he will try to go in depth into the keys of his experiences.

There was a time before you entered the dangerous chapel in which you affirm that reality acted as you willed it. How did this start? Why do you think that you started to manifest your will in this manner?

Reality  was on my side, because i entered a state of Gnosis, a sensation of being “connected to the source” acompannied by slight hallucinations, like seeing nature as divinized and seeing UFOs instead of stars. Also, the heart burned, traspired when it breathed… which gave pleasure and i felt like the guardian of the oracle in “Matrix” when Neo sees the light within him… something similar I felt within me.
That was the control I had over things. Absolute happiness, mystic extasis. All started to twist with time, because then I didn’t know what to expect… also, I had the vague sensation that all whispered or stared at me each time I passed by them. For example, one girl with the appearance of being deteriorated (?) negates her evident symptoms to me, to later take it out on me and ends up happily marching away, and i remain with an incredible bad energy in my chest

Quote from: Kirot in
The first thing I encounter is some girl that is a shitty mess that DENIES her depressing state. I tell her and she pretends as if nothing is wrong. I keep walking and I noticed I have to escape from her whore face if I don’t want the bad energy to “return” that others seem to need so much, and it fills me with SHIT. The face of the girl became worse as I spent time with her while I started to feel something fucking shitty and heavy generating itself within me. IM NOT EXXAGERATING SHIT, I couldn’t take it off myself, then my friends arrived and my old best friend seemed changed and demanded that I accompany them like I did before. Its like I see it all upside down and viceversa and I don’t know how to get back to being happy without the need to “pleasure” or hold the minds of others. After this many of you think that ive become crazy, but my biggest enemies of before, or people that I thought was being very false are now the only people that greet me in the street.

Aneristic Illusions / ZETAS in MY Texas?!
« on: November 26, 2011, 06:32:44 am »

An undercover operation in Texas to arrest a group of traffickers at the moment of delivery of the drugs ended in a shootout ended in the death of a civilian assisting authorities which also left an injured officer

130kg of pot; presumed Zetas, very bold.

Principia Discussion / Roudinesco, Freud and Discordia
« on: August 21, 2011, 12:11:14 am »

Quote from:  Roudinesco, Elizabeth "The depressive society" - fragment of Chapter 1
...We know that the invention of Freud of a new configuration of the psyche, assumed the existance of a subject capable of interiorizing prohibitions. Inmersed in the unconscious and torn apart by a guilty conscience, this subject, freed to his pulsions by the death of god, finds itself always at war against himself. From this comes the freudian concept of neurosis, centered around discord, angst, guilt and sexual disorders. Nows, this is the idea of subjectivity, very characteristic of democratic societies, based itself on the permanent conflict between oneself and others, which tends to blur the contemporary mental organization in favour of the psychological notion of depressive personality...


« on: August 01, 2011, 05:54:29 am »


Today, things have changed. Coming September, the 27 heads of State and the governement of the European Union are gonna have a meeting.

Their objective: modify the Schengen Treaty. They have realized that the free circulation of people is not a good idea, specially when theres revolts in the north of Africa and masses of immigrants come to their borders, whom nobody wants to take. And now they are less solidady and want to pull back. Because of this, they are trying to come to an agreement to reintroduce temporarily border controls within the communal territory, in case of the massive influx of immigrants. They argue that the treaty better be modified, than it dissapearing.

Well, i think there's consensus already that if you arent white or rich, they dont want you anywhere in the First World.

This article is a bit biased in some ways, but it cites some lawyer that says that this is a symptom of xenophobic tendencies...

« on: July 30, 2011, 09:06:05 am »

Apple Talk / What the hell!?
« on: April 02, 2011, 12:14:43 am »

Avatars of users are showing warped, but mine is fine, is that a new trend or my PD gone Zalgo on me?!?

Aneristic Illusions / Question if president is an alcoholic? Get fired.
« on: February 07, 2011, 09:51:28 pm »
Members of the PAN party became outraged over the event and decided to leave the halls "in protest for the insult to the President of the Republic, to the congressmen and the institutions" said Carlos Perez Cuevas, vice-coordinator

After finalizing the presentation of the news, Carmen Aristegui said "There is no specific information, at least that we have access to it, to know if the president of the Republic has or doesnt have problems with alcoholism. But its a delicate subject, of course we have to view it with all the seriousness that it entails."

She also said that the democracies of the world it is common practice for mandataries to be applied health testings, and that the citizens require to know the situation of their leaders "to know which is the condition of whom is taking the decisions in the name of the general interest".

She got fired from the MVS chain, but she still holds her job at CNN.  :lulz:

Aneristic Illusions / Mexico: more technology, MOAR violence
« on: February 05, 2011, 08:45:54 pm »

In the context of the celebrations of the National Airforce and Army Day, the Department of National Defense presented a new armored tactical vehicle that the mexican Army will use in operations against organized crime in urban zones.

The new militar unit, which will operate in states such as Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua and Sinaloa amongst others in the north of the country, along with the south corridor of the southern border, is equiped with level 5 armor, resistent to grenades, Ak-47 and R-15 rounds, cop killer bullets, and even Barret style weapons and caliber 50. This quality will allow it to penetrate enemy lines in combat, without the occupants (4 to 8 ) being injured while being able to shoot from inside the vehicle.

Created based on the USA prototype, the Sandcat, the armor in this vehicle, which is a chasis of Ford style, was designed with high standards of security to acomplish the optimal level of protection for the soldiers of Special Forces which will operate this vehicles.

The lieutenant coronel Francisco Enriquez Rojas, spokesman for the SEDENA, informed that six of these vehicles are available at this moment, althought it wont be revealed to where they will be sent.....

This only means that instead of just bullets flying around, now we gonna have anti-armor rockets and high grades explosives used.

In urban areas.

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