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Or Kill Me / RevRoger Sermon 19: The Sermon on the Roof.
« on: June 27, 2003, 06:02:06 pm »

Or Kill Me / Rev Roger Sermon #18: DOOM
« on: June 14, 2003, 01:55:06 am »

Or Kill Me / SERMON #14 A Heart Full of Hate
« on: April 14, 2003, 03:18:33 am »

Or Kill Me / Rev Roger Sermon 2: Attack of the Scumsuckers
« on: March 28, 2003, 12:36:22 am »

Or Kill Me / Rev Roger Sermon #11: Land of the Yahoos
« on: March 05, 2003, 05:01:28 pm »

Or Kill Me / Reverend Roger Sermon#10...My shameful addiction to speed
« on: March 03, 2003, 05:36:51 pm »
I feel uncomfortable while driving if I'm not accelerating. It's something I'm becoming more used to, mostly because it eats gas quicker, but I still love to break speed limits of at least 10 or 20 mph.

Or Kill Me / Rev Roger sermon #3...get yer barf-bags, folks!
« on: January 29, 2003, 03:22:00 am »

Apple Talk / The Art of the Brag.
« on: January 26, 2003, 09:53:58 pm »
"There is no epilogue, unless you make it,
If you want your freedom, go and take it."
--William "Little Billy" Shakespeare
(had things turned out a little differently)

"And I will give him the morning star"
--St. John "Anything For A Laugh" of Patmos
(Revelation 2:28)

"Go, and never darken my towels again!"
--Groucho Marx
(Animal Crackers)

The establishment spends a great deal of it's time making sure we are sheeple.  Your egos are bruised everyday; from fitness magazines which make you feel (by comparison) like Don Knotts or Fatty Arbuckle, to action movies which make you realize what an indolent slug you are.  You are taught from the cradle that you simply aren't good enough, and you had better be GLAD for the few good things come your way...You obviously don't DESERVE them, so get back in line before somebody notices.

NO MORE!  You can't go through life with a shrunken ego...not as a human being, at least...You CAN, if your greatest ambition in life is to be a food-tube.

You need to look in the mirror and not THINK there are no flaws, you need to KNOW there are no flaws.  You need to act as if you are THE MAN (or WOMAN)!  Act this way, and others will treat you this way (making it easier to ACT this way, etc).

This is NOT arrogance (which would mean you are putting others down to make yourself feel big), but rather SUPREME SELF CONFIDENCE.  If ya don't have it, fake it; it will become real on it's own.

A good tool to help in this regard is "The Brag".  Spew a boast about your various attributes on this forum.  Make shyt up, exaggerate like a Senator...whatever it takes.  Post yourself as a sinner or a saint, it doesn't matter; because here in Discordianism, we're up for ANY PROGRAM!

And let no man say that the Good Reverend Roger will send a person where HE will not go...I will go first:

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