OK fuckers, let me out of here. I farted for you, what more do you want from me? Jesus fuck.

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Aneristic Illusions / Re: The Republicult™ On Parade
February 13, 2024, 05:13:51 AM
Eric Prince (Betsy DeVos's brother and founder of Blackwater) wants to bring back full blown military colonialism.
"Officially Youtube Verified US Immigration" channel:

255k subscribers

Feels like they're trying to pass themselves off as an official us government youtube channel, but I can't tell if they are up to something nefarious, or just trying to make passive income from some AI generated content.
You know, it never occurred to me that Klaus could be NSFW. People have used it as an actual safety training video in a workplace.

Not sure if "gore" in the bannable offences list includes fake gore, or only real.

Admittedly, having not had a work computer for nearly 10 years, now, It's something I have lost a bit of consciousness of. Three jobs ago I was on the computer at break and looked up the Max Headroom signal hacking incident and forgot about the butt part. When it got to that, I panicked a little bit, but nobody ever said anything about it.
I mean, it's no Forkliftdriver Klaus, but ok.
Maybe it would be more accurate to say that you can't get more protein out of an animal that you put into it, assuming that you are providing all of the animal's food.

They can forage and convert protein you can't eat or wouldn't want to eat into protein you would eat.
They can't even grasp the concept that animals literally can not make protein, and that all the protein in meat comes strictly from plants the animal has eaten.

They're terrified that AOC is going to take away their hamburgers and they will all die of protein deprivation. It's hilarious.
So apparently they're "vaccinating the meat supply", now.

This, of course, means the Purebloods will have to choose between either becoming vegan, or start eating each other.

Larry Tesler, Inventor of the cut, copy, and paste commands, dies at 74
Tara Reade is trying do defect to Russia, lol.
One of the weirdo preppers I follow just interviewed Ron Paul on his channel.  :horrormirth:

I think in her case asmr stands for Auditorily Subdued Murderous Rage.
ASMR~ Landlord Raises Your Rent and Sucks the Life Out Of Your Enslaved Corpse
Aneristic Illusions / Re: They're coming for you.
December 19, 2022, 04:55:26 AM
He can make that poll say whatever he wants it to say. This seems like it's just a way for him to step down while saving face.
What with all the housing being bought up by corporations and whatnot. I would think that a certain set of skills that could be quickly and easily learned by an average layperson as they are being pushed out onto the street would be helpful.

Similar to, say, The Simple Sabotage Field Manual for Modern Times.
I mean, eventually the sun will explode which will probably be an improvement.