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Or Kill Me / That Wily Xeno Bastard
« on: January 14, 2011, 08:04:45 pm »
The long-suffering doctor heaved a sigh.  
I am a researcher, he thought.  Why am I always saving his ass?  
I could be reading a book.  I could be inventing a superweapon.
The doctor hated war, but more and more he was finding it was such wonderful stress relief to invent new ways to kill lots of people.  It was cathartic.  And then there was the crew...
He sighed again, hoping they would see him and gun him down where he stood.  But he knew they wouldn't.  The captain was making a scene, and had their full attention.  And nobody ever seems to notice the doctor until they need something from him.  It said a lot to him that even their own species had members who hated them all.  It was all he could do not to burst out in peals of screeching laughter, sometimes.  He was glad they bought that line about “we don't have emotions”;  His excuse for constantly stonewalling them with a single raised eyebrow.

Creeping in closer, he accidentally tread on a twig, and they finally notice him.  They had already beaten the livid shit out of the captain, who was already unconscious.  He remembered seeing a clip of the propaganda that they have Earthside.  Ridiculous stuff, he thought.  Nerve pinch?  Apparently choking people wasn't a gallant way to save the day.  The mooks hefted their shitty sticks and came at him.  Time for the Deus ex Machina.  He smiled unpleasantly.

Apple Talk / Killing=Hilarious
« on: December 29, 2010, 03:26:48 am »
Everytime you eat an animal you gain it's wisdom.

An addiction to lulz does not excuse it.

Nor does tradition or preference or habit.

Winning is a weakness, do you have it?

Live by killing and you will die.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

The violence in your mind becomes violence in your food.

In your life.


your CAR.

Your wife.

Your husband.

Your lover.

Your son.

Your daughter.

These are your threads.

Would you carve the flesh from the bones of your loves?


Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / I have no idea what the title should be.
« on: December 23, 2010, 05:29:27 am »
I've gotten myself into a weird place, mentally.  I've studied rationality, physics, psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, mathematics, ethics, BIP, and general philosophy, and I've begun to conceptualize the universe in some pretty non-anthropic ways.  For starters, I've started seeing human behavior, that is, all subjective experiences and outwardly observable behaviors, as the logical conclusion of molecules acting in concert to effectively repeat patterns.  I've started seeing life itself as a mere disease of matter.

This is probably terrible.  But is it incorrect?  Looking for feedback.  Maybe I'm just wigging out in response to the reproductive urge after being single for gasp three years.  I don't like feeling like a towering field of particles who seeks only the reiteration of its operating system in another field of particles.

Discordian Recipes / My pizza dough sucks wieners for fiddle faddle.
« on: October 29, 2010, 09:20:36 pm »
You can help by posting recipes for pizza dough that don't give you crust with the consistency of saltines.

Apple Talk / Care of: Faust (RSVP not obligatory)
« on: October 22, 2010, 03:13:41 am »
Dear sir,

You are a gentleman. Of this there can be no question.

However, I must lodge a single objection.  Namely, the evil thing in your signature.  Forgive me, but I must ask what it is, and why it is rasping in my ear sweet nothings and mind rending cosmic horror as I sleep.  Please ask it to stop.

Kindest Regards,

Apple Talk / The Law of Conservation of Anger
« on: October 21, 2010, 05:56:22 am »
I understand what's happening now.  Don't you see?

Everyone should not become raging psychopaths the moment two irate old dudes stop being angry.

I think they should go back to being angry, or someone is going to kill somebody.

Or Kill Me / A Problem
« on: October 07, 2010, 01:53:03 am »
Quote from: Wikipedia
Cool (aesthetic)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Uncool" redirects here.

Quote from: Devo:  Through Being Cool
Going to bang some heads.  Going to beat some butts.

Quote from: Less Wrong
...meta-contrarians are at risk of becoming too meta-contrary.

We became smart because of a social cognition arms race.  Part of the competition is who/what can be the coolest.

HIPSTERS are the result of this.

I think you should all feel very ashamed.

That is all.

Discordian Recipes / Culinary Theory
« on: October 01, 2010, 10:51:19 pm »
So I've been thinking.  I know there are good ways to juxtapose flavor, aroma, texture, and color in pleasing ways, but can any clever chaps give me some hints as to how to do it with temperature?  It seems a bit trickier.

GASM Command / WorryGASM
« on: September 27, 2010, 09:05:44 am »
Inspired by:

I think you know what this entails.  Worrying memos, notes, and letters from nobody.  Because if we can make stressful things absurd enough to laugh at, that is a win.

Also:  What else should I add here?

Bring and Brag / Some sketches
« on: September 26, 2010, 08:25:51 pm »


Or Kill Me / Deaf Ears
« on: September 26, 2010, 05:02:11 am »
Our mental states are codepentent.

America at large is a low-context culture.  You don't need to know a lot about your neighbors to get along with them.

I'm surrounded by people that I am perfectly able to relate with. 

Human interaction is a glutted market.

You live in a world where you don't rely much on human interaction to survive, and social opportunities are everywhere.

It's too easy to feel unimportant.

I have no constructive proposals.

Discordian Recipes / Sigmatic Drinks Expensive Tall Boys
« on: September 14, 2010, 04:08:45 am »
I spent the last few months drinking beers, almost never the same brand twice.  I am reposting my notes on the subject here. 


Henry Weinhard Summer - Plain.  Tastes like "beer".  Above mediocre.
Full Sail Amber - Good with pizza, as I recall.  3/5.
MacTarnahan's Amber - Better than Full Sail, details hard to recall
Arrogant Bastard IPA - Challenging.  Hoppier than I'd like, but lots to keep my interest.
Devil Dog IPA - Wasn't bad, but even more hoppy than Arrogant B.  Made me feel bleary eyed.
Lagunitas Lucky 13 Red ale - Good.  Interesting aftertaste.
Alameda El Torrero IPA - Robust and flavorful. 
MacTarnahan's Winter HumBug Ale - A bit watery, very mild and not bitter.  Pleasant, but not exciting.
Drifter Pale - Smooth, slightly sweet, refreshing.  Paired seamlessly with a Caesar salad.


Black Butte - It was alright.  Same as many ales, better with pizza.


Session - Good!  Has an interesting pungency almost like licorice.
Mate Veza Black Lager - Drinking this as I post these notes, and really loving the smooth, frothy texture mixed with the distinct mouthfeel of Yerba Mate.  It's good! 


Paulaner Salvator Double Bock - Delicious!  I was pleasantly surprised.
Weltenburger Kloster Asam Bock - Another treat!  Starting to love Bocks.
Weihenstephaner Korbinien Doppelbock - Again, quite smooth, very flavorful, not bitter, just enough hops. 

Stouts (Muh fav'rit.)

Old Rasputin Imperial - Favorite.  Tastes like gold in beer terms.
Bison Chocolate - Sippable, tasty, pleasing.
Black Bear XX - No complaints, interesting character.
Sheaf - Didn't like it.  Tasted sour.
Sam Smith Oatmeal - Delicious, a bit filling. 
St. Peters Cream - Smooth and slightly flat tasting.  Good though.
Victory Storm King - Complicated, a bit hoppy, but in a good way.

Apple Talk / Care Of: Doktors of
« on: August 23, 2010, 08:30:46 pm »
I deliver to you, the Great Adversary.


High Weirdness / Things that make you go a little crazy every time
« on: August 14, 2010, 03:13:00 am »
I have an odd reaction to some things.  Occasionally, a thing I see or read will teleport me to the brink of pants-crapping madness.

Post them here.  I like going to that place.

To set the pace, I have this well-known sample:

High Weirdness / Be outraged. Or confused, anyway.
« on: July 27, 2010, 09:54:46 pm »
I found myself experiencing an odd mixture of the two.

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