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I feel like I literally need to start ALL of my learning over with this new heuristic.

PS Do ya'll want to make a server on Discord as it only seems appropriate...
awww facebook... so you guys are that kind of crazy  :cry:
Has the party migrated elsewhere? All the links to discordia books are broken, any leads?
Hi I am new and found ya'll through a wild chain of events, that right before finding this site went: "randomly" reading a pdf from a dump of text documents i got from some Tor site (Prometheus Rising) -> asking RAWilson(s twitter) where I could go to for help / more. Is there an order in which I should read things and what are they? I believe that this is what I have always been looking for.
I just finished Prometheus Rising but skipped the exercises because I am paralyzed from the neck down. So things like look for a quarter or orgasm to something taboo are obviously out. Are there other exercises I can do to learn the intended lessons? Or am I fucked? (or very not fucked as the case may be)

PS should I move to Undoing Yourself with energized meditation? is there a particular order in which I should read things?