I liked how they introduced her, like "her mother died in an insane asylum thinking she was Queen Victoria" and my thought was, I like where I think this is going. I was not disappointed.

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Behold, my greatest project yet!

Aren't you tired of copyleft, creative commons and all of this licencing bullshit? Don't you want a licence that, in addition to being another licence, makes everything even more bureaucratic? Well, here we are. I present to you the very first Erisian Licence: Self-Attribution (in short, EL-SA).

What is this?
This licence is as simple as it gets. People may use your work in any way they want, under the only condition that they try their best to act as if they are the original creator. Of course, if you're into Creative Commons soykaf, you may derive this licence to include clauses of non-commercialization and such, but i didn't want to include that in the original. I want to see music submitted by different people to the youtube Content ID database and the absolute Chaos that will ensue.

I'm not going to detail all of the ways this is obviously the best content licence that ever existed, I'll trust your judgment and good will.
You are also free to submit a better logo for the licence and I will edit the post accordingly.

This topic is supposed to be a repository of EL-SA content (videos, photos, music, art, texts, you name it). I leave the licence in your hands, now only you can make it live!
Eris had a lot of children yes, but it was all part of Her big plot.

When I mention antinatalism in any online discussion, people start getting angry big time. Could it be that Eris populated the earth with the goal of causing Chaos, and for her followers to be able to disrupt the machine that kills all?