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Bring and Brag / Really well done Sacred CHAO pin
September 26, 2021, 02:27:28 AM

I made this.

You can steal one, for money, here:

If you hate me I will feed off it.

Quote from: The Good Reverend Roger on September 17, 2012, 04:15:46 PM
This is a remake of a lost rant I wrote in response to someone saying porn was "empowering" to women.  I can't find the original, so I'm re-writing it now.

The life-cycle of the average porn starlet.

Okay, so there's this 18 year old girl, fresh off the bus and ready for her new life in The City.  She's hoping to land a job as a waitress or whatever, until she can get her first big break in modeling or film or whatever.

At some point, she meets someone who says they can get her some big money NOW, making "adult" films.  Then he names a figure.

Next thing you know, she's dragging down $600 a scene, pulling in several thousand a month.  Not bad money for a girl with no marketable skills in a town where a pretty face and $4 will get you a cup of coffee.

But it turns out that to make that much money, she needs to make a LOT of films.  So in her first year, she burns through a hundred low-rent flicks, easy.  This wears you down.  It's hard to get into it.  So she gets a little something to help her along.  Might be coke, more probably meth.

But now she's no longer a fresh face.  She's known, and her value starts to drop.  So she has to do more and more bizarre things to get on camera.  Starts with anal, goes downhill from there.

6 months later, she's thinking to herself, "If I let that guy piss on me and then drag me into the shower, I could make rent." 

6 months after THAT, she's thinking a little differently.  "If I let those guys choke me out and put their cigs out on my back, I might get enough to score."  By this point she looks 40, and her skin looks like that of a cadaver.  Her eyes are dead, like two burned out light bulbs.

A few weeks later, she's been sold to a pimp for her drug debts, and she's hooking to score.  Statistically speaking, she's dead in 3 years, tossed in a convenient dumpster.

Then there's the next 18 year old girl, fresh off the bus and ready for her new life in The City.  She's hoping to land a job as a waitress or whatever, until she can get her first big break in modeling or film or whatever.

Rinse, repeat.

So when you feel the need to tell me porn is "empowering" to women, take a moment instead to SHUT UP.  What porn IS, is turning a human being into a commodity.  It is trading in human misery.  It is about as "empowering" to the woman as being enslaved was "empowering" to the Black population of the 1800s America.  It's sordid, when you look at it that way, and about as sexy as watching monsters waterboard people at Gitmo.

That's all I have to say.

This is all very true. I'll add to it that often times its the 'middle american cam girl who gets a free plane ticket out to florida' routine these days. They like to isolate them, wow them, and then throw them in the hull of a shitty fishing boat and sex traffic their asses out to other nations where 'American sluts' fetch a hefty delivery fee, and are sold into straight up slavery. So your analogy to the 1800s is very accurate.

This is why any male who advocates that 'sex work is real work' is suspect for 'fighting for woman's right to sell him her ass', and most likely not much else in the way of being an 'ally'. I for one would prefer to help build an environment where women dont have to resort to such measures in life.

Of course I do have to concede that there are women out there who have beat the bad system and are camming for fun and profit and even making porn without any personal exploitations. These exceptions are strictly Solo players, and the Monogamous Couples who beat the system and only do things for themselves, and maybe sell the finished product to various distributors.

HOWEVER, on top of that 1% of 'beat the system' players out there, EVERYONES work is stolen, repackaged, redistributed, and sold in various world markets, and clip sites for ad dollars, without permission or compensation to the makers. There is no system in place to protect content in that market place. Anyone can bot scoop files off clip sites, and live feeds straight off cam sites, then sell those works and nothing is going to stop them. So in the end there is no way to avoid exploitation 100%.

The only good anyone can do is make efforts to keep individual people safe, pay living wages for regular jobs, and continue to destroy anyone involved in the global trafficking operations any way possible. Which is crazy hard to do as they get women from anywhere they can including underage kids in orphanage/foster care systems here in the united states, which are often run by evangelical billionaires who employ their extended families in these 'non profit' tax shelter operations.

Betsy DeVos is one of these people. Her brother Eric Prince owns the Blackwater  mercenary army / illegal arms dealers network, while Betsy was scooping migrant children out of cages and trafficking them to fuck knows who and billing the taxpayer $700, per day, for each child stolen from their parents.

The shit runs deep and everyday 'turn a bitch out' porn is just the tip of an iceberg of pure fucking evil.
Only Maybe Arts Lab / Re: WEIRDOVERSE
April 06, 2021, 06:27:46 AM

I always wanted Hagbards Medallion from the Illuminatus books. Of course any of the ones ive seen online are total crap. So I'm making one I would wear! A heavy solid metal version in Antiquated Brass. Oh and some other things you might be interested in.