He was a pretty good teacher, but he's also batshit insane and smells like ferret pee.

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Messages - Thumper Forge (Όρκος)

QuoteAir, Earth, Fire, Water, Stupidity.

This makes me picture the beach scene in <I>The Craft</I>, except with a fifth girl who calls Stupidity and then immediately walks into a plate-glass window.
QuoteI look forward to reading more! I've got a soft spot for the intersection of Discordianism, antiquated mysticism, and modern spirituality.

I promise to get weird with it. ;)

Thank you for the welcome!
QuoteDid you bring doughnuts?  I like people who bring doughnuts.

I *always* bring doughnuts!

QuoteI didn't know the "four elements" gimmick had a specific author.

Empedocles didn't invent the concept of the four elements, but he was the first to describe them as abstractions/states of matter instead of literal rocks and fire and whatnot.
QuoteCurious - How do you reconcile Empedocledian's 4 with Discordia's 5? Is the universe balanced or not??


Empedocles described the Four Elements as the "root" states of matter that were basically banged around by the forces of Love and Strife until everything was created. So we're actually looking at 6 fundamentals instead of 4, and 6-1=5. OR we could add in an additional root of Aether/Spirit/what-have-you and get to five that way.

I think the Universe wants to be balanced but falls down a lot.
Hello! I am new. Forums confuse the hell out of me, but I'll try to contribute.

I am a terrible cook, but I can make really good sausage cheese balls. I will check the recipes section to make sure nobody has stolen my thunder on that.

Currently writing a book that combines Discordianism and Empedocledian doctrine with witchcraft and Chaos magic, because I never, ever want to be published, apparently.

I am neither a cop nor a cabbage, as far as I know.

Anywho, just wanted to introduce myself. Please only murder me in my sleep.