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Apple Talk / Silver-Screen Scumbags: Damnation Doesn't Deter
« on: April 12, 2019, 11:12:16 pm »
I've been thinking about this more as I've come to enjoy crime dramas, true crime fiction, and so on. In these sorts of shows and movies, there's often at least one antagonist who, through some combination of tropes--from a tragic past, to a mental illness cocktail, general loathsomeness, etc.--outshines even the most wonderful of protagonists or side characters, because they're just so hate-able. Now, I could waffle about the misrepresentation of mental illness, the way television and technology makes us more comfortable with gruesome imagery, or how true crime ramps up the scare chord and creep factor dials to 11 to the point where the source material event is totally different from the on-screen proceedings and the entire point of the show is lost in the muck, but instead I want to waffle about a fact that I've come to realize that really disturbs me more than poor writing or lazy character work.

No matter how many terrible people we put on TV screens, they won't stop the ones in the real world.

Obviously, this goes without saying, and I know that my rambling here is hardly a breakthrough in looking at humanity in hindsight. But since reading things like Carrie, and watching the original Twin Peaks and Hulu's The Act, I can't help but feel like us funny meat people are grossly, comically missing the point of the sacks of shit and hellspawn we like to watch terrorize, and eventually crumble, on our funny glowing boxes. The entire point, I find, of characters like Margaret White, Leo Johnson, and Dee Dee Blanchard (at least, as portrayed by Patricia Arquette), is that they are such terrible people that any person looking at them with half an iota of intelligence will go "well shit, glad I don't act like that fucker". Frankly, I feel like that muttered statement between shocked gasps and munched popcorn is a big part of the draw of the crime genre itself; it's a safe way to look at the worst people imaginable, real or fake, and be comforted by the fact that "I'm not like them".

But what happens when people look at these characters and think "Well, we're actually pretty similar"? Watching Leo Johnson in Twin Peaks get paralyzed for being a sexist, wife-beating prick doesn't stop Joe Blow in Washington from taking out his belt and beating his girlfriend. No amount of Margaret Whites has made abusive conservative christian mothers stop hitting, berating, or diddling their kids. Similarly, stealing, lying, child-abuser characters never stopped Dee Dee Blanchard from doing just that to her daughter in real life, and no matter how vile she is as a character in The Act, there will continue to be more people like her doing much of the same out in the real world. I want to know why Leos don't unmake Leos. Why do scumbags sending their kids off to gay conversion therapy camps not change their ways when they see Carrie White being locked in a closet? TV murderers don't make real murderers feel bad; at least, I haven't heard any stories about "Florida Man renounces his cultish ways after watching The Path."

And what disturbs me most about all this is that, being optimistic about human empathy, it really should work! We're a bunch of dumb monkeys, but we can recognize the awfulness of these characters so easily. The rapists of the world make disparaging comments towards the rapists of hollywood cinema, yet they won't have an "oh shit" moment and change their ways. Damnation just doesn't deter. I'm lucky enough to where this is only a hypothetical, but if my autism were more severe and if my mother was a worse person overall, I'm positive that no number of "bad mom" or "ableist prick" characters in media would deter her from doing and saying terrible things to me. And that's harrowing.

So, what gives?

Bring and Brag / It's Made of WOOD
« on: April 04, 2019, 04:45:50 am »
Not mine, but some dude in Ukraine made a beautiful bust of the Goddess...and it's made of WOOD! :lulz:

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / The Deck of Theseus
« on: April 02, 2019, 04:49:22 am »
So, I remembered something last night, which led to a morsel of an idea. I'm not sure if I still have them, but a couple times in the last few years, I've found random playing cards just out in public, underneath tables and chairs and such, each clearly from a different deck; some had cut corners, font sizes were different, etc. They weren't covered in sewer muck or anything, but they were a tad dusty and worn, so I picked them up, intending to use them should I ever lose those very specific cards from my regular deck. I remember having the brief thought "What if I found enough of these to make a full deck?" But now I have another idea: "What if I replaced all the cards in my regular deck with these random assortments?" I see this idea going two ways.

1. Obviously, most people are just gonna be misplacing generic Bicycle cards with red backs and regular type-facing...but what if someone were to start deliberately planting more exotic cards in public? Magic trick decks with marked and double-sided cards. Themed decks like the ones over here. Different sizes, fonts, suits. Homemade cards! Even just regular cards with some invisible drawings could be neat. Think of the kind of scavenger hunt that could happen around this: one spag plants two cards, wedges them between cement tiles. One random, regular card to get someone started on the hunt, and another one (like the little extra cards companies slap their logo or some game rules onto, or a Joker) written on in white ink, instructing them to Go forth and construct the Deck of Theseus. Some cards could leave clues for finding other cards. Hell, this could fit right in with the world of geocaching (Note to self: get into that again). Do this multiple times, and a couple lucky people in the right area could have a full deck, made up of multiple "generations" of scavenged cards, each generation with a special mark, logo, or date of distribution. I think this could be made interesting if coordinated right.

2. The other way I see this going, which would probably involve less street grime, random strange card hunting, and money lost on mutilating your own decks, would be for some creative spag to put their mind meat to work. Like the "homemade cards" idea above, they could design a 52-card deck of their own, and have each card be its own little thing, with different themes, designs, and ideas. Maybe each suit could represent a different philosophy, or one could team up with local street artists and have each card custom-painted. Color-code however you want, tell a story, make a mosaic, think of the possibilities!

...I'm gonna think about this some more while I read over my Mao rule-list and play Solitaire. :lulz:

Principia Discussion / Explaining Ourselves
« on: February 26, 2019, 10:52:01 pm »
Hi all. So, today in my mythology class, we covered Buddhism, and as such, we brought up the idea of non-spiritual belief systems. Naturally, my mind immediately jumped to Discordianism, so I want some input as to what I could show the Prof to give them an idea of what it, and other joke/parody religions (I'm debating on mentioning the Pastafarians, Jediists, etc., or just keeping it to Discordianism, since there's more history there) are all about. Obviously I'll link them the PD, and maybe the BIP, but are there any other texts, or maybe a real solid video or two, that would be useful for explaining our belief system to an older person who has studied world mythologies for I-don't-know-how-long? I want to get across to them how we are on a sliding scale of belief (we all have our "own" Discordia; some are devout and theistic, some are philosophical and atheistic, some are a bit of both, and most are rather silly), but I don't want to just go "hey, look at this thing us younger people are into that's kind of nonsensical and doesn't take itself seriously" to someone who really knows their stuff, y'know? They showed a bit of interest when I mentioned sending them some material, so I think they'll receive it well. Thoughts?

Bring and Brag / Pix2pix: an exercise in smearing cats
« on: January 27, 2019, 03:36:26 am »
So, I remembered today that pix2pix is a thing. You know, that experimental tool that turns your shitty mouse cursor drawing from the MS Paint garbage fire that it is to a cute kitty or a nice piece of art? Well, I put my profile pic to the test, and recreated it. Now it's a cat, a building facade, a shoe, and a handbag, in that order. Enjoy the nightmares!

Here's the site I used, in case you lunatics wanna take a stab at it. Smear irresponsibly.

Propaganda Depository / Deeply Artificial Trees
« on: January 24, 2019, 04:27:05 am »
Feel free to move this to some weird video megathread if one exists.

Here, have a thing, courtesy of a gal I know named Teeg.
Also courtesy of Teeg is this trigger warning: "Opening the gates of Yog-Sothoth. May insight schizophrenic visions."
Be consumed. Enjoy!

High Weirdness / Frida Kahlo and Cthulhu walk into a bar...
« on: January 21, 2019, 04:40:21 am »
...and then The Great Dreamer takes a few shots of tequila and pulls out his accordion.

Alright, so, some years ago, I happened upon a black and white surrealist photo of an octopus sat atop a barstool, with its tentacles around an accordion, and Frida Kahlo beside him at the bar, watching fondly. For no reason other than Eris wanting to fuck with my head (I presume, that kinky bitch), I remember that this image even exists. But alas, I saved it on and old phone, and no longer have the picture.

So I do some googling; I find the picture. But now, there's no Frida. Just Cthulhu with his accordion, and a blurry bartender behind the greyscaled bar. I find who made the original, sans-Frida image, and now I feel dumb for thinking she was part of the original picture in the first place. Duh.  :lulz:

But now I have to wonder...where's Frida? This image isn't super popular, so I'd think that any results of it would pull up one instance of Frida at the bar with the Great Old One. But no. Nothing. I'm not good at searching for things extensively, but this is fucking weird.

Anyone able to find Frida? This simply feels like an absurd wrong that must be righted. Here's the original image, in all its octopodal glory. Thanks, all. Share a pint with your local eight-armed aquatic friend when you're able. I'm sure Frida misses hers.

Literate Chaotic / Twelve Days
« on: January 17, 2019, 02:50:43 am »
So, I wrote this before becoming a Discordian and learning about The Spiders...maybe past me was on to something, cause now I can't see this unnamed mad dentist character as anything other than an agent of Greyface/a Spider. Then again, past me also wrote this as part of an anthology story about murdererous candymakers. Anyhoo, here you go, forced rhymes and all. :lulz:

On the first day, you didn't think it much, when you squished that little, shiny spider, with a crunch. You went about your picnic, never wondering when, my little crystal helpers would catch up to you again. You played with your kid, your dog, your wife, laughing all the way. You truly had no idea, how much I'd make you pay.

Upon the second day, you started to scratch your head, when you saw clusters of ants crawl out of each and every corner and from under your bed. The place was full of food, but still, they left. You shook it off as paranoia, even when your skin crept. It was now that my army started advancing, all while you slept.

It was the third day when you started getting paranoid, from hearing the scratching in the cupboard. What was in there? Could it hurt your wife or kid? You made sure to tell them you love them.

On the fourth day, my little friends gave you a surprise. A treat most splendid, and it cost merely your precious pooch's life. I listened to you scream and shield your kids' eyes. It was then that I remembered; you're not very wise.

'Twas the fifth day when I had them stalk you, on your morning walk in the woods. Their little pink and silver bodies scuttled to and fro in the soot. They stayed far behind, so as not to be crushed underfoot.  Even still, I saw your face tighten, when you got that awkward feeling in your gut.

I think it was day six, when they tried to cause your son harm. You saved him in the nick of time, though he didn't escape your scorn. You didn't escape, either, though, while you were droning on. You didn't notice one of my spiders, making its way up onto your arm.

Day seven, and you became restless, you couldn't sleep a wink. Annoyed, you headed to the bathroom, and grabbed some ointment from above the sink. The itching had quickly gotten bad, I think. But no matter how you thought of how it got there, you never made the link.

The eighth day was upon you, when your wife put up 'missing' posters. You ran away from home, because you thought they were close to her. I made them focus only on you, in fact, little cur. All the same, you slept in the alley that night, as your infected arm began to grow fur.

It was the ninth day when you looked for help, heading to the doctor. In the back of your mind, you knew you were hopeless, but all the same, you flocked to her. She shook her head and told you there was nothing for a cure. Dejected, you contemplated throwing yourself down the nearest sewer.

Day ten, and I was ecstatic, when I saw you becoming lethargic. It was too easy, I thought, finding this all to be rather cathartic. You grunted and groaned, as they all approached. With a sad look in your eyes, you became their host.

Day eleven, the transformation was nearly complete. Your eyes multiplied, as did your feet. The fur was spreading, and, luckily for you, was conserving heat. Your new legs were spindly, like all the rest. I think, my friend, I will like you the best.

Now it's day twelve, you'll be small soon enough. You've already been shrinking, your brain turned to mush. You're mine, now, friend; my little spidery beatnik. For your first mission, I think I'm going to send you to a picnic.

RPG Ghetto / The Game of Mao
« on: January 17, 2019, 02:06:23 am »
So about the game of Mao...

...why does no one on here play it?!

Mao is a card game about oppressive rules and defeating the regime of the Chairman. All it takes is a typical 52-card deck, though more decks are ideal for more people. The goal is simple. Start with some number of cards in your hand, and play by The Chairman's Rules to try and empty your hand before anyone else does. The Rules are also simple:

Rule 1: The First Rule of Mao is that you can't talk about The Rules, except for The First Rule.
Rules 2-∞: Figure it out!

When you win a round, you can (or must, depending on The Rules) create a new Rule without telling your fellow Players. The Game goes on, and they must figure out the new Rule, lest they be penalized for breaking it. You can even be penalized if you break your own rule.
A lot of people play with similar handfuls of Rules, but even I don't use all the "normal" Rules that I've seen other Chairmen use. Everyone plays Mao slightly differently, and things can get tricky as the rounds, and new Rules, add up.

So whaddaya think? Wanna go find yourself a Chairman to deal you in?

Propaganda Depository / Good Ol' Bamboozlement
« on: January 16, 2019, 02:55:12 am »
Thinking about it, the "Fake Facts" videos by Jacksfilms could be a neat thing to try out for ourselves. A social media jake to befuddle the digital masses. I'm sure someone has thought to do/has done this before, but when has a lack of originality stopped anyone?  :lulz:

Apple Talk / So, there's this room in an Amino app...
« on: January 13, 2019, 12:20:02 am »
Not even sure if this is the right section of the forum buuuut oh well

So I'm on the Pagans & Witches Amino app, and there's a chat room about chaos deities...and they just switched the focus onto Eris for the next few days. I'm tempted to try and convert a few witches to our cause. Thoughts? I know the average religious witch doesn't mesh well with the average irreligious Discordian, but maybe we can come together for the sake of Goddess. At the very least, we could give the app some good traffic. I dunno. I'm rambling now, whee.

Bring and Brag / Eris Drew, High Priestess of the Motherbeat
« on: January 11, 2019, 06:24:43 am »
Welp, my first post, let's see how badly I can mess this up...

Eris Drew is a DJ from Chicago who's been gaining some popularity in recent years. She started with dingy, sketchy, drug-fueled raves, and has gone on to perform at...larger, more organized drug-fueled raves. Not only did she take on the name of Goddess when she came out, she lets chaos drive her style; her mixes don't always flow neatly, she turns feedback noise into a beat, and uses whatever record happens to get pulled from her collection in the moment. She takes a more witchy approach to things than most of us might be used to, but when you're able to make bird noises sound like part of a sick beat, I think trying to "heal people with the musical energy of the Motherbeat" can be forgiven.

Here are some links to her work, interviews, etc. Hopefully they stay...y'know, working and usable for the foreseeable future.

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