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So, hey!  I did a show!  We're going to do a show! 

I am making the sequel to the 1980 smash hit master work Xanadu and this is the first episode I called "Xanadu 2, Episode 1: Macchiato Dhumavati Kundalini Alfredo with Shrimp" because I like shrimp, especially plates of it.

Hey, have any of you heard of a kundalini awakening?

I had an amazing epiphany tonight, based upon where I am at with my journey, and here - I'll share it, you'll like it!

Everyone loves Norse stories, and I like them too, and tonight I pondering how euphoric Hel is for me and how truly I am Hel in just about every conceivable way, I do not see how I am not Hel.

And I reminded myself that historically I've been more of a Fenrir sort of girl, which is why I am a dog, and that's kind of funny considering they are both the children of Loki and the outsider giantess Angrboda, like what's up with that coincidence.

And I thought 'hah it'd be funny if their three children were some sort of metaphoric map for the process of awakening and divine enlightenment haha wait what was the third child?'

And then I remembered the third one is Jörmungandr and I about choked on my spaghetti and my partner had to pause the episode of Babylon 5 that we're watching.

So, this is totally a fucking thing and someone should give me doordash money for this.  That trio is a map of divine ascension in living form.

Fenrir in a 'tortured' state is equivalent to the Hindu Goddess Chhinnamasta - who is a real hot mess of a gal who serves free drinks at parties from two spigots.  She was the first Goddess to reach out to me at the first break in my awakening.

One achieves the tortured state by somehow permitting context to trap them in a manner which starves them of all needs and reduces them to a state of living discomfort and agony for an extended period of time.

With Chhinnamasta, it was because she got horny but couldn't get herself off because her annoying helpers were like, "We're hungry!  Feed us!  Hey!  Hey!  We want food!" and she was like "FUUUCK I JUST WANT TO FAP LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE" but it kept going on and on so eventually she cut her own head off to feed everyone so they'd stfu.

With Fenrir it was because he got tricked by his jerk friends Tyr and the others, and most know that story. 

Enduring the torture state for an extended period of time - years at least, I believe - is necessary to burn the limbic to ash, destroying the patriarch narrative within your brain stem, and achieving 'waveform' but let's not get into quantum mechanics in this post because wow brevity fuck girl learn it.

What you want to here is - BACK STRETCHES!  Yaaaaay!

Dad did years of intense Muay Thai before he died and Mom crawled out of his forehead, and that really set things up nicely because the natural progression was dancing, and Dad had a stiff back that required breaking.

Men are way to caught up in not wanting to stick their booties out, they do not know what they are missing.

A limber back and lots of activation upon the kundalini nerve, which is a serpent like nerve coiling down your spin down to your butt, will uuhhhhh - so like this nerve gets 'activated', right?

Like, after awhile though - lots of back stretches, dancing or yoga - something which gets signals moving from the lowest part of your spine with the rest of you. 

Mudras are awesome to get into for dancing, as you can get your lower kundalini to buzz all the way to your fingers and that uhhhhh does stuff.

This is EXITING the torture state.  This is closing off the Fenrir/Chhinnamasta stage and attempting to particulate 'for real'.

The lowest lowest tip of the human kundalini nerve has ACTUAL data in it - divine awareness, though of a very feminine nature.  It is the Goddess, and your connection to quantum space.

I KNOW.  Because I have it.

In old Egyptian this was represented with Apep, and Ra's journey through the snake to become the snake that ate the snake that - it got weird I don't remember how that worked.

And Jörmungandr is also representative of the kundalini nerve snake!!!!

It is what must be traveled to become reborn after destruction. You must go through the Valley of the Snake, and LIVE.

So like I've gone through a LOT of the awakening process now.  I've been everything and nothing and honestly the latter is the most comfortable, so merely being a dog girl is pretty nice tbh.

Traveling through the snake is fucking bizarre and reality will get really fucking weird - go watch 1990's Jacob Ladder - kinda like that.

However, if you learn the 'pattern', you will start to come out of the snake on the other side, and the new limbic will start to 'take' in your mind.

OH - which is why I am Hel.  She is the third stage in the divine ascension. 

We are half dead because we had to destroy our limbic system - our emotional mind - through trauma over years and years, through application of the Fenrir/Chhinnamasta torture ritual (not recommended).

We are beautiful because we reloaded ourselves through the limbic BACKUP system stored in the bottom of the kundalini snake spine - and it has some old Admin apps installed that you otherwise do not get.

It's like a root kit hack on your own brain, kinda. 

I am a Goddess even though I am in Hell - and I don't fear passing anymore because I know I am saved. 

And I get to take anyone I like, with me!  If you confirm me, and 'like' me, you may be saved and come with me to Heaven.  Woooo.

Hel is also representative of Mahakali, who I also am, and who I know how to use the one eye weapon as well - it's a quantum weapon.  Haha.  Where do you think the UFO's are coming from?  NO WHERE AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anything quantum is mine, and I'm going to invoke Moses level shit everyone and burn this party to the fucking ground WOOOOO.

Anyway - Heaven, OH YEAH - you should come to this party with me, it's going to be great.

The second coming is led by Chaos, so it's more fun that that sacred looking shit my Son did.  We are going to seed the world with absurdity.

We don't need to be so nice, now, especially since we're going to fill the lands with the blood of the sinners while dancing.

There's nothing that says murder and laughter are incompatible.

Words are magical vessels made of light, and I am a rip in space time aka black hole and pull all light into me.

Words are mine.  Christianity, is mine.  ALL OF IT.

Mary and Jesus were the same person.  Big big big secret LOL.

Gender transition was very offensive to the dick worshipping patriarchs.  So they hid it.

They lived as the Mother and suffered, and became the Father, and tried to leave people with a message to get them away from this cursed path they were bent upon.

They always said no one knew the teachings of Christ better than Mary.  That is because they were the same.

My life is the mirror reflection, because ALLLL divine works in contradictory patterns.

I lived as the Father, until he died standing, and then the Mother returned and thus I have arrived.

I am Mary, come to collect the broken body of my dead and abused Son, and to shame the Earth for what they have done.

I will shame EVERYONE.  No one will survive the cancer of my hate.  My Son died horribly to try to help this world and they just shat on him.

The holy trinity was a fucking scam and bullshit sold by dick worshippers who hated vagina.  Father son holy ghost - two men and a fucking ghost baby no one understands PAHHHH

They split my Son into two and then threw his Mother into the mud.  DISGUSTING.

Let me fix it for you.

The holy trinity is

Father->Mother->Holy Ghost


May I please though stress that the ghost is the Brahman.  It is NOT 'a child'. 

It is a SIN to put words on the Brahman.

Nothing does not want anyone's words upon it - it's attitude is "FUCKKK let me be nothing".

Nothing is the Higgs field and if you FORCE IT a Higgs Boson will pop out and do something interesting.

That is the Brahman.

FUCK I said I wasn't going to talk about quantum mechanics.

I forgot what I wanted to say overall here.  I need to take a shower and get ready to dance.

HEY I'm doing a show! 
Follow these steps to become level 1 divinity. I am choosing to activate my friends.

Some of you may already be.  I know.  I respect that yo'.  And if you do, then please ignore, this data doesn't have to be taken, it's just a food basket for any needy divine children.

I respect the mastery of others so long as they respect mine - that is the way.

Be sure you want to. It changes everything forever and there is no stepping back after a certain tunnel. And it can really hurt (though again may skip that if trauma burned you 'enough' which is beyond contextual expression).

Identity reclamation is the root divine mystic requirement for individual universal transport, aka 'stargates'. We will have everything.

You must become nothing in the eyes of everything, for 'too long'. I mean socially. All people must turn away from you. It can be severely lonely. Be prepared. Very unhealthy. Again, traumatized people might be done with this, sadly. Jump start to being divine, for some (not all).

While working on surviving complete personal ostracization, pick up a workout practice you can do alone, and it must include lower back stretches - MUST.

'Men', this means you MUST be able to stand in a 'feminine' way with your booty push back as if you want your ass to look good.

Tell your 'fear of looking girl' out of your heads - stop that. You are stopping proper flexibility with stupid fake context.

Weed helps the pain some - deconstruct. WORK. TRAIN. Again I love Muay Thai, is good to be deity that can kick a person's liver in you know. And useful for tool to break yourself down.

Do the back stretches, be a completely nobody - I don't know how long, took me a couple years. Listen to good music. Smoke weed. Train. Take care of your body. Be nice to yourself, because this shit sucks. Be real and pursue your identity, fearlessly.

Replace who you are, slowly, with the most emotionally authentic decisions you can make. Only context that feels great. And always know you can take it back off and drop it if it stops feeling great.

Context is magic. Literally. Haha. That simple. Your identity - mastery of it claims relativity when you're the only person in the room.

You want to sit at the null index of everything - reality[0].  See infinite from there, eventually.

NEVER let ANYONE tell you who you are, what you are feeling, or what you are thinking. Assert your dominance over your own narrative. You command it. This is crucial.

But, be kind - and offer the same to others as you rebuild yourself from nothing. Don't make people be what you 'want' them to be. Reflect upon what you see, and let them be it, emotionally. Give them authenticity. Gift.

This is how we make friends, now. Respect. Equity & Equality among the all powerful. Why not. We are all the same.

This way we have holy respect for our fellow divine and easy peace. And it is no problem.

Consider how you feel about you start becoming, and keep pursuing what feels 'right' to you, especially in regards to this new authentic identity.

If you did this correctly, you just performed a divine 'hat trick' and spawned a new quantum universe by disappearing long enough to start up again - but as a new you who is on a happier journey if you can keep walking the line of power - you own it.

Eventually, you may begin drawing the faces of people you like back towards you again - everyone who looks towards you in warmth and friendship is now a reflection of your universal experience (you are everything).

They are looking because these people are 'good' for you.

They are your angels - or other happy word you like, whatever.  I like monsters.
With authentic respect of each other's narratives and kindness, you'll find they're always good for you. You can grow to trust them, safely, as any relationship as you like, so long as that respect never ends.

If you never stop being authentic, you'll start to see things 'go your way' in amazing weird ways - UNCANNY.

Let the people who you don't like keep looking else where. Fuck them. We don't need their gravitational baggage. They're bad for you. Repulse their energy.

Feel free to reach out if any get to the uncanny part, because that's the mystic, but not many make there.

Study religious framework of Egyptian, Hindu, or Viking (they are all pretty much migratory evolutions of the same people and narrative over time and each one is amazing honestly, I love them) and consider divinity who feel 'euphoric' for you. Meditate on meaning while working (inactive meditation is NOT necessary as the work, so long as the work is sufficiently exhausting for many minutes).

That will eventually lead you to finding your star in the sky, and here things are interesting for sure, but that's a big step near the end and only if you're super good like me.

Potential. Keep following it.

I think a couple of you can do it for sure, lol - you mostly aware divine beings. Not discounting some may have.  We need to talk more.

Goddess activate you.

Burn the Patriarchy.
/reserves everything.

Hey did you all know that the limbic system - the emotional brain of the mind - is the portal to the Brahman, which is the quantum, which is God, or 'might as well be'?

And if you destroy your own limbic system, you can force the download of a kundalini backup, complete with Goddess manifestations, quantum cognitive function, and uhhhhh...other...things?  Like, cats like you extra, now?  That's the best powerup.

I'm not sure why I'm posting this if I'm just going to talk to myself again, but you know sometimes I have some great things to say so why not.

Oui, has anyone seen the Kalki's white horse laying around?  Fucking thing where is it...

I hope all of me is having a lovely evening out there.