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Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Holy hell!
October 11, 2022, 03:47:40 PM
I was joining some discords and thought, 'hell I'll see if PD has one,' so I came here to fine out. Damn dude, I remembered my login somehow.

You guys were really cool to me when I was a teenager, and I had some stupid shit to say. It's been 19 years. It's been longer since I joined this forum then my age when I joined this forum. Anyway, seriously want to thank all you from back in the day. I still remember a lot of lessons I learned here, and they have not treated me well.

Down to chat if anyone wants to catch up. I'll read some of the stuff around, but I see some of the top-level posts are the same as I remember.   

Also, if you guys did want a discord that's basically what I do for work now. I can help. If you don't totes cool.

Bring and Brag / I still do stand up comedy.
January 29, 2014, 05:53:33 AM
Here is a video if you want to see it. I wont ask you to vote because that is obnoxious, but if you would like to see her it is:

Literate Chaotic / Chinese Restaurant
January 24, 2014, 04:10:29 AM
I have been in this place for years. Hidden behind opaque red glass. The light diffuses and dissipates before it hits me. I wear glasses and sip on this tea. My cup is never ending. With each sip I drain most the glass. Each time I pick up my glass it is full again, and hot. I don't know if anyone knows I am here. I don't give it much thought. All the workers look depressed or at least downtrodden. They come and go, but no customers ever do. I see them with their white rice sitting in the kitchen eating, slowly. I have never seen anyone else in this Chinese restaurant. Just the workers and me. I don't even think they know I am here. In my seat I sway a little, rock this way and back. It's comforting, I do not know why. I am happy here. It seems sometimes like I shouldn't be. Dismal would be a more understanding emotional response to my surroundings, but my surroundings do not even interact with me. I am separate, somehow, like a different force all together. My cup is like a giant's thimble, or a miniatures bath basin. I can't reach the bottom of the glass but it feels dainty in my hands. This is all I have and I am happy with that. I think I could even do without my eye-glasses. I can't hardly see without them, but I don't need to look around anymore. I know this place. I have been here for years. I wonder if anyone even noticed me when I came in. I wonder if I even care. Every day is short for me. The caffeine in the tea keeps me awake, but I still dream. I know I am dreaming though. If I travel to distant lands or get a parking ticket I know I am dreaming, and in reality am just sitting in this Chinese restaurant. It's relaxing. I am relaxed. I like it here. In my dreams, however, I never wear these eye-glasses.
It is boring.
Bring and Brag / Pen's stand up.
September 29, 2011, 06:57:05 AM
I just put up another stand up video. See if you like it.

Sorry its only on facebook at the moment.
I have just moved to Los Angeles, and have been struggling to find a job. I usually have to fight for free time, and use it as best as possible when I have it. Now however I have almost entirely free time, and am really struggling to accomplish anything productive. Its not that I don't have things to do either. I have a book written. I am on the second rewrite and I have notes from an editor I just have to buckle in. I have a number of writing projects to work on from scripts to shorts to jokes; all of them need to get done I just don't have a strict time line.

When I move towards working on projects I feel almost like the north pole of a magnet trying to link with another north.

In the past when I would hit these bumps I would just take adderall or a similar type of medicine, but this tactic has started making me sick.

Any ideas what I should do to help me get over being a lazy bastard?
How to I bring back regular avatars? Looked in setting couldn't find anything.
Then I edited it. Then I rewrote most of it. Then I edited it again.
There are still a number of syntax errors and mixed up words but if I try to read the book I can only see what it is suppose to say.

Just thought someone here might know what I should do next. Should I try to find an editor? Should I start pitching it to publishers? I am at a loss where to go next I have been too focused on just writing.

I have a bounty of Chanterelles and will be cooking with them for the next week or so. I had a breakfast sauté with rice today. Any other good ideas?
Or Kill Me / Safeway Chick
October 06, 2010, 07:30:32 PM
Today while preparing to make my purchase at the local Safeway I saw a woman who instantly gave me that feeling of irritation and lost hope in humanity. Before me stood an overweight, middle-aged, blond wearing a floral pink button up. The only things she was purchasing were the TV-guide and chocolate chip mint ice cream bars. Already she had her icecream out and was making a loud mess in front of me. She couldn't even wait until after she bought them. I ignored her attacks. Beside the obese woman things went smoothly at the checkout while I gazed into infinity. Leaving the store I was inspired by chance as it provided that our cars be parked right next to each other. Her large red SUV provided excellent cover as I gagged her. Quickly I tied her hands and pushed her into my trunk. I have had it with complacent ignorance. Tonight she would see what people of intelligence did with there time. Even if it had to be against her will.
I returned home and explained the situation to my roommate. He helped me drag the Safeway chick downstairs as we started into our nightly discussion. She would listen as we rambled almost endlessly about philosophy, politics, or religion. She had too.


"No, what I am talking about here is not nihilism. In fact I don't even believe nihilism exists. But if it did exist it would tell us that life can not have meaning, because meaning can not exist. What I am saying is that there is no inherent subjective meaning to the world or life. However humanity or a human has the ability to create, for themselves, meaning."

"Ok, but since that meaning is contrived by the individual does that meaning really have bearing on reality?"

"Well absolutely, a person believes something so it affects the way they choose to live, and therefore affects everyone else, if only in a small way. For example, Ayn Rand professed to believe that if a person acted in the way that benefited them most, then they where doing the morally correct thing. If even a few people believed this, it possibly changed their actions and would have an affect on what you call reality."

"So basically you are preaching solipsism, saying that Ayn had her believes and they are true to her, but they are not an overall moral truth. You are saying there are no moral truths unless a person creates them."

"The point I was getting at is that life is absurd, and whatever meaning you do find is irrelevant. Even if it is true to you. Even if you create a 'moral truth' it is not one outside your own personal existence. Life is just the random happenings of chance and there can be no good or evil unless a person desides something is good or evil, and if a person does deside something is outright evil it does not make that thing evil any further then that persons reach of influence. There is no intrinsic evil."

"What about inhibiting others freedoms of choice, or their freedom of choosing for themselves what is moral? I know I have heard you say 'As long as a person doesn't take away the personal freedoms of others that person can't be doing anything morally wrong.' Now you seem to be saying nothing can be morally wrong."

"I am speaking in terms of metaphysics, as in we are just the random creation of time and probability, and how we exist has no meaning beyond that somehow we do exist. What we do with this knowledge, such as setting up a system or social contract that attempts to stop people from harming each other is a completely different matter."

"So whats the  point to living?"

"Decidedly nothing. Unless of course you like it, then perhaps that should be enough."

"What do you think Safeway chick?"

"Well I see a few problems in your logic here. First what Ayn Rand taught as on a metaphysical level was objectivism which goes in line with much of what you said, and really negates none of it. The only reason she brings in ethical egoism is in order to try and deal with the matter of as you said it 'setting up a system.' So using her as an example of subjective meaning is a little absurd. However what you guys are talking about does seem to go in line with absurdism more then anything else. To preach absurdism with a passion like you just seemed to is also baffling because what you are saying is nothing truly exists for sure, yet defining that creates an existence of that theory. Which according to you cannot be true overall simply because it is true to you. Whatever really how does any of this mental masturbation accomplish anything worth getting done? Can you please take me home already, I am going to miss my show."


I now have a little green ice cream stain on my carpet from that crazy Safeway chick.
Principia Discussion / ATTN: Colbert or Writer
December 26, 2007, 06:04:58 AM
Do not forget we are waltching your show wating for you to admit your lurking.

Quote from: Mangrove on November 08, 2007, 08:13:41 PM
Quote from: Ratatosk on November 08, 2007, 08:11:37 PM
Quote from: Mangrove on November 08, 2007, 08:03:06 PM
Dear Stephen Colbert and/or Colbert Report Writer(s),

The Semi-Secret Order Of Kabbalistic Navigators knows what you're up to. Currently we are applying the 'Bible Code' cypher to your recently published book and will be announcing the results in due course.

However, that will only serve to add further, incontrovertible evidence to what we already know.

Sleep tight,

Pope T W Mangrove xvii - Imperator of SSOOKN.

[Mang' - testing the 'syncronicity' of Colbert/ theory]

Sadly we won't know the results since they're all on strike, probably until spring at least ;-)

that's ok. gives me time to invent some spurious nonsense i 'deciphered' from his book. anyways, keep watching colbert report for mentions of fake internet kabbalistic occult orders.

If you want to admit using our forum just mention either a hidden code in your book, a kabbalistic occult, or how great you are.

thank you.
Or Kill Me / tranquil rant
November 26, 2007, 04:33:40 AM

I have hopes, dreams, and beliefs. I hope you don’t stop. You have a job to do. You better get out there every day and do it. I hope you continue to sell me my products, you make them, you invent them and I hope that you continue. I hope that you fight for your cause whether you want revolution, money, or happiness. Don’t stop we need you. I need you. I need you to go to school, strive and struggle get a job, marry, make more people, but most importantly you must produce. You see, you are not liberated, you can’t be, and you shouldn’t be.  Vote, because I care about your opinion, I care about what you want.

I dream for a world in which you don’t wake up, one where everyday you see the signs, but they simply don’t affect you. I want you to be numb and impressionable. Don’t you want that house, that new car, and those awesome new clothes. Buy them, people depend on you.

Whatever your job is you are important. To me you are as important as any cell in my body. You make up the life tissue of this world. I dream for a time when wherever life places you that is where you are complacent. Wouldn’t it be nice if you where content. I want you to be; content in the struggles ahead of you.  It’s not just the producers I care about; I care about the rebels to. I hope you dedicate yourself to your battle. I want to see you put up those flyers and stand on my street corner. Whatever your revolution is I care about it. I hope that one day after the fighting when you stand in that room and see your options you don’t realize they are all the same.

I hope you laugh, smile, and enjoy friendly company.  I hope you feel safe. I want you to have fear, a righteous fear. Fear that protects you and helps you do the things you must do for the world. I believe that luxury is important. I believe your sacrifices can make a difference. I believe in your religion whatever it is. I believe that whether you are an important business tycoon or a simple shop clerk it does not matter, you will be just as easily replaced by posterity; that, to me, is beautiful.

I hope you understand my sincerity. I am not aiming for satirical disillusionment. I mean with all my heart what I write. For you I earnestly hope for success in all these things. We can’t afford for you to fail. So go out there fight your fight, be happy, screw, laugh, and always remember your doing the world a great service. I hope tomorrow when you wake up you can actually feel your importance. I hope you do your routine, and when the days work is over you can smile knowing you helped me, you have helped all of us. 

God bless you.
Or Kill Me / The real world. -a prose
June 13, 2007, 08:43:17 AM
Just a prose I wrote, but I thought it ight be of some value.   

            This is the end and all I do is smile. There is that bubbling in my stomach that at once I both want to dissipate and grow bigger. Tonight is I guess an accomplishment. Something I have been pretending to strive for. Four years of getting up and sitting in front of the great grind. The prison system for the crimeless the place you go before your rights are handed out. Today is my parole, its time for the illusion of reality.
   “These students are now equipped with the skill sets they  need to survive in the real world.”
   Its hard not to feel a little joy. Everyone saying I succeeded. The great plans. The room full of balloons. Its all for us right. Like we won a video game and this is the credits. No one in this room is prepared for real life, especially not the kids. They are either going to wind up joining the military, going to college, die, or wish they did one of those three. The irony comes when you throw me into the equation. Not one day I spent in the throws of learning, never found a sweetheart, and not once was I found pouring over my books in preparation. I was an escape artist, I escaped from anything resembling work. Regardless of that now here I sat. Fooled by the lack of expectations all party's shared.
   My preparation for the future boiled down to what party I was going to that night. These skill sets I had apparently now acquired would now be put too waist. I was not the only one who took this path. I avoided school, even when it found me. I sidestepped the military. Maybe I was about to die? No see the difference between me and these others was twofold, one I had no delusions of grandeur, no great scheme that had to work, and more importantly I hadn't lost myself to drugs. Not everyone had, but no one thought they had. At this point I never think back to that room full of balloons. Full of proud kids and parents, teachers who had done their job. Now I was making it on my own. The real world had beaconed me away from my apparent wonderland that is high school. Everything I had inevitable picked up was wrong. I did not once measure the angle a latter was in proportion to a house. Not that I expected to but everyday being told these things it was almost like they expected me too. I never had to write a full length application and unlike school I didn't struggle to eat.
   Within days it was time for the me to meat the corporate world head on.  If I hadn't taken economics and verbal communication who knows what would have been different in the business world. Actually it was very easy to tell, absolutely nothing. If I hadn't taken health and budgeting where would I be. No different. Then the fast foreword took control. I was a machine at 18 I was making enough to get by happily. I had my own place and enough extra to through party's when I felt like it. My bed was furnished with clean sheets, and many guests. But then again I was a machine. Or maybe just a piece of a bigger machine, a larger less strictly formed institution of control. I quickly realized that without any effort exerted from me I could do this forever. Free of the pain of struggle of striving and worry I could do this till I died. So I ran. 
   I now find it odd how I without any real dreams had wound up in the town of broken dreams. Los Angeles was sick. A place for the rich or underprivileged a place where you made your fortune or struggled to survive. The roads where full, but there are no people there. A containment of gears easily converted to map of population density, and amber alerts. My job once again is to talk. Its what I do how I find my place. I talk. I get people to listen, but here its different here people have different ears. Different agendas. Its a place where the fantasy of meeting people is stronger then ones desire to get to know anyone. Billboards and marketing are everywhere and peoples values are shown to them everyday. You want this, and watch this. I didn't see those and the people who saw them didn't see me. I got what I wanted a reevaluation of what I wanted. I traveled all that way just to see that I really didn't know where I was.
   Months later I run again. Now the search is for affordable school. School? I ask myself daily is that the place to be? It is almost just a stasis until I once again grow enough in years to get a better job, and actually join the real world. My parole is over as I see that the world dose not want me yet. School it is. I hated the crappy endings to SLC Punk and Trainspotting, but I guess this is the beginning.
Or Kill Me / "Evangelicals"
June 01, 2007, 02:12:52 AM
My friend posted this on anouther forum. I thought I could pass it on.

QuoteThe Evangelical Conspiracy is beautiful in it's genius. Considering religion's use as a political tool through-out history I think this belongs here over paranoid.

"Don't abort! Put up for Adoption!"
Who cares?... Wait a minute! Those evangelical fucks are adopting a shit load of kids, brainwashing them, and sending them off to jesus camp!

Then they rebel, turn in to total drug addicts, wander around lost without purpose like zombies, then fill the emotional hole left from burning out with religious crack.

Ensuring constant flow of new disposable tools... Check.

"Homosexuality is an abomination!"

Make an enemy threat as pervasive as communism. Anyone could be an enemy. "Everyone is suspicious, I'd better tow the line or be thought suspect."/ Make a minority an enemy so that the majority can find mutual attraction in the comradery of hate. / Capitolize on masculinity/feminity insecurities and demonize natural curriosity into a guilt-gasm which they happen to specialize in the medicine of.

Keep em guilty, in step, and socially satisfied. Check, Check, Check.

"I didn't come from a monkey!"

Plant the seed of anti-intellectualism by demonizing your opponents prefered means of persuassion pre-emptively. Harden your followers against logos, monopolize ethos, and focus on pathos where you have the most control over them.


This is relevant to politics because while Dems have been breeding their followers in the ghettos, in mexico, and in the classroom with white guilt, the Republicans have been breeding their's in Churches. Why reinvent the wheel after all. Churches have evolved the art of manipulative psychology for centuries. It's called the translated old testement, and it is THE BOOK on, and THE EXAMPLE to follow, on effective population management and control.

They OWN you. They tell you how to fuck, eat, and behave. Then they GIVE YOU free will, so even if you disobey them, you're still obeying them.

You're going to break their rules because you're human. They set the rules in opposition of your humanity, and told you breaking them was a sign that you weren't obeying them well enough. Pull some half baked reason like "It's a test of your faith" out of your ass and you've got ONE HELL of a kool-aid recipe. It's a feedback loop from hell.

They put their hooks in you so deep, they jerk your chain and you feel the presence of god. Name your shackles "enlightenment" and maybe you won't mind them right?

Make the enemy of this faith(synonomous with blind obedience to their teachings, the highest attribute one can strive for according to them) the "Devil" "who has many names." This faceless enemy expresses himself by trying to convince you to abandon your faith.

So in summary, here's the training process:

"Obey me!"
You do it:
"Good boy!"
You don't:
"Bad boy! That's okay my child, obey me by doing these simple tasks that only I can tell you to do, and you will learn to progressively work back up to being effectively wrapped around my finger"

Beware he who would say "Don't obey me."!
You obey:
Good Boy!
You doubt:
Bad Bad Boy! As a consequence, obey me by doing these stupid simple things anyone can/will do, forget the past, and relearn the habbit of obeying me in the process!

This isn't a new science. This is the OLDEST science. It's the art of manipulation of the human psyche for obediance, and they have trained you like a dog. Man learned how to control man before he learned how to control anything else.

I challenge any christian to learn the tactics of manipulation without seeing all of their applications within churches.

So it all comes down to this:

You put all of this faith in the leadership of your church and your religion. They are God's messengers, therefor they are closer to god than yourself. They as the teachers are supposedly the examples to strive for.

Yet they seem as incapable if not more so of controlling themselves as anyone else. They are fat, rich, and sexual.

You need it because you feel lost, and just like with drugs, or whatever weakness drove you to it, rather than bearing the pain, and depression of being lost, and seeking out your own meaning, you were weak, so you sought out being spoon fed the meaning others have found for themselves. A meaning created entirely for the purpose of having universal appeal by making much ado about basic tenants of human behavior.

By offering analogious synonyms for the absence of explanation as explanations.

And an entire structured science of obediance to this empty explaination which will leave anyone fulfilled enough with the place holder, that they can focus on the basic tenants of successful evolutionary strategy without asking any hamful, dangerous, non-productive questions like "why?":

Eat, Work, Survive, Fuck, Work, Die.

It has been whittled away to fit and fill the human emotional void like a glove. Adaptable, and flexible to the individual.

It's the reason why Kings will pay a fortune for the alliance of the church, and they use their following to extort their cut. No other school has offered the rate of obediance, order, and efficiency as the church.

Human curriosity is a bottomless pit. You can feed it, or you can keep it satisfied with a cork.
Bring and Brag / Bunch of Discordian Art.
April 17, 2007, 08:20:35 AM

A deviant club I started years ago. Has some cool stuff, and a bunch of shit.
If you have a deviantart account add this.
Or Kill Me / Best post in this whole section.
March 30, 2007, 11:55:51 PM
A taste of how much im not here. I stopped by and saw this by roger in the "this corner thread" (witch I made prolly like 2 years ago when I was a mod)

Quote from: The Good Reverend Roger on November 13, 2003, 03:11:00 AM
Hey!  Why am I not a mod on a section started for me?

Rev Roger,
Only joking, doesn't want to be a mod.

So sence this is the Or Kill Me Section I would like to make a point.
and that is:
Or Kill Me / Forum Biographys.
November 01, 2004, 05:07:58 AM
If I get something wrong just tell me. Also add as you like.

The Mgt: a very elusive character The Mgt might stand for the management or the midget we are not sure at this time. The Mgt is the official forum administrator, and so it is. Most noted for saying "Ill get to that tomorrow" the Mgt usually dose. She is very helpful and is willing to do things such as create a new topic thread or change your title with only the persuasion of a e-mail.
Other aliases: lauren

Z¬?: Standing for ZombieZombieZombie, Z¬? is probably the most senor poster here. Most noted for saying things like "Ahh...internet drama" he can be mostly seen as the neutral Swaziland of the pd forums.  Being here forever he remembers the "good old days" and the good old poster.
Other aliases: Eighteen Buddha Strike

Tyler: You have to remember him for him to mean anything to you. Regarded by many as one of the best trollers pd has ever been graced with.
Other aliases: Unknown

Spoon E. Gee: The one who made me feel most welcomed when I came here original. Spoon E. Gee can most be remembered by starting the pictures, and introductions thread. In his own eyes Spoon E. Gee was a god and well he was for a while regarded as one of the gurus on the forum, now he is gone.
Other aliases: none

Shecky: One of the most missed old members of pd. Shecky touched our hearts with his informative and nearly always helpful posts.
Other aliases: None

zenji: Another of our many missed old timers zenji always had something enlightening to say. Full of the very substance of his name he was one of the forums greatest zen masters of all time.
Other Aliases: None

Slartibartfast: Slightly my senior on this forum I am slightly his senior. Slartibartfast has started some of the great discussions of pd history. noted for saying "im leaving" he always comes back. Almost the the little brother of the forum he looks up to most people here, but don't let that fool you he is to be heard. Always something thought provoking comes from this forum member.
Other Aliases: None

The Good Reverend Roger: One of the forums largest (sorry no pun intended) heavy weights. The Good Reverend Roger has enlighted me many times. many consider his sermons to be the most important part of the whole of pd. knows exspreamly well for his great jakeing stores, and his informative rants and statements. The Good Reverend Roger Has a tendency for trolling and has pissed off many a person that way, but it dose not seem to bother him.
Other aliases: Chef

Trollax: Know for a long time know as the forums official guru Trollax has recently left after a quarrel with The Good Reverend Roger. As his profile states he is now somewhere else. But I do not believe this is permanent he will like many who leave be back. Trollax has been one of the most influential poster ever on the pd forum.
Other aliases: Unknown

Hugh, KSC: Our very own noted ranter. Noted for his rants Hugh has had great impact on the community of pd. Also one of our moderators. He has recently disappeared without a trace. Most us at pd hope and look forward to his return.
Other alias: Unknown

Penumbral: Don't know if Im qualified to talk about penumbral. Has a tendency to come and leave, lurk and return. A little mix of everything. known to post stores, rants, memorandums, and fluff. Has exposed a lot of himself to the members of the forum and learned a lot from the people on the forum.
Other aliases: None

Hotsuma: Most know for his over use of stab. and also for his little pranks he likes to play on the forum members. Hotsuma is a pirate a ninja and a pope go figure right.
Other aliases: None

The Commander: Pie

SssBella, Oracle of Doom: One of the most loved people here on the forum. Makes you wonder in a loved contest who would win SssBella, Oracle of Doom or Malaul. Anyway this zombie is one great forum member and brings a lot of sisters to the table. Want to be a zombie or have a sister just ask her. Most noted for word association (damn girl)
other aliases: There is no way to know

Rev Thwack: We want more pancake stores!!! One of my personal best friends here on the pd forum Rev Thwack is most well know for his creativity and writing ability.
Other aliases: Unknown

horab fibslager: what can one say about horab fibslager. Well he has added a lot of chaos to these forums and write game reviews for us peoples. Is active in the RPG section. And all over adds suddam to the forum.
Other aliases: All about Mighty Cthulu of R'yleh

Malaul: known as the forum master poster she dose not have 666 posts but really 7025. That's a lot. Loved by most all malaul looks to be here to stay. Very concerned with individuals she is like the mother of the forum (oh im gonna get hit for saying that aren't I)
Other aliases: None

gnimbley: Our Gnome friend, and most wonderful member of our community. Gnimbley known for wondering, and many different actions. Don't let that fool you though gnimbley has things to say. Very Intelligent adds a lot to the forum in a whole. known for posting as many different accounts. gives us a lot of our news and stores.
Other aliases: fluffy, CNN, President Bush, The Anti-Gnome, Fox News, 700 Club, and MSNBC

Honorable Mention:
Princesses von Tartarus
Duchess Demonica
Guido Finucci

That took a long time.
For the past half hour I have been trying to force this memorandum out of my head, but I don't know what knowledge I have to impart on anyone. Is anything I say really important? Dose it mean anything? Dose anyone take teenagers seriously? Altho I am a teenager I do think I have important things to say. I think that anything I say means something to me. And I think people should take teenagers seriously. Of course according to adults teenagers have not yet entered the real world. I think It is much different then that. I think teenagers are the only ones old enough to be psychologically able to think like an adult, yet young enough to not be disillusioned to what real life is. You think teen agers don't know what real life is like? Tell that to macy who killed herself. Tell that to tracy macys best friend who blames herself for macys death, because macy asked her to come over the night macy killed herself. Tell that to bob who is tracys boyfriend who beat her because he was fed up with her self loathing and he was beat by his step dad. Tell that to karry macys sister who has depression and has attempted suicide 4 times and cuts herself daily. Tell that to joe, tacys brother, who is the only gay kid in school, and hides this from everyone even his cover girlfriend he has had for two years. Tell this to billy who at the age of eight was sexually harassed by a "servant of the lord" and at the age of ten by his brother. Tell that to sam bobs best friend who hears about karry, macys, tracys, billys, joes and bobs problems and still trys the lead a normal life. But oh wait this is just fake. Right? These people have nothing to do with real life yet.
The quality of living is directly related to the quality of living. "Life sucks" a poll of thousands of teenagers states.
But what do they know right? All the people in these storys are real people I personally know (names where changed duh). Are you taking me seriously now?
At least thats a start. Now let me reflect something with you: This is the next generation. The Y generation. A generation of kids who don't know what real life is only because all you have shown them is the horror life can be.  
Wait there is hope yet. right? Life has so many opportunities. Wait macy has no future she is dead. And oh crap well tracy is going to be in and out of abusive relationships because that is what kind of person she is attracted to (whos fault is that) She will also become an alcoholic because she can't stop blaming herself. Bob will become a working member of society. In other words he will be going to the same job doing the same thing every day, and have a family who is demanding of him. Probably be divorced at least two times and have kids split between two different people. Karry went through 10 years of therapy only to marry a man after knowing him for a week having him cheat on her and her getting thrown right back into the depressive cycle. Joe finally after turning 30 come out as gay only to lose his job, and to be disowned by his family. Billy got a girl pregnant in high school and has spent his whole early life trying to take care of this girl who only had sex with him on a dare.
And all of this because of what happend because of things that happened before they ever enter the real world.

I sorry if I sound pessimistic. I mean I could be wrong. everything I learned so far could have been a lie wouldn't that be better?
Or Kill Me / A rant by Pen
June 07, 2004, 06:45:37 AM
Nothing I say will affect your reality...

Learn Bitch!
Literate Chaotic / Chaotic writings
May 12, 2004, 10:38:31 AM
After fighting hoards of dangerous deadly pack rats I always reach for and Ice cold funnel. You may ask why, but I will never tell. It?s a family secret. Witch reminds me I have an important message that will be forgotten in the morning if you get this in the morning ask yourself is it morning everywhere? So please gather around one and all to hear my most important message. Here it is: Never has a threesome with rubber bands. The condom brakes and all that is left is enjoyment and herpes take my advice I didn?t use it anyway.
Now let me tell you a story about my favorite lipstick a blind gnome and army of darkness.
It all started when I was eleven I was a major tweaker doing meth almost every other hour needless to say I never slept and what I did every night from 1am to 11 am was watch army of darkness. This made me very deranged and insane. HELLO. After many years of this my eyes gave me new movies. One never seen before ones only a badger could love. I remember having a colon cancer because of a mold residue in the chocolate bubble gum I had become addicted to swallowing. This is where the lipstick comes in. I was not always a man. No wait I have been but I was not always ?A? sexual before I had many encounters with women the most memorable of with was with a girl names bucktooth anny. She ate lipstick and it tasted good. All that said I would like to reincarnate the fact that life is only to be desired by man. Army of darkness was 7 hours long soon and I didn?t need a TV to watch it would play every day all day. It was fun because I could watch it and marry people at the same time. Witch reminds me of a funny anecdote I was once a nun working for a priest and he was marrying A rich blind gnome as well as a short 14 year old transvestite hermaphrodite with 2 fucking nostrils. This was an extra special marriage because it was both of  theirs first time to not have skewed each others brains out before the marriage. The hamburgers came from the floor. They where goddamn everywhere. I had no catsup. Today was sad.
Anyone read this unauthorized autobiography by Chuck Barris?

In my opinion it was very well written and enlightening and VERY hilarious. Look it up.

Ooh and I propose we saint chuck barris.
Or Kill Me / Memorandum # 6 FUCKit
January 14, 2004, 06:40:06 PM
I my friends will not do anything. I do not care. Sure its fucked up, but so is everything else... I know what??s happening. You know what we are loosing we are loosing everything. On all sides! You lash out at the government that is just a sliver in tree or injustices. We are attacked by the marketing of this world. Me, My generation has no culture we are told what to like... Once we figure it out they change it. WTF is a fad, it just a shift in the same business. We are being destroyed by school, Taught to live in a way that will best benefit someone else. The way to loose what you have, to loose what you are. We are hammered upon by religion people causing us to change the way we live because of whatever. We are mashed by the opinions of others people thinking they know what??s better for you then you, people who figure they have something figured out. They don't! and the government just adds to every one of these. And I am just going to do Nothing.

I just want to start a conversation about this.
Or Kill Me / Memorandum #5 death by knowledge
November 17, 2003, 04:10:26 AM
Memorandum #5 death by knowledge

"I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world." -- Richard Dawkins

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. --Matthew 18:3

I have a question which I would like an answer too. If you could go back to having the unaltered thought process as a little child would you? To not have a care in the world. To not know about the evil in the world. To not know, but to "know" you are safe???
I wouldn't. I guess that's what gets me though everything. I know that I am getting better I am understanding more (or not). But I know that where I am now is closer to where I want to be then where I was as little child.
Some people really do want to go back to that thought process, want to be slaves of ignorance. Of course when I say it that way they turn around and say well no one dose. I just want to not care, I just want to be able to forget.
Better be with the dead, whom we to gain are peace have sent to peace then to lie on the torture of the mind in restless ecstasy --Macbeth
Is that really better. Is it better then to wonder to discover to think? How can a "god" encourage ignorance. Don't think he dose?
Look at how it started Adam and eve No knowledge of there own, completely ignorant of everything! This was the perfect state. I have heard people describe this as being free. FREE? How can that possible be free?
I choose the fruit. I choose to defy "God".
Or Kill Me / Not a Memorandum!
November 15, 2003, 04:09:45 AM
Noone understands me...
And I like it that way
You don't understand me. None of your stereotypes, none of your statistic, none of your analysis can tell you who I am.
Can I tell you who I am? No. I don't know. I don't want to know. I've looked and looked. "For 'me.'" I don't want to know me anymore. And I know that now.
You ever look at a picture from far away. You can see it but your not sure what it is. You look and form many different theories about what it is. And then all at once you see the picture. You understand the message. And it becomes old. It becomes uninteresting. Look at it again and you will just see what you know it there. The mystery is gone.
I don't want to know who I am.
I want to search. I want to look. I want to think.
I don't want to find.
After I find I won't be able to look.

You say you see value in chaos.
Chaos isn't political. Chaos isn't selective. but you are selective of chaos. Well chaos isn't actually the screams of dieing babies. Its no really riots in the street. Well really it is weather you like it or not.
Chaos is not controlled. You are not in control of chaos!
A church built around chaos.
People saying I inflict chaos on other. I am a cause of chaos. WRONG.
Chaos inflicts you. Chaos causes you!

The world is here it's not leaving. I am here I'm not leaving.

Sound off.
Or Kill Me / Memorandum #4 - Beliefs and Theories
October 09, 2003, 04:40:46 AM
Memorandum #4 - Beliefs and Theories

It is staggering to see how much of our modern world is shaped by beliefs and theories. Beliefs and Theories. There can be nothing else, but people don't even release that other peoples beliefs and theories are just as correct as theirs -wrong-. People do things based on theories that have been proven wrong or are disbelieved by many "smart" people. So dose this make their beliefs wrong or bad? Yes, yours too, as well as mine. Beliefs and theories. Any belief will be wrong by more then one theory and/or beliefs and no theory is belief less. It's a belief that makes prostitution illegal and drugs "wrong". It's a belief that makes people wheezy when you mention sex changes, or cringe at the mention of gays. On the other side it's a theory that states that god created the world, or that Chaos has any real meaning. Theories state that man evolved from animals, and that the world will end. My point is that Beliefs and theories don't matter. It doesn't even matter what's true. You can spend all your time coming up with a belief or theory and it might even be "true", but will it really change anything? No. So beliefs don't matter theories suck and you are right in the middle of it. Can anyone prove that the world was not created 2 minutes ago with everything already on it? That your ideas your experiences where created in you just minutes ago? No. maybe its all in your mind, your brain actually created all of this and you lie in a hospital bed somewhere suffering from coma. So what should we base systems on? We need systems right? If you need a system to function at least try to base it on things that exist. What exists? No... Ok prove that what exists!
-"believing that what you believe doesn't matter is still a belief."-

So There![/color][/size]
Or Kill Me / This Corner.
October 06, 2003, 04:23:34 AM
The Mgt. created this thread upon my request. (She is so nice)
-I was thinking this is a place for sermons, discords, purposeful rants, memorandums (these are the best :)), and anything else to that affect.
-Because of the nature of the post in this section please keep things a little more on topic then with many of the other threads (or not?)  
-If you see any topics that should be here and are not please post a link here so I can move them.
-Also if you have any questions about this thread please post them here for me.
Or Kill Me / Memorandum #3 - Power from Containment
August 27, 2003, 04:51:51 AM
Ok guy, I really do what your input, and I want to hear your Ideas about what I am talking about as well. So having said that reply and here we go!
Power from Containment
If society forces ideas upon people, and takes away diversity what are we left with? All we would have is the scraps of people's ideas. No more then boxes of empty names and empty words. will society rather us be ignorant because if we are ignorant we will not want to change and if we are educated we will need change will be desperate for diversity we will be  dangerous because change is terrifying for those who are in power. When they loose power the rules they pressed upon us will be stripped gone and a new diverse complicated setting will take its place. That is change. BUT without change power will not shift, and the change will continue to be harder to accomplish. In past history change was more and more optional and always more dramatic, but now the world is being rigged to keep a cap on everything! The momentum you gain from a little change will show others what can be done and there will only continue to be a gain in change as it was in the past. If we don't right now personally work on change then this whole world will explode and there will soon be nothing left that was.
-'History dose not repeat itself, but it does rhyme'-
Liberation, Revolution, Anarchy
Liberation usually ends in another system to be liberated. We here in America have a great amount of revolutionists and Anarchists now, but this all started with the same notion that our four fathers also started with had to be free (If they where here they would be revolutionists). The rules made by a revolution HAVE to be changed or nothing will change. Do not destroy the rules like the Anarchists suggest. As I said earlier I again do not have an answer I do not know what the rules should be, but I do know we need order and that is that. Revolution Is the Reaction to the action of gov?t. Reaction is an action in itself If we react to action we are creating a paradox. Paradoxes confuse, confusion creates questions, questions create action, and action creates reaction. This is the paradox of revolution. What we do need is a liberation a liberation from mindless mindlessness. Today we are not choosing anything we are being subjected to an illusion wrongfully called choice. Choice is not and Illusion, but there is an illusion created by media, the gov?t and people that they call choice, BUT Choice is Chaos. Choice is freedom. Those who actually do sat say "Choice is an Illusion" are in themselves deluded by the illusion of that statement, for it is only a statement. Choices could never be held down to the whims of a verbal clich?à spouted by deluded minds. Those who believe choice to be an illusion cannot understand why some of us can continue to act 'as if' choice was real.
Or Kill Me / Memorandum #1 - Adjust Yourself
August 15, 2003, 08:19:48 PM
Ok I suppose this makes me a trend follower. I know this can't match Roger's sermons, or Trollax's discourses, probable not even Slarti's Phloopas. You guys have inspired me (I don't know if that's a good thing or what?) I did not make these for this board, but to anonymously post at school, so it?s not written for a discordian. I also used some quotes from you guys if that's ok (if not just tell me and I will destroy all traces of them) because I love your peoples wording. So if you can please tell me what you think and if you see ant errors grammatically or otherwise. So without any more ado I bring you my first memorandum.
Adjust Yourself
Adjust yourself so you can find out what you think. The intention of this paper is to get you to read it, if you get something out of it Wahoo that's still not why I mad it. Don't be typical. A clever man once said "A reasonable man tries to adjust himself to the world, an unreasonable man tries to adjust the world to him, and so all progress is reliant on the unreasonable man." I have a question. What happens if you adjust yourself not to the world, but just yourself, and you don't attempt the impossible by adjusting the world? I don?t know I don't have many of the answers, but dwell on it yourself and the one thing I do know is: It will be a whole hell of a lot more fun.