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Apple Talk / Re: So, apparently this exists.
« on: March 13, 2012, 11:29:43 pm »
"So all those unpleasant characters in the songs," I ask, "like the narrator in I Stuck Her With My Wang, they're examples of people you shouldn't be?"

"Huh?" Violent J says.

"Well, it's very unpleasant," I say. "'I stuck her with my wang. She hit me in the balls. I grabbed her by her neck. And I bounced her off the walls. She said it was an accident and then apologised. But I still took my elbow and blackened both her eyes.' That's clearly a song about domestic violence. So your Christian message is... don't be like that man?"

"Huh?" Violent J repeats, mystified.

There's a silence.

Half the challenge in interviewing them is resisting the urge to violently educate them.

Apple Talk / Re: UNNNNG
« on: March 13, 2012, 09:07:08 pm »
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you,

Howling Willie Cunt.

Edit - Obviously NSFW. What the hell is wrong with you clicking something like that at work?

Good start, sounds like the guy pushing the litigation has previous form. Looking into how those went would probably be the best place to start. It seems you're not the only ones affected, more victims of circumstance due to the legalities surrounding the film. Or not, as clearly this establishment has cost him untold riches. You are in the mail, so we do have to assume you're some sort of undesirable type.

Classic mail line for me was
Staff and customers at the pub - many of them huge Tolkien fans - have reacted with anger to the letter, describing it as 'like hobbits versus orcs' - a famous scene from the Lords of The Rings trilogy

Ah yes. That scene. With The hobbit and orcs. Unforgettable.

If it's your quote and you strike lucky on a slow news day, you may be able to get more out of it. Or be vilified.
Worth a call either way I'd say.

Apple Talk / Re: So, apparently this exists.
« on: March 13, 2012, 03:39:43 pm »
Oh gods.

"Users online now" include:

Stoney Mcpot
High Flyin Jaybird
Rizzle Riddlebox
Violent Twizted Juggalo

These were just the first few I highlighted. I could actually feel myself becoming stupider reading these names so I figured it was only fair to inflict the same on you.

Apparently this is the #1 site for Juggalos.

"Whatcha wanna doo is take alla the fish and stick em in this one barrel right here...."


One vice president said documents in her department were checked only for “formatting and spelling errors,” not the underlying figures or facts in the case.

Seriously, how do I get that job? I can spell like a rapper reading a dictionary on speed.

In one review of 36 foreclosures at JPMorgan Chase, the bank was able to find documents explaining what the borrowers purportedly owed in only four cases. And in three of those four instances, the underlying documents proved incorrect.

Some lawyer, somewhere is thinking class action lawsuit. I would have thought of all institutions a BANK would at least be able to prove what you owe. That being the entire business really.

Police said one woman and five men were held on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, as part of the Operation Weeting hacking probe

Including Rebekah Brooks and husband. Still waiting on Murdoch lawyers to enter stage left from what I can find. This is the third arrest for Brooks, still no charges reported. Waiting for someone to slip and implicate her directly would be my guess.

Stuff like
Mrs Brooks was arrested under Operation Weeting last July on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications, before being released on police bail. She has also been arrested as part of the Operation Elveden investigation on suspicion of corruption
Leads me to think everyone knows she's involved at the highest levels, and probably as culpable as one person can be here. Proving it seems to be a bit of a bugger.

Edit- Brooks has been arrested twice before, not once.

That this happens to correspond with Assange's theory of "conspiracy as governance" is not just coincidence, I think you will agree.


What do you think are some of the most effective ways to subvert, combat or otherwise reduce the influence of corporatism?

You need to tell us what to care about specifically.

Think for yourself, schmuck.

Poorly translated sarcasm. Imagine I said it with a monocle and suitably raised eyebrow.
Or I may just need really the guidance that only anonymous strangers can provide.

More seriously, Cain's a total fucker. Every time I read a post its spewing forth so many angles it gives me papercuts before I've even determined which book(s) I now need to read to gain an idiots level of understanding.

Fuck you Cain. With your information and your words. Keep it up. You Bastard.

Also, Called it, got distracted and forgot to link it in,11728.1080/msg,1155567.html

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Random News Stories
« on: March 13, 2012, 12:02:15 am »

The Commons agreed on Monday evening, without a vote, to add a line to the code specifying that the standards commissioner "may not investigate a specific matter... which relates only to the conduct of a member in their private and personal lives".

Arguing in favour of the change, Mr Walker said "the bedroom and the bottle" were "the two weaknesses that seem most likely to compromise MPs in their private lives".

Without his amendment, he said, "every sexual peccadillo, domestic dispute or unguarded cross word will lead to tabloid calls for the commissioner to take action".

Emphasis mine, just found it somewhat amusing. Seems to be a meaningful nod to enough people to pass it. Not that this would link in to the whole press situation going along at the moment. Would be nice to get a list of who the first to agree were. Then I can start speculating on which are alcoholic or enjoy recreational substances and those engaged in sexual misadventures. I assume misadventures, as you tend to be quite proud of an adventure. For reference see Lembit Opik.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Confused reporting on Khanadar massacre
« on: March 12, 2012, 11:33:56 pm »
So the likely options are

1 - 1 guy left base armed and/or became drunk then shot civilians.
2-  2+ people left base armed and/or became drunk then shot civilians

What seems to be in contention is the likely level of cover up and number of other people potentially involved.

Given that shit rolls downhill in the military, I'm pretty sure everything is going to be focused on the one guy. One nut is a bad apple. Several nuts is a bad barrel. It's a lot of hassle and likely tons of bad PR to investigate the environment that produces the desire to do this.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: What's this Kony thing?
« on: March 12, 2012, 11:23:23 pm »
Competition's bad for business. You can't arm the bad guy in the viral ad campaign, you can however sell these freedom fighters some lovely guns at a very appealing interest rate.

Or not, because, apparently, no-one cares.

The problems and issues presented are large and complex. You need to tell us what to care about specifically.

In regard to the police/government/press triangle I would suggest it logical to consider ancillary groups equally likely to be involved. It seems like a giant multi-sided prisoners dilemma. No one can implicate everyone directly, those that are are relatively isolated and able to be replaced by a similar person with an identical remit.

It seems so broken that reform is a joke of an option. The transparency that would have to be introduced will most likely be portrayed as privacy breaching or excess paperwork "taking officers off the streets" style.

Overall, coverage of the Levenson Enquiry has been unremarkable. The full transcripts and statements are there, and stuff comes out of the daily sessions frequently that makes you think "Fuck, this person runs a national newspaper and doesn't know what ethics means"

Every 20 minutes, a question or quote like that. No wonder the world is fucked.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: What's this Kony thing?
« on: March 12, 2012, 07:43:42 pm »

Furthermore, I'd like to add that aid agencies have a terrible reputation in central Africa, and with good cause.  Aid agencies help prolong conflict, as they almost invariably have to pay tribute to the regional leader of the area they are operating in.  Furthermore, they are obliged to take no sides in the conflict itself...which leads to situations like aid agencies looking after the Hutu genocidaires after they fled Rwanda following the 1994 genocide they initiated.

The hilariously depressing thing is how often things like that have occurred.

Not even touching the massive AIDS and anti-condom issues.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: What's this Kony thing?
« on: March 12, 2012, 07:23:29 pm »
Relevant to the Kony/campaign backstory,

Pretty sure someone else posted it around here first, but raises several questions. As always, none good.

Given that central africa is a massive clusterfuck, how important are the more stable regimes? Mugabe springs to mind, Zimbabwe has had/is currently under sanctions not dissimilar to the old Iraq/current Iran ones. It does seem to leave the door open for Vietnam #2.

What may influence factors sooner is the crippling debt most of these countries suffer. Given the political norm to make the losing nation foot the bill for the entire thing, any potential long term conflict could literally doom large parts of Africa to perpetual debt. The asset striping would be avoided as they belong to you anyway.

Discussing the concept of a 'facebook card' just seems to make that woyld be doable. Tie in paypal or new thing exactly like paypal couls be a potential long term strategy. Big money in koans and payday lending. Who better to collect than your friends. You also keep telling them were you go and are.

This disturbs and appeals to me. Someone fund that. You'll probably make scary money.

I meant loans. Getting the starving to pay for koans instead of food is magnificent bastard level of evil. Do that instead.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Lulzsec's last supper
« on: March 09, 2012, 11:51:48 pm »
Depends on what data you look at. Some of the infosec reports I've seen say that there are thousands of lackeys and a much lower number of actual skilled members. Those skilled members are the ones that really need to keep their lips zipped.

That's the beauty of it.  I've seen numbers from 100 to 20,000...Which leads me to believe that nobody really has a fucking clue.  That probably includes anon itself.

With it coming up so frequently, I think everyone tries to quantify anon, totally forgetting that prety much every monkey with a computer is  Anon.

It seems to work as a very simple label that disquiets many people on some level. Considering every person is Anon to practically everyone else in the world, it  almost evokes a primate urge. Look ye mighty at my genes and desire them.  Remember MY deeds and weep. How you declare victory against those you can't bomb?

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