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Quote from: Doktor Howl on April 23, 2010, 02:09:22 AM
Quote from: Idem on April 23, 2010, 02:05:29 AM
So the school wants the kids to get out after school's over?  I don't quite see the big deal.

Taxpayer money pays for the playground.  The kids aren't doing anything wrong.

But I suppose it WOULD be better if they went and hung out in a non-public place, right? 
Yeah, nevermind, my brain is kinda fizzed out and I wasn't thinking right
So the school wants the kids to get out after school's over?  I don't quite see the big deal.

ETA:  Oh, nevermind, didn't know it was public property where you're at.
Quote from: Da6s on April 22, 2010, 06:38:34 PM

QuoteAN elite North Korean suicide squad of human torpedoes may have been involved in the sinking of a South Korean ship in mysterious circumstances.

South Korea's Defence Intelligence Command had alerted the Navy weeks ahead of the sinking that North Korean suicide squads were being deployed, according to reports in Seoul, Sky News reports

The "Human torpedo" squads were said to involve small submarines, Sky News reports.

They are navigated so close to the target that their torpedoes or explosives blow up both target and the attackers.


This seems a little iffy.  It could be something the ROK made up.
I planted a yak.
<+Cram> Night of the living Bees
<+Cram> or Bees of hte Living Dead
<+Cram> Zombee movies
<+Idem> Personally, I liked Beedawn of the Dead
<+Idem> or land of the bee
<+Idem> They're both George Bee Romero movies
<+Idem> what are zombees like anyway, as opposed to regular bees
<+Cram> instead of buzzing they groan
<+Cram> and if they sting you, you also become a zombee
<+Idem> what does a bee groan sound like
<+Idem> "baaaaarz"
<+Cram> buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhzzzzzzzzzz
<+Cram> I guess it's like buzzing but lower
<+Idem> oh right
<+Idem> it's only "barz" in the really cheazy ones
<+Idem> beazy
<+Freeky> bee r bee
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<Kai> Arthur?
<+Idem> So Beezle gotted his beesma beefle and blew up the cubicle.
<+Idem> "HE GOING TO KILL US" said the beemons
<+Idem> "I will sting at him" said the cyberbeemon and he fired the rocket beessiles. Beezle beesmaed at him and tried to bee him up. But then the beeling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
<+Idem> "No! I must kill the beemons" he buzzed
<+Idem> The beedio said "No, Beezle. You are the beemons"
<+Idem> And then Beezle was a zombee.

<+ENKI-][> i leave the room after a few seconds pause. this isn't a particularly active channel
<Idem> I see
<+Freeky> It has it's moments most days.
<Idem> yeah
<+Freeky> Where it IS active, I mean./
<Idem> only on bee days
<+ENKI-][> only on days ending in y
<+Cram> yeah we save all the fun for bee day
<Idem> this place is DEAD on sunday
<+Freeky> Yeah it is.
<+Freeky> I hate Sundays.
<+ENKI-][> is bee day on the solar calendar or the lunar calendar?
<@Fred> helloOo
<+ENKI-][> because if bee day landed on caturday...
<Idem> the beelandar
<+Freeky> FRED IS HERE
<Idem> beelendar
<@Fred> BEES
<+nobody> beepocolpyse
<+Freeky> Moar bees!
<+ENKI-][> have you ever seen a cat and a bee duke it out, fist on fist, in a steel cage judo deathmatch?
<+ENKI-][> the cat usually wins.
<+Freeky> Zombees.
<Idem> deathbees
<Idem> bee's angels
<+ENKI-][> bees can fly though
<+nobody> a funny little thing called bees
<+ENKI-][> the cats need to build devices in order to fly for longer than a few minutes.
<+nobody> sometimes the bee back
<Idem> Enki, what.
<Idem> the bees bite back
<+Freeky> BeeO
<+Froggypance> Jetcat.
<Idem> revenge of the bees
<+ENKI-][> cats don't sleep all the time. they are meditating.
<Idem> night of the living bees
<+nobody> lollabeelooza
<+ENKI-][> after about fifty years of constant meditation, the cats learn to levitate
<Idem> that is awesome
<+Froggypance> How long do most cats live?
<+nobody> 50,000 years
<Idem> Twilight:  Bee Edition
<Idem> edward is now bees
<+Freeky> FUCK BEES
<+Freeky>  D:<
<+Cram> sparkly bees
<Idem> cram: *spew*
<+Freeky> Goddam sparkly bees
<+nobody> aw man, we have a lot of time invested in our bee hiveegg
<Idem> yeah, fucking sparkly bees\
<Idem> ruining my goddamn bee movies\
<+Freeky> Oh shit, Bee Movie.
<+nobody> haha
<+nobody> only a bee plays seinfeld doing the voice of a bee
<Idem> gahahaha
<+Freeky> I never saw it. Was it any good?
<Idem> imagine what beefeld would be like
<+ENKI-][> Froggypance: cats are like elves. so long as nothing kills them and they don't eat our mortal food, they can live indefinitely until they sail into the west and converge upon the city of cats where their elders have reigned since before the universe formed quarks
<+Cram> except that in beeworld it's called Human Movie, and Jerry Beefield does the voice of an accountant
<Idem> who would play kramer
<+ENKI-][> the city of cats is eternal because it exists in the future
<+Cram> enki-][: *spew*
<+ENKI-][> every time they get to the end of the world, they take the whole city and move it back in time by ten thousand years
<Idem> wow
<+Froggypance> The city of CATS is in AD 2101.
<Idem> beelab 2020
<+Freeky> *Psheww)
<+Freeky> *
<+Froggypance> BeeQuest DSV
<+Freeky> BeeSting
<+nobody> you mean WAR WAS BEEGINNING
<Idem> the elder scrolls bee: beerodil
<+ENKI-][> Bee Trek: The Next Infestation
<+Froggypance> 20,000 Leagues under the Bee
<Idem> hahahaaaa
<+ENKI-][> hivebob hexagonalpants?
<Idem> oh good
<+Freeky> Close enough.
<Idem> Beeoshock
<Idem> wait, bioshock has bees
<Idem> my head just exploded
<+Freeky> Assassin's Bee
<Idem> would it feature bees shooting little people out of their hands?
<Idem> holy shit that would be awesome
<+ENKI-][> octobeefest
<@Fred> im sorting through a bag of trailmix just to eat the cranberries :( how sad
<Idem> cranbeeries
<@Fred> lol
<+nobody> the wizard of bee
<+Freeky> Combeechrist
<Idem> The wickerbee
<+nobody> The Bee Stripes
<@Fred> idem has this been going on since i left at 9
<+nobody> the monkbees
<Idem> oh god the wickerbee remake would have little humans everywhere
<+ENKI-][> boys from beezil
<+Freeky> Willard
<Idem> Fred: more or less
<+Freeky> Only instead of rats, bees.
<Idem> whoa.
<+ENKI-][> soylent bee
<+nobody> the witches of beewick
* EvilSpork ( has joined #discord
<+Freeky> Beefest
<+nobody> soylent people is bee!!!!
<+ENKI-][> the bee of monte christo
<Idem> Alpha Beetauri
<Idem> Human Crossfire
<+ENKI-][> the beeth element
<+Freeky> Artificial Beetelligence.
<+ENKI-][> bee t
<@Fred> 2001 a bee odyssey
<+Freeky> Scooby Bee
<Idem> The beeliad
<+ENKI-][> bee doo
<+ENKI-][> pepbee cola
<@Fred> ewww sunflower seeds ought to be BANNED from trail mix
<Idem> sunflower bees
<+Froggypance> Faster Buzzybee, Sting! Sting!
<+Freeky> Damn, Idem beat me.
<+Froggypance> Beefellows
<+nobody> beet you
<+ENKI-][> the six million dollar bee
<+nobody> beetlejuice
<Idem> The legend of beeda: twilight beecess
<Idem> Enki: oh god cant breathe
<+Freeky> Newbees.
<@Fred> mitsubeeshi
<Idem> beezda
<Idem> beea
<@Fred> subeeru
<+Froggypance> Bee MW
* kel sets mode: +vv EvilSpork Idem
<+Idem> chebeelet
<+Idem> che guebeera
<+ENKI-][> to bee or not to bee, that is the bee; whether is bee beeter in bee mind to suffer the bees and arrow of outrageous bees, or to sail above a sea of bees
<+ENKI-][> to bee! to die!
<+Freeky> Lol, Enki
<+Idem> bee of the beebee bumblebee beeess beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
<+Froggypance> Where do bees launch their rockets?
<+Froggypance> Capiary Canaveral.
<+ENKI-][> the colour bee
<+Idem> Harvest Bee
<+ENKI-][> the bees of wrath
<+Idem> Harvest Bee:  A Wonderful Bee
<+Freeky> Shut Up and Bee
<+ENKI-][> the ninth bee
<+Froggypance> 12 ANGRY BEES
<+Freeky> Iron Bee
<+Idem> I Have No Mouth and I Must Bee
<+ENKI-][> beeman: the man of bees
<+Freeky> Nightbee on Bee street
<+Idem> Mega Bee
<+Froggypance> Debbee Does Dallas
<+Freeky> Hallobeen
<+ENKI-][> the day the whole world went a bee
<+Freeky> Cloverbeeld
<+Idem> The Bee After Tomorrow
<+ENKI-][> twist away the bees of steel
<+Idem> The Toynbee Chronicles
<+Freeky> The Bees From Behind The Sun
<+Froggypance> Forbeeden Planet
<+ENKI-][> unlock the secret bee
<+Idem> Beejo-Kazooie
<+Freeky> Santa Bees defeats the Beetians.
<+Idem> Time Beesers
<+ENKI-][> the alan parsons bee
<+Idem> Bee Chasers
<+Freeky> Bee Machine
<+ENKI-][> the bee mathews band
<+ENKI-][> bee OS
<+Idem> Castlebeenia
<+Froggypance> How Stella Got Her Bee Back
<+ENKI-][> bee it
<+Freeky> Beekemon
<+Froggypance> The Bee Gees
<+Idem> we're recycling bees
<+ENKI-][> bee the wet sprocket
<+Freeky> Are we
<+Freeky> ?
<+Idem> Bees of a Different Deather
<+Idem> Feather*
<+Idem> swarm together
<+Idem> dontcha know
<+Idem> freeky, just two from earlier beeday i was just beeing
<+ENKI-][> the bee of the baskervilles
<+Freeky> Bee.
<+ENKI-][> bee of our fathers
<+Freeky> The Bee!
<+Freeky> Godbeela.
<+ENKI-][> men are from mars, women are from bee
<+Cram> Alfred Hitchcock's The Bees
<+Freeky> vs
<+Idem> Never judge from abeerances
<+Freeky> BEES
<+Cram> Bees are from mars, other bees are from venus
<+Idem> lol bees
<+Idem> spare the bee and spoil the hivemind
<+Froggypance> total beecall
<+Freeky> Beeguy
<+Cram> Men are from bees, women bees are from beenus
<+ENKI-][> bee runner
<+Idem> experience is the beest teacher
<+Cram> Super Mario Bees
<+Idem> look on the bee side
<+Cram> Bee 2: Judgment Day
<+Cram> Bee 3: Rise of the Bees
<+Froggypance> doctor beelove
<+Idem> All is fair in love and bees
<+Cram> Bee Wars 4: A New Hive
* NARF ( has joined #discord
<+Freeky> Sonic the Bees
<+Cram> Bee Wars 5: The Bees Strike Back
<+Idem> all roads lead to hive
<+Cram> Bee Wars 6: Return of the Bedi
<+ENKI-][> bee the trouble you want to see in the hive
<+Cram> Bee Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Penis
<+Idem> all work and no play makes jack a dull bee
<+Freeky> The Weather Bees
<+Idem> It's raining bees
<+Cram> Jurassic Penis
<+Idem> halleluja
<+Freeky> It's Raining Bees
<+Freeky> Fuck
<+Idem> it's raining bees
<+Freeky> Beat me again!
<+ENKI-][> the sisterhood of the travelling bee
<+Freeky> Beeat me...
<+Freeky> Beeat it!
<+Idem> small, buzzy, yellow and lean
<NARF> singing a song?
<+Froggypance> One Flew Over the Beehive
<+Idem> hahahaah
<+ENKI-][> in the deepest ocean, on the bottom of the bees... your hive, it tells me
<+Idem> All's bees that ends bees
<+Freeky> Saturday Night Bees
<+Froggypance> Er, Saturday Night Beever?
<+Froggypance> ...
<+Freeky> (Live)
<+ENKI-][> the bee that is seen is not the eternal bee.
<+Freeky> BEEEEEES
<+Freeky> A night at the Beebury
<+Froggypance> Our Bee in Beeven
<+nobody> The Beeksfast Club
<+Froggypance> Bzzzz be thy name
<+Freeky> Beethoven
<+Idem> a bee a day keeps the humans away
<+Idem> as soon as a bee is born he begins to bee
<+Froggypance> A bee in the hand is worth two in the bush
<+ENKI-][> when i was a child, i thought as a child, i spake as a child, but when i became a bee i saw it time to put away childish things. now we see through a hive, darkly; soon we shall see face to mandibles.
<+Freeky> I just gotta be bee!
<+Idem> bad news travels buzzily
<+Idem> buzzing bees seldom sting
<+Freeky> Edgar Allen Bee
<+Freeky> I Wanna Buzz
<+Idem> nice narf
<+Idem> Stop hiding!  We can bee you you know
<+Freeky> A bee, a bee, my kingdom for a bee.
<+Idem> holy shit we have done page upon page of this stuff
<+Idem> freeky: lol
<NARF> bee or not to bee
<+Freeky> Lady MacBeeth: Out damn bee, out!
* +HoverHell (hell@C3D6776F.25618ABA.61B3213C.IP) Quit (Connection reset by peer)
* NARF ( Quit (Quit: COnnection reset by bee)
<+Freeky> lol
<+Freeky> Beetony and Cleobeetra
<+Freeky> How awesome would it be to have bee high boots?
<+Idem> yes
<+Froggypance> Beeson and the Beegonauts
<+Idem> Bee Nukem
<+Freeky> Or even hive high boots.
<+Idem> Charity begins at hive
<+Freeky> Atarbee
<+Idem> beeday comes but every beeday
<+Cram> or even bee hive boots
<+Idem> yeah
<+Idem> like sheets of beehive
<+Idem> forming boots
<+Idem> with fukken bees!
<+Freeky> Beekken
<+Idem> people would stay the fuck away from you
<+Freeky> lol
<+Idem> no exceptions
<+Freeky> I now want boots made of bees
<+Froggypance> This is getting beedious.
<+Idem> i want a robe made of live bees
<+Idem> i put on my robe and bee hat
<+Froggypance> Bee in your bonnet?
<+Cram> I was at a LARP once where we had to play these giant bee monsters. we had black and yellow striped costumes and these giant foam bee masks
<+Cram> and rather than fighting adventurers, most of us just hung out in a big circle making awful bee puns
<+Cram> it was one of those absurd moments where you look around and go "God damn I have a weird hobby"
<+ldem> hahaha
<+triplezero> BEE ME UP SCOTTY
<+ldem> jean-luc beecard
<+Cram> haha
<+ldem> james tibeerius kirk
<+Cram> beevis and butthive
<+Cram> were an animated show on MTBee
<+ldem> lol
<+ldem> beesley crusher
<+triplezero> OH BEEHIVE!
<+ldem> Beesigning Women is playing on hivetime right now
<+Cram> hahahahahah
<+Cram> does that star delta beeurk?
<+ldem> Next is Mr. Beevedere
<+nobody> this is fucking beetastics #noap
<+nobody> moap*
<+ldem> and after that Bee's the Sheriff
* +Cram snorts
<+ldem> Then Bee's a Crowd
<+nobody> well innit that the bee's knees
<+Cram> Bee's company
<+nobody> and the bee's danglies
<+ldem> *sodamonitor*'
<+ldem> The Adventures of Beete and Beete
<+ldem> and Are you beeing served
<+nobody> Beefect Strangers
<+ldem> arrested beevelopment was highly overated
<+Cram> hahaha I'm working on an excel file at work where I just had to sort by column B and I totally lost it
<+nobody> WKRBee in Cincinati
<+ldem> Second City beebee
<+ldem> bee meets world
<+nobody> Don't bee a menace
<+ldem> Chico and the Bee
<+ldem> oh god
<+nobody> the good the bee and the ugly
<+Cram> hahahhahhahah BEE MEETS WORLD hahahahahhaah
<+ldem> the cosbee show
<+nobody> Beearama
<+Cram> "Bees"
<+ldem> The Donna Beed Show
<+nobody> taxbee
<+ldem> with beegie howser, MD
<+Cram> (instead of "friends")
<+Cram> Sesame Beet
<+triplezero> wow you're still making bee puns
<+ldem> Everybody Loves Beemond
<+nobody> the weakest bee
<+ldem> nobody: *spew*
<+ldem> Family Bees
<+nobody> surbeever
<+triplezero> How I met your Bee
<+triplezero> Bee Notice
<+ldem> Father Knows Bees
<+nobody> i married a bee murderer
<+Cram> MB
<+Cram> he's a medical bee
<+triplezero> Beexter
<+nobody> fribee the 13th
<+ldem> the fresh prince of beel-air
<+triplezero> Spongebee Squarewings
<+nobody> for a bee's dollars more
<+nobody> pale bee
<+nobody> how the bee was won
<+ldem> beelligan's island
<+nobody> Beenanza
<+nobody> Beesmoke
<+ldem> holy shit.
<+ldem> i was about to say that exact thing
<+Cram> I wish there was really a bee world
<+Cram> where all these TV shows existed
<+Cram> and somewhere in that world, bees are making puns about what if humans had TV shows with the word Man in it
<+Cram> Everybody Loves Humand
<+ldem> herbee the love bug
<+ldem> cram, lol
<+Cram> Human Strangers
<+Cram> Human's Island
<+Cram> Humananza
<+ldem> Bee Improvement
<+ldem> Hive Improvement*
<+nobody> the golden bees
<+ldem> I bee of jeannie
<+nobody> did you know cheech was in the little known golden girls spinoff?
<+ldem> yes
<+ldem> golden beelace
<+ldem> palace*
<+nobody> yes, that
<+ldem> shit that was an actual typo
<+nobody> beech marin
<+nobody> muscle memory
<+ldem> Just Shoot Bee
<+nobody> haa
<+nobody> B*E*E
<+Cram> Spongeman Humanpants
<+ldem> lol
<+nobody> wait, h*i*v*e is better i think
<+nobody> yeah
<+ldem> Laverne & Shirbee
<+Cram> The Power Puff Bees
<+Cram> Ally McBee
<+nobody> Beeston Legal
<+ldem> hahahaha power puf bees
<+nobody> Dragonball Bee
<+ldem> GHAHAHAA
<+nobody> Pokebee
<+ldem> Married... with bees
<+Cram> Bees in the City
<+ldem> My Name is Bee
<+ldem> My Bee Sons
<+nobody> Bee City
<+nobody> the beelight zone
<+nobody> Tales from the hive
<+Cram> hahahahha married .... with bees hahahaha
<+ldem> No Time for Beegeants
<+ldem> can you imagine how much better Lost would be if all the antagonists were bees
<+nobody> bee wants to be a millionare
<+ldem> Beeno 911!
<+nobody> Aqua Bee Hunger Force
<+ldem> Bee Goes to the Mayor
<+ldem> Trailer Park Bees
<+nobody> Bee and The Molemen
<+ldem> Two and a Half Bees
<+nobody> The Squidbillybees
<+ldem> okay
<+nobody> we could do bands, the Beetles
<+ldem> Bee Floyd
<+nobody> Beetalica
<+nobody> Bee Folds Five
<+ldem> i'm spent
<+ldem> i need to study for a test anyway
<+ldem> I'm gonna post this at pd
<+nobody> hope ya get a bee or better on it
<+Cram> don't you mean you're gonna post this at PB?
<+ldem> Don't you been beebee?
<+Cram> Beeyonce sings: "If you liked it than you should have put a bee on it"
<+Cram> Don't you Bee BeeBeeBee dot Bee?
<+nobody> my computer is finally bee, finally bee dot com
<+ldem> No, I conbee beewidth so i don't bee my bees
<+ldem> by beeing
<+ldem> beekay?
<+nobody> gotta make that honey
<~Payne> whoever invented Alan Rickman should be a millionaire
<@Fred> HIS MOMMA?
<~Payne> no
<~Payne> lol
<+ldem> spontaneuous beegeneration
<+ldem> beenetics
<+ldem> beevitonics
<@Fred> loll
<+ldem> the beeran
<+ldem> lol
<@Fred> BEESUS?
<+ldem> sarah beelin
<~Payne> lail
<+ldem> joe beeden
<+ldem> OBEEMA/BEEDEN 2012
<~Payne> Drone McCain
<+ldem> gahaha
<@Fred> beedamir putin?
<~Payne> lol
<~Payne> I.Bee.M.
<+ldem> microbees
<~Payne> lail
<+ldem> applebees
<+ldem> oh wait
<~Payne> OFUK
<+ldem> they're taking over the restaurant chains
<+ldem> taco beels
<~Payne> Beergur King
<~Payne> Beezza Hut
<+ldem> *spew*
<~Payne> Beenikin Skywalker
<~Payne> Obee Wan Kenobi
<+ldem> haha
<+ldem> the imbeerials
<~Payne> yes
<~Payne> :O
* +shand0ra_ (sound@821BB572.D5CF237E.DE7E49C8.IP) Quit (Client exited)
<+ldem> she left
<~Payne> Bee-Fried Beens
<+ldem> conbee
<~Payne> Bee-o Jima
<+ldem> x bawks beesixty
<~Payne> BeeS3
<~Payne> BeeS3
<~Payne> nintento Bee
<+ldem> bee esse bee
<+ldem> gahaha they all rhyme
<@Fred> im in bee overload man
<+ldem> nintendo beecube
<~Payne> World of Beecraft
<+ldem> wide screen bee bee
<+ldem> bee bee... gun
<~Payne> Em Bee Three Player
<+ldem> tabees
<@Fred> laybee gaga
<~Payne> MSNBeeC
<~Payne> Bee En En
<+ldem> panic! at the beesco
<@Fred> beelectric six
<~Payne> you must Obee the dance commander
<+ldem> bob marbees
<+ldem> mnarbee*
<+ldem> marbee*
<@Fred> kurt cobeen
<~Payne> American Bee-dol
<+ldem> america's got bees
<~Payne> Bee-ing With The Stars
<+ldem> bee o'reily
<+ldem> glenn beeck
<~Payne> Stephen Col-bee
<@Fred> stephen colbeert
<@Fred> lol
<@Fred> good think no one else is here..
<~Payne> David Bee-terman
<@Fred> thing*
<+ldem> keith obeeman
<+ldem> we should post this in the irc thread
<@Fred> conan obeeran
<@Fred> no we shouldnt
<@Fred> lol
<+ldem> i think i saw one called "stupidity irc something rather"
<~Payne> beehio
<+ldem> beesiana
<~Payne> Bee York, Bee York
<@Fred> stonebeevan
<+ldem> beeseeseepeee
<@Fred> whaat
<+ldem> (Mississippi)
<+ldem> lol
<+ldem> #beescord
<~Payne> [14:09] ->> You joined channel #beescord
<~Payne> [14:09] ->> Channel created on 22/04/2010 13:09:34
<~Payne> [14:09] <@Payne> FUCKING BEEEEES
<~Payne> Rev. What's-His-Bee
<~Payne> BeeBeeEm
I think I just lost Nigel's respect.   :cry:
Quote from: Faust on April 21, 2010, 10:21:21 PM
Quote from: The Lord and Lady Omnibus Fuck on April 21, 2010, 10:03:13 PM

I'm not sure if I ever said I "hated" Faust, although I did get into it with him, and I no longer respect or trust him, nor will I renew my ads on the forum or support the forum financially in any way unless it benefits ECH.
your respect or trust doesn't mean anything to me but the adverts don't actually do anything but support the forum just for you info, I will always be spending more on this place then they bring in.

Nigel's opinion is very important, and above any ends or means you could possibly comprehend.
Why is this thing stickied?   :lulz:
I really don't care that much about splitting threads etc, but maybe just keeping it in this thread for this time around would be nice maybe
So like, yeah, is that dad guy funny or what?