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I can copypasta moar...

Other times I witnessed his atavistic side. Despite the rumors that followed me home when I left, he never held a gun to my head or laid a finger on me, but that's not to say he didn't throw a tantrum or two. Paranoid, he would lock everyone out of his cabin for hours at a time, intermittently setting off his alarm and firing guns into the air. One time I watched him beat his car because his cigarettes were locked inside, and another time he threw me out of the house for refusing to watch a snuff film. And he was hell on his new kitten, Hugo, especially when he felt I was paying it too much attention. He would snatch Hugo up, smudge his pink nose in cocaine, and send him darting across the kitchen floor. If I would get up from our work to shut the front door to keep the cat from fleeing outside, he would berate me with a round of screaming, furiously yelling at the top of his lungs that would have addled me if not for my own experience in a fit-throwing family.
Now now, I didn't side with him. Merely changing the subject... since the claim was made, id like to know he's full of shit, without just discreditting it because of the source. And given BH's sick hobby, its not really without reason
Its related to the subject ITT?
Rating.. somewhere between WBC and foxnews

Ps who said, I beLIEve what I read, isn't that a discordian taboo?
He's some 911 tinfoiler who dabbles in other conspiracies to sell books
Infowars Mark Dice claims gonzo made snuff films :fnord:
Sons favorite movie is kungfu panda, and I noticed I started quoting the movie more then I should... plus I find the voice actors don't have any thetans attached to em and I notice sound effects more lol
Close, lately I've stop watchin nova and started watchin children's movies in french
You never had red bull have you? :lulz:
Humans collect the most fucked up things, this makes teeth in a jar seem like an afternoon walk, excuse me while I use some rum to scrub my brain, while I fight the urge to go beat up some catholics
I usually shrugged it off, like those five dollar smoothies they sell outside the gym. But damn I like me some red bull (mostly I think cause I suffer from add and it works like short duration pills) but holy fuck... this Xoçai™ drink not only worked better but it helped my sunburn ache.

There's gotta be a catch... isn't the price the enegry drink is about the same
Almost changed shit to dada... but :mittens: