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I see. I'm not bragging, though.

Anyway, I am sorry if that kind of thing is offensive, and kind of pointless of me to even bring it up... I get your point, and this hopefully won't be an issue in the future. Thank you for taking the time to correct me.

Or Kill Me / Re: The future doesn't want you
« on: June 28, 2010, 11:33:41 pm »
And a clear perception is actually possible?... Or is it an illusion?

I find this topic of improving the future to be very thought provoking... I must profess my ignorance as to what E-prime is, if it's simply the realization that most of the things most people say are subjective and time sensitive, then, yeah, I can understand that. I agree with you, Dok, there's a time for stepping on toes, getting in peoples faces and letting them have it full force, but my personal preference is to reserve this tactic as a second to last resort, and instead attempt to understand my enemies, why they may be mad at me, and attempt to correct the issue, for when I make a friend of my enemies, do I not destroy them? (Was that Lincoln who said that? Or did something get scrambled somewhere?)

Whenever I encounter a situation where I feel I am treated unfairly, I start with the assumption that I did/am doing something to provoke the unwanted treatment, and begin going over my memory of what I have done, rather than searching for the problem in other people. More often than not, I'll realize I did something stupid, and I'll attempt to correct it, this usually fixes the problem. If this phase of my problem solving strategy returns nothing, then I will usually ask the parties from whom I perceive as the source of my mistreatment if I did something wrong, or something to upset them, and if there is a way this can be corrected.

If this reply is a stupid, irresponsible, blame everyone else but me kind of reply, guess what, out comes the shotgun, but more often than not, it turns out I overlooked something. In this way, I attempt to encourage peace and harmony among my coworkers and managers, and customers, and they notice, and when someone attempts to slander me, I have allies who stick up for me, make them feel stupid, and reveal them for what they really are.

I can really not afford to conduct myself in any other manner. There are times, yes, where I will get in a superior's face and tell them just how stupid their plan is... Usually, this is actually respected by the superior, and they will make efforts to change their behavior, but this is not a strategy I approach any problem with right off the bat.

Ah, well, just getting you all prepared for the day I eventually flip out (it WILL happen, unfortunately) and say some REALLY wild shit... Better you see it coming. I'll try to keep that sort of talk to a minimum.

And thank you for your compliment, Dok... I wasn't expecting that.

Glad to see that I have stumbled upon such an entertaining and informative group. I can only hope my own posts will be as useful to the community, as opposed to being tedious bullshit, which, it looks like they are fast approaching.

Or Kill Me / Re: Liberation is scary
« on: June 28, 2010, 10:17:56 pm »
I don't give a damn WHAT it means, I just think it sounds cool.

*flute solo*

EDIT: Actually, thanks for the explanation, I really appreciate it. Makes sense that way. I always kind of figured it meant the material world is deceptive in nature and that the limitations placed on us by authority figures and the law are illusory... "Think for yourself, schmuk." strikes me as more efficient and to the point, though, doesn't sound as cool.

EDIT EDIT: Or perhaps it means "Your head is full of shit, fucktard, you can never know anything of value, so go out there and do whatever strikes you as important, because it's all going to end the same way anyway."...?

I get what your saying, Dok. Thanks everyone for the friendly welcome! I'm always expecting to get "STFU, noob, GTFO" or something along those lines...

About the Pastafarians, yeah, I can see how most of them would be militant atheists... I don't get militant atheists most places I go, really, but they don't start too much trouble with me, usually. Sometimes they do, but mostly they seem to just keep their distance and keep things friendly, they don't want me to unload on them for some reason.

Screw Dawkins, I refuse to read that garbage (wow, ignorant much, Fujikoma?), from what I've read from some of his followers posts on message boards, their a bunch of soulless, hate-speech addicted fucktards, and what can I say, a person has a right to be such. I'll take any chance I can get to gently guide hateful bastards away from their cycle of viciousness, I'll even pretend to be one of them to gain their trust, act like a total troll, then turn around and slip in a seed of suggestion... It works. It opens people up, infiltrate their monkeysphere and anything is possible. Even more fun, perhaps, is converting Christians to Satanism, but I don't do that kind of thing anymore...

Praying to Eris? Bad? I'll say so, most of the answers I got were dizzy spells, forgetfulness and, erm, I forgot... But, sometimes there is a lesson to be learned. Too bad I forgot them all. 30 days incident? I'll have to look into that. I think the forgetfulness and dizzy spells were simply a subtle way of teaching me to alter my perspective, and to take nothing for granted.

Or Kill Me / Re: Sermon 57: Shut The Hell Up.
« on: June 28, 2010, 09:16:28 am »
Hrmmmm... That's my style, watch from a corner till I can find a vulnerable spot, then strike as hard as I can.

I live like a serious fruitcake, I'm always astonished to wake up in the morning, but, this is a good feeling... I try to do my part everyday, and I work desperately to get people to chill the fuck out and respect one another, while contemplating punching some people relentlessly... As much as I dislike violence, sometimes, it's the only way to shake the apple loose from the tree, and, well, fuck it, who really gives a shit, anyway?.. People like me for some reason I can't explain... Maybe it's because they sense that I give a shit... When I actually started to give a shit, I noticed a real change in people's reactions to me... They're all very sensitive, but the first paradigm shift is the worst.

Or Kill Me / Re: Liberation is scary
« on: June 28, 2010, 08:49:22 am »
Nothing is true, everything is permitted... I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience, Disco... I had a bad experience with the church, but it likely wasn't as bad as yours, I was merely rejected for being psychotic... This is my second post, btw, so I really carry no weight in this community and can, in no way, represent them... But I am an independent practitioner of All Kinds Of Shit, and while I like company, company doesn't much like me... I don't know.

Changing your belief system is hard at first, but being able to shift paradigms is essential to understanding reality... It's like a muscle you never used before, you're going to have to work to build it up, but, once you do, it'll be easy.

Hi, guys! I'd introduce myself, but I don't think you'd give a dang... I suppose one might want to know if I was a Discordian... I am, in fact, an Agnostic, but I really dig what ya'll might be trying to do. I read this book a while back, was written, I don't know, in the 70's or something, anyway, it was really awesome, and I read it because of some things I'd read on wikipedia, during one of my late-night research-junkie keyboard-gnawing fits... I had stumbled across something about the KLF, and I followed the link maze from there, I promptly went out and bought the book "The Illuminatus Trilogy", and it was good... Anyway, as you can see, my info is rather dated, or comes from wikipedia (not to mention, while I've only read small portions of the other texts, and the entirety of the Schrodinger's Cat book (and I really didn't like that one as much) I have spent a bit of time reading up on Zen Buddhism), but still... This was years ago... I must say, as disturbing as it may sound, Eris actually answered a lot more of my prayers than Yahweh... Still, once an agnostic, there's no turning back, from my experience, but perhaps someone with more experience would say something different.

I'd like to assume that we can all agree that shit is getting way too serious, if you don't like swear words, go fuck a goat or something, freak... But that is only an assumption, colored quite heavily by my own preconceived notions, which are bad things, but hey, we can't all be perfect. Anyway, whether you're socialist, libertarian, anarchist, somewhere in between any of those, it is possibly getting more and more difficult to shake the idea that the 2 party system merely exists to fuck with us while the globalists enact their agenda, if you believe in that hogwash... Maybe people thought Obama would get us out of the war... Personally, I think as soon as the guy won the election, he became a hostage of sorts... Think about it, if some black ops team killed him and his family, and blamed it on enraged hillbillies with shotguns (no offense, enraged hillbillies, I feel your pain), a lot of people would buy it and support some kind of crackdown... Wait, screw all this political nonsense, I think there's another forum for that... Why'd you have to go and make everything so confusing?

Anyway, I've found a few pockets of seriousness... The only resistance to said seriousnesses are Pastafarians, that I can see, and while they're doing an ok job, strength of numbers would seriously help... On Yahoo answers, in the religion and spirituality section, there is some kind of Christian vs. Atheist vs. Agnostic crap going on, complete with trolls from all sides, and I just think it would be funny were someone to dispose of it in an unexpected manner, like an unexpected flood of Erisians (I'd never claim credit for it, I'd be hunted down and brutally murdered)... That'd knock their socks off... I'm trying to get them all to shush and be more polite, but, you know how that goes, some asshole is all butthurt because a bunch of people died a couple hundred years ago, and they just can't let go, and that's about half the people posting there, contributing to the cycle of viciousness... I understand, I was once one of those people, but what seems to be developing is a pocket of negative energy, and it would be nice to pop the bubble.

I'm not angry or vengeful... I seriously want these people to understand that their whole lives don't need to be devoted to hate...

And it's a possible first post, because I already had a profile, and probably posted here once or twice while drunk out of my mind.

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