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Apple Talk / On the move! Look Out UK Spags!
« on: June 14, 2013, 12:03:36 pm »
So finally got our appointment for our work visas in the UK. Assuming all goes well, we will be headed to somewhere near Buckinghamshire in the next month. Also, looks like I might be in Edinbourough sometime in the next couple weeks for a few days.

Having never been to Scotland, anything I should be aware of?

Also, Cain or anyone else nearish London, any recommendations on which counties west of the city are good (not horridly expensive) to find a place to live? The office is in Penn.,Penn,+Buckinghamshire,+UK&ei=cfi6Udn7NMjGOc3-gMgH&sqi=2&ved=0CJIBELYD

Aneristic Illusions / Turkish PM pisses off Israel again
« on: March 01, 2013, 03:11:03 pm »
I am not taking a position on this, because I'm still reading stuff and trying to form an opinion... however, I do find PD a good place to poke at this kinda stuff so here goes:

"As with Zionism, anti-Semitism and fascism, it is inevitable that Islamophobia be considered a crime against humanity."
- Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish PM

This was said at a UN conference this past week. Israel and the US claim that its offensive. Erdogan claims that its a valid compaarison and isn't intended to be anti-semetic. My understanding of Zionism has always been pretty shaded by my previous life... (ie the conservative christian cult perception). However, after this hit the news I did some research on the political movement of Zionism.

So Zionism, as used here (not the religious view) is about having a nation for the Jewish people. Its the movement that led to the post-WWII foundation of Israel, its the justification for the removal of the Palestinian people, its the justification for what some people call "war" and others call "ethnic cleansing", its the justification for the continued expansion of settlements (at least as I understand the term based on what I've been reading).

Should this comment be offensive? Is antisemitism functionally different than anti-palestinianism? Or is being anti-Zionism really equal to antisemitism? In some of the references I've read, guys like Noam Chomsky claim that the two are diffferent, and the argument is used to shut anyone up that wants to criticize Israel, while others claim the whole thing is offensive. Some quotes appear racist, or at the very least extremely nationalist.

we shall endeavour to expel the poor population across the border unnoticed — the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly
- Theodore Herzl (one of the founders of the Zionist political movement)

There are a number of incidents that are pointed to where one side says "Meh, it was war" and the other side says "It was a massacre based on ethnic cleansing". It seems as confusing to me as the situation Mr. Erdogan continues to fight regarding the Turks vs. Armenians in the first part of the 20th century. Turks call it war, Armenians call it ethnic cleansing.

All that aside, from my perspective, I think Erdogan is doing this shit intentionally to grow his cred on the Muslim side of the world, he seems intent to put himself and Turkey as the go-between for East and West. Seems like political football to me.. but it did bring up this interesting question :)

Apple Talk / PD News Podcast?
« on: December 31, 2012, 09:41:34 pm »
So I had an idea based off of Roger's post about Doing Something.

I don't want to risk the project by biting off more than can be done... so this is how I'd like to start.

PD posters record a short "news" report in a PD style (ie whatever that means to you)... not Pineal kinda stuff, but a bit more style. I will edit them and we'll have a "news anchor" (maybe Roger if he'd agree to it :)  ) and we'll make a short 3-5 minute weekly news podcast to generate some new interest in the site. If it goes well and we get lots of input, then we can do more than one... maybe even some "special reports" with different takes on a given topic.

I'd like to see if there's interest and if so, we'll set up a schedule (deadline for submissions and and release dates).

Think about the radio news at the top of the hour for inspiration...

Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas? Interest?

Apple Talk / Lyrics that seem to fit with Discordian concepts
« on: June 20, 2012, 03:36:37 pm »
I've been listening to the band Wookiefoot for a little over a year. They're kinda sublime-ish with a hippy twist, but their lyrics are pretty interesting. I thought I'd post some and see if it inspires a discussion:

Damn i see a crack in the dam
Like a smack to the man
With his head in the sand
And his back to the facts
And his ass in his hand
I said damn
I see a lack in this plan
And i don’t understand what to do lord
There’s a crack in this dam

And when the dam breaks the water will fall
Down will come all of what’s built up behind that wall
It’s been ringing and it’s ringing
And we still missed that call
Now we miss the ringing
Bring a flood to us all
To the dam it seems that happens all of a sudden
But it really wasn’t doesn’t ever happen that way
Years of pressure and decay
Now is a critical moment
Do you blame or do you own it
So now what you gonna do when the pressure drops on you

Can you feel the pressure build behind the wall
It’s coming for us all

Dam there’s a crack in the dam
Like a smack to the man
With his head in the sand
And his back to the fact
And his ass in his hand
I said damn
There’s a lack in this plan
And i don’t understand what to do lord
Help me make it through
Or show me how to know just to how to make it up to you
And give me one more chance to
try to put a patch on the dam

This one, I think covers a number of ideas... it invokes the issue of global warming at some level, but takes on a much more social/psychological message overall.

To the dam it seems that happens all of a sudden
But it really wasn’t doesn’t ever happen that way
Years of pressure and decay
Now is a critical moment
Do you blame or do you own it
So now what you gonna do when the pressure drops on you

For me this speaks to both a personal collapse of 'the dam' as well as the collapse of society. The years of pressure and decay certainly affect us individually and as a society. Will the pressure and decay cause the Machine to break down? Will it cause the individual to break down? From a more physical perspective, will it cause the environment to break down?


This one reminded me of the recent drug debate and fallout:

Two men come and disagree to agree
Both one to the other saying what should be
Each climbing higher up self righteous towers
And catapulting “shoulds” back and forth just empowers them
Don’t get me wrong i’m the king of it
Just a little bit hippy hypocrite winging it
Sometimes thinking that i’m knowing everything of it
And putting my should inside a song and singing it

Should as it should maybe sounds absurd
But should could be heard almost every other word
When you should on your friends it’s bad for the health
But you got to be careful not to should on yourself
These Towers of Babel all inevitably fall
With cracks in the walls and the building implodes
From the wreckage and rubble we rebuild another bubble
Cause that’s the way the monkey mind goes

With a “should do this!” and a “should do that!”
Everybody’s just trying to do good
But how many shoulds would a good man say
If he could stop would he stop shoulds
Oh my friend for the wounds to mend
There’s only one thing we should do
Don’t you should on me and i won’t drop my shoulds on you

Frequencies unfold in our numskulls
Like a spark in a dark cave
Where the light and sound waves
Pave a way to mental higher ground
All the little thoughts we collect
Turned them into bricks with our intellect
Build a tower in your hypothalamus and cortex
Our own fortress in our cerebellum
We can carry our convictions to the roof and yell ‘em
At the top of our lungs standing on the top rung

I like both the allusion to should=shit as well as the concept that when the system breaks down, the monkeys gather up the pieces and build a system with just as much fervor.

If this spurs some discussion, I'll post more lyrics too...

Principia Discussion / A poem on posting...
« on: June 20, 2012, 01:00:56 pm »
There's a bug in the plan.
There's a flaw in design
There's the physical man
with a short in the line

Its the monkey inside
whose running the show
with our old human pride
we just can't let it go.

In debates without end
On top of a tower
Shouting fights you can't win
with all of your power

Is it magic or drugs
Or the anarchists view?
Is it Internet thugs
that make old debates new?

Its a pineal fight
personality quirk
Debates about rights
or what can or can't work

Is there something to say?
Is there something to do?
When we fight, do we play?
Is it false, is it true?

Have you ever been budged
by an internet post?
Is the quality judged
by who comments the most?

I don't know the answer
or the question, perhaps.
Maybe its a cancer
Or a series of traps.

If its not what you want,
If its not what you like
Then don't use that font
and don't join that fight.

I thought I knew...
but ya know...
I mean...
 its nice...
could be nicer maybe...
ya know...
I mean if it was my painting...
if I was gonna give Mr. Hoffman a few tips, sure.

But still...

its nice...

One day people found Hoja Nasruddin "pouring the remains of his yogurt into the lake.
"Hoja Nasrudin , what are you doing? A man asked.

"I am turning the lake into yogurt" Hoja Nasrudin replied.

"But surely the lake is far too large" the man replied "it will not turn into yogurt!"

Hoja Nasrudin looked at him and asked, "But what if it does?"


Apple Talk / Zombie!
« on: May 29, 2012, 03:22:54 pm »
So I'm sure many of you have already read the story of a Florida man who was shot while eating the face off of another guy. He apparently had to be shot multiple times and was growling at people.

Cops quoted in the news suspect the man was on 'bath salts'. *

In the book 'The Serpent and the Rainbow', Wade Davis claimed that Hatian witch doctors induced a 'zombie-like' state using compounds of drugs (neurotoxins and psychoactives). The veracity of his theories have been widely panned, but in this case, I think we could argue that a person with little or no cognitive ability, decreased sensitivity to pain, increased strength etc would fit the bill as a 'zombie' (not the undead kind, but the drug induced kind).

Does the existence of a drug induced zombie attack strengthen the argument for concealed handguns for personal protection? Or is it outweighed by the abuse of concealed weapons, such as the situation with Zimmerman and Martin?

* not gonna comment on the absurdity of comparing bath salts' to LSD.

Principia Discussion / Asking permission
« on: March 28, 2012, 07:18:10 pm »
I am currently in the third draft of a play entitled "A Prison by Any Other Name..." which is based on the BiP, the PD and general Discordian concepts. The central story uses my "Story in Five Parts" interpretation of the BiP and some scenes pull some content from the BiP. When its done I will be releasing it under a Creative Commons license as a free sort of thing for anyone to use. However, before I start the final draft, I realized that I should probably ask permission. It attributes both the Black Iron Prison and in the script, but not specifically in the dialog.

If anyone who wrote stuff for the BiP absolutely does not want any part of their work included, please let me know in this thread and I will make sure its not.


Apple Talk / Ratatosk in London, its more likely than you think!
« on: March 20, 2012, 01:55:28 pm »
I have a final interview today, looks like I might be moving to London soon as a Solutions Architect for an encryption company! WHOOO!!!

Look out UK SPAGS!!!


Principia Discussion / The Flying Monkey
« on: March 08, 2012, 01:16:24 pm »
I've thought a lot about the Winged Monkey in the PD... the one who delivers the Sacred Chao to Mal and Omar.

Like all primates, he's still a monkey. Unlike all the other primates, he's been given a level of freedom, a freedom that allows him to fly above the other monkeys. I think, in some sense, this is true of Discordians. Many of us here seem to think about our actions more often than the general populace. We jailbreak some of those 'normal' monkey behaviors. We're still monkeys, we still have the monkey programming, we still have prison cells, but in some sense, we have more freedom than many of the other primates wandering around this planet. Just like the Winged Monkey.

We still have many Common Walls with the land bound primates. It doesn't mean we're BETTER or that we should see this as US vs THEM. However, it does mean that when the monkey brain starts to run broken bio-survival programs, antiquated territorial programs or when that chunk of shrapnel embedded in your knee starts to really ache... we have the option of flying out of the situation.

I think perhaps all of the Monkeys are born with wings, but they can't use them because of the 'suits of psychic armor' our species has enclosed itself in.

"I am Chaos and I tell you that you are free" -Some Crazy Bitch

I have long been a proponent of Free Speech. When I was young, I was part of a religion that fought and won many court cases on the issue. After I left that, I found the value of expressing my views in philosophy, politics etc freely.

Sarah Palin has recently defended Rush Limbaugh, calling his slurs of 'slut' and 'prostitute' 'Free Speech.

Since I've moved to Turkey, I've been exposed to a different philosophy on Freedom of Speech. Here, free speech is valued... within a few limits. If the Speech is false (Obama isn't truly an American citizen) or designed to simply be inflammatory ( She is a slut because I don't agree with her philosophy) they are NOT considered Free speech... they are considered lies, or speech designed to inflame hatred or cause rifts between people.

I understand the risks associated with limits on free speech. Recently the Turks got a taste of this when France made it illegal to disagree with the belief that the Ottoman empire committed genocide against the Armenians. I agree, that its good to know who the 'crazies' are, so they can be avoided.... BUT, I have to wonder, sometimes, if valueless rhetoric and baseless lies, designed only to engender division, should be something protected.

Perhaps even our valued freedom of speech is part of the Two-Man Con.

Apple Talk / The Effect of Language on Economic Behavior
« on: February 09, 2012, 08:09:19 am »
An interesting paper correlating how language frames the future with how people behave. Shades of General Semantics, and
an interesting nod toward 'language influences perception, perception influences behavior'

Apple Talk / 2012
« on: December 31, 2011, 10:05:49 pm »


Happy 2012, spags!

Apple Talk / Turkey Cursing
« on: December 31, 2011, 12:00:17 pm »
Turkish cursing is an art form. Complex, rude and the more creative the more effective. From the threats "amına koyarım" (I'll put it in your pussy) to "kanını sikiyim" ( I fuck your blood)... Turkish cursing is on a level of its own.

My favorite new Turkish curse:

"Geçme Namık Kemal Köprü'sünden,
ürkütürsün vakvakları,
Ananın amına çam diktim,
Git topla kozalakları"


"Don't pass from the Namık Kemal bridge,
you'll scare the quack quacks [ducks],
I planted a pine tree in your momma's pussy,
go collect the cones."

The art here lies in the first half; its there just to make the whole thing a little rhyme 'quack quacks' (vakvakları) and cones (kozalakları) rhyme in turkish.

The cuisine is a marvelous mix of east and west. The desserts are a fusion of French and Middle Eastern, the cheeses, olives, breads are wonderful... but Turkish cursing, WOW.

Other curses include:

I'll fuck your father in the market.
I will fuck your blood.
I will put it in your pussy. (aka I will beat your ass)

Then you get into wordplay and ambiguity:

"İsmet İnönü, kaymakamı görünce ayağa kalktı" -> "When İsmet İnönü (early political hero of the revolution) saw the governor, he stood up."

However, a sleight shift would give us:

"İsmetin önü, kaymak amı görünce, ayağa kalktı" -> "When Ismet's "front" saw the creamy pussy, it stood up"

Turkish cursing is a necessary thing. You need to pass a course in it before you get your driver's license (for your own safety)  :lulz:

Another rhyming curse I hadn't heard before was just tossed my way:

Oy oy oy gel gidelim hamama,
otur benimkinin kafasına
Seni sikerdim ama
Amın götün olmuş yalama


Oy Oy Oy!  Let's go to hamam [turkish bath].
Sit on the head of mine [sit on my dick]
I would fuck you but
Your pussy and ass have turned loose

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