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Quote from: Charley Brown on February 14, 2012, 05:56:53 PM
Terri is working on putting a cookbook together. She figures if we can cook it and clean up after in a motorhome, then even her kids should be able to cook this food.  :)
Gonna say to you what I said to Vincent when he said he's doing that:  WANT.  So let us know when this goes down so I can BUY.
Most Persian music is ABOUT the poetry.  The beats and the melodic parts of their music are disastisfactorally similar.

I'd posit alot of Indian, Arabic and Afghan music can seem the same.

But the words are the heart of the piece, and that's why you'd see a poetry (see it more like freestyle Rap, if you can) ocmpetition as taking the place of one where people sing and dance.  Old folk songs sung by "pop" idols can get a whole audience that 10 years ago might have been fighting in the streets to link arms and cry together, simply because the words to those people are so very beautiful and they identify with them as a culture.

It would be an awesome study, I've thought, as I've been semi-tortured with the Persian/Afghan/Indian genres of music for a couple of decades now, to juxtapose the music the West comes to expect as entertaining, meaningful and emotionally moving to the Eastern traditions of prose-over-notes.

Afghan Idol, by the way, has been on for a while now.  One of the girls who won was threatened with death, so she had to have protection and I think had to leave the country for a while.  And so it goes...

As to the whole Reagan debate, there's a consortium (read: thinktank, etc.) of right-wingers in the US whose sole occupation is not only to rename bridges, libraries and schools after Reagan, but also to change peoples' memories of that time period and reshape the man's "legacy."  Books like the one described in the OP will soon be put on the 451 pile and burned to cinders if they don't continue to get some play.
Quote from: Cain on January 23, 2012, 09:34:38 PM
Quote from: Nigel on January 23, 2012, 08:42:38 PM
Do you know the premise of the boy who cried wolf?

Exactly what I thought.  Complaining because people thought you were doing something which, if you reflected on it, you are guilty of fairly often, is more of an indictment on the behaviour of that person than the people who jumped to the conclusion.

And Jenne, I have been on EB&G.  In fact, I was on EB&G before there was an EB&G.  I am part of the reason an EB&G even exists.  Yet, I've never really been that welcome there, have I?  Even when I was doing everyone's dirty work at MW, and boy was some of that dirty, I was always someone to be kept at arms length, out of the picture, not trusted.

Kinda rankles, when you put that kind of effort in, only to be disregarded in turn, have lies spread about you, have double standards inflicted on you.

Sure, you in particular are not very guilty of that.  But it seems that since 2006 or so, no matter who has been at the helm, I've been the subject of gossip and lies and outright attacks on my character, for not especially good reasons.  You might understand after, how five years of that, I may have a dim view of the place.

I had a nice long dramatic feeding the llama post that the two of you are crying out for.  Fuck that.

1) Ancient history.  You haven't posted anything worth anything in a long time at EB&G (coming on over to taunt the animals in their cages is not really anything to write home about).  Get the fuck over it.  Bella's gone.  Long gone.  Same with Dan.

2)  See #1.

Nigel, the DAY you get to chide ME for having a CLIQUE...BAHAHAHAHAA.

nuff said.

(anyone wondering why I left yet and decided to lurk?  anyone...?  Bueller? I'm far too fucking hormonal and jacked up on IRL idiotic drama to want to handle this bullshit.)

Damn I am sorry I saw this thread.  But it was a good lesson to relearn.
If those of you impugning EB&G actually spent time there, you'd see the opposite.

But whatever.  The never-ending, cyclical campaign to drag EB&G into the mud just makes me yawn.

Khara's actually a very loyal and wonderful friend.  I think if she's paranoid HERE, it's warranted.  Her life is not an easy road to hoe, and yet I think she approaches it bravely and with verve.  Not many can say they do the same.  In a good fight, she'd have your back and not second guess. Ever.

As for my absence here and there, my personal life encroached.

My apologies to those who felt "left behind"--I never did that, I pm'd those who'd I thought would miss me.  My bad if I needed to badger them a bit more.

Ok, I'm out.

I'll be at the ALL EVIL ALL THE TIME HATES NIGEL AND CAIN NEVER WANTS THEM BACK EVER NEVER EVER PLACE--I mean EB&G (which, really, it's a hole in the wall where occasionally stars like Vincent shine for us, and sometimes old timers come back, and friends just shoot the shit--it's rather silly and weak to think otherwise).

*smirk, and goes back to LURK
I guess my unborn child crisis was just too unimportant.

NO, I get it.

When I'm in a personal crisis, I need to shove it up your asses and make it stink around here.

Not go somewhere where I can just deal with it quietly.

Oh fuck no.

Next time, I'm going to post livejournal fucking thread after thread so that EVERYBODY gets to fucking suffer along with me.

I know, FUCK ME RAW AND BLEEDING for having the fucking personal dignity to not bleed my lack of good karma everywhere for ya'll to listen to, read ad nauseum.



Ok then.
Is great masterpiece--and I didn't think you could outdo the first one!  :lol:  Bravo, Nevvie Twid!
Discordian Recipes / Re: Pear Pie
December 30, 2011, 04:01:29 PM
To those who like to add booze to delicious recipes such as these, which booze would you use and how much?  I tend to use brandy or grand marnier for pears...and only about a tablespoon or so (though I truly don't measure).
Squiddy, this is awesome.  I will be trying.  I have made the cheddar-n-broccoli before, but not with potatoes.  I really don't remember WHAT I used to thicken it with, now that I think on it...

Fuck this.
But please, continue to tell me how the fuck I'm doin it WRONG.
Well, if he's your special friend, too bad.  He's still acting like a shitneck.  I didn't read anything into it, and since my reaction was similarly corroborated by LMNO and Khara, I think your protection of him (why you doing that, anyway?  it's up to HIM to make friends) is odd.

Be that as it may, I'll just stay the fuck outta his way, shall I?  And put him in ignore.

But I don't appreciate the board nannying Nigel.
Quote from: Rod Stewart on December 02, 2011, 08:04:25 PM
Quote from: Jenne on December 02, 2011, 08:01:40 PM
Quote from: The Good Reverend Roger on December 02, 2011, 07:59:27 PM
Quote from: Rod Stewart on December 02, 2011, 07:58:46 PM
Quote from: fanglekai on December 02, 2011, 06:11:27 PM
Traditional guacamole is delicious. You should try it some day.

It gives me indigestion. 

More to the point, it's disgusting and should only be eaten by Scotsmen.

I have a bit of a Scot in me.

Is the rest of it still attached? 

It's in da blood, Sir, it's in da blood.
In fact, a good test if someone's a true asshole or just putting it on is the recipes subforum.  If they can post like a reasonable human being in there, they're usually an ok person.

If they use it to show what an expert at farting they are, then yeah, they get what they get.  If that means shitting on them when they're being assholes, so be it.