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Or Kill Me / My house is killing me
March 11, 2019, 09:35:40 PM
I don't know how it came to this. Somewhere along I had moments of despair, sorrow, lost my will to live, and while it feels to be over now it all was sucked into the walls, into every unnecessary piece of furniture, into every piece of garbage I should have thrown out a long time ago.

The air is toxic here, so are all the rays of light hitting my eyes. This place is just too heavy, too lonely to cope with. All the homely disorder has turned against me. All the bugs that once were my friends are now hiding and plotting against me. All the pipes tell me terrible things.

And I cannot move out.

Moving out would require money and power I don't really possess right now. Moving would require me to do much more than just clean out this shithole, get a new apartment, and be done with. No, it would require me to deal with the shithead landlord I'm not even actually sure is a shithead, but I just assume by my stereotype of landlords that he is. A dark landlord that has casted a terrible spell on my apartment that breaks my psyche and my will to get anything done.

I'm not allowed to have pets or smoke.
Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Noise
February 04, 2019, 09:21:29 PM
There's a plenty of people in the world who'd benefit greatly by merely learning to SHUT UP. Me included.

This tidal wave of letters we are all exposed to makes us to instictively up the volume. I cannot really connect to you, or get what you're meaning, because there's way too much to process all the time.

Indoctrination, education, shitposting, debating, discussing etc. all have become part of the same:


Nobody can learn shit when the classroom sounds like a fucking construction site. So the brainwashing kicks in to keep people from reverting  to the older, more unhealthy layers of brainwashing.

The problem is, you cannot just brainwash people back to silence. They'll just end up listening to the next, slightly more stupid piece of shit, who didn't realise to SHUT UP. And the pattern goes until the ultimate idiot is crowned, and gets to tell everyone else what to consider about.

So speak. With a silent, slow, low, calming voice.

That kills the noise.
Does anybody know how big of an catapult would it take to hurl approximately nuclear plant sized object 420 kilometers? Or the formulas I need to calculate that shit. Just the catapult will do also, If you manage to mail it to me.