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Only Maybe Arts Lab / Re: MAYBE DAY 2022 IS COMING!
July 03, 2022, 09:59:30 PM
Hey there, curious explorers!

I've been in the lab creating a model of reality tunnels that can be carried into our Information Age. I have built upon Leary and RAW's models, pulling from simulation theory, cybernetics, systems theory, linguistics, philosophy, and psychology. It's been about four years in the making and I'm excited to get pieces of it into the world.

On Maybe Day 2022, I'll be releasing a Teaser Booklet PDF to attract fellow creatives who would like to work on the project with me.

For now, I have a website up as a placeholder where you can also connect with the project. The Discord server has most of my notes, a very rough draft, and some art to browse. Feel free to check it out, but please keep the info in the walled garden. (Look, don't share...... yet.)

Take Care & Stay Weird.