I just don't understand any kind of absolute egalitarianism philosophy. Whether it's branded as anarcho-capitalism or straight anarchism or sockfucking libertarianism, it always misses the same point.

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Only Maybe Arts Lab / I tried something
May 23, 2024, 09:53:14 PM
and I don't like it.

Aneristic Illusions / Happy Friends
March 30, 2024, 08:59:35 PM
I visited a friend today. Her passion is flying and when I saw her on the airfield walking to the plan she is about to fly into the sky I was happy because she was happy.

Here is some text that describes something similar to this:

QuoteI find it immensely comforting seeing a person being happy.
Today I finally managed to visit a good friend while she was doing what she enjoys. I never saw her this happy for such a long time. 
Sure, I experienced her happiness on many occasions, but not to this extend.
It makes me glad to see her in this state.
We should do this more often.
Follow our friends to their happy place.
Be happy because they are happy.

Scan of the original:
Literate Chaotic / Chop Suey
March 28, 2024, 10:01:28 PM
CN: It's about suicide

Thoughts from one of those who remain

QuoteChop Suey

Suicide is a difficult topic. What is our issue with it? Are we afraid that we will die? Is it the lost time spent with the other person? The potential for good memories?
Eris attaches no sin to a self chosen death. So the act, in itself, shouldn't bring us sorrow.
Often, it's the circumstances that lead to this end. We hear or read the story and think of all the possible ways where the plot could have taken a different route. How we could have made a difference, if we had just known how the future would play out.
But we didn't.
We have to live on.
Suffering has been lessened. There might have been better outcomes, this might be the least bad one.
I don't know.
Literate Chaotic / Thinking slowly
March 06, 2024, 09:29:49 PM
For this text I won't provide transcription. I want you to be slow. (Comment if the document isn't accessible for you, and why. I will find a solution)

If you don't know how to interprete these letters (my handwriting is atrocious) consult this chart: Fraktur-script Alphabet
I have deciphered (bad handwriting) and transcribed a discordian manuscript for you:

ODD#: iii;א\४/Γ|6Chs31
Original Thought - what is it and why do we yearn for it?

Throughout our day, we consume plenty of ideas, thoughts, phrases, stories, sketches, pictures, always on the lookout for something new. For something "original". Most stuff we have seen before. Retellings of a joke we have heard many times, a cover from a song from our childhood (which was already a cover), well-worn thropes like enemy-to-lover, but now one of them is a werewolf the other a faun and, surprise!, one decends from royalty. We gladly consume these remixes, retellings, reuses, reproductions of what already was.
Until, we reach the point of déjà-vu. The joyous consumption collapses. We know how it will continue, the next plot twist, the punchline, the murderer is obviously the gardener, the chord progression is clear, our thoughts are faster than the speed of consumption, we get restless and bored.
Now we mourn the past where everything was new to us, unheard songs, unread stories, uneaten food, unviewed paintings, unplayed games, unexplored places. The curse of memory, reminding us, that change happens only gradually, that everything builds upon what exists, that "the thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." (KJV Ecclesiastes 1:9), everything is a remix.
In this depression we start to yearn for the seemingly unatainable "OG Content". But is it unatainable? Some major religions say so, Discordianism gives no clear answer (as usual). Secondly, do we really need new content or is it enough to have reurgitations of things we don't know? We can't discriminate these two. From a purely subjective persective both are completly new and unheard of. Does it matter?
Let's take a step back and look at Eris. Isn't She gorgeous, encompasing all original, new and unheard things, constanlty birthing new ideas. If we try to glance at Her we might gain such a new idea and if we are sufficently aware and able, we might put it down for others to enjoy. In this process we gain an understanding of Eris, but also of Aneris, since everything new that is introduced to us, stops being a part of Eris and becomes part of Aneris. It is no longer a chaotic idea, instead it gained form and structure.
Should we therefore stop reaching for new Chaos? For it will inevitably cease to be a part of our Goddess Eris. I say: Maybe, but no. Eris is our Goddess, but Aneris is Her sister, somthing like our Goddess-in-Law or whatever. Bringing the Unheard into our world doesn't harm Eris and helps Aneris to flourish. Further, we, on a personal level, gain slivers of understanding about Eris, in this brief time between conception of the thought and it's materialization.
This is what we as Discordians should strive for. Finding the New, the Unheard, the Unseen, the Unthought. It does not matter how small, inconsequential or disregarded this thought will be. It is not about utility for humankind, but the thoughts we had along the way.
Just kidding, we all want fame, money and a good retirement plan.

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

And here is the link to the scanned pages:
Principia Discussion / On Pentabarf V.
December 20, 2023, 08:24:26 PM
Have you thought about mambo number 5? I have some thoughts for rule number 5 of the Pentabarf.

"V. A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing what he reads."
That's a strange rule, it seems to contradict itself. I read that I'm not allowed to believe what I read. Of course Discordians love contradictions and this love would be Reason enough for such a law, but there is more. This simple sentence represents the core believes of Discordianism.
1. As I already said, it's a contradiction, but it's true. That's unlogical, chaotic. The human being has a logical part and a chaotic part. We should never forget the chaos within us. Order might be easy to comprehend and sustain, but chaos is beautiful. There is no art in a chessboard pattern, but you can stare for hours on a TV full of snow. It's chaotic, it's random, it's freedom. No borders that constrain your thoughts. They can fly freely through your head. They can travel with your imagination through time and space. Spacetime.
You ar alone with your Memorys and your feelings. No data from the outside must be processed, no decisions must be made. Just chaos and freedom.
2. If you look deeper into this contradiction you will se an appeal. It will say:
"Think ere you believe!"
Don't fall into the pit of self-imposed immaturity. It's hard to get out of there. IF you want to stay mature you need to think about everything you read. Who is the author? What is their opinion? Why do they want me to believe this? Are there different opinions from other authors? And never forget the most important question: Is there a contradiction to the Principia Discordia?
After you have pondered these questions you can decide if you want to believe what you have read or not. But be aware, it's a sin to believe what you read!
Eris will punish you!
Believe me!

ODD# I(e)/3,iv;73Cfn3179

As a pdf scan from my manuscript (may contain spelling errors):
Hi Comrades,

Recently I needed an Official Discordian Document Number, but I couldn't find my android app. So, I wrote a new generator. This time it is pure HTML/JavaScript so you can all use it.
Find it here:
Find the source code here:

If you have ideas for improvement or see problems please speak up.
The Updated Document Numbers have some lore which I might publish later.

I'm not a robot