You know what I always say? "Always kill the mouthy one", that's what I always say.

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Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / 3/23/23
March 23, 2023, 11:42:20 PM
oh three or zero three I hear they filmed the number 23 on this date in quantum leap which was actually tomorrow or yesterday or right now and that's how the kingdom works and stuff he kinda looks like jefferson darcy and maybe if you are blindfolded he can assume that you are either here nor there and two plus three equals five so there
shoedinger's cat is assumed to be alive we just put you in that box to automatically assume that it had no value is insane it was alive 5 minutes ago when we put it in that box to imagine let's for instance say the cat can live for 2 weeks w/o food and water ok so I'm thinking to myself he's like 5% alive in there on day one and 100% dead on day 14 but I guess that depends on if you believe in a bakers dozen or not and now I realize we have a pretty simple math problem and to say that shoedingers cat is both alive and dead at the same exact time sounds like some genius bullshit and maybe it is but that cat is like 10% funnier than you