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>Nope. Try again.

I thought there was a chance they were here, in small numbers. But still wouldn't have done that if I leaned on they were here.

Anyway, the last thing I have to say on the subject, is my apologies for wasting everyone's time.
If I thought Nazis were here, I wouldn't be confessing to the plot to schism the Nazis.

I confessed in an earlier post i wanted to see how skeptics would react to the antichrist themed coincidences (or synchronicities). To test for what to revise.

I consider most of the regular posters at not scared off by now by other posters to be skeptics. Or at least, more objective and skeptical than religious fanatical Nazi Satanists.

If I got as a reaction, "You really have a case there. Maybe you're some kind of Antichrist," I'd think, Gosh, surely I can schism the less skeptical Nazi Satanists, then.

Instead, I'm thinking, "It sure would be nice to schism the Nazi Satanists, but maybe I can't. Or at least, the plot needs a little work."
Quote from: altered on November 16, 2022, 08:05:10 PM
So, hold on: you're trying to impress Nazis. Is that right?

I don't care about the rest of your weird little scheme, because you aren't special enough to pull off what you claim to want to do anyway.


You're trying to impress Nazis? That's your step one? Please make the truth abundantly clear to me.

I don't think I'll ever post in the Joy of Satan message forums, or go looking for the Nazis. The synchronicities will hopefully make my writing more entertaining to regular folk,

and I'll start by publishing more short stories to gain traction as a writer. I'm getting old, so the plan may fall through, but the idea is to make a name for myself as a weird tales author and impress the Nazi Satanists into schisming if they happen to hear about my writings, and read me.

So far, I've only been published in the Circle Magazine, Word Riot's Stretching Forms section (used to be one of the biggest flash fiction rags on the internet), the Freezine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Black Petals, and Blood Moon Rising Magazine. I haven't made much money and I've only earned a little exposure. It's a start.
Hopefully not too many Nazi Satanists frequent this message board to witness this confession: I was test running how it would look to a bunch of skeptics if I promoted myself as the Antichrist.

The coincidences, or synchronicities, (I honestly don't know which), that I listed are all real, and I can prove all except the first, like I said. To a skeptic, this doesn't prove anything. Signs and symbols. But my ultimate goal isn't to impress skeptics. It is to schism (hopefully a bulk % of) the religious fanatical minded Nazi Satanists, by providing "proof" Satan is at war with bigotry and fascism. By being the Antichrist with an Ides of March Pope.

If I do a good job, the rest of the Nazis can't trust the Nazi Satanists even if not very many schism.

Shiva is Satan to the Nazi Satanists (the point of the Babaji coincidence/synchronicity). If Nazi Satanists are reading this, maybe they can discern more from the symbolic nature of events than so-called "skeptics," and know an Antichrist when they see one.

Quote from: Faust on November 15, 2022, 10:03:15 AM
Its been a long time since we had a cloak wearing, candles at midnight, desperately wanting the Esoteric Order of Dagon to be "Real" poster

I don't think my "evidence" should be taken too seriously, but consider it better than what some religions promote as proof of the authenticity of their faith.

I'm actually only hoping to convince Theistic Satanists.

Quote from: chaotic neutral observer on November 15, 2022, 01:17:10 PM
Quote from: ArchangelIdiotis on November 15, 2022, 05:33:03 AM
March 23, 1985 is my birthday. The Spring Equinox, to symbolize the rebirth of the Sun / Son of God.
The Spring Equinox in 1985 was on March 20th.  You were three days late.

23 in my synchronicity research symbolizes importance. It seems to crop up around significant "good" and "bad" events. There was no way to stage a more significant, equinox adjacent birthday.
I can't prove this part (I can prove everything else), but in Eschillion Key one of the main character's names was Simon Sade before I encountered the name Eddie Saayman, an individual Crowley named as his possible heir. The first two characters in the book are Ben & Eddie, as in been Eddie Saayman. Simon Sade = ed Ssaimon. Eddie Saayman was A.I. to Crowley, so if he reincarnated he'd be Aiwas.

Onto the stuff I can prove:

March 23, 1985 is my birthday. The Spring Equinox, to symbolize the rebirth of the Sun / Son of God. The number 23 of the Illuminati. The year after 1984.

The individual that requested I found the Individuate Church was born on the Ides of March, and was a childhood best friend of mine. Since the Individuates are a Discordian cult, he is the Pope of all world religion (everyone has to be a Discordian). He's the founder of the Individuates, so he's in charge. According to Christians on the End Times, the Antichrist's Pope of All World Religion betrays him with a shot to the head, and he comes back as Satan (he is just Satan's representative until).

I might be the bloodline of Jesus. My mother's maiden name was Bowers, and according to Bloodline of the Holy Grail: the Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed by Gardner, (page 151 of the copy I first encountered), Bors is suspected of being Merovingian. Bowers is also descended from the same root bloodline as the Rothschilds, Bauer.

One year and month before I was born on Valentine's Day, Babaji winked before his heart stopped. He was suspected in some circles of being Shiva.

I'm a 37 year old Virginian (born and stayed), and an asexual virgin.

I have long brown hair and a beard, and look superficially like Jesus Christ.

Edit: I am not promoting the opinion that Christianity, nor the Antichrist of Revelation Prophecy, is legitimate to believe in.
I'm really into *some Bastard Noise. Right now my favorite album is "Galactic Sanitarium":

Noise done well, imo.

Horrorology / Re: So, Jim...When Did We Join The Monkeys?
November 02, 2022, 07:40:42 AM

but what is it that makes a monkey of a man? Why do they identify with various dogmatic ideologies?

I suspect that one major cause is social instinct. Love could have evolved from familiarity=safety into familiar group=safety. So whatever seems most familiar, closest to one's self, primates tend to fall a little (just a little) in love with, and it becomes their ideological identity. Were this the case, ideologies would tend to travel in social niches.

How do you escape moral or ideological (it could be an amoral ideology) instinct? Is it possible to justify your opinion outside the parameters of slightest emotional instinctive filter? Just noticing the pull towards the ideas of one's affinities is a step toward overcoming that pull.

Humor may not be enough. Introspection, meditation, and initiation may not be enough. And the accumulation of wisdom and understanding may also fall short. After all, the data is infinite, so any efforts to be well informed only accumulates enough gnosis to qualify as a drop of water in the oceans toward gaining a thorough intellect.

The work is a reward, and maybe unbiased opinion actually exists. I suspect that opinions exist free of emotional bias, free of instinct toward social niches and such - and that these opinions suffer still from being the product of observing a small % of the relevant facts.
Literate Chaotic / "A Return From Eval"
October 31, 2022, 05:37:27 AM
I like this story better than the other two I posted on this forum. I wrote this pondering the scifi potential of telepathic brainwashing:
Only Maybe Arts Lab / Re: MAYBE DAY 2022 IS COMING!
July 22, 2022, 10:24:38 PM
just one day to go until maybe day!

Only Maybe Arts Lab / Re: RAW THOUGHTS
July 05, 2022, 03:42:41 AM
I hope this doesn't distract from the original purpose of the thread very much, but I just finished the Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra and my thoughts on Nirvana have solidified:

Ego free because all pride is released, whether thru meditation or any other means. All positive and negative sense of self esteem.

All emotions except love are released.

Love in its simplest state is unconditional, all embracing, and none attached. And the heart expands unconditionally.

So: the heart is trained to embrace everything and release lesser emotions than love. Expanding unconditionally is profoundly blissful because potentially infinite love is tapped into.
RPG Ghetto / Re: anarchist free form role play
May 23, 2022, 04:03:50 AM
Just a final update: Eschillion Key is finished.
Only Maybe Arts Lab / Re: RAW THOUGHTS
May 03, 2022, 12:29:47 AM
QuoteI like this paradox of striving for selflessness reinforcing selfishness, otherwise what does the striving? (If I've restated it correctly!)

For my money the paradox maybe gets resolved by a caveat in the concept of sunyata (emptiness), which basically means that selflessness doesn't mean an absolute absence of self, but rather the lack of a permanent intrinsic identity, and that one shd recognize the self as a temporary & conditional entity, not as something completely non-existant.

Recently I have been writing a theory of Nirvana that sustains a self of some kind: the mystic falls in love with everything and nothing, and surrenders, for the benefit of the attachments, all attachments to this everything and nothing so that the only attachment left is to everything and nothing.

Sorrow is transcended. Everything and nothing persists in being everything and nothing regardless of what happens to the sentient life forms that exist.

Perfect union with one's true love results from every experience, it is all everything and nothing, so that love may continue to increase regardless of circumstance, permanently.

Only sentient life can benefit from the conduct of the mystic to have attained this state of mind. The mystic can benefit, is part of everything too. Since hir is indirectly in love with all sentient life, hir wants whatever is "best" for all sentient life (including hirself). This could help solve global warming...

This may even permanently activate higher circuits of RAW, Leary, Antero Alli, and all's 8 circuit model.

Emotional control is easier with simple love. It is possible to release fear at will, and to make pride small yet positive, and to thru meditation on nothing attain a non verbal union with one's immediate experience.

*edit: I strongly suspect that actual Nirvana is without a self, selfless love more profound than that described. But the above would generate the most love of any state of mind I am capable of discussing at this time.
My name is Idiotis, I'm from Va, and I've been a Discordian since around 2002-2003.

I practice the arts and self improvement.

I have been crapping all over the graveyard since I got here.

I am a necromancer-in-training. I swoop down on old, dead threads, inject something inane or insightful, and watch the zombies rise. ...or plan on it, once I find more of the right stuff to sprinkle on the corpses.

Only Maybe Arts Lab / Re: RAW THOUGHTS
April 17, 2022, 11:00:23 PM
The Signals From The Stars post, meditations on the plausibility of delusional thinking when it came to RAW (strongly?) suspecting he may have received communications from an alien... If I had read this thread before I posted my thoughts on this subject in another of the boards, I would have posted those thoughts here.

I too am skeptical about whether it was real aliens. I consider the two most plausible possibles that (1) it was a hallucination of alien communications or (2) telepathy is real and everything, but it was just pranksters from earth staging an elaborate practical joke.

I just finished reading the Starseed Signals: A RAW Perspective on Timothy Leary PhD, and the gullibility of 70s RAW about the possibility it was aliens communicating with earthlings is one of two main flaws I seem to have detected in early RAW thinking. The other major flaw I suspect comes from the letters at the end of the book.

QuoteOn giving up suffering: "If one is trying to give up something, then one has an object - which causes suffering." (G, Hill, last letter.) I respond: bullshit.
- RAW, page 429 paperback edition.

I translate the lack of an object as the answer to ending suffering to mean total selflessness is without suffering, because the self cannot attach to objects if it has been transcended. Selflessness as Nirvana, love not bound by the ego unconditionally expanding.

I cannot say how selfless it is possible to actually become. But RAW's conclusion that the koan is bullshit because the 8 circuits are an object that can overcome suffering seems to me to miss the point. Without noticing the approach of selflessness of mysticism and right hand esoteric paths, 8 circuit consciousness can become a thing which inflates one's pride in one's "level of consciousness".

I try to share my research into 8 circuit consciousness. So I don't discount that Wilson and Leary's research into this avenue was important. But I don't think intellectual enlightenment is as sustainable unless it induces less pride and more (openness to) love.

edit: the object is selfishness because it is a possession. it requires selfishness to value a possession, or to have anything for one's self rather than all sentient life, or whomever one loves.