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Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM 7/19
« on: July 19, 2009, 08:19:10 pm »
20090718 4:17 PM The New Philadelphia Town Site
= =
Pure Political Propaganda
as far as IZ concerned.
: : :
So Boo
then  again
perhaps there will be A string
? ? ? ?
of Anthro OR Archaeo
what will J wear? what will S wear?
Black over Brown is my guess for top & bottom
(rings & things) BUTTons & BOws? ACcessories, REEL tail?

20090719 11:32 AM Just back
from a MAX (light rail) trip East to gateway (East 99th)
= =
knowing well (from the Eliot tower dig) & Roanoke Isl
there exists a light over dark boundry that may be 12,9
: : :
So yeah: I looked along the rail road tracks (Sullivans
Gultch) if i REMember correctly . it was light at 42 ?
and dark at 60th. THus there may be a contact there ?/?
? ? ? ?
of course i would not know Xactly...Where but East ...
I sure would like to take a sample and run the magnet
thru it at the bottom of the ligt/top of the dark..
no the contact at Elliot was not level there was an angle


20090720 5:04 AM Monday Morning QB
at this stage comming up on ~"New Phi
= =
it REMains my guess that not only does the TT turn
mostly political, ThaT she also is now on the defensive
: : :
meaning subject to answering the question, not asking
1. My guess also with political come name noteriaty?
thus name droping should be in vogue as #3 becomes HISstory
? ? ? ?
wiLL Archaeo vanish completely? UnKnown? I guess not
Some shell of the concept may be seen? {maybe not}
though i've little doubt OR in retreet from the tree
do U see? perhaps across the street that is no more

% Day_n = 20090720 t_Start =  1406
%who% JS
%what% i've not a clue, about what to do
%%when% 4cast4 is a math program
%%which% this will try to forcast 7/22@8:08 Ch10.3


%what% Listen GIrl
%%when% I've still not a clue, as to what to do
%%%%% it just looks to me LIKE bet the NE corner
%%which% IS just fine by me (:"The NE corner":)
%why% because they had to PUT U somewhere:
%-% Sorry i did not have the proper GrId:

% t_End = 1416 t_Spent =  10

====after thoughts
mesh(a),hold on, contour(b), view(az,el)
-----3:43 PM 20090720

20090721 9:44 AM yeah:
from the Multnomah's Co. Library this upDATE?
= =
by now? to avoid the pit fall of political propaganda
ASSociated with Time TeaM, ive moved on to Q Matlab:
: : :
mostly a very abstract (Um}? VIEw of What I've seen
FROM? \matlab\toolbox\matlab\plotxyz
Thus: I move away from the TT Story LiNE to rand -
???? % 3D graphics.
Contour. contour,quiver
Plots... mesh,surf,waterfall
Appearance. view,shading,axis
Annotation. title,(xy&),zlabel {see .pics


20090722 5:12 AM "Wednesday" 6.9 YU
WeLL? it's the NEW day already?/?
= =
and i slept thru the 4AM BBC broadcast:
AS LucK would have it there is a rePETE in 1/4 hr
: : :
thUS i'LL try to see the BBC segMINT rearGUARDing NEW
whitch NEw eliment i've no clue: Time May well tell?/?
5:33 AM BBC Boundries reDRAWN ... Solar Eclips M dict
? ? ? ?
Poliyical IS 17:01 LocaL 2008? case to ex (electricity)
Nothern Boundry not clear (Grazing}? Cartoon:HaiG N?S
April 5:43 AM vertical blocks JR tech Boing:Fiet
Y%8 A?i Price cut (living in woods (ticks)=d'Z's
thUS my guess: it will be Blocks. Square OR rectangular?
Stackable! Will they be stacked? strewn? Or Lain out
IF lain out then doeth North ?/op South or Vice Verse
My gues is yes to both & that S will have D as in SaD

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM 7/19
« on: July 18, 2009, 07:33:53 pm »
20090718 9:09 AM it should be clear by now:
ThaT i like the looks, taste, and coolness of mellons
= =
as well as the next E-Male, nevertheless dispite my
taste for 'eM, I now turn a new drection ...
: : :
Now that yOU have been pressured into Becomming
a political prop for political propaganda, rather
than an actual help in establish the age of layers
? ? ? ?
So BOO: how could U, I mean really green is Green
& White is white. U/O colors are Not green & WHITE
if you will study your game plan roster. & besides
when i searched for reasearch GROUP at U/O Athro ...
I sure did not find anything to REMind me of U ...
so Boo#2, I did E-Mail Fee-Mail MM, however? I
really truly do not expect any reply, any more
than i would expect a single letter from you?
other than OREGON, that photo IZ already collected
SO Boo#3, Boo little white on big, & I DO mean BIG
BLACK background! Green &, REMember. ANd ANother
(Guess)no doubt about NEW, & i dont mean NEWman!
Who is that New Guy you face off with to open #3
Did you like him? where did you go to eat? What
did you eat? Not Mellon is my guess: Boooo 4&5
yes no mellon is a double B naturally (BB) 9:25

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM 7/17
« on: July 17, 2009, 11:59:47 pm »
20090716 2:58 PM SchaB
By Some strange events in time ...
= =
I was replaying TT.Topper over the Ch8 Dr?Dr
(um}}? prior to Racheal Ray at 3. THe "tree sap" take
: : :
it took me only a moment to say YES this is where to
stop the tape and tap tap tap on this keyboard? THUS
I did write to M. Moss at U/O (I don't Xpect a reply
? ? ? ?
anyway back to CH8 before 3 (forced to work with}?
well really IZ sorry your headed back across the
continantal devide, & suggest you Just walk away
when the plane is about to leave. Go back to Isle 1
ok from me: rewinding the tape to "Julie shows Scott"
scene props Black watch band Left wrist = J " So When
vs Scotts 3 strand WHITE Right anchle band (aka D'band
Platform:= white stripes on outsiide of watch band
Back to the "PLATFORM" Green/white Sky plaid shirt ?
(my Tv vcr is getting OLD and very unreliable)
{Likes to destroy the tape}{{etc}} JS "So the clovis
really moved quickley ... Allen WesT 12,900 years ago
"FOR THEM TO FORM" SO?so YOUR Black frame glasses
are where words were put in your mouth. in the sequence
about the "Xplosion" (Um}? bits of trees Younger Dryas
Green shirt over white t shirt. at Magnetic grains / IR

3:45 PM 20090716 THUS
the past is PAST & helps very little in walking away
= =
what is needed is insight into the future? you have
already been with WEST and cannot rewind, SO IR is
where I ARE. the idea that the Iridium Layer ..
: : :
AS I REMember from the K/T boundry (Um} 70 Ma Ago ?/
this line will require much reXamINation however
WESTs idea, elements from that layer below Ice =12.9
can shirley be questioned. AS there may be another X
? ? ? ?
My advise to U, not that you want it. is to review
the Green&White Plaid & rethink the Green over White
So ? So 's really girl the two tails are not to be
seen thrue the same lenze as they face differently.
the East (see accents) clearly has a long series
direction in mind. to represent WEST as sparce
for example. Thus playing North (facing South)
when possible with camera to your left ...
with a really large wrist watch with bright digital
numbers on it. if you think the situation over? U
can see being part of Time on Time Team AM makes
for some decisions on your part (where to get BIg
perhaps a large belt buckle with a clock ?
Now back to the IR Questiion & beyound /-/ub 4:0
oppsi overwrote Time Team with History D
currently at Allen (dig Deeper) & ahead of ball game

20090717 1:18 PM  Yeah:
before i begin let me point out that #26 was a Topper
= =
Sail Boat (no BS) now back some to the Time Team ..
No i did not see the black band watch on JS for Rabbit
: : :
whatever the site it did not take long for the Team?
to leave Archaeo and find Central Bank $ back Poly_
Prop. IL, know what i mean. ThUs its Clear to abandon
? ? ? ?
with aBAND. WeLL no doubt there are the Green's
Plaid & Plain the Blacks Tops & Trowsers yesy yes
& Red & Blue. butt also there will emerge the Left
& the Right OR the Answer to the Question ...
except maturally JS as of course SHE is cast as the
Question ThaT reQuires an answer, to cut OR not to?
reverses TV standard set OR REVerse set. Next toss
in N?S S?N E?W & W?E AS mentioned elswhere JS SHOULD
avoid playing West in eithor case E?W or W?E and
really should Play North mostly as N?S but also
in the S?N scenes. but i digress. having been there
already, yes my recorder loves to eat tape i'LL D'Fir
by by:

20090717 2:00 PM OR:
think about it this way
= =
the Spanish were already in Mexico City
ready to head for LA & Manilla
: : :
before the English, even thought about
getting a taste of mellon after RoanOKe
So think INK from the INKa Or Aztec (Tech
? ? ? ?
if you have access to CM Aikens OR see fig 1.3 pp11
Aztec-Tanoan "Phylum" think PHyLUm (yum yum yum}?
anyway Piaute (holly Bear) ShoShone (Rudy)
{ 290 8798} & Comanch Pewaddy{?
the drift of this tail is from the South ... towards
the North (um}? End of the field. Yes Yes i did see
Ames today headed South into SubWay (munch Munch Munch:
Listen its CCW Counter I -did A CW OR Enfield Left /~
well never mind AntThrow for the nOUNCE REMember T
Leeets see? T is for Tom b4 he was Gone, out on the
Alvord? (Um}? I dont know the next line sorry
the Fedral Court SyS is so backWord & behind its USeLeSS
Now where R WE (U&I) on the top shelve? perhaps
My real guess is 110B NE corner shelf Down Low

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM 7/16
« on: July 16, 2009, 06:24:00 pm »
20090715 9:09 AM Otrovase
TT was rerun last night at 11, so i got a 2nd take
= =
whitch was good. now a review of Clovis, Topper_A
& S.C. "Swamp" rechecked S.C. = South Carolina
: : :
5:09 PM His D H  H.Speed 160Km/h{{it seams ClEAR to me
the 5&8 veloCITY tails will intertwine in some FASHION
(Um}? Brown bag? 600meters bubbled FBI support CH 1937
? ? ? ?
2 peeks 5:18 PM (1520}? tt17 those 2 peeks Carbon
[ 800 1200
^^1600 200 2400 ] between 12&16 15xx Vally
a scale change from Fig1 (400) to Fig2 (500}?
plus on my TV the A/D conversion is NOT readable.
Later i'LL try to look at WEB (um}? CHemIStree
(UM}? Scales to see where the 1500's are located /
9:33 PM Topper notes T0 thank you: :40 AH SD FW OK E
1. JS@U/o CR 1dig | JS?9?Scott Jones "gang"
20K.JS d218 bugs 21"21 tadar antenna 23 chaelot
35 d3 Allen west 40  12,900 44 ir canadian 47 75cm
ThUS I end at the 12,9 figure and U/o
My next move is to establish in my mind where
in OREGON, portland to look for the 12,9 contact
so i can LOOK for IR with a magnet of my own
r1p190 ten geomorphic surfaces Winkle 5,2-34,4
Well its supposed to be right here both sides WiLLamette

20090714 12:50 PM Time once again for TT
todays posts went exceptionally well ?/?
= =
having easily found some relevant (IMHO) links via google
IZ satisfied that TNM was A sucsess. even if not allowed
: : :
by ThaT i mean at the UNIversITy level, where access is
denighed UNless (well never mind){I call it a paid up
member of ENFORCED stupidity} never mind that also
? ? ? ?
it was sad not to be able to hit the Quote note
but hay, fear not, IZ CONvinced IZ well aHEAD of TT
at this time 12:55:55.555 PM PDT (so figure)? ONE
of these times i will come up with a Red Earth date too
in the enterUM (while TT heads for loCATion)
i'LL head for a time slot (Thursday AM PDT}?
my gig (count Protons ariving / velocity Todays #'s
10:52 AM 7/14/2009 524.9 km/sec 2.1 protons/cm3 spot#: 0
'Poise i usE 2/ as a starter and ask Tons/?
i'LL attempt a 3D fig? CONverting km/s to cm3
(hmm}? there are (Um}? 1000/.01 1 hundred thousand
cm/km (U}? Quebed (^3) to get 1e15 * 2 protons
2e15/avagagaro = 2e15/6.02*10^23 = E-9
about a billion seconds to get AN Avogadro full
I came up with about twenty years to get AN
Avogadro per Km deposited at current levels (1g}?

20090716 7:34 AM Cent. Bank backed Go Mint more Go.Mint
afterthoughts on Maid for prime subchannel / Prime Time TV
= =
ThUs it appears HD (history Detective) 4PM had higher
deffination on the Chemical (Um} Key signature(Carbon)
: : :
than did the TT 8pm (Time Team) (um}? Troup.At.Doors
as they ESPoused IR (iridium}? segway (WesT) only as
hear say, without graphic backing for the Two Tails
? ? ? ?
I will not, at this time, avoid REMarks about element   
110 which if you follow this BS (Back Sarcasm) would
know I Call Janium (After E. Snyder{68) and not the
year of the International Standards Stupid 110 Stuff

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM
« on: July 14, 2009, 05:49:56 pm »
10AM FAB33 entry
20090713 10:15 PM  CloveUS ?
yeah V.B. lead mentioned at thread top ...
= =
has shown me her Clovis Clovis point, Nice work girl ...10:15
and now i will turn to encarta / clovis (LoL)
OK? 11,000  BC Earilest American Styles (migration
? ? ? ?
moving along anyway to REF1 C.M.Akins OR (no index
Fagan p23 Dietz 11.5-10.6BP & Western Stemmed 10.8-7.5 ...
artifacts exposed on surface sugested some R burried
Horse Mt. obsidian Well its a Start from 1585-7 to -10K
/TilT\ ................................................. ..................10:21
once again its CM/cm depending on fig's. 4:1 & 2.6:1,
f2.7,&F2.3 whilst the TeAM is drawn twards the C M 's
I see the RED cap rock in history detective report on
Navaho Rug (RED/Swastca) by yanapaw 1911/yeah,bah.CHa
~bt~ 8:04 AM 20090714 bob peterson lompoc CA
Crown point New Mexico "home of" Nahavah weavers 7/13
History detective Pagan,Edwardo?Bonnie (Bonollygazzy{?
anyway to get from chinlee Az - Crown Point N.M.
Lazy Lines ? central figure ? Slayer ? God ? dancer, ya
by believing posesion is the driving force, ThaT does not
interest me much! to me its the setting, Crown Point? etc
& perhaps Central figure. thus my TwisT of 3/16 Dancer?
award  Julia?Rose (Um}? no?Tatoo OR O?oo for TT.3/16.d

0714TT  ?Topper, South Carolina

?/? 10:23:24.25. :24 um yungER still :25

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM
« on: July 13, 2009, 07:57:03 pm »
Tom was an anthropoligist at Portland State University (back in the 60's
its a long and complex tail (HE T.N.}? ask me to REMember him when i
returned to the UnIversity years later. thUS i do try though its DIfficult at best

ah! thank you!

hence the memorial. that's nice.
yeah? yeah  the Time Team broadcast is Wednesday at 8PM PST (local)  viewing required for D'bait ?/?

20090711 3:14 PM yeah?probably
just returned from posting at the local library (1hr)
= =
I was editing ?"20090708 8:53 & 10:35 PM" ran out of min
anyway REMember Newman ask my to REMember thUS I try to?
: : :
My main thrust will be when the (Um}? geophysics team ...
I mean geophysics Equipment enters the serries ('sod 3-5)
is my guess ... about fall term ... in the mean time POT
? ? ? ?
why not. the ADD was for London, Black Ware, pre Midlands
(oh never mind}? reall Newman ask me, Not some (Um}?
"?High Status?" Name droppers. I voted for the SHADOW.
Recall this is a D'bait twix myself THem & thier BACKers
/TilT\ London ADD timeline EP1
16 Ralph Lane (burned village tails&drawings
17 village&drawing tail
18 _own screening (bly CUP) W" B' Midland B4m'
19 Native "Side by Side" Artifact Presentation
20 pipes 17thCent 20CM {this Li inplies 1883-1585=300y/20cm
~bt~ @ 10-20y/cm ? .cm/y vs 1"/16y Cal
With the Gal... whats her name "Rose" leading the
Choral group, there may be some interest in the LInes
naturely i'll follow along for a while. then drift off
to the physics of the geophisics. Shadow Dance / drum
I should say afew words about TNM it was hacked down
in '07 as i recieved my 2nd 2year X.isle from U. thUS
the origionl Memorial (php FORUM website) IS NOW A cd
what is left Now is just a schard so to speak? 1 does

20090711 8:16 PM back to the shadowey words of time team
the transition Light to dark is about all I'Z interested in
= =
other than the dance of the shadows. Iv little interest in
the songs or the frazes. 1585 obliteration will do in Sea?
anyway where was i headed with this lines of drizzel ????
: : :
oh year theory 1. krakatau (um}? 1883  10^20 J assumed to be it.
Because it may have released very fine dust into earths atmosphere
which covered the entire planed. That dust hi in sulpher ...
? ? ? ?
was effective in causing the death of the predominant earth
organism which turned fallen leaves ETC into moist compost
thus the surface of the entire globe for the most part ...
simply dried up and blew around forming the two tone contact. everwhere
this theorm resides in the (Um}? Main decomposition organism
which obviously died and would only REMain in few places OUT of
that wind. Protected by snow? first it seams cool to look for
places where the pre/post 1883 soil DATES are easily determined
by that new and as yet to be released to HUMMan the
battery power soil age detector based upon A 4 element tests
OH you know. yes C Could be one though EVEN that number is
trade secret. there are other Clues to think over also
my drift in that direction includes the obsidian triplet
(what was it again}? Sr Zr & Ir ... Really iv forgotten
those hi profilers are not your typical santas helpers
if you know what i mean Yes there Mo & Jo & Do (I jest U

20090712 9:15 PM moving targets are harder to hit
thus i guess from what iv seen in the Time Team promo
= =
they (um}? T team moves South (for my part i skip
to Cuba...Havana 1515 (2 Score prior to 1st clue)}T1
: : :
Time line may provide a next clue. March 1519 cortez
into tabasco / 600 (this brings up the Armada Q}? 1588
Thus the race was on (Enfield Left : Enfield Right)
? ? ? ?
and now i return to made in the US/A TV (well never
mind the money just yet!) And the move South twards
Havana (Um}? English well behind by two score OR more
the first dates given were 1585-87 (Roanoke Island)
Moving South twards Havana the team will (Um}? I guess
seqway away from trenching to the wrenching Question
of the Creek. I once upon a time had the streams name
in my vocab maybe I can locate it.. though its doubtfull
Body Tatoo? oh well? try map: Mound builders..
looks to me like some year deSoto heared tward
1813-14 (see timeline}: Well I wind up on Jackson
? Andrew in 1814 Battle of horseshoe bend
DisConNect thought TBC 11:57AM PDT psu/fab/ C#33

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM 20090711
« on: July 11, 2009, 10:13:47 pm »
this is debait.


I must ask, who's Tom Newman?

I liked the theme song indian singing too.

Tom was an anthropoligist at Portland State University (back in the 60's
its a long and complex tail (HE T.N.}? ask me to REMember him when i
returned to the UnIversity years later. thUS i do try though its DIfficult at best

----------------- below is follow up on TV coverage of Time Team AMerica --- 8pm Wed (local}?
my cast notes

Jim Horn hist ??
Julia asks Hume 2 sign T0

_own { bly 11 Blyth Strom, Flint  d2+7 stAUBE jT?
Eric { a Rose d2+9
Nick { TT.g
Julia Nate

20090711 8:58 AM  Shadows
for my part the only actuall artifacts of Time Team
= =
are the shadows at the time of filming. A Good example?
Rose?Windell (voids) 20090710 10:22 (aka D2+1:58-2:34
: : :
1st piece 0:58-1:22 Julia/_own  
bits native 2:-2+30  Rose?Windell 2/2above
? ? ? ?
the fEE-Mail voice is now established
TBD in future ESPoSi'des as Shadow takes time fame
d2+8=45~LST d2+9=noon corner "texture" R\E

20090710 10:22 PM Time Team (Wednesday 8PM OPB
The Central bank (Joke) support of the above
= =
and my opposition to this ThaT & the other
now Returns to the 1st}? take (Roanoke Is.)
: : :
Tree 1 "bits" of native American pottery (trench 1)
5:33 Rose?Windell (voids) {{800AD-1599}? 9-10AM ? d2
:"THE TREE": seen behind roses walk L->R ?(Nne-Ssw}:
? ? ? ?
its very clear to me at this time the only artSi'Fact
of the Hole series will be Shadows starting from (SUN)
East in the AM :" DARK SOIL "? tIMe 1st clue Eric
0:00 Noel Hume signs 4 Julias handle
1: Homes? 30?15
2: When thither / HissStory
3: GEITH nick ? Hannus chief A
3:45 day2
4 Map Science Center (500M) Dig Site, dock, Y 1585
5 2nd trench  1st clue 11AM 45deg
6 acording to hour experts
7:07 computer
8 crucible table Gal Hume sketcher/narator?
9 Jar Round:Flat boyyom  
10 find somethimg like ThaT "WE Might expect to Find"""
11 Blyth Strom, Flint
12 Eric or Nick ? charcoal {Black hat
13 _obinson Map (overlay { '40's trenches
14 BH?Nick Germain Slip 1(Earthan Ware bowl) ReCon
15 shallow bag beg doe creek yahaha
16 Ralph Lane (burned village tails&drawings
17 village&drawing tail
18 _own screening (bly CUP) W" B' Midland B4m'
19 Native "Side by Side" Artifact Presentation
20 pipes 17thCent 20CM
21 Julia Doe creek "enviornment" ans "Virginia Dare
22 Crowd _lover Carrloft blue bead
23 cover
23:30 day 3
24 Dark stains
25 Julian post hole NE 1/4/1/4 vs Nate|_| |N| |NE
26 J measured 3' 1827 map ? bare Eric?James Town
27 Nar drawing SetLmint
28 Settlment deserted tails
29 Drawing Jim Horn theory
30 Martain Camp French (TREE) {arms} drawings
31 Nend 15 meters pessil tails
33 Main Trench John White  Village drawing
34 Large crowd
35 Bisect Nick ? TREE Whole {see 30
37 Science center Harriet tails JH&
38 Computer Anamation
39 Stay tuned 4TT

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM 20090710
« on: July 10, 2009, 05:12:10 pm »
20090711 2:56PM McLiB on line

20090708 8:53 PM Time Team AM TT.CM.PP
Well it was my 1st TT so I managed to hit the REC
= =
I have A diffanent diffaculty going along with The D$
But I did note the two tone dirt Light over Dark
: : :
I saw that exact same line at the evacuation for the
Eliot tower. there was a large log dug up in the
Dark about 15 feet down probably 16 in dia 12 feet long
? ? ? ?
The  TT Tail put the Dark at 16th Century ? 1580's
& Light as wind blown ? Maybe 2-3 feet Roanok Is NC
i'll copy SOME of  theframes to send off 9:53 PM
as attachments &.jpg's
/TilT\ site mot maintained links expired sorry /-/Ub'  pd@X TRY2
0708TT1  JPG        12,116    Stover
0708TT2  JPG         9,481  Time Team T
0708TT3  JPG         3,943  Venis  |A
0708TT4  JPG         4,148  Itally |B
0708TT5  JPG-contact-6,695 -light/DARK-
0708TT6  JPG         8,270  SCREENINGS

20090708 10:35 PM because its my first TT
I'll take a second look starting from HUME ? I N
= =
so I began RECordings Late (at the signing of the
Trowel) at the video end of a table
: : :
My approach (Um}}}? to these Li will be to
EStablish in my mind the Logical PositivFists
from those who can speak SoMe ILLogical negativism
? ? ? ?
back to the tape count from the Trowel?=T0
T1:50 John White "thither" read by LP+
{LP's start from small to paint Big .=>?
{I- ?->. look thru A telescope from Objective
2:50 Nick 4:34 Algonquin "Line" 5: 1585 :38 "POt"
5:55 Rose?Windell 800AD-6 ... 7:08 laptop White
:32 1991 Science center :50. Crusables 9:27 center
10:04 *****"assaying process"*****
it became very diff at this time frame 10:30
I use a zoom feature D/A and loose Left & right
THus for forcasting counts i get aube for the blond
& 0:50 Quote " English Flint " lots of it ... Si'
well I will leave off at 14 )What they are looking
for) German Slip and move along BB? CCW ship
17:58 screen OWN 22:30 Blue Bead Julie distance
between measured 3 feet 26 Eric 27 croatoan  28 Jim 29-40

20090708 10:35 PM because its my first TT
I'll take a second look starting from HUME ? I N
= =
so I began RECordings Late (at the signing of the
Trowel) at the video end of a table
: : :
My approach (Um}}}? to these Li will be to
EStablish in my mind the Logical PositivFists
from those who can speak SoMe ILLogical negativism
? ? ? ?
back to the tape count from the Trowel?=T0
T1:50 John White "thither" read by LP+
{LP's start from small to paint Big .=>?
{I- ?->. look thru A telescope from Objective
2:50 Nick 4:34 Algonquin "Line" 5: 1585 :38 "POt"
5:55 Rose?Windell 800AD-6 ... 7:08 laptop White
:32 1991 Science center :50. Crusables 9:27 center
10:04 *****"assaying process"*****
it became very diff at this time frame 10:30
I use a zoom feature D/A and loose Left & right
THus for forcasting counts i get aube for the blond
& 0:50 Quote " English Flint " lots of it ... Si'
well I will leave off at 14 )What they are looking
for) German Slip and move along BB? CCW ship
17:58 screen OWN 22:30 Blue Bead Julie distance
between measured 3 feet 26 Eric 27 croatoan  28 Jim 29-40

9:06 AM 20090711 9:06 AM 20090711 "bits"d2Trench1
tree "0" west |._ corner notch
TREE 1 NW ]~ Corner 16" diameter
 Day 2 + 1:38 Tree /// Lights sholder /// deco

Literate Chaotic / Re: 4cast4
« on: June 16, 2009, 11:13:52 pm »
 :horrormirth:  20090828?
                       note to self 1/sp=1/j-1/s (synodic period

thE following MatLic propgram was an approximation to
A GRaphic Solution to the conjunctions of Jupiter with
Saturn (about TWEnty year PEriod}?

j=11.86; s=29.46; sp=(j*s)/(s-j);x=0:.31416/2:74;o=0*x;
for n=1:4, j4(n)=j*n; s4(n)=s*n; end
j4, aj=abs(sj); bj=find(aj<.02); cj=bj-1; dj=cj*.31416/2
s4, as=abs(ss); bs=find(as<.02); cs=bs-1; ds=cs*.31416/2
sp, ac=abs(sd); bc=find(ac<.02); dc=bc*.31416/2

THe main problem is the step in x=0:step:end;
1 I DO want the X aXis marked off in years
2 I want the plot of Jupitors orbit to = j (11.86)
3 Want Saturn = s (29.46) 4 and "o" on Zero (0) crossing

currently :" 12:43 PM 20090628 ": parameters elude me
i'll list 5 .1 Step, .2 sj=sin(x/?), same for ss ...
3? trying to get "o" to plot on Y=Zero at crossing = 11.86 & 29.46
3a this requires tweeking of the devisor to x computing the SIN ?
4 I call the Sign Differance sd which should zero at conjunctions
5 obviously?/? there must be a better approacH (this1 was iteratively

in closing I will say something along  the line of YES?making the step smaller helps getting a ZERO on the axis crossing
MAKING STEP bigger makes it more difficult. REMember i approach
all this nonScience from the ill-Logical negativism window ...
ei MEaning the Sin Differance sd is derived from sj-ss {Negative wAY

YES D: any reel help would be APEriciated
   DATE      |   TIME   | ARC | JUPITER | SATURN |
|DEC 31, 1980 | 09:17 PM | 000 | 09LI30  | 09LI30 |
|MAR 04, 1981 | 06:55 PM | 000 | 08LI06R | 08LI06R|
|JUL 24, 1981 | 04:13 AM | 000 | 04LI56  | 04LI56 |
|MAY 28, 2000 | 03:58 PM | 000 | 22TA43  | 22TA43 |
|DEC 21, 2020 | 06:19 PM | 000 | 00AQ29  | 00AQ29 | {{{{
MAR 05, 1226 | 04:10 AM | 000 | 02AQ58  | 02AQ58
MAR 23,  491 | 07:36 AM | 000 | 09AQ31  | 09AQ31
JAN 10, -303 | 02:29 PM | 000 | 04AQ29  | 04AQ29

Literate Chaotic / 4cast4
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20090617  TNM index

20110910 A Major error seams to have emerged (rev 9/11)
2011 fall (new moon) quake season 9/27 10/26 11/25
the 10/11 date is a FULL Moon day & is an error
the BASIC derived perigee DATES = 9/27 10/26 11/23

20110911 Major errors for Fall season 2011 found to be in the 10/11
date of the full moon. it is a NEW Moon season & should be shown to
begin one moon sooner at 9/27 | there may be other errors like this 1
also it is a good time to restate the orange lines (October Offset) is
consistantly misplaced | _ should center in October | move it Right ->2M

Literate Chaotic / Re: TNM Spring(09)
« on: March 02, 2009, 12:17:49 am »
20090226 link back to TOP

Harvey Steele, Wayne Jensen, John Woodward Mt Hood CC.,
Ron Cummings, Chuck Hibbs, Dr Alison Stenger, ?. Gitzen
Lloyde Collins, Dr Lawrence Powers OIT.  Harvey Steele  Dr Alison Stenger Lloyde Collins
 Between 1952 and 1958, Cressman directed excavations at two Oregon Coast village sites: 35-CS-5 near Bandon and 35-TI-1 near Netarts. Four seasons of fieldwork at the latter site were reported in Thomas Newmans dissertation in 1959, the first PhD degree granted by the UOs Department of Anthropology. Cressman and Newmans work at 35-TI-1 also produced the first radiocarbon (14C) dates from an Oregon Coast archaeological site. In 1963, however, Cressman settled into an active retirement, focusing mostly on work that took him away from the Oregon Coast. By the 1970s, the Oregon Coast Prehistory Program had faded to a memory and the focus on Oregon Coast archaeology shifted to Oregon State University, where former UO students Richard Ross and Roberta Hall were teaching and developing interests in coastal archaeology.
&_userid=1694017&md5=f433d3915ddd8ad33b5c392681a62d4b    {remove 2 CR/LF ? Chuck Hibbs Ron Cummings  John Woodward  Wayne Jensen

Literate Chaotic / Re: Why are you here?
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HA: well make of it what U will

20081228 9:15 AM (Um}? After 9:11
LooKie ... CooKie ... have no doubt whatsoever
= =
for whatever reason i did ACcept the OBsidian from
Tom &I DO (try to) carry forward WHAT HE Said to me
: : :
the case is so OBscure (other than Cover UP) ThaT
there is very little I have ACtual ACess to. Lemme
say?/? there exists a lot of Obsidian in ARCHAEO
? ? ? ?
BUTT my point here today was ALvord. the passwor(l)d
to the CASE STUDY. It was Texan Oil Money that set
UP NewMan as the Fall Guy Prior(20 years+/-)to Enron
So, Shirley, I'Poise i'Opose TEXAS+OIL+MONEY(got it}?

EOT 13:00

Literate Chaotic / Re: Why are you her
« on: December 27, 2008, 08:57:59 pm »
1 the LiB is open ?/?
2: ive 12:21 left
3 HA  naturally

Literate Chaotic / TNM
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Rev 20120107 2012  2013201420152017
this is mostly A 2008 note to myself... to see how long i can still find it 15 -2015 = DUMB {{ HEAR HERE '15} 20131204PM don't have ~pdx00782 CH :fnord: gamburd {hack<'15 |'15}

:fnord: ProF :fnord: virginia/pub :fnord: thropol :fnord: St
:fnord: chulbe :fnord: CHair :fnord: COURSES :fnord: St   2017 CME

2012  20132014201520172018
_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- 248
_-_-_-_-_-_-_-       03681 :fnord: 2015 sumRY
                  28   3681488 :fnord: 2014 tDAR
            00141425876269 :fnord: 2013 TNM
  200   605156130046614 :fnord: 2012TNM ProF
3551 44525833675410893 :fnord:  20110531 2011 SUMMER   fap Avatar? dickey\jpl
  507  663  91911882738 :fnord:  20110305 2011tnmSPRING Xavier DEC
1346 1746251635307619 :fnord:   20101209 2011 WINTER   CMs Wallula2
2096 2514339845408387 :fnord:   20100916 2010 PSU fall Meteorite TeXas O O
  876 1048134217243135 :fnord:   20100813 2010 BREAK s/F    EQ "Round"
1212 1505191623264505 :fnord:   20100704 2010 SUMMER p2 Lunar Range? K/T
2126 2501299036426077 :fnord:   20100324 2010 SPRING TERMs
1856 2056257232786518 :fnord:   20100317 BREAK 3/15-29
2736 3203397949257853 :fnord:   20100102 Winter wallula
3702 4089496757128917 :fnord:   20091205 Xm break mFLOODj
3889 43795304661612961 :fnord:   20090922 Fall 09 -*

2010  17619
2014 25248
2015 30123
2017  51169
2018  66091
:fnord:  20090918 page 7
:fnord:  35-Ti-1
:fnord:  HR 17
:fnord:  FONT'n:
:fnord:  pg6 20090907 75 77?35T 80TTc 89sphereA
:fnord:  35TI1.H 74
:fnord:  ROBlosey 73
:fnord:  sick\ROCK 72
:fnord:  BELT/beds 71
:fnord:  BAud As 70
:fnord:  More Mz 67
:fnord:   BUHS# 66
:fnord:  ofg SEARCH 65
:fnord:  pg5 20090902 60 64r2R 65=OFG 70ba7 73robL 74TN-KA 
:fnord:  Scappoose 54
:fnord:  Flood 12.9 53
:fnord:  Mazama 52
:fnord:  TT CM old 46
:fnord:  pg4 20090803 TT 46C Mt KIDS 53FLOODS
:fnord:  photo's 31 expired links 2TT
:fnord:  pg3 200900301 Screening Names TN TT
:fnord:  pg2 20081230 "2 Upd
:fnord:   pg1 20081223 THankU PD   

:fnord: timeteam?airdates 
20130701      t.a.garrison
&   pewewardy
- & 20130124
:fnord: Nov 2011
:fnord:  mY iSSi
:fnord:   links to 4cast4 
:fnord:  MatLab
:fnord:  PORT and ' IANs
:fnord:  MeD.Log
:fnord:  20110313 MUS
:fnord:  20110305 MRSA P
:fnord:  FIX WINDOW ?

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