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I think it is possible to exist all the time on higher circuits. However, I don't know if that would necessarily be a good thing...

Warning: the following may be a somewhat lengthy explanation to try and cover everything. Don't let me waste your time.

I see the 8 circuits as evolution toward more love. The advance-retreat of the first circuit may be pride before love, or a more primitive desire/fear mechanism. I see it as the complex induced by pride before love because it is described as advancing on occasion with anger, which inflates pride.

I map the second circuit as egotism induced by familial love. A hierarchy develops in part because of subtle love-pride complex interaction. Submissives and Dominants evolve upon a small scale social hierarchy. The mammalian circuit: I picture packs and herds of animals.

The third circuit of map making and logic may have evolved because love (which I consider a simple when isolated from pride, still, without impulse) allows the pride/humility bound mind to move around a little bit. This motion apart from instinctive conditioning is reason.

The socio-sexual moral 4th circuit may be explained by yet more love inducing social instinct, the evolutionary source of moral values and social identity. The heart identifies with a far larger population than with mammalian packs.

The fifth circuit, associated with weed, by this model, is explained as pot inducing yet more love, as one source of marijuana intoxication. It becomes possible to reason in a "far out" manner, exploring yet further than with the lower four circuits.

The sixth circuit, associated with psychedelic trips, allows self-programming because one's pride is now surrounded by so much love it can be impacted by the mind indwelt within the heart. But hallucinations usually begin at this stage, so how to survive in the 6th circuit without going schizophrenic...

I guess the seventh circuit to be love inducing exploration of one's local nervous system and the timeline of one's local experience (DNA/reincarnation). Again, yet more love allows for yet further exploration.

The eighth circuit, non local awareness, could be explained as so much love you start to explore nonlocality, the universe. If love can align with causality, a significant amount of love may grab onto a large enough chunk of causality to permit prophecy.

The hallucinations corresponding with the higher circuits is the problem to be transcended. Enough drug research has evolved that it may otherwise be possible to stay 6-8th circuit most if not all of the time.

I consider pride the root of the impulsiveness of most hallucinations (and the instincts of its negative states, like fear/humility), and love the root of the creativity component to the vision. Impulsive creativity = hallucination. This may be in keeping with schizophrenia research. Most antipsychotics target dopamine and/or serotonin. Dopamine increase is induced by the drugs I associate with pride, serotonin increase by the drugs associated with spiritual visions.

I would rather lose pride than love. It is at least possible that if a way were discovered to hold pride down to a very small state (an astral telepath could hold down a psychedelic using volunteer's pride to a positively self-identified smallness), too little impulsiveness would manifest for a hallucination to result.

Until a cure for hallucinations and delusions evolves, it may be better to just learn how to reproduce the abilities of the higher circuits after coming "down to earth".

after reading that link, I honestly don't think the probability is above 50% traditions of drinking blood for adrenaline ever existed. Significantly below, actually, so I stand corrected.

10% is more expensive than the Individuate Church. To join costs $0.23 and a partially consumed yellow snowball, no further fees.

Tithes 1/10th of the accumulated yellow snow to Vinnie.

Nah, I got what I wanted already, CNO. This sounds like someone confronted with the fact that they're fucking bonkers and trying to modify their position to sound reasonable because they really DO believe their bullshit, but they don't have the spine to go full QAnon and alienate the universe. Too desperate to have conviction, too convinced to let go. No surprises here, and not worth any effort from this point onward.

Ok, you caught me. I watered down my real opinion when I said, "I'm saying there's a chance."

I think the probability is 70% traditions of drinking blood to get high on adrenaline exist.

In Roman times, Pliny wrote about the custom of drinking the blood of gladiators killed in the arena, also for self-improvement.
quote from,until%20the%2018th%20century.

So, while historical examples of drinking blood exist, I don't know of any quotable examples of blood-for-adrenaline. But people sniff glue and eat paint thinner, huff gas, just to get high, so I don't see it as a stretch to think ancients might flock to what could have been the world's first speed.

Ultimately, it is none of my business if elites drink blood. I only brought it up because I thought it would generate interest in the telepathic exercise I illustrated.

65% chance ghosts are real, and so an immortal hierarchy has existed because of it.

I was joking about #8. The rest of my answers were just the truth.

1)Do you really believe in immortal people, vampires, or any combination of the two?
2)Do you really believe in an evil cabal of people at the top of all of human existence that dictate all societal outcomes?
3)Do you really think Greek deities were based on real people who really existed?
4)Do you really think the right way to deal with societal ills is to eject all societal protections and benefits, to destroy the entire system and if someone couldn’t move out of the way of the falling ceiling fast enough, fuck ‘em, we’ll rebuild on their bones?
5)What did you think you would get out of this?
6)Did you get what you wanted?
7)Are you proud of yourself?
8)Do you have any plans for how to proceed now?

1) I'm saying there's a chance.
2) I don't think of the most plausible elite as nearly that powerful. But I consider reincarnation (without past life recall) would be so there's a bulk population easy to control, when and only when there's pleasure in it.
3) Again, a chance. Lower than the probability #1 is true.
4) That wasn't what I was trying to communicate. I was saying taxes = catering to the elite for slack. If prophecying and scrying is validated as a reality by experimentation, it would most likely be possible to cater to the elite in ways that don't sustain as much corruption as taxes, and possibly obtain far better rewards for self/others. If fairness were useful to the elite, they'd bite. I wasn't denouncing taxes.
5) A dozen or so astral prophets.
6) They haven't contacted me.
7) I try to minimize pride.
8 - I quiver in fear of saying the wrong thing, and suffering social ridicule for it. My plan is to meekly submit to the impression my ideas are stupid, and move on to other topics.

I admit there are some holes in the drug addict vampire theory. Epinephrine has been synthesized, and it isn't very popular as far as drugs of abuse. But three (if memory serves) neurotransmitters of adrenaline secrete into the bloodstream, and this addiction would have evolved long before the good drugs like meth and heroin came about.

I am an idiot sometimes. I named myself Archangel Idiotis to poke fun at Moroni and myself.

I intended a joke to the Eris reference. Maybe it was ill thought out:

-if immortal vampire elites are real, in direct reference to "the gods," Eris is probably one of the immortals-in-charge, the rest of her nature a question mark
-catering on loyalty probably wouldn't, but really could too, involve prostituting one's self to an elite. Something someone might go for if authentically attracted

The joke was that taxes really could be transcended if one were to become "in," so, Wouldn't it be less hypocritical than sustaining US (or locality) government's corruptions and virtues to have sex with just one elite named Eris?


Paying taxes is sucking up to the visible power structure.

Along with, you know, roads & schools.  And fire departments.  And the tattered remnants of a social safety net.

Instead of paying taxes, catering to the elite on loyalty could involve sleeping with Eris.

Or you could pay me for me precious, irreplaceable time you have wasted on this garbage.  Fucking seriously.

I said that taxes have various substantial benefits. In your original post, you said that catering to the elite is anti-slack in response to my opinion that catering to the elite carefully (I didn't say in ways that aren't hypocritical or antithetical to Discordianism, in ways that don't enable, for example, the hypothetical vampirism, and I should have. However, taxes sustain every form of corruption of the system at the same time as sustaining every benefit the system provides in return.) could result in slack.

Roads, schools, a fire department, helping the poor, lack of homelessness, I see as examples of slack. Provided in exchange for catering to the elite on loyalty.

The Eris example is because I suspect that while the myths are fiction, they are based on real people, and that an actual Eris probably exists... more in keeping with Greek/Roman mythology than modern Discordianism. Although she may be a Discordian.

If it were really possible to prophecy the answer to any question,

How can I obtain the most slack?

might be the best question. But I don't see anything wrong with,

Without going against my beliefs, how can I obtain the favoritism of the elite?


Is the actual elite top an immortal immovable object unless negotiated with or can I and my Discordian allies topple it?

RPG Ghetto / Re: anarchist free form role play
« on: April 04, 2022, 11:58:20 pm »
My apologies for coming off like a troll and for making your
brain feel uncomfortable.. twisting it into weird little self-reinforcing loops

I don't quite understand what you mean. How can I edit these "self-reinforcing loops" out of my writings? Should I, or do you think you just had an allergic reaction?

To obtain slack, it may be advisable to "suck up to" the elite by earning loyalty to the existing power structure and its actual top.
That is in fact how you get anti-Slack and go to normal boring hell.

You have a definite point, I admit. But think of it like this:

Paying taxes is sucking up to the visible power structure. You sustain unjust wars, victimless crime arrests and incarcerations, the corruption of the system. In return, sometimes the poor and the unhealthy are taken care of, you don't have to be homeless, and so on.

Instead of paying taxes, catering to the elite on loyalty could involve sleeping with Eris. She is famous enough to be a part of the immortal elite power structure. And maybe she's more experienced than you but you still qualify as a unique experience.

Literate Chaotic / "ripping through doors"
« on: April 04, 2022, 03:25:30 am »
A little unstable. Not willing to take the pill. Fuck the pill. My will is greater.

The wolf, arrogant in his presumed superiority, shreds a sheep in Wolf's clothing. Or is it a snake.
   Don't you know, "Saying voices are," Arabic? Ow pouts Aramethystic?
   An Enochian script drifts through the weezer. Ey puffs n ey puffs An, Pout! Slimmpickkings
   The bloodlines are to be remembered.
   "A fine manuscript," says Dr. Wogglebirth.
   Teaching to tune they's a chune into bloom bending/pickingSmashingkLocks, locked doors, reversing through the riverside barrier. Illusions spanking into perception of false illusions. Tricking the chiggles into giggles is simple toy-wiggling. Twitch, twitch, scratching silly itches. Blisters poinking the gobbles of squirts.
   A:A:ha! Friggin slam out yer darned best yarn and fling a flapstick over the shredding board, be distanced! Nay, play, all of us,
ddddddd….. a little dab'ldabberDOyou.
   Wearing a mane, the lion roaring. Worn like a fragile necklace. Worn as a solid helmet.
   Chest heaving, exasperated. Goodness. Gracious.
   The sun sending free energy beams.
   Lemmings jumping into the river. Boing!
   There is no horizon unreachable, however high he climbs. There is no unreachable once there is no horizon. Stars shining in their places, too often put in their places. And the stars putting selves into places.
   It's like they told me growing up, "Kick your own ass, kid." Well, I personally don't feel my ass needs a kicking. A better way of putting it would be, "Drive yourself."

   We all should be driving ourselves, whatever we're driving to. We can worry about that once we've found out what we want. Hugs and kisses for the intentions. And open wounds.
   "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." Aleister Crowley's catch phrase is an arrow pointing into the journey. The Self, eight levels, lizards vs mammals vs the "Third sphere" or "third eye" catnip sipped by the pimp cat. And pink bananas. Explain, man!
   You to me. Where's the mystery?
   I'm walking tonight on an all right flight
   from it
   The people passing me are the same as
   The people passing me when we'
   re all standing

   The fallen logger dogs her until she bleeds. She begs for more just to settle the score and the logger leaves.
   What they dntowwon't hurt them.
   Billy jumps into a moat sailing a silly sailboat. The goats rain down with Nubian goat milk. We make goat milk cheese and manufacture in chunks.
   A vibration badly handles thus.
   Written in spiro techniques.
   Hey, I saw God last night. I fount him in my cigarette butt.
   Hey, I saw God last night. I found him in a pine needle.
   Hey, I say God last night. I found him inside me.
   Thou art God!
   Immortality is a piece of the brain.
   A piece of the brain is,
   "Beware the wyrme within!"
   Crazy evil geniuses succumbing to or embracing their shadows and riding the world-wind of deception into loops of seduction and manipulation.
   It is why the sun is worshipped,
   the Inner Light,
   True Illumination.
   But many are the Children of the Serpent offering gifts of light.
   There is the light and its shadow. It's got nothing to do with evil and goodness. Still, the shadow is as the shape caressing the illuminating candle. IMpotant only in its own way, as are all things.
   The silly, missing hat trick. Be back in a good smile.
   Child's play turns into such a ruckus. The Duchess enters and shouts, "Enough of these high-falootins! SHUTUP!AAAAHHHHHH!!!" It's so silly really.
   It's so silly not even a shrill cry frightening te tea into quivers to be loaded and unloaded hence into board piece targets. Prick! Blood slowly oozing forth.
   What a shout to shoot for! The doors of the Seven Spirals twisted into thwaps of ejaculation, separating the hero into twelve million's of a millimeter's depth pieces. It was neither a pretty nor an ugly sight.
   I've gone too long to goo too bar. The tar is sticky and frightening. Gum wrappers are lost to the winds. That crazy old nut sack throbs with the purple tides. Poison pleasure overcoming all else. Blastoff.
   The narrowestus charnles carnal rawness most obnoxiously in answer to the question, "How far can you take it man?"
   It is a fair question. Alls we needs is somes this shit.
   Slurp. Gurggle. Snorth. sLick.
   Get some attention focused onto the proper man. Don't now no how unforgiving be.
   Shaking, quaking, rocking the boat. Eyes bouncing in their sockets. To not total abolition the narcissism must schism some similes off their team. Positive shmogdisis, falling down, Fallingm wow!
   Good music. Always.
   Tramp understands.
   There is nothing to the Billycat's purs. He's just a silly Billycat. He is big and intimidating. He is naught but a Billycat. So ho don't be too hard on the Billy. Or are all things as they seem? Or is as raz the jaz'll friggle cream?
   Not to have to but to know how the brown of the flow was no how to blow down the ground in town where the ground is so high and dry for lack of rain only recently, the deep dirt still wet. To care for candidate. To worry about the tarry forth, tally ho. The horses jumping and jumbling in their steps.
   I likes to climb through the all, to watch from feet and take to hand and take a stand, To claim proper ground.
   Beaten. Beaten and beaten on and bloodied and dragged through the mud and standing on the summit now shouting, "I am a god!" Shouting now, "This is my summit! This is my land,
   Your land,
   "My hand,
   Your hand,
   "My fingers running through it. My eyes observing. Know what thou wilt and do it!!!"
   The gas clouds erupting in flames stink up a forest fire. Not too golden-proud, the cherry carrier.
   Calculated risks, calculated experiments. Not too refriendly. Unexpected fuckups.
"Hey man, I don't understand, I thought you were my friend…"
      "Fucking sick of your cocky bullshit…"
   "pussymotherfucker!!!"         "All because of drugs…"
                     "The end."
   "Never to be raised so high! AHHH!!!"

Never to be raised so high!
      A man walked into a convenience store and the convenience store woman looked at him and she said, "Are you into this type of shit?"
   "What type of shit?" he asked.
   The convenience store woman said, "You know, three lumps, brown, good moisture…"
The man walked out of the convenience store.

   I don't really understand why it's got to be this way but if it's what they must demand then it must be what we are obligated to achieve. Pickled for geeeeennNNNSSzzz……

(A note from the writer: it came out close enough from a copy and paste that I decided not to edit, my apologies if the formatting is a little erm off...)

If astral travel is possible, post death astral control may be also. I suspect reincarnation only happens as guided by conscious sentient beings, by intelligences keeping things under control, or by beings to have learned post death astral control wanting to reincarnate with past life recall. If no intermediary, I suspect astral ghosts just linger on.

Terence McKenna and others have speculated that the chimpanzee fossil transition happened because of foraging chimps coming across hallucinogenic mushrooms. My theory is that the upswing in love induced by the shrooms taught the chimps not only astral control, but also prophecy. Love is simple and nonimpulsive, "creative" because not conditioned by anything into an instinctive reaction. I believe a significant upswing in non impulsive energy provides the ability to trace causality.

The chimpanzees before fire would have encountered adrenaline filled blood in the raw meat. Adrenaline is in blood when fear causes the organism to secrete it. This could have addicted the old astral forms into demanding blood sacrifices as "the gods".

An addiction to blood, and love the source of the immortal elite's power structure. No matter how much love the post chimps obtained, their hearts may have only focused on their families and social cliches. By now, they have had so many thousands of years to prepare if invaded in too rambunctious a manner the elite would have prophesied for thousands of years where to put the various sections and subsections of their immortal military.

It may be possible for our vampire overlords to extract adrenaline directly from blood by psychic means, or through self hypnosis to produce it internally.

To obtain slack, it may be advisable to "suck up to" the elite by earning loyalty to the existing power structure and its actual top. I would advise only assisting a territory that doesn't invade the elite. Solve global warming, veganism, communal living... (edit: I almost extracted this vampire joke about sucking up like sucking blood because in poor taste if the vampires weren't real...)

To obtain slack, learn how to prophecy and how to scry. After learning to astral travel, and network from the astral plane.

To learn to astral travel, since you dream what you think before sleeping, write a few paragraphs before going to bed about astral travel and lucid dreaming, every night until you astral travel. To dedicate yourself in your efforts, practice telepathy by attempting to transmit to close friends and loved ones such thoughts as, I am going to touch my nose. Confirm out loud you knew I was going to do that. until a confirmed telepathic dialog is started.

Once you have a network of at least two, at least one astral traveler, have the astral traveler travel into the other friend's brain and extract all fear. Fearless friend should try to prophecy, astral friend should continue extracting all fear and program in an identification of success. If prophetic talent results, use the same method to scry the answer to slack-obtaining questions:

1) What is the fairest possible we two can achieve?
2) What is the highest on loyalty we two can score by the immortal vampire elite?
3) What is the most pleasure we two can realistically obtain?
4) What is the most freedom we two can achieve, and trigger in others?

The answer to question 2 may seem unimportant, but loyalty to the elite may be available by fair methodology, and translate to slack provided by the immortals to achieve serious goals.

RPG Ghetto / Re: anarchist free form role play
« on: April 02, 2022, 03:56:18 pm »
Yes, I have setting material for Chrystal City and alternative role playing locations. I have myths of the city. Character classes. Forums.

I wrote a 208 page text of Chrystal City, Eschillion Key, although probably too long for a casual role player and still needs a tiny bit of editing. Editing I plan on getting done tomorrow.

Eschillion is an anarchist utopia, and Chrystal City is the key to unlocking Eschillion because Chrystal City makes it possible to expose the failed experiments on the way to the success story. So far, I consider consciousness expansion into a more selfless state the best method for achieving a successful anarchist utopia.

The Individuate character class makes it possible to role play initiation into Jungian shamanism and 8 circuit awareness. I have yet to translate the comedy of Discordianism over to the role play edition of the Individuates (Individuates are a branch of Discordianism).

To get to the game material, go to, scroll over the Click For Site Menu button, click on Anarchist Free Form Role Playing.

Or Kill Me / Re: Time to switch sides
« on: April 02, 2022, 07:33:29 am »
on joining the right wing and the libertarians, I read something interesting today. In the Starseed Signals by Robert Anton Wilson, published posthumously from his writings in the 70s, RAW is constantly calling himself a libertarian. closer to the time of his death, as I recall, he said something like he doesn't hate the poor enough to be a libertarian, and that they are republicans who smoke dope.

RPG Ghetto / anarchist free form role play
« on: April 02, 2022, 06:58:41 am »
My first introduction to role playing was when I was around 11 or 12. There was a free form chat room and message board called the Green Dragon Inn, filled with people using D&D and World of Darkness material as background. It was like interactive writing, and endless hours of fun.

I have revisited free form role playing, role playing without rules, to create anarchist free form role playing. I designed a setting called Chrystal City: a giant turtle supports a floating city of anarchy, the turtle teleports in front of anyone seeking any kind of anarchy from open waters. The setting is supposed to be used to simulate all the "wrong" and "right" kinds of anarchy, and to promote spontaneous experimental writing styles.

I wonder if anyone here would be interested in participating in a Floating Autonomous Zone creative writing project.

I founded an ostrich cult as a branch of Discordianism. I call it the Individuate Church.

Individuates study psychology, psychiatry, consciousness expansion, Carl Jung, and Leary's 8 Circuit Model. The front page of the cult includes a bible inspired by the principia discordia, and a complete system of initiation into 8 Circuit awareness. Presented are initiation ceremonies into each circuit up to the 7th circuit, advice on designing a ceremony for the 8th circuit.

The website also includes my original fiction and poetry, music and sketches, anarchist free form role playing material, and occult essays.

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