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Propaganda Depository / wtf
February 22, 2017, 12:46:26 PM
Not sure what kind of idiot would want to use anything I have said here.  If for some reason someone wants to, just credit me I guess.  Just to make sure nothing slips through the cracks, credit me for anything that includes any words I have ever used here, too.  We should probably include letters I have used as well.
Two big problems with that:

1) They already have taken that into account (previous attempts to circumvent restrictions on this network have shown this)

2)  Getting to blocked websites is not worth me going to prison (gov't network)

Thanks for the suggestion though, as I had wanted to do something along these lines anyway, but not as a proxy.
Also, according to the Wikipedia article on Gadsby, it may have inspired La Disparition.
A Void sounds very interesting.  Thank you for mentioning it, el minnow.
I am temporarily unable to get to 23AE, as they blocked it (Blue Coat filter category  'Alternative Spirituality/Belief;Games')

I know nobody gives a fuck, but has anything that is of particular noteworthiness been posted lately?
Literate Chaotic / Re: wiki wiki wiki
April 23, 2010, 01:55:11 AM
Really.  Resurrected 5 years later for this? 

My stupid ass not only read it, but further wasted time with this response...
Usally there are plenty of care packages that get sent over with the basics.  They are likely thankful you gave a fuck enough to try to send them anything, even if they are leaving soon.  If they are stationed in Germany they should be able to take leave once they get back, but many people love being there.  Of greater concern would be if they are in Afghanistan and are heading to Kyrgyzstan to fly out.

If you decide to send stuff to anyone else then Fred and Jenne are correct with the baby wipes.  Even if you usually have access to a shower the baby wipes can be used for many things (wiping of the rear, "bath", cleaning weapon/windows/hands/face/whatever).  Also, hand sanitizer is a plus.  Some snacks, especially sweets, are good, but do not put soap or laundry detergent in a box with any food that might pick up the flavour (soap oatmeal is not that tasty). Powdered drink mixes to add to the bottles of water (mostly .5l, though some places get the1.5l bottles)

E.O.T. has good ides with morale material.  For the guys FHM, Stuff, and other such magazines are popular (don't send Bizarre...I didn't receive a single issue of my subscription).  Some guys will read the types of magazines E.O.T. mentioned, but the women seem to enjoy those more.  If you know the individual(s) whatever they enjoy should still be widely shared (I usually go for science stuff and Smithsonian, many people enjoy gun mags, car mags, Men's Health and other related stuff).

Socks aren't that hard to get (I get 6 pairs a month through ADO).  The unit should provide them with plenty of 550 cord and 100mph tape.

These are suggestions for Iraq and Afghanistan.  In Qatar they have everything they need, as they send us there for R&R, and they have access to pretty much anything they want.  The same is true of larger FOBs, they usually have access to a PX/BX and some also have Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway and others (at least for now, but they will be leaving soon).

Not sure how popular an outdated hippie book like PD would go over, as everyone who is currently in the US military has joined or resigned a contract since this all started, so they knew they were likely to deploy, many hoping to go over.  Some would enjoy it,  while those I have shared it with don't seem to give a fuck.  I know some like FSM stuff (or will steal a copy of Zen Without Zen Masters if you leave them alone with it...fucking bastards).  Generally speaking books are only good for people who request them, as there are many libraries of donated books all over Afghanistan, and I rarely see anyone else looking for stuff.  I have seen more books thrown away than read.  I try to rescue some, but paper takes up so much space...

Eventually I hope to order some stuff, Suu, probably after I get home.
Luckily my senses seem to work properly.  Glad I am not one of those freaks.
Quote from: BADGE OF HONOR on March 25, 2010, 11:09:13 PM
In terms of simple ecology, it's much much easier for humans to get their protein from animals than plants.

It is yummier, too.
I have heard that it is best to not farm a particular plot year after year, and I suppose what you said makes sense, as the soil would eventually be devoid of nutrients.  On the other hand, how is this any different than letting that land go and have whatever plant life sprouts up in it (even grasses) using all that up.  I like eating meat and other animal products, and the manure will return nutrients to the ground, but wouldn't the dead plants do the same?

Fighting my urge to suggest things such as killing off a large percentage of the human population to reduce how much food is required, or using the blood of men to make the soil more fertile, I think that using the old compost heap is a step in the right direction for supplementing the soil.  This seems to me that it would help out, but it may be true that it wouldn't be enough.  I also think it would be a good idea to help reduce landfills.  Free range farming has a lot of positives, but the way that many cultures are at present (vast urban areas with huge populations) may not make this feasible in many places, so the factory farm seems the best option (to my uneducated mind).

For a small community I think it can go either way, but again, I am not familiar with farming.  I think that a vegan community should be fine if they use whatever they can to give back to the soil.  Is it possible to "clean" sewage for use to fertilise crops?  I do think that an omnivorous community would have the advantage, as they could use manure along with other parts that are not consumed or otherwise used.  Another option is to live off of what grows wild in the area, depending on the size of the group and their location.

Perusing the article you linked I think I personally agree with some of what the woman proposes, but I also approve of peppery pies as weapons!  What a brilliant idea.

I have a difficult time understanding vegans.  Your body is designed to function with either meat or plant matter as food, and were we herbivores or not using all the parts of animals that were killed for food we would not have become as highly developed culturally, I suspect.  Vegans seem to me to be the type of people who are squeamish about the death of other animals since they have grown up in a sterile and compartmentalised community where they have limited exposure to the rest of the "scary, dirty" world.  I find it interesting that they don't want to hurt other animals, but they have no problem attacking humans with things designed to cause pain, and for an extended period of time.  Silly anarchists.

Why not just lock all threads but this one and keep all the drama out of other threads?
I think the OP should be banned from creating new threads.
Miscarriage is Manslaughter.