Remember, its all a sociological experiment.  "You are doing exactly as I planned. My god you are all so predictable."  Repeat until you believe it.

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Re-discovered and re-Attached: Cat_Penis.mp3

and let me tell you,

it's a banger

click or suffer
Noooo, his peeeeeenis!!! The universe needs to GIVE IT BACK!!

poor kitty
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Re: OH NO
April 19, 2022, 09:08:26 PM
Can someone please link to his Discordian Sermon on cameo?
by the way, Hi, I'm Cramulus.

I also run a little Discord server which is also a Discordian Cabal. We're the Aftermathematics Research Cabal. Shoot me a PM if you want an invite. No all spags allowed.
Quote from: Anna Mae Bollocks on April 14, 2022, 09:23:10 PM
Do people at least show up and F5, F5, F5?

From 2007 to, like, 2012? 2014? I checked this forum 10+ times a day.

Now, ten years later, whenever I sit down at a browser, my fingers still automatically type "pr", expecting the rest of the URL to autofill in.
Quote from: ArchangelIdiotis on April 06, 2022, 09:13:12 PM
I think it is possible to exist all the time on higher circuits. However, I don't know if that would necessarily be a good thing...

Have you ever met anyone permanently operating on a "higher" circuit? I just think about people like Alan Watts.. definitely enlightened in some sense. Still a miserable alchoholic.

I think that "unlocking" the higher circuits represents an increased "capacity", but doesn't necessarily mean you stay there forever. I think that consciousness which includes those "higher circuits" is only possible in certain moments.

QuoteI see the 8 circuits as evolution toward more love.

That's one possible model.

My personal thinking is that they represent an evolution towards more consciousness. That doesn't necessarily lead to more love, but for a lot of people it does.

Because a lot of people live in a selfish, ego-based world.. and psychedellics give some people the potential to taste other modes of being, like being more aware of other people's emotional experiences. This can lead to increased capacity for compassion and empathy. I think that [sensitivity towards others] is an "ahah" moment for many people because we're all conditioned to focus on other things. Maybe that says more about our alienating society than it does about psychedelic drugs.

I always think about that Tim Leary study that RAW cited -- about how people expectations about the psychedelic experience have a huge impact on how it actually works for them. Set and Setting, all that. People who expect to meet god on LSD often do meet god on LSD. People who expect to giggle for 8 hours have exactly that experience. And psychedelics are positioned in our culture as "mind expanding" substances, they are enjoyed by heady people, so maybe this mentally primes us to have these inner experiences.

I am reluctant to attribute any magical powers to the class of drugs itself. I've met a lot of people who think the world would fix itself if everybody just had a mushroom trip together. I disagree strongly; a lot of people are only barely hanging on to this merry-go-round, and all it takes is a little push for them to spin out into space. And as much as psychedelics can dissolve, they also have the potential to calcify and reenforce existing beliefs, deepen identification, and bring the shadow to the surface.

I'm interested in this via my work in Gurdjieff groups. The 8-circuit model was partially derived from Gurdjieff's notation of levels of being - "Man-1" through "Man-7". But in Gurdjieff groups, you never explicitly discuss what "level" someone "is". It's probably not actually quantifiable like that.

I think Buddhist meditation groups have a similar thing going on too -- in some traditions, there is a hierarchy of meditative experiences, but it's tabboo to speak too explicitly about your own "accomplishments". And partially because, I think, these initiatory experiences aren't permanent. Maybe our range of consciousness is expanded, but that doesn't mean we always have access to that. I may fire on all cylinders during meditation, but then I get a little hungry or horny and I'm an idiot all over again.
Quote from: ArchangelIdiotis on April 02, 2022, 06:49:52 AM
I founded an ostrich cult as a branch of Discordianism. I call it the Individuate Church.

Individuates study psychology, psychiatry, consciousness expansion, Carl Jung, and Leary's 8 Circuit Model. The front page of the cult includes a bible inspired by the principia discordia, and a complete system of initiation into 8 Circuit awareness. Presented are initiation ceremonies into each circuit up to the 7th circuit, advice on designing a ceremony for the 8th circuit.

The website also includes my original fiction and poetry, music and sketches, anarchist free form role playing material, and occult essays.

Regarding the 8-circuit model,
in your opinion/experience,
Do people actually exist at different levels? Once you've had an experience on a certain circuit, is it like a Samadhi experience - you got a glimpse of 'how it really works' and can't go back inside plato's cave? Or is it more dynamic? As in - Today I am driven by Circuit 2, but other days I manage to fire on Circuit 3?

both are very pretty!
how would you say the meme relates to the quote?
QuoteRe: Temper the truth to its very sharpest

...and it will cut both friend and foe
yes, unfortunately
Quote from: Doktor Howl on January 24, 2022, 10:49:32 PM
In short, we get paid to think about system failure and what plans need to be in place, but in a far more general way.  We get paid to be obsessive pessimists.  Which I was already doing for free.

that sounds like your dream job
you can't triple stamp a double stamp!
Quote from: rong on January 13, 2022, 04:44:00 AM
The best evidence I've heard - mainly due to some potential amount of verifiability - is that china restricted air travel from wuhan to other parts of china but not the rest of the world.  This seems to be a good indicator of early knowledge of something bad and intent to cause harm to the rest of the world.  Not that there's anything I can do about it. . .

there's a lot of conflicting reporting about these facts and what they mean. So, it's up to you how credible this is....