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Is there a way to add a write-in candidate to the gender thing on your profile? Can we make it so?
So, it came out last month.
I am insanely excited to play it. My current UA group is switching over to it from 2nd edition. The GM has it through less-than-legal pathways because he's got money troubles, but I'd like to get the physical books to share with him.
On a slightly related note, is broken for some weird reason.  :sad:
Luckily, I have a complete .txt copy of the Absurdomancer rules, which I'm using for my character. I'll put them on pastebin and link them later in this thread. If you have any insight and/or stuff from in-the-site, post it here if you like.
I'll start.
I was running a 4e campaign with some friends, most of which hadn't played d&d before, and my immediate favorite among the PCs they created was Lariss, a warlock who made her demonic pact when she was a teenager as an act of rebellion. problem is, the demon stuck around past her teenage years(blood pacts are tricky that way), and she tries to avoid casting spells these days, if she can avoid it, so she doesn't have to have too many awkward conversations with her ex-oathmate.
this was lying around youtube.
something happened.
I can't help but disagree with parts of the BIP interpretation.
I'm not sure why, but it seems too constricting. there seem to be too many "rules" for me. however, I do believe that morality is a construct, and one of the first things I do when I feel boxed in is (try) to throw out all moralities for a day or so, and rebuild concepts of "don't do this" and "do this" for myself.
my problem is ignoring others' reactions. it seems to me that all of my personal "rules" come from the concept of not fucking shit up for others. but how far do I need to look out to make sure I'm not ruining anything for someone else? perhaps the best approach is "do what you want, then deal with the consequences".
in otherwords, I say to myself, how do I hedonism? or is hedonism the path for me? is my discordia inherently hedonistic? is discordianism in general inherently hedonisitic?
Or Kill Me / a non-angry, semi-coherent rant.
July 28, 2014, 02:05:55 AM
"Why do we do anything at all?" I've heard this question twice now.
Because it's fun. and if it isn't fun, if it doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy, then you should probably stop doing it. it gets more complex, though. Hedonism at its purest form can't stop you from being an asshole. If you have no problem with being an asshole, then that's not a problem. at the point where I am now, where you add in "probably don't ruin shit for others", you don't really get ethical hedonism, you get something different. ethical hedonism implies a detailed(complex) code of ethics. but is "probably don't ruin shit for others" complex? do we need more complex rules, because the 2 I've presented so far seem too much like common knowledge? No. these (guidelines I guess you'd call 'em?) are common knowledge, but they are IGNORABLE common knowledge. it's easy to say you're not always conscious of that rule, but that's assuming you have no free will. you are making the choice to ruin shit for others. depending on the situation, you may not feel bad about that. because sometimes they're only feeling bad because they're attached to the idea of order=good chaos=bad. and showing that those barriers can be broken can feel good. just don't think you're doing people a service by creating chaos. it's not always about service. sometimes it's just about having fun.
I've been wandering around the intertwarbs(As I am want to do) and found something called MOND CARDS.
it's constructed like an episodic short story, and plays like an existential orgy.
check it out if you like being confused(and if you don't, get the fuck out of my corner.)
I was browsing around a local bookstore recently and found this:

I haven't actually read it yet(didn't have the time), but it caught my eye and was wondering if anyone else here has heard about it, and if anyone knows more.
Hey, I'm just gonna leave these here, if anyone wants them. some ideas for a possible thing.

The Gimp – A masochist and chemist that gained the ability to generate morphine whenever she feels pain. She discovered her powers after an off-patient operation involving chemical burns.

Oddball – The product of a military project to create a bioengineered supersoldier. The experiment instead resulted in a seemingly normal human that abhors violence, and, rather than creating bolts of electricity as intended, has the ability to create shields of kinetic energy.

Exemplar – The second iteration of Project Argonaut (the experiment that created oddball). The Exemplar was at first perceived as a success, however, a violent breakout was staged while the facility staff were attempting to apprehend Oddball. The Exemplar is incredibly violent, and will act on a whim.

More(?) soon(?)
Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / LIFECRAP
June 10, 2013, 10:46:46 PM
Ladies, Gentlemen, and whatever it is YOU are, Welcome to Zer0n's 1st Wheneverual Shit I'm Having Trouble Putting Up With Dump!
*simulated applause*
How this is gonna work is:
Someone(possibly me) spills some melodramatic bullcrap.
YOU spill some more!
We are then left with a giant bucket, containing a floating cesspool of Self-Pity!
And then we BURN IT!
Waaambulances are available at request.
Make sure you're not telling them to be a Discordian.
Not that anyone does this, but it's quite important to not being a complete douche.
End failed rant.
Or kill me.
Propaganda Depository / Discordian Icons?
May 08, 2013, 03:19:06 AM
Think about it, we've got Discordian wallpapers, how about some icons(in .ico, .png, and .icns formats) of Discordian symbols etc.?  :fnord:
also, this should definitely be a continuous project
the Principia mentions 'avatars' a couple of times, and page 75 includes a handy-dandy method of classifying them, but how does one actually use the classification table, and what IS an avatar anyway?  :?
I've noticed multiple instances(ask if you want specific links) of people hating on SJ, as well as on the black cover fourth edition( :aaa:), why is this? the black cover is the Principia I keep in my house, and I never saw anything wrong with it.