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Title: black hole
Post by: LHX on April 08, 2007, 01:10:36 pm
creating magic with words
magic - producing a result that was unexpected - the procedure of producing the result not known by an external observer
a state of affairs that cannot be related to a origin

"how did he do it?"

natural wonders
those things that appear spontaneous or rare
- they can also be called magic

unknown regions and unexplored frontiers: all magical


the way her ass shakes and the seemingly uncontrollable reaction it prompts from the basic self of the male mammal

these days - dry and barren soil can represent itself as fertile
-- magic --

and the nutrient-dense seed has a overwhelming urge to fertilize anything and everything

i said "a vacuum"
my brother said "more like quicksand"

anything that pulls you in

a whirlpool
a promise
a hope for the fulfillment of a vague and incomplete notion of some future ideal

refinement rarely occurs here
instead of allowing irrational and unfounded notions to be met with their natural end
-- disappointment --
the youth is allowed to let their false notions grow

instead of seeing the brick wall they are headed toward - it has been decorated
painted with natural tones

'make it look like paradise with boundless potential'

and then the punchline
at the end of a long fruitless and ultimately aimless search for that heaven -
it turns out it was just a screen

people who are worn down look docile and weak
but under the surface they are in the midst of a frantic search

"how did i go so wrong?"
"why can't i reach it?"
Title: Re: black hole
Post by: Triple Zero on April 09, 2007, 09:36:51 am
first part = true. if you don't get it (but it works anyhow) --> magic
is why the illusionist seems like a magician, until he explains his tricks.

the last part about the screen, reminded me of that scene in Roadrunner, where Wile-e-coyote runs into the painted tunnel on the mountainwall.
(but when the Roadrunner arrives and runs away through that painted anyhow--that's magic ;-) )
Title: Re: black hole
Post by: the dreadful hours on April 10, 2007, 09:03:55 pm
lhx knows it
Title: Re: black hole
Post by: the dreadful hours on November 11, 2010, 01:19:27 pm