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Title: TNM09Fall
Post by: hirley0 on September 22, 2009, 04:05:30 pm
N page3 ( I Ran 20091025 AEIOU hot TN
VB?DG?JG?bONEs ( 20091016 page2 A'throP North Korea  stereo A&B  overview  20100704 2010 SUMMER  20100324 2010 SPRING TERMs  20100317 BREAK 3/15-29  20100102 Winter  20091205 Xm break  20090922 Fall  20081223 TNM ORigin
Title: Re: TNM09Fall 20090922
Post by: hirley0 on September 22, 2009, 04:09:50 pm
20090922 22 hours and 0 minutes.  
Problems connecting to TNM have arizzen? THUS it seams like a time to start a new thread
= =
Seven pages was plenty for the Original TNM ... Fall has begun: the new term begins 9/28
It seams to me Like this may be the proper time to ATTempt to start this new Newman T?/?
: : :
1 I would like to follow Time Team? HOWEVER it seams to have already ended after ALL?
? ? ? ?
2 1Ka Px_Sedna?
3 10.6 Yr Sun spot coverage cYc24#1026-
4 Oregon Field Guide
5 Alvord?    35-TI-1 (maintained? by me?

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
20090922 ADDed photo (Avatar}? ThaT is not ment LITTERALLY its
an illusion. In Newmans book E99T53n4 reference to the Piece
can be found. It (the CHAR$}? that looks like a script t is
thought of as a pointer to such nebulas thoughts as BEEs WAX
THERE WAS a History detective segment}? about OREGON bees wax
and perhaps I can locate a link to bees wax and includ below
THEN: from BEES WAX to the San Fransisco Xzaviour and arround
once again to SAND SPIT! Compleeting the illusionare circle..
TRUE: its Xtreamly disjointed (Losly connected) But By now the
leaps beyound logic, for me aRe as simple as holding down the L
key longer than is necessary to print one L. Rather Easy U see.
I did search .. yesterday for TN in ALvoRD with no luck though

opb? (
Title: Re: TNM09Fall
Post by: hirley0 on September 23, 2009, 12:30:03 pm
chassing web gHOSTS 20090923 22 hours and 1 minutes
- LOST ME looking4 BEES WAX
= = this is the ofG version as i was
not able to locate the history-detectives version of the same event! date LINE 17xx ?
: : :
along the same line (OR whatever the trail that is left in chasing Ghosts is called}?
it DOETH apeAR that ofg will conclude THURSDAY 22 (schedules differ) some say 8 others
8:30. for My part i'LL say I could find BEES WAX on ofg & could not history-detectives
? ? ? ?
its not going to be presued with any vigor? IF AT ALL? My Newman focus for Fall term
will be to think over ALVORD! Not that I think I'll think up anything? I doubt this!-!
With one eye on the debait itself. A Southern, East West hall (From CH41) intersects
with the North\\South (Main drag) From where the Seismograph used to be to SMSU etc

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
WHY? D'bait?/? Listen: i'LL try to pick up some pieces before A
NEW month begins, refering to these as 4Now$, & My Event prior,
3How$. In OReGON Every news paper probable included Enron as A
Key word for 3. 2Bow$ will be Newman's Alvord &#1_Ow Cooper Mt.
THUS this will approach 0 in Reverse time sequence (top Down)
Starting from Today WEdnesday ... and tomorrow will look back
to some eariler period. (Twards Enron): An event i've little
interest in. I happen to find it rather funny is all i'LL say
By Beginning After Enron, and sort of glossing over that event
I should spend a few moments considering ALVorD. Alvord is no
doubt FAR Better hidden than eNron? I'll rellok at the 9th ...
EVEN so. & hopefully wind up with something From Cooper Mt too

Title: Re: TNM09Fall 8 minutes
Post by: hirley0 on September 23, 2009, 02:07:52 pm
20090923 22 hours and 8 minutes.
- : vs : ?/?
= =
4:49 AM This Xp did not appear to have POWER POINT loaded?/? will try Lap Top yeah?yeah:
5:49 AM
: : :
4:57 AM its true i do not use PP much I'v 97 & I think download is # 9 so later {Maybe:
5:43 AM  
? ? ? ?
5:20 AM it took me a long time because PP on the Lap top had to be ACTivated See Slide 15
5:52 AM if you prefer the Chinese version its here REFERENCES { What Movie ?
Listen6 its rather CONfiusing Just where eithor (oh never mind) I will try to get to 41
today in about an hour AND go from there... add a , to
22 hours and 13 minutes. The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
TODAY? 20090923 ... I DiD?/? update TNM with the comma, clicking
will take 1 to the TXT access html? I do not suggest chaseNG it!
As those events aRe from long ago and HiLee Misleading. Time ---
Team, Or History-Detective should prove far more inlightening?/?
&WHEN: all else fails ofg? As for the 'bait?/? I did see/talkto
~vi today in passing. & EariLIer saw ~A round the bend in front
Of the Elevator? while eXplain to a very attractive Miss from A
Isle in the China Sea, about riding ThaT one up a story to ONE?
By Being there THEN: it was clearly an old fermilure score THUS
the FALL terms have indeed begun on the UP beat. HOWEVER the
tempo is such that it will be DaFFiCULT to Zero in on the CRYo_
Main Hole (as Old Main is being retrofitted with NEW WINDOWS.-?

Title: Re: TNM09Fall 22 hours and 25 minutes.
Post by: hirley0 on September 23, 2009, 10:34:55 pm
22 hours and 25 minutes.
Time Team is out: & SEDNA seams to fewtile & neubulas ( OK time to try spelling checker?
= =
That leaves me with Sun Spot? Well placed Cal Marks ({12}?NOON) Two days in a row Leave
Little doubt THE SUN IS BEING cooperative & cmplex at the Time Framing of Spots 1025-26
: : :
DUE to this, i'LL not ATTemPt to read more into 25-26, skip this one AS a temptation to
BE avoided. Grounds one: today WEDNESDAY 20090923 "IS" SSAG day (Solar System Activity,
Gravationally)! A fourteen day interval of time When data is transfered from C2 to C1?
? ? ? ?
That occurs in the 5PM PDT time slot? 0hrUTC. Because of this THAT one hour of data is
lost? 1hr/14day 1/336 = .3% lost?/? to keep the time frame stable this first hour is
dry labed in using hour 1 to fill the 00 space: Duplicate Data to start the plots
NOW where was i? oh yeah 12NOON.TWINS Thank you SUN. Maybe i can see it in 14 days ?

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
'cause it takes (in My theory) about 52 hours (2days 2hours) it
can be thought to arrive on earth 21+2=23 (today) at 14 UTC OR ?
7 PD? (do UR own MAth): & 22+2 tomorrow (aka) in the next FORT-
Night!.! Thus if the "B" 12noon.twins do detect (probable 15%)?
they will occure as and END of FortNight Pulse & a beginning OF
period PulseS (not as spacial pair)(Comprenda'}? So be advised
thought the SUN is considered friendly (12noon.twins) it is not
considered to be MORE that it is (Friendly) & only time will Tel
By Being unsure, about GW responce to B-Class, it can be 'poised
the MAIN data should come from B&A? All things being Equal POD
may arrive at B Earth &A on the same day? if not the same hour?
AS SHIRLEY: there could be a difference in those hOURS maybe ..

Title: Re: TNM09Fall 20090925
Post by: hirley0 on September 25, 2009, 05:40:50 pm
4 \ 49  22 hours and 29 minute


Let me attempt to be very clear, EVEN if its not possible. THE Global Problem? DRYING
= =
It is not Warming, Melting Ice, Or Air Polution. To resolve Drying will take A LOT of
Energy, concentrated in one place, for Cloud Manufacturing! MushRoom Clouds? Maybe?/?
: : :
THUS: When so called world leaders gather, they should discuss how this is to be DONE
obviously they will NOT! THEY will continue in the direction of more & MORE (ES)  ...
Enforced Stupidity: Whitch of course is wrong headedness, SO: the results are obvious:
? ? ? ?
Global drying will not only continue, it will now increase & increase EXPONENTually
Their4 What should I do? it does seam rather fewtile? An appeal to the SUN seams to
me to be reasonable, however for what? I do not know: More NooN time Class B's? I
Sort of doubt this. I WILL appeal to the Koreans Whom seam, still able to Reason ?/?

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO? well its really rather obvious, do TEST?
TEST the Waters: DO NOT TEST the Land! The Land has been tested.
The Land is Drying: Current EarthThing irrigation projects are,
totally inadaquate to solve the situation. Again Test the WATER:
Water tests ARE NOT NEW! water test have been done! HOWEVER the
results of this REMain UNclear. I DO suggest sending 1 GIrl to
the West coast of Africa, to look West into the Sea from a SAND
beach? No I do not know which one! Perhaps send A whole Squad ?
Look B4 U leap? that is MY only advice. Also it might help to
consult the fishes of the Lagoon? This method seams far more
nebulas, time consuming, with UNcertain results. Young ladies
Looking into blue waters of the ATlantic will tell U something.

6 75 6  93   22 hours and 42 minutes.|
Title: Re: TNM09Fall
Post by: Triple Zero on September 25, 2009, 05:50:47 pm
hirley0, if you just need to view a PowerPoint file, not create one, you just need to get the free PowerPoint Viewer utility from Microsoft:

it works a lot better than the OpenOffice alternative. also, if I'm not mistaken, when installing you will get the shiny new Vista fonts as well (unless you are already running Vista, in which case you already have them), but those fonts are rather sweet. I especially like Consolas (they all start with a C, that's how you can find them) because it's perfect for writing code.
Title: Re: TNM09Fall 22 hours and 42 minutes.
Post by: hirley0 on September 28, 2009, 03:27:43 pm
This past week: the beginning of the next fortnight of Gravity observation? Saw Activity?
= =
The Sun?/? Just beginning Sun Spot cycle 24, SAW ? Spots 1025&26 Produce severl Class B
geos "X-Ray" Events ... Including one that rached to low c levels 10^-6 Watts/M^2 9/26
: : :
these events may well show up on B&A (
recordings: My use of those detectors is to recent to be very usefull at this time(4AM
However as increased firmilurarty ? is gain?/? B&A should help considerably in FUTURE?
? ? ? ?
FOR NOW? Electron & Proton /cm^2 will be observed once access to the signal is gain?
AS CURRENTLY, my wireless link is down so current observations are not possible ...
the data shows the UNIT of measure is in Kev? so I'll paste my Kev Line below ?/?/?
TIME= s  Distance= cm   Force? _sta   E= 1.6 e-12erg=eVolt P=!surge   M= ug(-6)  ?1234
TIME & DISTANCE are revised in the LINE to comform to established INternational ways
it is summized (by me{&0.others}) that conforming to IS has caused curvature of the
concepts? 'CAUSE: i've no real idea what i EVEN mean by that i'LL simply gloss over
these REMarks and moove on to the green area of thought & review it in DIFFFERENT LIGHT
STEREO_data.html USES blue & Cyan for Electrons & Red Yellow & White for Protons ?
Lemme beging my D'bait with myself by looking for both a 100Kev Electron & Proton ?
Where does the energy come from? My first line would be E=1/2 M V^2 ? OK ? i'LL
Leave this QUESTION there (assume I AM wrong at this time){4:51 AM} & change colors
The Question (for the Physist){not4 AsTRonOmer}: seams fair. I Qvote 300Km/S for V
& 2 protons per cc (c^3) for M ?/? does that compute to anything near e2Kev ??????
something seams fishey in this process, due to the MASS ratio twixt Proton & Electron
Why should they both (possibly) YEILD the same Kev #'$ 100 Kev (e2)? i donno /-/Ub'as0
 7  109  
Title: Re: TNM09Fall 1001
Post by: hirley0 on October 01, 2009, 08:26:00 pm
20091001 Solar Activity ?
Yes there has been some: No I don't have much worth reading about these events. I do this:
= =
reading? 9/28-30 RED 100 keV plot VS
reading? 9/26-30 RED 100 keV plot reads?
: : :
there ? WAS ? a TWO day delay from B to A ... Something of the Sort was expected? YES:
THAT its two days was not: Anyway it INtwoItIv that earth = 27 (got it}? I DO NOT,
Want to READ, too much into this! Only suggest that ThaT is what I saw at this time 1001
? ? ? ?
IT some what of a relief to think about that: YES: it is. Now as far as the friendly SUN
goes?/? I DO NOT, want to  dwell on that subject eithor, other than say THANK YOU SUN.
MOVE ALONG TO: conjecturing this FORTNIGHTS gw results DUE 10/7. According to my KLA.math
I should find ?ons for 27.. Looking:  9/27/2009 319.1 km/sec  6.0 protons/cm3 vs 5.4 9/10

20091004 8  201  96  4923 22 hours and 52 minutes.

i'poise IZ ready to proceed? 1st check jumpPERs? nothing = donno
ALLRIGHT: Behind? 9/26 1day  Earth? 9/27 6p/cc Ahead 9/28 2days?
Then ?K : Ahead 10/2 these Hi E protons May be headed to Earth
from some source other than the SUN? EtA <day checking 4 that 1:
THOSE? appear NOT to arrived untill the fourth (3 days after A)
THUS: I will assume they are low speed OR traveling > Easterly?
they could be spot 1027 'oNs as it was not present for B 2see :
ReCHecking 1025 # B.clas 1day int Noonish 21st & 22 + 9H 2nd22.
RT=D? D=1.496e8 KM; T=B25=132Hr; R=314km/s | 1003  315.0 km/sec
THUS4me the RED B event WAS 1025 ... I DO NOT at this time know
the ANGLE for A & B ... I do assUme the 10/2A was indeed SS1027
that its NOT seen at B, & it would be possible to find BEAMwid?

 B&A ? (
Title: Re: TNM09Fall
Post by: hirley0 on October 05, 2009, 02:33:50 pm
20091004 217 23Hr0
Alright: this drival begins with the one day interval pair 9/21 9/22 at Noon(ish) UTC ?/?
= =
THE (21noon) should be on the 0909-23b graph, even though the text portion suggest its NOT
TWO wrongs do not make it RIGHT, however i'LL not change it to be correct as it is WRONG.
: : :
Reexamining 0909-23, REMinds of the events of the 19 (Double check that): yeah 19:
THUS: more confusion again. So does the 1 day int(21-2) show at B E or A ? Where2see ?
maybe i could pick THEM(1d) out on the 30day plasma? its to earily in the game to Kno
? ? ? ?
what is clear is Stearo works (very well thank U}? Again to earily for me to know WHAT
is what? temp? Time? etc etc. the plots are accessed & observations made of this data?
IN TIMe the parameters will be more well understood? Maybe EVEN an UNderstanding of
WHAT parameter should be dry labed in to make the game more exciting (AS Time Goes ByBy


aLLright: tomorrow 20091007 the NEW SSAG (Solar System Activity,
Gravitationally) is due to be transfered from the Bathroom ....
computer TO this one beside the bed, to be processed to A graph?
The "RECENT" Solar events 1025,26,&27 May OR may not show UP ?/?
Whatever the results turn out to be they will be posted as befor
The details of this current fortnight can more easily be grasp
by refering to the (UM}? "STEREO" A&B data. For now i'LL limit
my RED remarks TODAY to those about Speed (expressed as kM/s)
To begin RED? let me say I DO NOT hold s (Second) to be fixed?
Time to me is a variable having parameters of its own? UNknow
to me! KiloMeters to me are also NOT absolutes, having param's
Those are more easily comprehended? Under Strain Stress PRESS?

 A&B  (

WITH THE NEXT  POST however i do not want to isturb  the tiing sequence

Title: Re: TNM09Fall (Read 244 times)
Post by: hirley0 on October 06, 2009, 11:12:04 am
20091022 Kim Yu-Na ? 10/25 (
20091006 T&B
North Korea considers return to nuclear talks (AP)
AP - North Korea's leader is offering to return to m
20100724 My advice to N K in the resumptIONs of Xchange? : TNM09Fall  (Read 2131 times)
consider UNderWATER. the objective?/? deposit IONized water on an arid AREA.
1 WAIT for proper wind conditions 2 provide maps of Area 24 days in advance
3 be prepared for the unExpected as things do tend not to go acording to plan
20100825 BBC news feed copy/paste&modify

"We obviously think that Mr Gomes should be released. There will probably be more information on this some time in the future," he said.  Suicide bid
Mr Carter was met at the airport by North Korea's nuclear negotiator, Kim Kye-gwan, North Korea's state news agency KCNA said. TNM09Fall  (Read 2226 times) TNM  (Read 10855 times)

25 January: Aijalon Mahli Gomes said to have crossed into North Korea from China
7 April: Given eight years' hard labour and fined 70m won ($700,000; £460,000) for illegal entry
24 June: North Korea threatens to use "war-time law" against Gomes, amid tensions over Cheonan sinking
9 July: North Korea says Gomes has tried to kill himself
Mid-August: US official and doctors visit Gomes in hospital in North Korea
4:04 AM

20101011ANOTHER 50 year pause should not make that much differance
eithor way:

20110824 thank you Kim-Jong
My hope is you will continue you role on the world stage
for my part i'LL pass along 2 names Mario Gonzalez (Oglala)
and Theresa Two Bulls the third is mentioned in link above  thanks
Title: Re: TNM09Fall 23 hours and 25 minutes. R=299
Post by: hirley0 on October 12, 2009, 01:33:33 pm
20091008 Meter?
Maybe? I arrived CH S17 to earily? Maybe not earily enough?
= =
whatever the case may be there were people present when i arrived
the speaker stood up front looking a bit bewildered. Two Gals ..
: : :
Attired in Maroon, sat close to each other in row two Right ...
& perhaps there was another guy in row 3 left? I walked thru
to the East Wall where the black board came to its Sothern end
? ? ? ?
About 1/2 way across the East Wall. The speaker was at the North
end and ask if anyone knew how the projection equipment worked.
No one said anything ... thus after a brief interval I walked
back tward the west wall down the ISLE (W) & approached him?
pointing to the row of illuminated buttons below the lecturn
I offered that usually pressing one of them should do the trick
Quickly he pressed one an the projecter came to life?/? Long
before I was even close to where he stood in the NE corner?
THUS: i turned and retraced my steps back to the South end of
the East wall black board where the clear plastic ruler & BLACK
EZrase pen had been placed. I was uneasy now, as the speaker
left his corner & exited the room. to return later with A ...
Black Bit of what appeared to me to be USB extension Cord? My
thoughts of course were Elsewhere? while reading the vanguards
I had brought along my mind could not erase the Black EZrase
OR the clear ruler? A ruler Marked in CM & inches? hmmm TBC

9:29 AM the meter?
Thus i sat there? trying HARD to read. But the "CLEAR" ruler thoughts would not go away
= =
there was the vauge idea about length itself, Later durring the Q&A some one in the
ROW (where I was){was it the fifth}? ask the parameters Question, yeah?yeah? WHAT par?
: : :
truly i know not, only that the CLEAR plastic ruler, that i had lifted to examine
and replaced in the eraser tray with the marking up as i had turned it over prior
to putting it back from whence it came? with the cm markings tward the East Wall?/?
? ? ? ?
would it bend? could it be twisted by torquing the ends. I had only turned it over
perhaps turning it about so the cm was E? that part i do not recall. The Rule was
my first move upon sitting down, after i had scooted the chair East? yeah?yeah
its not going to go away soon ( RULE rule): over what do i drool, the birth day cake?
the speakers fake, or was it take? i donno ---, i did go, took some cake,
--- twern't fake, that my roomieX ate: ah the thrill of the chilly breeze
did i sneeze? NO! but the chair leg i was sitting on some way got caught
in the leg of the table behind which i sat as i leaned back in the chair
unknowns't to me the corner of the table was lifted, and made a loud kerplunk
as the two objects disengaged. I WAS not trying to ATTrack any attention,
rather trying to read the Vanguard!-! however the KERplunk startled me
as I had no idea the Chair & table had decided to engage in a spatial spat
SO: yes there i sat: looking bewildered, as a wildie beast, observing a Crock
& yes there was the Birth Day party person, observing the clatter to see WHAT
was the matter? there was no MATTER? only the chair & table in dispute over
who had the upper leg? That was what caused KERplunk? did it shake the RULE ?
Title: Re: TNM09Fall 23 hours and 40 minutes / 338R
Post by: hirley0 on October 14, 2009, 04:36:46 pm
 :?    this asside as leaves fALL ?
ours and 50 minutes.
.1 it did NOT get it right the 1st time: I Xpect a can of worms exists. /-/Ub' 9:am pdt
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:11AM    54 minutes
Title: Re: TNM09Fall 1 days, 5 minutes.
Post by: hirley0 on October 15, 2009, 01:16:28 pm
Read 369 times / 20091015
it is now MY GUESS that my REMaing brain cell snapcs will point in the dirrection of SUN
= =
sPacifically twards Solar Cycle cycle #24 and LONG TERM 4cast4 a 28 day pattern of events
& COnTEMParary Earth related activity (namely Earth Quakes){it could be BAD}? maybe not?
: : :
So I turn now to the NEW SSAG format? 10/07(-9/24}EARTH/ssag sandwached between B & A ...
ALL shown below GEOS X-ray plot from the SUN 10/2-9/21? eXactly why i've so much (Um}?/?
daffiCULTies with those allignments of time REMains unsolved: Wind Speed is A parameter?

1 days, 11 minutes
123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
/TilT\ WHAT:??
lemme try to Xplane? I DO NOT xml (I COPY/PASTE)? use matlab ...
NO I do not REMain a FAN ... i do: USe it? I distrust BUILTin 's
anyway my point is iteration via copy paste methode & * not x
got it? to me the ART of Mathamatics is currently (21st CENT) ..
LOST in Economic EcoMAINiea ... that is to say MISS-directed ...
when the new band comes along.. BUILD your own LaZ-R X-Mit then
the LOS theor of Magic should indure for an extended period,
yes naturally it will be a twin band setup FAST(Lz) vs SLOW(rF)
or near vs far \ FAR:NEAR etc.. but its years away maybe Scores
in the men time (Litterally) I PLOT along using Copy/Paste over
and OVER in a repeatATive way, to guess the 28 day periods(INT)

? ? ? ? ? these GENERAL/spacific will take 1 to the area in QQuestion? maybe
1 days, 23 minutes.
Title: Re: TNM09Fall 1 days, 35 minutes
Post by: hirley0 on October 16, 2009, 04:17:45 pm
Read 407 times / 20091016  1 days, 35 minutes
Ok? lemme see if I-CAN tune in to whatever is comming from my "ACTivE" SnyApes? today?
= =
first of course there may well be the one day one hour moment? LISTEN: I espouse A theory
suggesting that one interval of time does not necessarily = the next one Month 7 & 8 etc
: : :
today the Question is hours per day OR more precisly stating the Question WHEN does DST
daylight savings time end (in the Spring forward fall back tails of tempal temptation?
AS its fall its "BACK" or a longer than normal day? Could that be a SUNDAY ? i donno
? ? ? ?
my time standard is none of those: i preFIR Mili Second to other intervals.. checking::
see BLUE tilt ... colume alignment gets lost SORRY, my point being Ms is used when I
ATTempt to explain a _raft of force (AN e-30th erg) OR maybe a #gravolti of work ...
OR in terms of mass a femento OR (i forget the a word}: SEE GREEN

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
 ^1.?    ^2     VELO      |-------erg0---^3-----|       ? ^4 ?  
 {--default--}  &Acc       {factor}    energy         {default}
  us     ?-16        _raff       e-30 #construkt !plank fg(-15)
  ms     ?-9         _felt       e-24 #gravolti !graft  ag(-12)
i'poise i should look up the MASS of a proton ... JUST to keep
me from straying into to much of the RF out of the SNyAPEse ...
The mass of a proton is approximately 2000 times that of an
electron, or 1.67 × 10-24 grams. Encarta. 1994 (Um}? 10^10 P's
(um2)? about 10^-10 of 6.0221367 × 10^23 Avogadro's Number
about an ato GRAM? Listen2: this is about a Length OR rather
the vibration of length over a SHORT TIME frame (Ms) as ob-
SERVED by me. (maybe I saw it maybe i did NOT!-! AToGram .

FEMentogram? (

Read 415 times / 20091016 8:32 AM  
WELL? what do U know?/? My SynApeSe seams to be active today THus find 1 atogram?
= =
&2 FIND the Link2: now try to refocus upon length? & regurgatate some of the QUes
Sun Spot cycle 24, SAW ? Spots 1025&26 Produce 10^-6 Watts/M^2 9/26 (A dissAPEoint
: : :
#3 Korea con (Um? U!act}:? FOUR "clear plastic ruler" (yep: cm side UP & tward BB).
5th mathplayer (SORRY){IZ a KLA.math/PL.layer) I Ms.Trust XML's et all (do NOT USe
6 Lz/rF 'poise for Ms? that Screen is BLUE then Green Then Red (tward Longer Length
? ? ? ?
OR should I say twards SHorter INT? (i donno}: its CONfuse'N but yes (Longer L)
Maybe I should say pixel at this time? OK: here is an verdana (l) and there is a
Courier 12 l in TilT below so I in theory should be able to COUNT length by Pix
Lemme TRY: it did not provide ANY meaning. length of l = 9 PiX (sorry V or C)

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
possibly some copy/paste conversion error? however i do focus on
l as a length perhaps the better question is LENGTH od - vs = &_
I tried a 400X magnification and see Courier as pixelated though
verdanna? showes no pixel limiting at 400X thus its A mystery ?.
skipping ahead to other Lengthy items .. it seams rather certian
the whole idea of length gets lost in the copy/paste transition.
i'poise something of the sort takes place in reality as param's
change from atogram to femento gram

attogram? (
who0o COmplex day Read 422 times
there's A BIG error in the tails above. Namely the gravolti one No gv on Ms?
= =
I placed the copy/paste in the Courier (colored area) as COLUME IS preserved
THANK U COurier.. this hours QU is Ms(Mili Second) @ A _felt(blue)vs _rif (G
: : :
Listen? I DO thin the pars have an effect on one another AS GRAMS Change ...
from p (pico) to a (aTTo) l possibly doeth also (Hands/Hourse) as Horse
became Larger?Smaller (Um}? try Slow Slow Quick Quick SLOW.. slowly ?
? ? ? ?
now where was I? #parton (YEAH) review what was posted: 10:01 AM
I WAS at fementoGRAM probably MissSpelled? I'LL try Riverside "NEXT" NOPe
riverside metric system TABLE only goes down to milligram pg 534 (mg)
but they? defign microgram on the opposing page 535 1(ISV) 1 millionth Gram

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
THE POINT BEING THAT us_raf? was MissPasted one part should have contained
!PART as power (My 0pollogii) Note2self: My5 Tables mini\quant\meta\ast\fo
  us     ?-16        _raff       e-30 #construkt !plank fg(-15)
  ms     ?-9         _felt       e-24 #gravolti !graft  ag(-12)
  ms     ?-4         _rif        e-18 #parton  !part    pg(-9)
  cs      mm         _sta    1.6 e-12  eVolt  !surge    ug(-6)
  ds      mm   mm/ds _lyte       e -6 #bolt  !merg      mg(-3)
  s       cm    cm/s  dyne   1   e  0   erg !        gram(UNIT) 
these are the lower six (Um}? LiNEs of my "PREPOSED TABLE of metaPHYSICAL UNI"
13 lines of which SEC NEWTON Joule WATT kg (MKS) = line 7. I default2 (Li6 cgs

babble (
Title: Re: TNM09Fall Read 446 times
Post by: hirley0 on October 17, 2009, 04:01:07 pm
1 days, 1 hours and 1 minute
it appears that on My MetaTable i have had e-12 & e-15 AT-TO FEM-TO reversed f=-12 a=-15
= =
weLL i'LL wait: in the mean time consider BLUE/GREEN/RED as a sort by Length short/long
tus it appears to me that the metaTa, currently displays in that frame of reference OK:
: : :
SO? "BY LENGTH." i CAN SEE THE gramMAR WORD SMITHS (INT3) r trying to out word my int6
methode? wherby the end up a Y eithor way, whilst i would not think that way anyway ..
electron? I get e-27 for the MASS? for P(its)=1&2/3e-24 ? L? ?=1 Angst  P+E
? ? ? ?
THE vanguard ( Oct,16 has VB ref to start search
for danny & J.G.? bone? (
and that should get the leaves falling soon  /-/Ub'
1 days, 1 hours and 11 minutes.  LOOKii i'LL try to keep this page 2 on this bONEs (BS)  ok?

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
1 days, 1 hours and 11 minutes. "REMember its mili second" @ IS.
?"Your postings remind me of the Hybrid Cylon"? I MissED it ?/?.
Last Active:October 14, 2009, 01:01:10 AM PDT Email:hidden Y.not
VB ( gett'N tricky NOw /?
ONE might think the bs would not end so quickly as this woodN'Ty
:"If you'd like John R. George to be able to see m" rated Secret
Mission who is into bugs, pl & f Bugs by Sue Hubbell .../-/Ub' ?
OK the other Vice (i mean Voice){miss'N o}? SoLLy
MH ( WeLL? it hangs UP
HB ( about Here OR
maybe about here ?/? 2008 "Quantifying Twentieth Century G"

Title: Re: TNM09Fall 1 days, 1 hours and 31 minutes.
Post by: hirley0 on October 17, 2009, 06:20:28 pm
space-time interupts
- some SPACE ? i'LL search4 the TALE of
= =
: : :
his? (
WiKi? (,_Oregon) ?# 8/26  (
? ? ? ?
THus IZ only about 1 month behind the TALE (What can i say)?

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
MayHaps? there Xists a MissN U in the RED HOT p1/P2 WHATever the
books link did work OK 4me GO " result&resn " speak'N of Signs ?
I should guess that there may be some?/? Although my guess was..
the space part is A given: thUS what REMains is the tempral part
Anthropology Student Association
If you know the password for Anthropology Student Association then
 enter it below. If you don't know the password, you can request to
 join the organization instead. Your request to join must be or.
Sorry, Spaces is temporarily unavailable at this time.
Title: Re: TNM09Fall 1 days, 1 hours and 33 minutes.
Post by: hirley0 on October 18, 2009, 12:32:04 pm
Read 509 times

1.American Museum of Natural History's web page on the Warren Mastodon.
2.Arkansas Archaeological Survey's web page on the King Mastodon:
3.Calvin College's webpage on their mastodon dig:
4.Cornell Univerity Paleontological Research Institution's web site on the Gilbert Mastodon:
5.Hickory County's web page on Albert Koch's Missouri mastodon:
6.New Jersey web page on the Big Brook Mastodon:
7.Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History's web site on its mastodon:
8.Oakland Museum' web page on the Rustler's Ranch Mastodon Project:
9.The Paleontological Research Institute's web page on the Hyde Park Mastodon:'s web page on the mastodon at the La Brea Tarpits:
11.University of Michigan's web page on the Brennan Mastodon trackway:
12.Wheaton College's website on the Perry Mastodon:

Title: Re: TNM09Fall 8:30 AM
Post by: hirley0 on October 18, 2009, 04:34:32 pm
Read 521 times 1 days, 1 hours and 37 minutes
Professor Newman was a founding faculty member of the Portland State University Anthropology Department from 1959 to 1982.

This is the html version of the file

I do/do not waive access to these letters_  Student’s Signature

 I hereby apply for the Thomas M. Newman Scholarship. If awarded the scholarship, I agree to submit a letter to the Anthropology A

A, M. Hubbell Emerging nay sayer, debunker of logical positivism, denouncer of enforced
stupidity, 4F & NEGATIVELY accredited seeker of Thomas Newman artifact\ARTIFACTS @CH40. \ http://

Ross Smith Structural Bone Density of Pacific Cod (Gadus macrocephalus) and Halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis): Taphonomic and Archaeological Implications (M.A. Thesis (2008)) - View Full Text pdf (1.5 MB)

 JOHN W. WOLF Recipient of the Thomas M. Newman Scholarship,
 Department of Anthropology, Portland State University (1990-91, 1991-92, and 1993-94).

The Raymond's Dune Site? Newman. (1959). Three radiocarbon dates

ore bin 1979 VOL.40 NO.10

: Tillamook prehistory and its relation ... Thomas M. Newman, 1959

Tebiwa was first issued in bound form as Volume 2, Number 1, in 1958
Vol.14(1), 1971: The crisis in Oregon archaeology by Thomas M. Newman;  

Prehistoric Human Land-use Patterns in the Alvord Basin ...
The page you requested was not found.
Building in Northwest America. Oregon Historical Society; 1974.
Title: Re: TNM09Fall Read 535 times 1 days, 1 hours and 40 minutes.
Post by: hirley0 on October 18, 2009, 09:02:57 pm

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
/TilT\ yes?yes
i may as well get on with this .... the only bONE of 1 hours &37
WAS:"~ ss Smith Structural Bone De ~" So SoLLy SiS'! My pointed
BS was for TNM, not for bones per say. it was one of those days
i may now attempt to return to the bone tail trail once again?/?
starting from 35-T 9/15 9/16 & (20090922 /FALL on: September 22)
so its easy to get the TWO TAILs confused, I & 1 see .TXT below
EVEN when they both appear on the very same line of text. tHIS,
is the reason I don't recomend trying to follow this trail HERe
.BB. AS I REMember the TI
trail picks up from the U/O link to CaHo ...
(CAHO newsletter editor, Pamela Endzweig)
I DO suggest some GAL call tHERe on the telephone 2Xplane This


-----?----- T1 this was WRONG?/?
9/15 Chinese Porcelains from Site 35-T1-1,
"/15 No. 23. Chinese Porcelains from Site 35-T1-1,
9/16 move 35-T1-1 ? 200909 15 4:35 PM
"/16 color=green = 35-T1-1
"/16 Valley? 3 and then (&ONLY THEN}? 35-T1-1 SAND SPIT\1\2\3\4\5\6\
"/16 Chinese Porcelains from Site 35-T1-1,
9/16 35-TI-1 as 35-T1-1 ?/? Just to confuse the Chineese dinasty takes
----?---- TI this was correct?
9/05 20090905 3:45 PM ProsPectIVe 35-TI-1
"/05 35-TI-1 iS Si.mply a SiX Mile sand Bar south(old) to north(Young)
9/12 Netarts Sandspit Village (35-TI-l). {LOC E99T53N4}?
9/15 Your search - 35-TI-1 - did not match any documents.
9/16 35-TI-1 ?
"/16 color=green 35-TI-1
"/16 Valley? 3 and then (&ONLY THEN}? 35-TI-1 SAND SPIT\1\2\3\4\5\6\
9/16 35-TI-1 as 35-T1-1 ?/? Just to confuse the Chineese dinasty takes
"/16 O-738.20951B366c was found at Multnomah's Co. LiB. READ 35-TI-1..
9/16 35-TI-1 as 35-T1-1 ?/? Just to confuse the Chineese dinasty takes
Title: Re: TNM09Fall Read 555 times 1 days, 1 hours and 54 minutes.
Post by: hirley0 on October 19, 2009, 05:08:34 pm
This began as an ATTempt to return SnyAPEsii to BoneS tails?/?
= =

: : :,3119,696594,00.html
A3 (
? ? ? ?
Journal of Human Evolution Volume 34, Issue 4, April 1998, Pages 333-360
Anthropology and Prehistory: opologists Study Teet ==== osteology,
The branch of anatomy that deals with the structure and function of bones.
(Um}? 9:03 AM message fragmented (never completted) soLL
Title: Re: TNM09Fall Read 572 times / 1 days, 2 hours and 7 minutes
Post by: hirley0 on October 21, 2009, 06:40:57 am
nightly news ran an Iceland Icecore segment ?" eminan iminian NEEM NEAM "?
= =
5:07 PM it appears that my wiFi link is down so details wiLL have to wait?
the TV said 11 thousand years ago ... i'LL say 12.9 K ?/? OVER 3e7 Seconds
: : :
15 deg F (Rapid) TEMP rise / is it CO2 rises tempature or T rise = CO2 too
>10(16?) indicators: / Temp (chuckel) its the CO too tail (NEIM)
Eomian (warming) Period 130k years ago lasting about 15 ThouSAND years
? ? ? ? ? 0.49 m/s 1426.10 m because T+/ has a 120 ka
period. cause vs effect? is T b4 C or C b4 T or = whatever the answer
CLEARLY its noT Humm'N, 'poise it T? Why dT rise 'poise it C Why?/?/?
What really is the cause of the 130 Ka movie we can now label Eemian

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
then again there is the IceLand (Vostok) Cores & AntArtic ones.2
there are links to take you to the AA, maybe i'LL find LINKS to
form some contrast between these 2 IceCore samples WHILE waiting
for photos of bones on the far side of the Moon near equator Hm?
120k ice# dates 550,430,(310),190,070. 310 was erased by EOmian?
2*precession? = +&-50ka from 120ka mid advance? My guess is 120k
is caused be heat from Earths interior & may be evident in Sea
floor spreading data? (RIF}? VaLLey Likely? current age 12.9 ?
that could leave 2.1Ka REMaining for this #2.?omian WARming TWO?
Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling Project

antarctica (
greenland (
Title: Re: TNM09Fall R581 1 days, 2 hours and 8 minutes
Post by: hirley0 on October 21, 2009, 03:35:08 pm

20091021 7:32 AM
 my return to boNE chase begins with "CHARTS"
7:39 AM  14 min
This began as an ATTempt to return SnyAPEsii to BoneS tails?/?
= =
If attempting to view an image and you have "/oa/" as part of your address,
try replacing the "/oa/" with "/img/" and see if that resolves the problem.
: : : 29 minutes
Apr 2, 2009 ... Thomas Newman's excavation Minor (et. al 1989) Woodward et al. (1990)
8:00 AM ~" the abrupt disappearance in shellfish utilization  "~ (Woodward et al. 1990:61).
? ? ? ?
8:11 AM Really? i'v Lot of daffyCULTii finding "CHARTS" i can use of (Um}? OR coAST shell on WEB's
I DID? try to find VOstok(antartica) Graphs (without any luck) I DID: find GREENland (4got WHERE):
Thus its no minor task to try to compare 3?/? NEEM/VOstok/& ... Sea Floor Spreads (those UNfound.)
AS4: SHELL (Um}? growth RINGs, 4get4nowOK TRY CORal CO2 ? or C14 ... OR maybe Ca. ( i donno 8:20A?

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
/TilT\ EOP 8:37 AM
there seams to me no reason not to use coral inlue of BONE? TRY? AS coral work will not only
redate events, help resolve how quickly Earth warmed s of future
~bt~ EOP 9:24 AM
IN GENERAL? the Coral (song) & CORE tails Jive? i'LL use 120Ka
AS A fig4 FOUR young/old? (WURM/RISS/MINDEL/GUNZ) of Six=800?/?
HOWEVER? those are cold tails & is were IZ {{EEmian:}}
SO? Y/O A.recent14/EEmian130/IOU.hot250/OK@(370)/UnGu(520)/Y/Z2
.BB.9:56 AM EOP
anyway KO: thats the way i would look at the Six Hottii's A-Z
Where Was I? Looking West ( tward the Mid Pacific ) Listen? it
Just REMinds me not to leave out the midATlantic2 ... Search'N
tent you requested requires aN AA AS (its SO hard to pick FIGs

Fig1 (
Fig2 (
1 days, 2 hours and 31 minutes.
1 days, 2 hours and 34 minutes 20091021 10:20 AM
YEAH: by now I've FOUR figs E/V/C/M in RANDum? order ? By: using bONEs to LOOK4 CLUE
= =
&I guess: i should really usE 123.456 as Hot.Int of Ice,Cycles (oh never mind 120Ka)
where IZ trying to pluck a Fig is from the Walla Walla Layers
: : :
So my mid term figs are < 1mA OR about 1,000Ka &I now reprogram SnyAPEsii to A_When=
about -14Ka OR as I would guestimate the #o's ABOUT WHEN (SUN){& Solar System}: DID?
Cross the Galtic Equator Fron South? to North? in the long/SS/Cycles GalYr 24e7 My##
? ? ? ?
'poise I usE 10*pi for x? Y could then be CONstructed to be iLL-USe.nED as some form
of Y=Sin(x) {maybe) ReallyIZ ATTempting to get Y14 / siX with 15 as % of 123 (maybe)
I AM? not cleaver with X's lemme try x=1:32 NOPe 10*pi is to long how about Six Pi's

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
x=0:pi/6:6*pi; & then t=x/pi; & then Y=cos(t.*x); plot(x,Y,t,Y)?
WELL? it makes no ¢ents whatsoever other than Miss Stakes to Fix
besides its the WRONG time frame the LOOK is for Walla Wall BEDs
&i'LL say starting 12.9Ka ago as Down by centiMeters
guesses 4 bed belts = 2*4=8feet ? 12in/ft*2.54cm/ft =?= 30.5/ft?
x=0:1/30:58; by beds count? from top down thru Walla Walla BEDS?
t=(x*age/bed) B? i'LL try 1k ... T=(x*1000) Look for bONEs time?
mastadons: this is now a tooth fairy tail THUS Mt= sin(T) WHEN??
x=0:.033:58;T=(x*1000);Mt=sin(T);plot(x,Mt),axis([0 60 .9999 1])
leaving the RED head to = plot(T,Mt) OK? trying2 by cheat'N igot
SIX Teath out of bed 11 15 19 33 39 43 with a possible one @Top2
LOOK'n at wUrm final phase 64:14Ka?/? the Big Q T=x*Bed.interval
My guess was 1000 years it could be 10 If big Mis filled QUickly
11:47 AM
A3 (
1 days, 2 hours and 33 minutes
Title: Re: TNM09Fall
Post by: Iason Ouabache on October 21, 2009, 07:17:19 pm
And then?   :scared:
Title: Re: TNM09Fall R633 1 days, 2 hours and 45 minutes.
Post by: hirley0 on October 23, 2009, 05:52:42 pm
yeah? U can CONsider I'Z raised UNder the Hawks (not A real fan of this however}?
= =
as far as  A B C 's go IZ being B.ed if U must know: Still i see no reason NOT to look
for FOUR? Figs to (Um}? Shrink to Fit? E/V/C/M ARE ... MAR, Coral, Ice A, & G  McAG below?
: : :
where to LOOK? (i donno): it seam really FewTile to me: Seafloor_Spreading took the most time.
Coral (
? ? ? ?
wiki0ii (
jpg1 ( Ice?
jpg2 ( T / C
jpg2 ( V
? TIME ?
123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
/TilT\ Long Period. 120 Million years = 1/2 Gy
IS based upon A CONcept refered to as a GALyear, defigned as the
period of the ORBIT of the Sun about the center of the galaxy ..
some times thought of as 4 orb = 1 billion years ... although I.
USE 24e7 to fit a clock face and devide that by 4 (seasons) ....
0 & 12 crossing the Galatic Equator, and 6 & 18 farthest from it
~bt~ 120 Thousand years = WARMing Interval
A nuch shorter interval of time (based upon ICE ages){I use 120}
ONE HUNDRED TWENTY thousand year interval between Warming Pulses
of about 12Ka (10% hot 90%cold) At Start of Gy #19_00:00:04.32..
We are at A HOT period of ?(6*120Ka+13Ka) see jpg1&3 above 750Ka  
.BB. the short interval? 12 Thousand YEARS
AS Earth (follows Sun follows Sirius) to begin the NEW #19 Gy..
(RED) The concurrent WARM 12Ka? Pulse marks these events? ALSO
this period is marked by the Scab Land(Missoula) Flood (Um}BEDS
THESE have not been calibrated to my knowledge (should be SOON!

Title: Re: TNM09Fall
Post by: the other anonymous on October 23, 2009, 06:52:37 pm
WTF? Am I missing something? This all looks like line noise.


is teh clueless
Title: Re: TNM09Fall
Post by: AFK on October 23, 2009, 07:20:06 pm
It's Johnny 5.  He's had a lot of time on his hands lately. 
Title: Re: TNM09Fall R658 1 days, 2 hours and 57 minutes.
Post by: hirley0 on October 24, 2009, 06:31:08 pm
Moving along? twards bONEs? My # = 4.32 Seconds = 12Ka ? as i REMember 1s=2777Yr Ms=2.8y
= =
Two years CAN BE? CONsidered a long time (Already Served){Twice OVER} moving on anyway:
Walla Walla BEDs? can be seen in the OPB video ? see link ? I rather doubt I get it @54
: : :
4:32 AM PDT Well Maybe later? Still connected. Not paying ATTention however?/? Flood
deposits R of interest? their thickness ESPecially the BELT? of four Two footers????
When WAS that? CLEARLY beyound my current connection MBS of 54 SoLLy-Sis no get_UM now
? ? ? ?
HOWEVER: the Quest ion arives? 1 second on the 24 hour Gal_Yr clock FACE = 2777 Earth-
thing years?/? it may be TRUE that the Last(TOP) Missoula Flood(BED) was 12.9Ka AGO
add 2,777 to get 15.67Ka ? HOW deep would that be? how many beds down? UP from bottom?
And where is the bONEs anyway? at 15.67Ka ? OR in some other one?  11 15 19 33 39 43 ?

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
Clearly i do NOT have the answers, not even sure i've a PROPher
Quest ion: I have returned? to BLUE(short wave length) OVER RED
(LONG) meaning (i guess}? i've left ?"Long Period"? above SHORT
what doeth it CONvay? my guess (as a minimalist that Mili Second
hath priority over GaL-Yrs at least today. (Two Years REMember}?
Enough DriZZel though? And back to searching4 the Walla Walla 11
could it be a MASToDOn? More likely than a bat? OR Crow / raven:
the long period stuff will just have to wait? WAIT? maybe theres
a piece in the revine that got washed out in the last rain and
is now lying on the surface just waiting to be picked up by UN-
suspecting stranger to the area.. to give to his dog to chew ON?

opb/ofg/1001 (
Title: Re: TNM09Fall 1 days, 3 hours and 0 minutes.
Post by: hirley0 on October 25, 2009, 03:42:03 pm
 0 minutes.
Title: Re: TNM09Fall 1 days, 3 hours and 0 minutes.
Post by: hirley0 on October 25, 2009, 03:46:04 pm
READ =  686 5 entries missing ? TBD  

20091025  - Read 705 times 1 days, 3 hours and 34 minutes.
YEAH?yeah: watching VIDEO in reverse: probably better than 4WORD ... whatever the case CONfusion follows
= =
YES: i'LL try to keep page 3 current with the new nUclear? NON ¢ent$? &yes I DO have to look UP spelling
AS i've a trend to place an eXtra E in the word by starting N E u C (I've no clear idea Y Or NuEc also):
: : :
mayHaps blending NuEcon with iT? anyway what was my point(I HAVE NONE}? probably {total babble): SAD if
true? what to do What to do? I did see A photo Gal on the Right? Not in A yellow polka dot Bakinni thou
Naybe the scrip writers will get the TAIL Corect... though i rather doubt this ... So yeah STILL Photo:
? ? ? ?
 goog (
 NEwser (

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 1234
/TilT\ nuclear photos 2009 Oct.
Search ResultsResults include your SearchWiki notes for iran
Share these notes Copy and paste this link into an email or IM:
See a preview of the shared page
News results for iran nuclear photos 2009 Oct (links above
RED? the Amount of confusion made this mesage Miss the Green?/?
mostly 'cause of the oo daily Language translator Time Required
10:44 AM PDT i do not know when it goes back to standard? time?
THANK Yu-Na for the photo's  Reset military transfer date 10:50
Title: Re: TNM09Fall
Post by: hirley0 on October 25, 2009, 03:48:29 pm
1 days, 3 hours and 0 minutes. Missing have returned?
= =
By ALI AKBAR DAREINI, Associated Press Writer Ali Akbar Dareini,
Associated Press Writer – 1 hr 1 min ago {Ya-Na.H): Today is Sunday?.......
: : :  1 days, 3 hours and 30 minutes. TNM09Fall  (Read 695 times)

123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789 123456789
 21 char$ of R/G/B..  Took me hours U C     By blue i'LL tell
 A new format for?..  Just to get U2C 4     U its almost thrU
 page3 official dum. for its not easy     & could be true 2
 Seven Lines4 color. as can be to get A   that is unknown 1
 too the rest up 2.. U 4A space to keep   Pace could be FUN
I did this just 2 C in the race ACROSS   those who tire of
make any ¢ents 4U2C A page. rant &rave    photo op by T prop

Title: Re: TNM09Fall 1 days, 3 hours and 40 minutes.
Post by: hirley0 on October 27, 2009, 01:22:31 pm
By unleashing four C-class solar flares in the past two days,
sunspot 1029 has become the most active sunspot of the year
DOWN & ACROSS: i'LL   TOSS a question 4Me   to later see? maybe
TRY to inply..'bout   Pi HIgh in the sky?   Cclass solar flares
10^-6 Watts per M^2   falling on Earth 4A   BURST for the First
X-ray that did come   ALL for fun, didn't   RUN from Spot 10 29
Fine by me dont you   see? It's Just one?   of more to come ...
Think its not PINK?   Watts were given to   be deriven form SUN
NOW the fun:compute   Sum of the Force ..   at the solar Sorce?

% Day_n =  20091027 t_Start =  1120
%who% I saw C-Class =
%what% 10^-6 Watts per M^2
%%when% 1.496e8 Meters from Sun
%%which% A=4*pi*r^2 THUS?

A=4*pi*(1.496e8)^2 % A =  2.8124e+017
w=10e-6            % w =  1.0000e-005
Esun = A*w         % Esun =  2.8124e+012

%%when% I do do this it
%%which% MAY be totally wrong
%why% due to My Es=Aw Approach
%-% So SoLLy Si'$i
% t_End= 1130  t_Spent =  10
diary off
Obviously WRONG as +030 is probably much closer? via?
 _wiew of FORCE, of WORK,  !wtcht of POWER
44 minutes
Title: Re: TNM09Fall 1 days, 3 hours and 56 minutes.
Post by: hirley0 on October 29, 2009, 08:15:25 pm;_ylt=Ag4bpo6Vcaw.E2ahEVBmmG90fNdF

IAEA: First Iranian response on enrichment deal (AP) | 81 Votes
 this computer has   become so engaged   in spying on me  
  confused itself     it stalls often     to find itself  
   only to find         it donno             where        
    it resides            when                I AM        
      beside             myself           waiting to BOO  
        the               comic               VIEW        
         ha                 ha                 HA        
Read 768 times Read 775 times
       South              Korea's              figure      
      has been          involved in           a variety    
    analysts say.   Grand Prix Skating      country sports
there's a right way Winning the World       making history
  female skaters     witnessed that          Championship  
dramatic, passionate  almost no clues    her lark ascending
International Figure      music               rhythm        
Title: Re: TNM09Fall 1 days, 4 hours and 13 minutes.
Post by: hirley0 on October 30, 2009, 07:54:26 pm
Iran undermines heart of Western nuclear offer (
     Europea               leader                 press          
    deal would            stick limit         uranium voicing    
program.Full Story     over the country    its uranium enrichment
------------------- ------------------- -------------------------
 All About Yu-Na          How can I         request and accept.  
  you translate           allow me            you teach          
    system                 video                time            

yuna (
Title: Re: TNM09Fall 1 days, 4 hours and 15 minutes
Post by: hirley0 on October 31, 2009, 03:57:56 pm
YaNa ( ours and 42 minutes

       tango                  de                  roxanne      
    right now              other girls       Carolina and Sasha
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 Iranian lawma  ( Read 813 times
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Mad how this year was so quiet on the sunspot front at the beginning and now its well active.

Have you factored the "space weather" / ion radiation into your studies mr. Hirley0?

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I think this WAS the link I was looking for?  The domain may be for sale by its owner!

Some OLD links follow:  closed  19-October-2006, 07:42 AM  /Hub    the European Gravitational Observatory      Dangerous laboratories is involved

So it 2 is possible part of these tails trails? =: CLOSED 29-January-2005, 02:23 PM /CANDYBanned

20091112 10:07 AM the sYstem jams, everything comes to a standstill; i must disconnect & restart:;_ylt=AjCAe4aXSuI0v0VXib43WpJzfNdF

10:35  takes 1/2 hour to reduce their 7 to  (Ly/bugy)
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mY Opology Girls&Boys for the diversion i'LL now atempt to get back on track AFTER D'rail

1 days, 7 hours and
1 days, 7 hours and 11 minutes. SA/me SA/LP U Tu Hi-ME

==== that 76.28/58.80=1.297278912 really flies? 1 days, 8 hours and 10 minutes. ====

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O's F on Iran | 27 Votes  {{ ATTempting to ACcess "this" halts my computer.
20091122 1PM Aye MatI  1:10 try this instead

4:56 PM the wind will blow on Earth & on Mars the Moon  however may be a differant story

20091128 YEAH: boo place a 100+ year old lady on the world stage 4U: Read 1150
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I Am so bored with propoganda, I would hope this is the last LIne of the "FALL" TERM

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AP - Iran is ready to exchange the b
AP - 이란은 b를 교환하게 준비되어 있다
BS SOCIATED PRESS - Iran makes b exchange and is made to prepare
PRESS - der Iran bildet b-Austausch und wird gebildet, um sich vorzubereiten
l'Iran forme b-Austausch et est formé, pour se préparer
l' Se forma a Irán forma b-Austausch y, para prepararse