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Title: attn create-your-own-misadventure people
Post by: Triple Zero on September 26, 2010, 10:55:24 am
New project from the SheddingBikes guy, including a funky short url :-P

Scene 1
A Space Cowboy On Mars

Harold Ruminage has been tracking his bounty for years and is about to give up. He thought he had him on Mars, but the emptiness of this run down bedpan of a saloon means he's hit the end of the trail. If that scumbag isn't here then he isn't anywhere. Maybe he did die back on Earth like the street says.

Just then, Harold hears an ominous click from what can only be a shotgun. He spins around yanking his pistol from its holster...

and then? (

This is the first scene of the saga. We will create the longest running most chaotic interactive concept album ever. It will merge collaborative story telling with collaborative music to form one monstrous beast. Your music and continuing plot lines, submitted by email will be woven together with other people's continuations of the story to create a web of choices people can follow. As they travel, the sound track of their choices will play to guide them further in the story and the world.

The music will tell the story. The prose will shape the music. The only question is: And then?

I dunno, who knows he might be up for collaboration?

(and before you ask, yeah the role of music in this project isn't entirely clear to me either)