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Title: When Doves Cry- An Overwatch Fanfic
Post by: Chelagoras The Boulder on July 04, 2017, 04:19:07 am
Dunno if anyone plays Overwatch, but this is just a little something i threw together a while back. Will release a second chapter soon if i get motivated to polish it. anyways, enjoy!

“Alright, well that should cover just about everything, Miss Zaryanova. As usual you are as healthy as any three horses you’d care to name.”
“Thank you, Dr. Ziegler, I”-, Zarya trailed off. “Do you hear that?” she said. There was some sort of music coming from the general direction of the window. It sounded like a violin, but somehow more wavering.
“ Hear what? I don’t-“ her eyes widened,  then rolled, as her shoulders sagged in exasperated recognition.  “Not again,” Angela Ziegler said, “Not after last time!”
“Who is it? Talon?” said Zarya, glancing towards the enormous particle cannon she had lain in the corner of the room.
Mercy sighed. “I should be so lucky,” She said, pinching the bridge of her nose. “It’s one of my exes.”
“you hev….history with this man?”
“we only dated the one time!”, Mercy blurted, almost yelling,” I was just out of med school, some friends set me up on a blind date. ‘you need to get out and meet people’, they said, ‘he’s a handsome well-established doctor!’ they said. Pssh!”, Mercy said with a dismissing gesture of her hand
“It went badly?”
+++++++Some years previous, a fine French restaurant++++++++++++
Mercy sat in her only good evening dress across from a older German man with greying temples wearing what appeared to be a rough approximation of an army colonel’s coat, which might have been impressive, if not for the fact that officer’s coats were usually not white and definitely were not topped off with a ridiculously tall collection of hats stacked one on top of the other, which he had refused to remove upon entering the restaurant. He was currently engaged in telling what he believed to be a hilarious story, thumping the table and laughing nigh-maniacally.
“Und vait, it gets better! Vhen ze patient voke up, his skeleton vas missing, and ze doctor vas never seen again!” the man’s mad laughter filled the dining room now, with other patrons having stopped eating to gawk at the man in his stack of hats. Mercy’s eyes were wide with shock and embarrassment and her eyes swept around the room looking for some form of escape. She smiled awkwardly as The Medic made eye contact, his laughter dying down to normal levels. “Ah,” he sighed, “ Anyvay, zat’s how I lost my medical license.”
Mercy shot up straight at that, eyes wide as dinner plates. WHAT?! Nope. No no no no no. NO. She was done. “Check please!” she called to a nearby waiter, nervous smile still frozen across her features.
“Yikes, I dun’t blame you. Don’t know what you could see in a man like thet.”
“yea, well, I used to have a thing for older men.”
“Used to?” said Zarya, raising an eyebrow.
“Listen, I hate to ask this of you, but could you help me to get rid of him? Any attention I give him seems to only add fuel to the fire.”
“Say no more”, Zarya glanced again towards her particle cannon. “I do nut hev much experience in romance, but I can think of at least one way to be rid of unwanted suitors.”
“well, actually that’s not quite what I had in mi-“
But it was too late. In swift efficient motions, Zarya scooped up her cannon, pointed the barrel out of the window and fired several plasma grenades in the direction of the music, which was cut short with a screech and a cry of surprise.
Stepping into full view of the grounds outside, she quickly scanned for any sign of the man, and saw a flash of white ducking behind a tree. She vaulted out the first story window and fired the particle cannon at the tree, which started to vaporize. The man cried out a curse in German and rolled out from behind the tree pulled out some sort of weapon and returned fire.
Zarya activated her shields in time to deflect…needles? That was different. As she fought to keep a bead on the zigzagging doctor, she took a closer look at the target. The white coat, the brown hair now greyed at the temples, a gun that shoots needles…
The Medic also stopped. “Little Bear? Mien Gott, it has been years! Look how much you have grown! Your uncle would be so proud!”
Mercy’s shocked surprise at the sudden violence was now working into horrified dread. What was going on here?
Zarya approached the window she had just jumped out of with the Medic under one well-toned arm. “ Doctor, vhy did you nut tell me you knew the Medic, hes is old family friend!”
It took Mercy a few tries to get her jaw up off the floor. “You too know each other?”, Mercy said. “Know her? I delivered her!” said the Medic proudly.
“He and my uncle were comrades during the- would you call it a war?”
“Technically a series of covert assaults between gangs of mercenaries privately bankrolled by immensely wealthy business interests, but close enough, jah.”
Mercy’s stomach felt like a sack filled with powdered lead. She did not like where this was going. “Oh… so you two are close…that’s. just. WONDERFUL.” She said, her words slipping out through a clenched smile.
“Indeed!”, cried Zarya, slapping the medic on the back so hard his spectacles fell off. “Come Doctor, let me get you something in the mess hall, you can get to know teammates!”
Why God, why couldnt it be Talon? thought Mercy," those mercs I was prepared for today."