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Title: ITT I drink, and I write things.
Post by: The Wizard Joseph on December 23, 2017, 07:08:28 am
So it's a wee bit before Christmas and I'm with my beloved, disagreeable family. I love them dearly, but have in two days become tired of the crap. They all lean "right" to some degree politically and culturally and I count myself  left-moderate because I give a shite about human rights. They do too, but ask thwm WHICH humans and the shitshow proceeds as it does in uncountable homes across our fine United States and around the world for millions this season. I'm never going to be able to stop loving them, but the disagreement can dampen the brightest holiday candle of Joy. So I don't bring it up. I NEED my family and their support, love, and perspective like a fish needs water or a drunk his drink. The "holidays" are a heady brew indeed.

I've no intention or interest in bringing up the specifics of exactly HOW and over WHAT we disagree here, but it's enough to drive me to drink and vomit forth a few words here and resolve to continue the practice in a controlled manber as I am able. Not all of it will be belly aching, but The Sauce disinhibits me enough that insight and complaints alike pour forth in profusion. My true willing intent here is to see what comes of it if I keep up the practice over time. Right now it's complaint, but not without a certain contentment with the paradox of loving those that say, fucking believe, what I hate and pity, even as I draw strength from being with them as my beloved family.

Soon we will be engaged inour gifting rituals of "dirty Santa" wherein a gift is chosen by each in the range of $20-30 and placed in a pile to be chosen by lots who chooses one first. They can be stolen by others and it's great fun. I got a nice space heater this time and I suspect it will be in high demand. This game and much excellent food and love best describes my forthcoming Christmas experience.

 That and I voluntarily intend to go to Church on Sunday to be with my Father because he will like it and I may not have another chance for all I know. His health is waning at 68 years of age and a bypass and cancer in remission. I want to hear him sing, to sing with him, of the Lord he has dedicated his simple life to so effectively. By effective I mean that his love is expressed to people through his beliefs most effectively and he has changed lives by being who he is and believing what he believes. I can only honor this because it is good.

Whatever this season brings to us I can only hope that it's as fine season of rest and love as it may be. Soon enough there will be Strife in plenty,  but for now She rests and is filled with the love of the people that remember Her name. When this restive season ends hold onto your arse friends. For once the gifts are given, food et, and drinks wear off the Hard Times will be in full effect once more. For now be you content and reach out to someone in love who needs it and so refresh your soul for the next thing coming down the chimney after Christmas. It's going to be hard, but the best is yet to come. So too the worst, but whatever. Happy Holidays folks. I wish you the best and a victorious New Year!!
Title: Re: ITT I drink, and I write things.
Post by: The Wizard Joseph on January 31, 2018, 08:39:22 pm
Twelve double rum amd c oked tonight and karaoke everywhere in betweeb. It's been a good night. I sang my little hart out and heard some great folks at the GAY BAR doing the same! The Gay Bar around here is clked Player's. It was a Good Time indeed.

As for a topic beyond the amount I dreank and where I choose to vent about the sorrow I feek aboout those lost souls unable to properly  have a Good Time.  They have no idea how to.  The very Idea sets them apart from natural realiy. They FEAR the joy of it asthough the good Lord will begrudge them with fire for eternity  inastead of experiencing A Good Tme along with them. This is avery sad indeed. If they only knew that the God they hold to is with them nd awash in their joy and sorrow alike they might finally loosen their sphincter and tale a proper shite as He intended!

I think Jesus was trying to get this idea across to his home religious folk and never quite got it out. They could have stoned him for it and he had a date with the cross per the prophecy instead  .  How do you tell a whole damn thousand year religion to chill? One bit at a time. The shit could take millennia after the end of his time  and so here we are. The forces of the Beast are well entrenched in "theb church" and set against sinply letting folks live as they are. As has been the case until this last century in Western Civilization. But now I SWEAR the tide is turning!

When it finally over flows, maybe a century from now, the possibility of redemption of the wauward faiths will become a reality. Humanity will finally stop focusing on where folk put their parts and get back to whether or not they live in lies and despair.

Thos time is not here yet!

When it does come, and It Will, some of the folks from our benighted generation will be among those that stood in  the gap and said what's right to the powerful and wrong . Behold th woe upon them! Jesus said that the world will hate those that spread his Word. Behol the very Word is that of Freedom and Love. Doubt that not!

The booze is catching up with me. Good night ande may She bless you with the strength to not only have a Good Time, but to spread the Good News of freedom and Joy to the world one bit at a time and even for generations to come until the world finally Gets It!!!
Title: Re: ITT I drink, and I write things.
Post by: The Wizard Joseph on February 14, 2018, 01:25:18 am
It's been a hard climb out of the pit. I'm still not there yet, but I'm trying damn hard day after day to get myself up and out. Went to sing karaoke tonight again and had a ball! A Good Time indeed. My lot in life is one of Strife and Struggle, but not without its pleasant moments. Tonight at The Gay Bar I met a singer that I like and she likes me. Been a long time since I felt a "click" like this. It's mutual. She looks forward to seeing me again in a couple weeks!

Funny how that goes.  One day you're looking at nothing followed by more nothing and then you got something to look forward to. I can only hope that folks still in despair find solice from time to time as I have. Now back to the real world. The boredom and monotony of the poor and deprived life that I count myself blessed to have. Better bored and desperately deprived than truly bereft and without hope. Remember well : life can always be shittier!! Mine has lately been threadbare but better than the Real Bottom. Thank Goddess!!

I have no real love in my life right now besides the sort that I hold for humans in general. Hopefully if I  Strive well that will soon change. I want it to. We shall see. For those without such I can only say that the loneliness is only temporary unless you, consciously or otherwise, will it so. Everyone has their karma, destiny or grim fate. The difference is only in whether you act out of despair or not. That's it. If you want to really Get It start there. The choice of acting out of despair or hope. It's the only thing that matters because it's the only part of your life you have a choice about.

For my part sleep is catching up with me again and I shall take my leave, but remember well that there is a choice between fear and sweet joy no matter what trials beset ye. Farewell and goodnight!
Title: Re: ITT I drink, and I write things.
Post by: The Wizard Joseph on February 21, 2018, 08:18:35 am
Tonight I have my first bar fight since I don't know when. A****** said some s*** next thing I know this guy is trying to fight me. Funny part is I was the one who seem rational at the moment. People talk some s*** like they're going to swing but they never really do. The truth is I was happy to put him out of the place but none the less he decided that he was going to talk s*** to me. Next thing you know there's nothing between him and me but the cops and the motherfuking bartender who's upset.  Had a good night overall and everyone at the bar thought I was some kind of hero.I sang My Songs drank my drank and overall it was a great night. Good night good night sweet Eris and I hope I see you again the morning .