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Title: Sorry... for my long ab-sense
Post by: Capeditiea on September 02, 2018, 05:36:24 pm
i have no idea how to spell the word i was trying to say...

but first off, i shall cohearently explain the reason for my recent ab-sense...

1. i was working on music.
2. i lost phone connection for a bit...
3. i lost the website.
4. i ended up studying music like mad.
5. low hanging ceilings at the bottom of stairs are dangerous.

now to tell the story of what happened to my head.

Okay, so i was excited, my parents were leaving town for two days, so just after they left, i was enthuesed enough to hop down the stairs in a flamoyant manner. however the evil low hanging ceiling had other plans, and wanted to say "hi" to the top of my head, so after about a minute of being curled up into a ball yelling "OUCH! FUCK! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!" in some variation, i finally gathered enough courage to stand up, however, i went to the bathroom to see if anything went wrong since it clearly felt that i just experienced a scalping. However, it was the coolest scene ever, you know how like in anime when they get stabbed in the head or get destroyed by the enemy and blood sorta decides to make a river down the forehead and around the bridge of the nose into the lips and down the chin? well this was fascinating, but i had to deal with the blood defication. so my options were use a white towel and wrap around my head... use paper towels that were conviently placed their since my brother recently cleaned the bathroom... and toilet paper.

I decided that toilet paper would not be a great option, and the towel would get stained or saturated enough to turn into what ever colour the blood i was draining out... :O it was like a creamy red... so i ended up struggling to rip of a few sheets of paper towels, which they had a perfect plan to commit suicide into toilet water, but thanks to my quick reflexes i was able to catch the roll. The next hour or so, i felt like i was gonna bleed out, however, i ended up with anemia. and spent the rest of the weekend sitting nearly dead on the couch watching ghost adventures to hopefully summon ghosts or just randomly appear there... i don't know what i was thinking... however... i ended up watching the new power rangers movie... (well slightly new...)

The next day i ended up picking the scab, thankfully i have boosted my regeneration skill by about 3 levels in order to close the wound. I woke up with a really scary headache. you know the ones where if you suddenly get up the brain plots an evasion tactic to where it starts pushing against the skull screaming "LET ME OUT OF HERE!"

This persisted for the next few days, every time i would move, walk, or shit... the brain would think of a way to escape the head...

I feel better now, still anemic. :O my blood doesn't regenerate as fast as you humans does... it takes a month or so to completely gain the blood back... :O

it is possible i have not much blood left at all... due to the fact a bunch of it has kinda left the body... i have been tired a lot lately. But no worries. :D i am practically immortal... and hopefully i don't accidently turn into a vampire... :O that would suck...
Title: Re: Sorry... for my long ab-sense
Post by: Cain on September 02, 2018, 07:17:53 pm
Sorry's not good enough.  I'm going to need to see a doctor's note, or this is coming out of your holiday time.
Title: Re: Sorry... for my long ab-sense
Post by: Capeditiea on September 02, 2018, 07:44:41 pm

Dear Residents of Principia Discordia Forums,
Capeditiea is excused of having a bit of an absense, for minor health issues due to the lack of blood in their system. *some technological terms and such.

With our Deepest Regards
the Doctors of Irem.