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Apple Talk / Re: The International Discordian Society est. 2015 is MIA
« on: April 18, 2019, 08:53:28 pm »
Fucking shit!!!

it was, like, one of the only good ones

Apple Talk / Re: Cameo Dot com
« on: April 18, 2019, 05:44:45 pm »
The kid from that internet meme? -- genuinely looks like he's having the most fun out of anybody on the site

a rapidly decaying Bam Margera

For $50, Ernie Hudson will put on his Ghostbusters outfit for you:

this site is so depressing

Apple Talk / Re: Cameo Dot com
« on: April 18, 2019, 05:15:03 pm »
Garey Busey giving some great advice about riding on planes:

Some guys were having a Biodome watching party on 4/20 and hired Pauly Shore to say hi to them, and he kinda can't remember his lines from the movie:

Kevin McDonald, of Kids in the Hall, looks like he could really use that $30:

Apple Talk / Cameo Dot com
« on: April 18, 2019, 03:53:31 pm »
My current obsession is

You can pay C/D-list celebrities to record a short video for you. Most of these are birthday greetings and such. A lot of them are amusing just cause these people are clearly hard up for cash, and trying to channel their sincere energy.. to varying degrees of success.

Here's a fav: Wesley Snipes still cashing in on Blade -

If you find other good uns, link em here

RPG Ghetto / Re: Rappan Athuk 2019
« on: April 12, 2019, 02:48:32 pm »

I've got a copy of Bill Webb's Book of Dirty Tricks (by the same guy who wrote Rappan Athuk) -- it is a cursed tome. But I think it points at the best elements of Gygax style play. You familiar?

It has great tips like  -- sometimes when your party is camping in the wilderness, the watch will hear something in the bushes... but it's not a monster, it's a skunk. If they jump up with weapons drawn and start waking up the party, the skunk panics and blasts them. For the next few days, they have penalties to stealth and charisma checks.

Or Kill Me / Re: Discordian Philosophy vs. Discordian People
« on: April 11, 2019, 09:11:27 pm »
Fucking yikes, that dude's been though a lot.  :sad:

Literate Chaotic / Re: Cancel Culture
« on: April 11, 2019, 09:04:24 pm »
How do you create an opening to encourage self awareness that doesn’t put every victim and/or target of shitty people in danger?

How does Contrapoints do it?

Talking to the Bad Person as if they are another human and not a monster. That's how a lot of deprogramming / deradicalization works.

I say this as someone whose mind has been changed about bad things in the past. Telling me to die over and over again would not have worked, it would have made me dig in and go "okay, fuck you too".

If you leave the door open for some things to be “on a scale” you create a /fucking dangerous/ gap in your defenses.

If you're saying that Aziz Ansari and Harvey Weinstein did the exact same thing and deserve the exact same treatment, you're also creating a lot of damage.

There are things we should be deal with in absolute terms, no doubt. But saying 'I think we should try to understand why terrible people do those terrible things' is not exactly a nazi talking point.

What you’re talking about specifically above is a backdoor for concern trolls, sea lions, and a kind of troll I don’t have a snappy term for that promotes exactly one tiny shitty part of a larger shitty ideology, but publicly rejects the rest of it, in an attempt to win over community members, bit by bit, to being totally shitty.

As an aside, I want to point out a structural similarity to the welfare queen argument - some people will always abuse charitable systems. At what degree of abuse should we go "well fuck it, charity is cancelled now."

There is no foolproof methodology, no opening that cannot be exploited. Shit's complicated. Absolutism does not solve this for the right, and it won't work for the left.

Personally, one of the lines I draw is bad faith arguments. It's evidence of a closed mind, which is a waste of time to communicate with.

ITT, Con-Troll, for example, was not trying to troll us, he was trying to explain a genuine perspective (albeit poorly).
Someone like RP who is just trying to troll the board and piss people off is not worth the attempt at sincerity.

Apple Talk / Re: ITT: Best Posts of the Day
« on: April 11, 2019, 04:46:58 pm »
Years late, but I am awarding St. Vincent Post of the Day for this gem:

Quote from: East Coast Hustle
Quote from: Verthaine
There are discordians here that think it is their duty to sow discord and create chaos.And there are those of us who know better...

OK, dude, you know I wouldn't call you out on something if I didn't feel it was not only justified but necessary...

THAT statement is some seriously judgemental bullshit. I shouldn't have to explain why, but if you want me to, I will (in as non-assholish a way as possible, and over PM if you prefer.)

Let me clarify.very few here know how to sow discord that
1-teaches some one a valuable lession
2-creates something positive out of it
3-doesn't make a bad situation worse
4-doesn't blow up in you face.
5-unwilling to face the consequences of wht they sow

and as to creating chaos
1-only eris can create chaos.
2-what people mistake for chaos is actaully drama.

I always thought being a discordian should at least give you an understanding as to when it is nescessary to generate eristic vibe to counteract an area that is heavily infeated with aneristic energy.


Or Kill Me / Re: Discordian Philosophy vs. Discordian People
« on: April 11, 2019, 04:44:17 pm »
Quote from: metapunk
I know that all of you fucking discordians are just a bunch of haters who seem to do anything you can to distance yourself from fucking anarchists which is just fine and dandy sit in your house on your computer and type inane shite all day until your fingers fall off.

I was merely drawing a metaphor between the rise of civilization and the rise of a greyface mentality. Of course since all of you are happily dependent upon pinks and greys to feed you then you really have no problems with the near enslavement of individuals suffering in 3rd world countries to produce the precious commodities like your playstation 2.
Hey you got it might as well play it.

First off,I too was stating my opinions.Since you seem to lump all us discordians on this board into one lump catagory,I took it upon myself to let you know who I AM.I don't have to put words into anyones mouth.I can use the words they put forth just as nicely.
Now I am going to ask you a question metapunk.

Since you seem to think all the members of this board(which I am a member of)do nothing all day but sit in front of a computer all day talking shit to one another,let me ask toy this.
 Wanna know where I was.I was sitting in my apt. in New Orleans hoping my building didn't crash down around me.Unlike most of the N.O. whaaanarchist who vamoosed as soon as they could get mommy and daddy ot take them home.I stayed behind becuase my home was the safest place I could be at the time.When Katrina ended I walked out to see my city in ruins.I looted wate and food,not just for myself,but for others less fortunate then I. I helped out old people,I got formula and diapers for babies(and some of those where the babies of punk rockers and anarchists to scared or lazy to do it on their own)
I am very familiar with many of the anarchists in this city,and you know what they were doing during all this.Looting money,booze,Playstations and X-boxes,along with the cops.Scuse me meta punk,but how many times did you have to pass the same dead body lying in the middle of the street on your way to get food and water.No lie.On Magazine and Jackson there was a dead body lying there for 4 days before some of the neighbors there buried it in an abandondoned lot to prevent the outbreak of disease,and to give the poor soul some dignity.I should know,I helped bury him.
If you really want to know what its like to live in anarchy,in an area where there is no law and order,ask the people who were raped and killed in the Superdome and Convention center.
I never had to carry a weapon in all the time I lived in N'awlins,until Katrina.Ever worried about someone killing you over food and water metapunk.Trust me,it isn't a nice feeling.Ever had cops come up to you and tell you you not only have to leave your home,but the city you live in.Hows that for greyface mentality.I survived because I understand the Way of Eris.I just don't talk about chaos,confusion and strife,I survive it.

You know what Mp,fuck a bunch a third world people.I'm a nigger in America..N'awlins is a third world city right smack in the middle of America.Wheres your symphathy for me.What are you doing to help me get my city back.Can you give me my job back.Can you bring back all my friends and co-workers who are scattered across the country? .Do you have a home metapunk.I can't get back to mine yet because I need an id,and guess what,all my i.d. is at N'awlins.
You come on this baord waving your moral superiority around like your Long Dong Silver.What gives you the right to come on this forum and tell anyone here how to be a discordian.What have you done to merit you someone like St.Hugh,Ssbella,TGGR,and all the others on this board how to be a discordian.
Lets face it,the real reason you call us hatersisd because we didn't automatically fall on our knees and kiss your ass the moment you arrived on this board .
This forum id the true face of anarchism.You either run with the wolves,or you get eaten by the wolves.(except for Fluffy,because she can probably totally kick the crap out of a wolf).

in an unrelated discordian space, some people are currently gushing over the Book of Eris. So today, I am reflecting on St Vincent Verthaine, perhaps the best of us

for some reason, I had it in my head that nobody had heard from him after Katrina. But clearly that's wrong -- and he's a survivor. I pray he's still out there somewhere.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Cancel Culture
« on: April 11, 2019, 03:02:21 pm »
Aw, I hope not. I want to see if Cram puts on his “be-nice-to-the-shithead” hat or not. I’m guessing he’s about 70% of the way to where even nice-hat Cram will take a rancid dump on his open eyes, and that’s always an incredible sight.

somebody on the internet had a bad opinion so you want me to do this machismo threatening monkey thing? Detail the horrific violence I wish upon them? I'll pass--that's not my style, and it tends to make things worse.

I hate to advocate the devil, but there is a scale-----
Al Franken is not the same thing as Brock Turner.
Aziz Ansari is not the same thing as Harvey Weinstein.
People hypnotized by fascist ideology as a reaction to liberal moral outrage is not the same thing as someone who attends KKK meetings.

part of the difference is in the self awareness, the capacity to recognize an error and address it within oneself.

What role can we play in that? We can help prompt that reflection.

That's ContraPoints goal, and why her channel is so good - she doesn't lecture, she doesn't sermonize, she genuinely tries to understand where they're coming from and correct the error. She does it with honey, not vinegar. Empathy, not judgment. She doesn't trigger the defense shields. Cause that actually works.

Upthread, I mentioned how telling pro-life feminists that they are not allowed to be feminists has hastened the fracturing of feminism, in some ways decreasing its efficacy as a female coalition and causing it to sink into the quagmire of left vs right politics. It's not something you can easily generalize - not all identities deserve a place at the intersectional table. But I do think the real work gets done at the table, not across the aisle.

and I have a selfish reason for not lashing out, too -- when this board becomes a bunch of monkey screeching, following people from thread to thread and telling them to fuck off, I drift away. It creates an evironment where everybody only posts "safe" opinions and we are just patting each other on the back for being right. Yeah, some poptarts and genuine trolls do deserve that howling. One of my fav things about PD is being challenged, encountering opinions outside my own, and trying to understand where they're coming from (even if I will never agree).

lol, here I am, sermonizing -- sorry

Or Kill Me / Re: He Was
« on: April 10, 2019, 05:08:03 pm »
You paint a powerful and touching portrait

I'm sorry for your loss and am here if you need

Literate Chaotic / Re: Cancel Culture
« on: April 10, 2019, 02:23:33 pm »
I knew what about these terrible people though? was coming. I admit--what's missing from my OP is a bit about how there are good reasons we want to do this and sometimes it's an important part of the immune system.

Louis CK really had an opportunity to turn it around, and failed. I think it would do our whole culture a lot of good if we saw some people turn it around properly.

I have a different social circle experience... I don't want to go into details, but it's basically the weaponization of #MeToo energy. In short, I've watched a friend get unfairly dragged. There is no quarter given for apology or healing, and no accusations have been made in a public forum where they can be addressed. And our organization has suffered for it.

Part of the motivation for writing the OP was watching the crowd turn on Nathan Pyle, the guy who draws this comic:

The dude made a pro-life tweet in 2017, and god, some of the people on my friends list got real upset about it.  I saw a bunch of posts where people jumped on a soap box to denounce him and declare his comic dead. Like his religious affiliation is some huge betrayal, like it totally sours these non-political feel-good comics about cute aliens.

The next day, someone else crawled through all of his posts over the last two years, and found tons of stuff that fills in the rest of the canvas - he supports Black Lives Matter, is anti-trump, calls out hypocritical christians who lack compassion, and generally supports left wing politics. In the overall calculus of things, he seems alright.

I found myself weirdly annoyed that people got hung up on this one piece of data, excluding everything else. CANCELLED.

in part, it sits weird with me because I watched this video the other day, where a panel of 10 women were debating about feminism. The ones that didn't identify as feminists were asked -- why not?

A few of them said that their pro-life stance led to them being publicly called out and rejected from feminist spaces. That the current incarnation of feminism is only for lefties. Is that ideal? It really made me think.

It's interesting to me. I keep thinking about Marshal McLuhan's "The Medium is the Message" -- the structure of social media filters us into finer and finer islands. What does that do for the efficacy of political movements?

At a certain point, alchemically speaking, separation must be followed by coagulation. In the post-trump years, we will need to build coalitions or things will remain as they are.

And look - I make art. I run events. I have weird opinions. I'm also an idiot. I make mistakes. I don't want to live in a world where in order to make art successfully, I have to hide everything about myself and put forward this totally sanitized beige radio-friendly exterior. When I look at my favorite artists, writers, etc--they are all flawed shitbags. It's the human condition. After failure, I think there is room for acknowledgement and growth. I don't see that happening in a lot of #CancelCulture.

Literate Chaotic / Re: Cancel Culture
« on: April 09, 2019, 07:15:10 pm »
yeah but point of order - R. Kelly's issue is not as trivial as human error, misreading the crowd, or making a bad tweet during a less progressive time.

Apple Talk / Re: Open Bar: Drinks are on the Supreme Court
« on: April 09, 2019, 02:28:16 pm »
If they ever make a Muppet version of Naked Lunch, they should let Gonzo Play the role of Doctor Henway.
There's the horrifying story of him doing open heart surgery on a pregnant woman in the bathroom of the subway with a plunger, imagining gonzo doing that makes it way better.

Jim Henson Productions and lucas arts can consult on the Mugwamp puppet, animatronic or hand manipulated, jizzing from its head

We will not be living in a Brave New Worldtm until we see a Muppet adaptation of Sartre's works

Literate Chaotic / Cancel Culture
« on: April 09, 2019, 02:11:45 pm »
They were the idol, I was devoted.
Then they strayed into discomfort,
now they're CANCELLED.
now their art means NOTHING.

Through 'Share' Sermons and 'Like' Pulpits, we assemble like clergy.
We watch you like fireworks, like the sermon on the Mount Rushmore.
We made these boots for you, size 100, they must fit you.

You say the things we want you to say.
Stay on course, you are perfect
reenforce and support me, you are perfect
give us the sequel, you are perfect
We made you, monster, and we can break you

We worship gods, not humans
If your hand shakes as you draw the line between up and down
the eddy will twist into a vortex
your head will spin in exorcism
we throw the clothes that smell like you in a trash can, light it on fire, and sob

The thumbs up are paparrazi now, following you to your car, chasing you through the tunnel
don't be human don't be human don't be human
faster and faster, the double yellow line thrashes back and forth like a snake
We crash at top speed into a tweet you made five years ago
the age of fools

Now the chase is over, we righteously unfollow
we are righteously the crowd, the gallows, the passion

A parade in your dishonor
Like some defeated Gothic King
still living, now silent

Someone will stand atop your warm corpse like a soap box
Calling Out a euology, wreathed with paparrazi
you will not rest in peace. you will be forgotten.
you will diminish, move out to the country,
haunted by the aftertaste of ambrosia
no one cares about you anymore

How could you do this to us?
Repentance is for mortals, not gods
maybe you'll get one more moment in the sublimelight
which is not about your art, it's your apology tour.
With the stage lights focused like lasers
you will be naked and blemished,
disgusting and shameful.

I tell all my friends I will never enjoy you again,
and if my friends relate to you,
fuck them, too

sitting in the audience, clothed in unimportance
our blemishes and our shame are private
the pulpit is empty--we have emptied it, you and I
I call out another motherfucker
to viral applause
standing before the cathedral
purifying myself
for ascent

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