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Or Kill Me / Warning: Here there be cliches!
« on: June 23, 2006, 02:45:47 am »
Don't say I didn't warn you.


Look in the mirror.

Youé─˘ve heard it so many times its lost its real meaning. You look in the mirror and what are you looking at?

Your waistline? Hafta go on that diet or so-and-so will never look my way. Why not?

Those dark circles? Working late hours at that soul-sucking job of yours, or getting up at unholy hours of the morning to get to school. Good for you.

That zit you hope no one notices? Clear skin is necessary to be Popular éĐó

You should look in your eyes. What do you see in them? Weary resignation? Or a coiled dragon?

We are conditioned from birth to be PopularéĐó

Ité─˘s the American Way.

Now throw it all away. All those concerns about what They think.

Ask yourself: What makes Them happy? You being shepherded through life, thats what.

What does a shepherd do to the sheep, really? Ié─˘ll tell you.

They force them from point é─˙Aé─¨ to point é─˙Bé─¨. They shear them twice a year, and when they can get away with it, they eat a sheep or two. Thaté─˘s assuming theyé─˘re not into the é─˙friendly farm animalé─¨ bit, in which case, they screw you too.

We are conditioned from birth to be PopularéĐó

To be a well-oiled cog in the machine, interlocking and running smoothly with the others in the machine.

Now stop.

When we set aside the things they tell us with Barbie dolls and G.I. Joes, when we stop caring what they think, we become an anomaly.

They doné─˘t like anomalies. Anomalies are dangerous, so they make the road easy for those sheep who heed the shepherdé─˘s crooks, and try to minimize anomalies.

Now comes the hard part: transformation from cog to big, stinkiné─˘ MONKEY WRENCH!!

From complacent sheep to ugly-ass GOAT!!

Doné─˘t be PopularéĐó


I warned you about the cliches. No, you may not have your five minutes back, no flash photography, thank you in advance for your CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

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