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Literate Chaotic / the eldritch dark (clark ashton smith)
« on: June 23, 2007, 10:52:28 pm »
since I just mentioned in another folder that Im just reading some clark ashton edit: smith heres a link to many of his stories and poetry (hes my fav american poet) which is pretty cool/crazy IMO- check it:

one fav is of course the hashish eater which begins thus:

Bow down: I am the emperor of dreams;
I crown me with the million-colored sun
Of secret worlds incredible, and take
Their trailing skies for vestment when I soar,
Throned on the mounting zenith, and illume
The spaceward-flown horizons infinite.

Today I once again thought how much I despise modern democracy (and I dont mean the U.S. party- but this oligarchic elbow system of upstarts and pseudo liberty)- monarchy or a good aristocracy is whats needed again since this power groups of uncultured liberti are only bringing us down.

 No spiritual or poitical advanvcement has come out of it anyway: Buddha and Marx were both well-off nobs, Jesus an unwilling bum and Moses was as reluctant as all other prophets have been (read the passage in the scrpits-there he said: Im an Egyptian of good standing, what have I to do with those paupers, those Hebrews anyway, and when there was no argument left: but I doné─˘t WANT to..(lead them etc) but his God was relentless- his madness (his Lord) was insurmountable), free-men like the Scots or whoeveré─Âthe Macedonians or..the Tyroleans or Swiss in the Alps only brought trouble thru their defetist attitudes but were to pointless to matter anyway, the Russian revolution was staged not by é─˙the peopleé─¨ but by political manipulators like Lenin and it was parvenus like the central asian felach Stalin or the narrow minded Gefreiter Hitler who- w/o any philosophical insight- have brought the most suffering. Crowley was wrong- no, the lesser men are not all stars, they are the worst if they get on top as it happens in the West today! (and this systems propagators think themselves as the only righteous). Everyone is thinking that they are special when they are not- stultify them, show them there places- press them into a strict caste system, make them learn their fathers trades and do away with all the subtle psychologizing excuses for self-fulfillment and this whole liberty and freedom-rights crap- this would be better for the human race: to return to the simple archaic aristocracy of the Greek colonies or the well balanced Egyptian theocratic monarchy- and people will prosper again and less will have delusions of grandeur (myself included if it must be).

p.s. Have you ever strewn some views that are deemded extremist by the average majority into an otherwise normal or even boring conversation? More often than not its not even recognized, but sometimes- if it is- this can give you a mysterious aura (or a kick in the butt- depending on whether you say it at a party at an embassy or at the local prole hang-out. ;))

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