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So I ordered some of this stuff a year ago and it finally arrived today. I had long ago given up all hope so I was so happy I nearly tripped running from the UPS truck and impaled myself on a garden gnome. Now while some of you folk might say "good riddance to bad rubbish" I said victory is mine, went inside and made myself some soylent.

For those of you who don't know what soylent is, it's a gimmicky version of Ensure that was supposedly inspired by The Matrix (which is what inspired me to buy it, I love The Matrix, don't care how played out it is at all). Remember that scene in the Nebuchadnezzar where Neo gets served up a bowl of white spaceship jizz and goes wtf, to which Morpheus sagely replies "it has everything the body needs"? This is supposed to be like that stuff.

Only it really isn't. I can't turn my tap on and have soylent pour into my piehole. As obscene as food delivered via the kitchen sink sounds it would be really neat. The guy who developed the product wants to make that reality because he has ambitions for curing world hunger but considering it took them a year to ship me 1 week's worth of powdered food I am not holding my breath. Plus it requires potable water which is also an issue.

The ingredients, I like that there are included some exotic trace minerals not even most nutritionists consider including such as Chromium and Molybdenium and the ingredients are not at all exotic, which probably took a lot of thought in itself as exotic ingredients would defeat the purpose.

The taste is like Ensure, smells like baby food and this is kind of repulsive. If it's all you eat you'll be pooping baby poops too since it is a soupy liquid meant to be consumed like you would a smoothie. Not a fan of this. Would be more interested in some kind of compact food cube like... pokeblocks or something.

HOWEVER once I began slurping it down I could not get enough and had to cut myself off to avoid getting iron poisoning or some other mineral OD. My body smiled and this tells me I must've been missing some essential nutrient, which is really scary. I did some homework, wrote some fiction and played some videogames and it was all remarkably easier to do and this is after having taken a course of nootropics for months with limited effect. I was definitely short on something big time. I am craving the stuff right now.

This ain't a sales pitch, I think it's actually somewhat easy to make your own version of Matrix soup. I've read recipes where people have attempted making their own and most seem decent.

I am excited for the future of food in general though, With all these zero calorie products and supernutrient rich one stop blends I think a future where food is only eaten for fun and excitement because the nutrient part is easy is within our reach unless our genetics change too much due to radiation. Food is serious business and it shouldn't be because it's kind of a downer.

Aneristic Illusions / Generation Y Can't I Do That
« on: September 25, 2014, 04:38:55 am »
Ah the Millenials. Sociologists love to hate us and so does your grandmother. We are a generation that will never stop believing, even when it is clearly bad for us. No boundary is too uncrossable, no dream too unachievable, no organism too unfuckable.

You know what the problem is with us Y people? We all know that whoever named us Generation Y was trying to imply that our children were going to be born into a post-apocalyptic world in order to sell us bulk camping gear and expensive bunkers for the Paris HIltons yet we all know exactly what we would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

We are a generation who pretty much without exception get the big con yet buy into it anyway. For shits and giggles. For the lulz. We know the Baby Boomers took all the good stuff and left us with a gaping anus for a world, yet most of us are employed by them, listening to their full of shit personal development speeches, trying hopelessly to gain their approval on TV networks, which we know are just another one of those played out jokes. Some of us buy iphones to be ironic (and if you have done this may God have mercy on your soul).

Why do we do it? Why, why is everything a big joke to Generation Y? Even our civil rights movements are jokes, our versions of feminism, masculinity, LGBT culture and so on is nothing but a litany of inane tumblr memes spiring into an endless universe of I can out-obscure your special little snowflakeness. There's hardly any cohesiveness, except on the social mores of the Boomers. Those we have all collectively and silently agreed to uphold. As a joke of course. To be ironic. Because we can't be arsed to do anything about it. It's nihilism with a twist of rainbow. Spawned of the kind of world Aldous Huxley dreamed up in such simplistic terms, we willingly call each others Alphas, Betas, Gammas and so on. Well, some of us. To some of us these things are offensive, yet not as offensive as the Boomer's struggles it seems. Nothing to provoke real rage, but slang words to refer to different human races? Something we all know, as members of Generation Y and an integrated global world, we are completely, well past seeing as actual problems?

Our rage is gone. For all the jokes we're capable of, our ineffectiveness is decidedly unfunny.

So when people think weapons and guns and the right to have them they think AMERICA FUCK YEAH or AMERICA FUCK NO.

Less people, maybe y'all are a big exception because this is a rosebud of genius, are aware of just how many other countries also put this into their law. Citizens can arm themselves without being viewed as criminals and can in certain situations use those weapons to kill people. Russia of course has this, Switzerland's pretty unique in that their military's a tiny professional force bolstered by mostly civilians with State issued assault rifles (and whatever else they want to buy). Israel's got a bizarre restrictive and permissive environment where a person is only allowed to own one pistol legally but is highly encouraged to do so. Yemen does not care what you want to buy short of missiles and WMDs and if you live there, you probably need something. Plenty of African countries are like this too hence the popular cliche "go to Somalia if you like to do xyz".

What is your opinion on weapon policy? Do you like weapons? Own any? Hate violence and love peace? This is a discussion thread.

In Discordianism generally violence is relegated as something Aneristic. So what does this make gun control? Essentially gun control requires forceful seizure of weapons and a high amount of control to keep weapons out of civilian hands. Is this also Aneristic?

Or Kill Me / Talking to a parasite
« on: March 13, 2008, 03:07:32 am »
You'll always be eating something. Food, music, drugs, emotion, laughter, knowledge or people, you'll get your fill. When Mother Dopamine was ripped away from your lips after infancy, the emptiness needed to be filled. I wouldn't disregard the numerous people who never suckled. But the instinct is still there. You're a consumer, a big gluttonous parasite.

What you consume turns to shit. That's the natural order of things and all animals produce shit. Only you are a superior animal, human. The hairless apes are so refined, civilized, powerful and intelligent in the ways which they consume and produce shit. Entire cultures revolve around feeding and waste production. They turn the land into dunghills and fling their feces, using the waste of what they consume as a mockery of what they consume.

Your opinions, your tastes, your personality, your goals, your hopes, your beliefs and maybe even your life are nothing but an imitation. You're degraded to eating other people's shit, or flinging what you've acquired at people who don't appreciate that particular taste. You don't actually own anything do you? It was all someone else's idea wasn't it? It's not your Jesus or your music or your opium. And yet you go on acting like you wouldn't know the difference, sculpting your piles of other people's shit to be aesthetically pleasing. To whatever best suits your tastes. Whatever might bring you closest to Mother. Whatever makes you happy, sedated, braindead, suspended in a grey stupor between life and death.

 You would take it all if you could wouldn't you? All that's left of it anyway. Everyone wants to know what will happen to them. If they don't, they're left with emptiness. Make the parasite doubt and it will begin to starve. When that hole isn't filled, it swells with fear. That's not acid boiling in your stomach. You've been away from Mother for too long and if you don't run along home, who knows what might happen? You might lose your fix. You might not fit in anymore. You might not be loved. You might die.

You might be reborn.

I suck at this writing stuff.  :lulz:

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