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Apple Talk / Will the real holistic medicine please stand up?
« on: November 17, 2013, 11:10:56 am »
I've finally put my finger on what pisses me off about "holistic healers" or whatever they call themselves. It's that they understand the problem: modern/western/capitalist/whatever doctors elevating diseases in their particular specialty over the people who have them. And they understand the solution: treat the whole person.

And after having both of those insights what they actually do is crystal-flavored drivel. It is entirely fair to criticize psychiatrists that try to solve every problem by throwing drugs at it, regardless of what the problem actually is. But the exact same criticism applies to so-called healers who try to blast everything with spirit energy. The drug obsessed shrink is reducing all of his human patients to a puddle of chemicals, the holist is reducing his patients to waves of colored aura. Both refuse to recognize or treat any aspect of the patient that wasn't already their specialty.

Where are all the people who say, "I believe in treating the whole person. That's why I have thorough training in psychology, psychiatry, special needs education, endocrinology, regular education, relationship counseling, physical therapy, gynecology, career counseling, oncology, nutrition, and the top seven most common religions in my area." ???

I really don't want to have to pioneer this shit. Becoming a polymath sounds suspiciously like work.

Apple Talk / Your top 4 threads
« on: November 01, 2013, 01:17:40 am »
[channeling Cramulus]

40 years in the future, a neo-hipster comes to you. It's doing an art project on the online communities that existed in the transition era when people were starting to have personal online presences, but those online presences were largely distinct from their day-to-day lives, back when there was a public/private distinction.

All of the good boards were taken, so it's chosen

What four threads that you've started do you make him read?

Apple Talk / Alexandra
« on: October 18, 2013, 04:54:16 am »
This is a true story. Because of its personal nature, all names have been changed. Told with permission of the heroine.
Keywords: Abnormal Psychology, Abuse, Retail, and Decent Human Beings

I met Alexis (short for "Alexandra") in college, my junior year, her freshman year. She showed up to an Anime Club meeting one day, invited by Bob (her future boyfriend) and ended up staying late afterwards to play Cosmic Encounters with us. Our geek circle drafted her after that - not many people were willing to put up with my roommate's girlfriend's game of choice, which was two decrepit copies of Cosmic Encounter, different editions, each owned by one of her parents before they dated each other, and played with barely-remembered house rules.

Alexis is short and thin, with glasses and pretty blonde hair. She can un-dislocate her shoulder by slamming into a wall, a trick she learned because her shoulder joints are weak and will dislocate if her arms are raised too high above her head. It didn't stop her from being active in Tae Kwon Do and play-sparring with us, so we got to see it a lot. She was peppy and energetic, acted like a stereotypical "genki girl". She hugged friends as a way of greeting, and laughed when Bob and I awkwardly flopped, too INTP to return the hug properly. When anyone did anything for her, no matter how small, she gushed gratitude. She smiled a lot. Usually when someone says this about a person, they mean that he was happy. I mean that she emoted. She smiled a lot, and when something especially good happened she would squee and say "Happy Face!" out loud, in case anyone didn't see how much she was smiling.

I stopped using the word "rape" casually because of Alexis. I played video games a lot, both with friends and online, and I had picked up some gamer slang. "Pwn" was getting stale, and gamers were reaching for new words to embellish games. If you were winning across the board, you were "dominating" your opponent. If an opponent was capitalizing on your play errors, you were being "spanked". A game that was shamefully and utterly one-sided was described as "rape", as in "Z nine-pooled and 'toss fucked up his opening placement, so when the 'lings hit his mineral line from the opposite side they basically anally raped all his workers with ten-foot barbed poles."

Alexis enjoyed playing video games with us, but lurid descriptions like that caused her to stop having fun. She asked me to stop, so I did, first around her and then at all. It was surprisingly easy to cut a word from my vocabulary. I've seen some heated arguments on gaming forums about political correctness and censorship and 'feminazis', and while I'm as against Nazis censoring people as the next guy, none of those arguments really matter when loose speech is preventing a friend and fellow gamer from enjoying the games we love.

At this point I should mention that rape is going to be important to this story, and I need to include a few details for all the events to make sense. If reading about the kind of child abuse and sexual assault that causes PTSD might upset you, exercise your judgment. This chapter of Alexis's life has a -- well, not exactly a happy ending, but at least an optimistic ending. If you yourself are struggling with PTSD, her story might be useful to you. I'll give you another warning before the sections that contain potential triggers.

To be continued as I write it down.

Apple Talk / Dissociative Identity Disorder Thread
« on: October 17, 2013, 02:17:27 am »
News in head...
Apparently the lady running the show is named Katharine...
Katharine has decided we are going to integrate.

I'm apparently not being allowed to be alarmed about it, so other people in my head are feeling alarmed for me.

In short, I expect to be batshit for a while, and not in a really cool Hirley0 way...In a very messy, moodswingy sort of way, and thus off the board.
Y'all be cool, ok?

*salutes, heads off to support forums.*

It's your life, but maybe you should talk to someone about that?

Yeah, another victim of MPP.  The strange sort of MPP that never seems to hit the medical journals.  The ones where the personalities talk about shit with each other.

I've seen it in person. A friend's doctor is circulating some of friend's autobiographical writing among her colleagues try to get other doctors to stop telling clients that their dissociative identity disorder is just whining. I had lean on him really hard to get him to tell his doctor (who he was already seeing for PTSD & depression) about the other personalities. He was able to tell her about the awful incident(s) relating to his PTSD, but DID was too much. He eventually had to call me into the room to tell his doctor for him, because he couldn't work up to telling her himself.

It's by the single most stigmatized mental disorder. Some people treat you like shit if they find out you're schizophrenic, but at least they admit schizophrenia exists. And some of those skeptics are practicing doctors, so they give elaborate diagnoses like bipolar + poor memory + ADHD + schizophrenia + compulsive lying + whatever instead of admitting that there really is one diagnosis that explains both the full set of symptoms and why the cocktail of 8 different neuroactive drugs isn't helping.

The personalities that consider themselves alternate are afraid treatment will entail a literal existential crisis for them, so they steer the person away from psychologists. When they do make it to a doctor, and the doctor tells them they're full of shit and prescribes them brain-melting bipolar drugs, they tend not to go back. It's vastly underreported.

DID is real and serious business, and science has some catching up to do in the area. Psychologists have a long history of misunderstanding mental disorders for quite a long time before starting to figure them out. Just about every mental disorder has had to struggle for recognition. It is not supported by past results to claim that because many psychologists are skeptical of it it doesn't exist.

Apple Talk / GA goes to New York City
« on: August 09, 2013, 10:29:35 pm »
I'm traveling to New York City for the first time, to calm a panicked client. Thinking I'll microblog the trip here, if anything particularly interesting happens. It will probably all go sideways one way or another.

Any heads up / warnings / advice? Anybody in NYC want to hang out?

I wasn't really around for this, but apparently there was some massive moral panic about all these Crack Babies, who were going to be retarded and criminal for their whole lives and cause the end of society?

A 24 year study of over 200 people, from infancy to adulthood, half exposed to cocaine in utero and half not, has found essentially no statistically significant difference between the mental abilities of the so-called "crack babies" and the control group. Not that they weren't below average developmentally on almost every test - they were - but so was the control group.

Hurt organized a study of 224 near-term or full-term babies born at Einstein between 1989 and 1992 - half with mothers who used cocaine during pregnancy and half who were not exposed to the drug in utero. All the babies came from low-income families, and nearly all were African Americans.


Hurt, who is also a professor of pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania, is always quick to point out that cocaine can have devastating effects on pregnancy. The drug can cause a problematic rise in a pregnant woman's blood pressure, trigger premature labor, and may be linked to a dangerous condition in which the placenta tears away from the uterine wall. Babies born prematurely, no matter the cause, are at risk for a host of medical and developmental problems. On top of that, a parent's drug use can create a chaotic home life for a child.

Hurt's study enrolled only full-term babies so the possible effects of prematurity did not skew the results. The babies were then evaluated periodically, beginning at six months and then every six or 12 months on through young adulthood. Their mothers agreed to be tested for drug use throughout the study.

The researchers consistently found no significant differences between the cocaine-exposed children and the controls. At age 4, for instance, the average IQ of the cocaine-exposed children was 79.0 and the average IQ for the nonexposed children was 81.9. Both numbers are well below the average of 90 to 109 for U.S. children in the same age group. When it came to school readiness at age 6, about 25 percent of children in each group scored in the abnormal range on tests for math and letter and word recognition.

"We went looking for the effects of cocaine," Hurt said. But after a time "we began to ask, 'Was there something else going on?' "

While the cocaine-exposed children and a group of nonexposed controls performed about the same on tests, both groups lagged on developmental and intellectual measures compared to the norm. Hurt and her team began to think the "something else" was poverty.

As the children grew, the researchers did many evaluations to tease out environmental factors that could be affecting their development. On the upside, they found that children being raised in a nurturing home - measured by such factors as caregiver warmth and affection and language stimulation - were doing better than kids in a less nurturing home. On the downside, they found that 81 percent of the children had seen someone arrested; 74 percent had heard gunshots; 35 percent had seen someone get shot; and 19 percent had seen a dead body outside - and the kids were only 7 years old at the time. Those children who reported a high exposure to violence were likelier to show signs of depression and anxiety and to have lower self-esteem.


"Poverty is a more powerful influence on the outcome of inner-city children than gestational exposure to cocaine," Hurt said at her May lecture.

Techmology and Scientism / Math with the passion of a THOUSAND SUNS
« on: May 25, 2013, 10:22:06 am »
Math thread.

Ask about:
graph theory
game theory
abstract algebra (math over fields of functions or other weird objects that aren't normally thought of as numbers.)
vector spaces
predicate logic
lambda calculus
regular expressions
set theory <-- actually probably the best starting point for learning math, even easier than algebra
number theory

I know a little about fractals and chaos theory, and next to nothing about knot theory, but I might be able to help with articles intended for a lay audience about them.

Stats are useful and therefore not real math, and outside the scope of this thread.

I swear to god do not even talk about quantum physics. Quantum physics math is bullshit. I don't mean the goofy physical interpretations that imply magic not-particles or whatever. I mean physicists make up axioms as they go along. "Okay, we have a raising and lowering operator. But we must have a bottom rung of our energy ladder or else we'd get particles with negative energy, and that would be silly. So a step down from the bottom step must have a non-normalizeable square integral, which means it [lower of]a0 is the constant zero function. Working backwards we can derive all the permissible energy states... yes GA? Well, mathematically yes, there are a lot of other functions that aren't normalizably square integrable but those don't happen in physics. Now, we return to our square well, where we have PE(x) = 0 for x in [0, 1] and PE(x) = Infinity for x not in [0, 1]...."

And then the very next chapter they are suddenly completely okay with a particle having negative spin, but negative energy is so preposterous that they can't even think about it. But they have no problem with "infinite" energy, and will happily tell you that the integral of f(x) = Infinity if x = 0, 0 otherwise, is 1. Like, the number one. They just integrated a point discontinuity at infinity and got 1. That's not even on the real number line anymore. If your target spaces is "The reals + a number larger than all of the reals" then every nice algebraic property you're used to explodes. a + b = a + c doesn't imply that b = c any more, for starters. Infinitely wide sin waves are a well-defined square integrable function that doesn't break math at all, and are sometimes allowed in quantum (e.g., as part of an orthogonal base) and sometimes not okay. ( sin(x) is a perfectly good replacement for constant 0 in the bottom rung argument, except that then you don't derive the right things so unnnnnnnnnnngh we declare that the world doesn't work that way.)

Two thirds of the way through the semester, I finally figured out that all of these "wavefunctions" in "Hilbert space" (the thing physicists call "Hilbert space" is one particular Hilbert space with a whole bunch of goofy extra rules, but they don't care that they're forking nomenclature) are not functions at all, but Cauchy series of equivalence classes of functions under some kind of strange distance metric that I think was degenerate for most pairs of equivalence classes. Which is a fine, if unusual, space for a mathematician to work in -- you don't have functions that map from from the reals to the reals anymore so it's a bit Twilight Zone-ish. But that's apparently "too abstract" for physicists, so they turn around and pretend that the limit of a Cauchy series of equivalence classes of functions is itself a function. Maddening and in defiance of all sense, I tell you.

In science class that Tuesday morning, our social studies teacher hurried in, breathing heavily. "Turn on CNN!" she said. "Someone flew a plane into the World Trade Center!"

Most of us had never heard of the World Trade Center, but we were about to find out. The television showed two tall rectangular buildings. One was on fire, and a huge plume of smoke was pouring out. The camera alternated between street view, with bits of ash falling down and people panicking. Then the station got a video someone had managed to take of the plane smashing into the building. They didn't have anything better to show, so they ran that clip over and over again, intermixed with live footage of the smoke and panic. When the second plane hit, at first we thought it was just another re-run of the first. When the class understood, we became very quiet.

Two planes do not hit the same building on the same day by accident.

Then the Pentagon was hit. This was now an act of war.

We rotated between classrooms as normal, but the teachers didn't say much. Every classroom had the television on. We watched as more and more smoke filled the sky until it became a weather pattern. At street level, the police and firefighters had cordoned off the area and were moving people away from the World Trade Center. Two or three of the layered walls of the Pentagon had been breached. The first tower collapsed. The people on the street had not been evacuated far enough: a tidal wave of ash and debris engulfed the cameraman. We saw human bodies mixed in with the huge chunks of concrete falling from the sky as the building pancaked. We saw people jumping from the second tower.

People were very afraid. We thought it was going to be World War Three. Even as kids, we knew that if World War Three happened the nukes would go off and everyone on the Earth would die, killed by the bombs and radiation and then all the plants would die, choked of light by thick clouds like the one over New York City right now and nothing would ever live on the planet again. A lot of parents took their children home from school early, so they could be with their family in the last days.

Then we began to hear about Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda was the terrorist network that was behind the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. They had members all over the globe. They hated America and our freedoms and would do anything to kill us. The news played videos of Palestinian children dancing in the streets. High ranking military officers told us that Al-Qaeda probably had hundreds of sleeper cells hidden throughout America, ready to carry out a second wave of attacks. They would attack soft targets like stadiums and shopping malls and schools. They would use dirty bombs or sarin gas or smallpox or the bubonic plague. We didn't have to wait long; Al-Qaeda started mailing anthrax manufactured by Saddam Hussein's Iraq to various senators and news agencies the next week.

It turned out that the videos of children dancing were from an unrelated festival weeks earlier. The FBI concluded a few years ago that the anthrax was stolen from a USA government lab, not made in Iraq, and had nothing nothing to do with Al-Qaeda whatsoever.

We didn't know that at the time. You have to understand that everyone was very scared, and when people are scared they make bad decisions.

Apple Talk / Pissed at the media right now
« on: April 20, 2013, 11:53:40 am »
(don't panic)

Just woke up at ~5 AM to hands grasping at my 2nd story windowsill, trying to climb into my room. I literally, physically peed myself a little. This was after an indeterminate number of police officers chased an apparently armed and dangerous man in circles outside of my house, while I ran in circles inside my house trying to lock all of the doors while yelling at my kid sister to hide in the basement. It was tricky because every time I locked all of the doors, one would unlock at random, plus I kept remembering that I had forgotten doors that I'm not sure existed before I went to bed last night. (Sorry to post about a dream I just had as if it were important - I did put "Don't Panic" in bright friendly letters at the top.)

I live in an apartment that has one door to the hallway outside.

The news media has spent the last week scaring the public for profit. We demanded this, of course - we want news now and we don't have any extra money for fact checking or common sense, and none of this "local news" bullshit either, just report the scariest thing that happened anywhere in one of the largest countries in the world to everywhere else, we'd rather see blood than something possibly relevant to our day-to-day lives.

When people are scared, they make stupid decisions. Already some dude straight-up punched a woman carrying a baby in a stroller because she had a head scarf and he had deduced that Muslims were responsible. Plus there was that thing where we shut down more than one city to catch two guys who had on average killed less than two people each, and we only even arrested one of them.

The fact of the matter is that 3-5 people dying is just not that exceptional, and being blown up at a marathon is so unlikely that you could can round the odds to exactly zero. You can't even make the claim that explosions killing people is more important than anything else killing people. Here's what I found after < 5 min of searching, with the restrictions that I only cared about explosions that killed Americans inside the US and only after the completely arbitrary date of Sept. 12, 2001:

2001 Jim Walter Resources / Walter Energy Mine Disaster - 13 killed.
2005 Texas City Refinery explosion - 15 killed. (Also: owned by BP)
2006 Sago Mine Disaster - 12 killed.
2008 Pentworth, Georgia Sugar refinery explosion - 13 killed.
2010 Middletown, Conneticut power plant explosion - 11 killed.
Upper Big Branch Mine disaster - 29 killed.
Deepwater Horizon explosion - 11 killed while drilling for BP. Plus, you know, the biggest single environmental disaster in US history.

Objectively, if we care about white non-Americans blowing us up, we ought to declare war on British Petroleum.

In perspective, though, even those industrial explosions don't have much to do with me - I don't work underground and I don't live in the blast radius of any chemical plants. The worst thing that's happened to me in the past year is a car accident (no one was injured) when I rear ended someone on the highway. I blame bad highway design - there's a bit of I-71 near Columbus where all four lanes of people who want to stay on I-71 have to take a single lane of exit, get on I-70, and then make it back across four lanes of traffic to exit back onto I-71 on the right. I screwed up trying to handle the velocity differential between the different lanes and hit the car in front of me. I should have just missed the exit and found another way back home.

So we have all those explosions, and way more Americans being killed in car crashes than any kind of hostile - or even dramatic - activity, and what are we blowing our budget on? More fucking aircraft carriers. Can't regulate mining & chemical, that'd cost jobs and hurt the pocket books of Job Creators, but no problem shutting down everything in fifty miles of Boston for two guys and their improperly modified cooking appliances.

If it makes the news, it's newsworthy. If it's newsworthy, it's rare. If it's rare, you don't have to worry about it. Statistically valid conclusion: what you see in the news won't kill you.

Apple Talk / Where did the meta-forum go? [bug report]
« on: November 06, 2012, 01:42:05 am »
Bug: If you trip the "your IP has posted in the last 15 seconds" guard, hit the back button, wait 15 seconds, and then re-submit the post, you trip the double post guard and get an error message stating that the post has already been submitted. You need to copy the contents of the post, navigate back through to the Reply screen, and paste before the post will be accepted.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Against TFYS
« on: November 05, 2012, 03:40:21 am »
The most obnoxious thing about the stereotypical modern atheist is easily his arrogance. Self-identifying as a "Bright" or "Freethinker" leaves little room for anyone else; the clear implication is that alternative positions are occupied entirely by those who are too dim or too unmotivated to think their way out of the proverbial wet paper bag of recieved wisdom. The theory goes that anyone who applies a modicum of intelligent skepticism will immediately realize that everyone else is full of shit and make their way to the One True Religion Movement of skeptical atheism. A free thinker who arrives at any other conclusion is a contradiction in terms; if they were truly willing to subject their most deeply held beliefs to critical analysis, they would have discarded them after hearing a real Freethinker's kickass explanation of how Zombie Jesus and the Sky Daddy are logically impossible.

The weird part is how a worldview that demotes all opposition to mindless sheep is accepted by the vaguely human-positive progressive left. They recognize the absurdity of demanding that people think for themselves and then arrive at a specific position, but their diagnosis of the problem is typically that the so-called "Freethinkers" are insufficiently critical of their own beliefs. If only they would continue to think for themselves after joining the local atheist collective, they would eventually progress beyond petty tribalism into a more tolerant, humanistic philosophy...

In other words, the problem with the free thought movement is that the members don't do enough thinking for themselves. The solution is therefore to think for yourself, only for real this time. Cue warning alarms.

Any strategy whose reaction to failure is to do the same thing again, but harder, is past dysfunctional and well into the self-reinforcing deathspiral zone. Dudes in trenches mowing down your infantry with machine guns? Try again with more troops. People complaining about totalitarian government? Censor the whiners. Centrally planned economy leaving millions in poverty? Get better economic planners. Lassez-faire market policies poisoning the food and water supply? Cut the regulations stifling environmentally friendly businesses.

At that point, you don't have a rational position, you have insane religious zeal. Any instance of failure can be attributed to the fetish in question being insufficiently applied. "Think For Yourself" has a "too much of a good thing" point like everything else. There are real risks with letting people do their own thinking; there's a very good chance that they'll come up with a crazy, wrong, or just plain dangerous idea. The kindergarten values of 'sharing' and 'caring' are preventing us from becoming rationally self-interested supermen. Congenital defects can be prevented by sterilizing high-risk demographics. Ecological balance can be achieved by cutting 2/3rds of the human population. A one-party state solves the problem of divisive partisan politics.

It would be absurd to deny the real benefits to "Think For Yourself". It is equally absurd to deny the risks. Blindly promoting TFY, regardless of circumstance, is simply not a sane strategy. You may be thick-skinned enough to stomach dissenting opinions. You may even be wise enough to learn from them. But to assert that thinking for oneself is always a Good, no matter what, is to assert that being murdered is acceptable provided the attack is carried out by a self-radicalized terrorist. Maximizing freedom of thought without the commensurate increase in violence requires more restrictions on behaviour, not less. This is not to say that we've necessarily hit the "too many individuals thinking too much for themselves" point. Society can probably withstand a lot more internal tension before spontaneous ideological violence overtakes everyday institutional violence. Self-radicalized terrorists have so far mostly been unhinged in one way or another to start with; we don't need to really worry until neurotypical everymen start popping. (Maybe our rallying cry should be "Think for yourself, schmuck, and take all medications as prescribed!" ?)

For everyone who isn't up for pushing creative-destructive Discord to the absolute razor's edge, though, none of this is a problem. All you have to do is Stop Encouraging People To Think For Themselves. (SEPTIT; now accepting submissions for a catchier call-to-action.) Encouraging everyone to think for themselves because you think it will create allies for you is like installing democracies in the Middle East because you think they will spontaneously elect friendly governments that provide your country with a steady supply of oil -- what you actually get is a theofascist out to ruin your day. You probably just wanted people to think less like the mainstream and more like you. In that case, telling them to think for themselves is generally counterproductive; you'd be better served having better propaganda than the other guy than by teaching anything as destructive as critical thinking.

Apple Talk / Serious question: spicy food
« on: August 08, 2012, 04:47:26 am »
I am not a spicy food person. So I bought half a pound of wasabi-coated peanuts. At first I had to hold my breath while eating them or else the vapors would burn my nose interior. I kept at it anyway, because I'm fundamentally lazy and they didn't require any cooking.

So now the first 2cm of my tongue is incapable of tasting anything, for about two days now. All I get is the texture. Peanut butter is like this fatty sludge, which I suppose it always was, but without the peanut taste it just feels like straight lard.

Do taste buds grow back? Am I just fucked forever?

Apple Talk / All of you are wrong about everything
« on: June 12, 2012, 05:12:30 am »
It has come to my attention that there has been much ARGUING and POINTLESS WHINGING this past few weeks or so.  There has even been COMPLAINING ABOUT COMPLAINING and EXTRANEOUS DRAMA.

None of this bothers me, except in that I haven't been included in it! A more sane person might simply jump into a running argument, but that wouldn't get me the attention my ego requires. I must create my own thread!

Here's how this works:
1. You post the best opinions you can come up with.
2. I argue my pimply face off in your general direction.

You get an 18 hour head start from the time of this posting.


Apple Talk / Untouched by human hands
« on: June 06, 2012, 04:19:31 am »
...since about 1996.  I give you:


Still live, in it's original state. It's like a time capsule from when the internet sucked.

Apple Talk / Saying Stupid Shit
« on: January 08, 2012, 08:16:25 pm »
Have you ever had a moment where you think you're doing pretty good, and then a guest goes to use your bathroom and comes back out screaming about all the mold on your shower curtain?  And your response is "Dude, it's explicit purpose is to block water.  It's going to get wet.  Therefore it's going to get moldy.  That's just how they work." and they say "Yes, but you're supposed to clean them."

And you go: "You can clean shower curtains?"
"What, you just put them in the washer?"
"Yep.  Not yours though ... yours probably needs to be burnt at this point."

I think a lot of the human brain is given over to believing stupid shit, which sits there, collecting mold and stinking up the rest of the psyche, until someone else see it at tells you that you can do something about it.  Only people aren't telepathic, so the only way you get to figure out just how messed up it is that you still think <whatever> is if you say it out loud.

Everybody believes stupid shit.
Only some people are crazy enough to bring theirs up in polite conversation.

But, only the crazy people get the benefit of having others help them with their mental building inspection.  Which means that, paradoxically, in a space where people are people are expected only to bring up their good ideas in discussion, people's heads will continue to get smellier and smellier.  And people still post stupid shit, because everyone thinks at least one of there rottenest ideas is amazing and will change the world.

(tonight, I'm planning to try pouring boiling water on my curtain to see of the temperature shock will help.)

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