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Or Kill Me / I'm tired of the U.S. and I wanna move
« on: February 14, 2009, 05:33:57 pm »
Recomendations please.

Apple Talk / Recommend your favorite movies
« on: January 15, 2009, 02:56:55 am »
           I'm just going to recommend a couple for now, I hope everyone adds theirs too. New movies, old movies, just as long as they're your fav.s then put em down.

    1) My best friends gurl
    2) Mirors
    3) Cool Hand Luke

This is a bsing page. Write why you are the only true discordian and why you think we should care. Fails will be critisized and roont and the better the smarteleckness and obscurity of quotes from discordian writings will either be praised or not depending upon the obscurity. Be creative and have fun with this BSing session, or not, it's not like I really care.

P.S. I am the only real discordian because I say so, so there  :wink::p.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / This seems to compliment the bip
« on: January 06, 2009, 11:46:32 pm »
here's the address:

Tell me what you guys think

Or Kill Me / A Relocated Drunken Red Eyed Rant at 1245
« on: January 06, 2009, 05:42:11 am »
...Or ARDRER!@$% :argh!:

Yeah, it's sometimes best to get the strangeness of oneself forward first while you get to know everyone. That way they will have already expierienced the worst of you and once people are used to you then they'll start listening. And the people who don't get it :fap:, I mean really, I don't care if anyone digs what I'm saying or not. Honestly if you take any other asshole seriously then yer screwed man. So I just say fuck it and laugh because it is just a big rotten joke. I stillllll laugh though, thoroughly too. Just like this jack-head-in-the-ass  :fap:. You know. I was gonna put this in the ANYMWTRT on apple talk, but I'll cut and past this to the rants.

K, thats better. So where was I, oh yeah, typing a bunch of shit.

Like I was saying, fuck it. I am a nice guy though. I just don't really give a good god damn what anybody else thinks of me. Am I weird, Hellz yes. Do I study alot of interelated topics all the time, no, I got kids :x :lol: :lulz: and a family to take care of. When I am not taking care of the real, then I can read, or surf or rant like I am now in this forum.

Aw Eris :evil:. How yer apples inspire me. How the holy chao goes mu. Fuck this shit, ima flip the script and go all gold faced aneris on you now. :wink:

         Did you know matter is influenced by human conciousness (as well as animal and whatever else you wanna throw in there)? Yep, the proof is out there. Alot of scientist see this as poppycock, well fuck them. Those fuckers act like they are objective, but they are only acting! In all reality they have already decided what they wanted to put forth because the assholes are so sure of themselves. This doesn't prevent them from making progress. It does however decelerate their progress greatly. Wanna know why?

I'll tell you, come here so I can whisper it in your ear. All of this leads to conflict amongst the scientific community. I mean shit, they were arguing about wether or not to call Pluto a planet. Syntax? Huh, WTF is this all about? Call it a kyperbelt planet. Why not call all of the round shaped objects rotating around the Sun planets? Call the odd shaped ones asteroids, kyper belt objects and planet sized astroids and kyper belt objects? Why the hell you guys arguing over syntax when there is objective hardcore science to do.

I want to buck the sys :fap:, i want to buck the sys :fap: I want to buck the system!

What the hell was that I just said?

hehehe :mrgreen:

So once people decide what it is they really wanna do and they go off on their merry little ways while they work together and relise that it is not success, but failure, repeated failure 'til you understand. That and being objective. I say fuck it, have science for the sake of recording data and then use those findings to understand and produce more ecoenviormentaly friendly products where it really is quality over quantity. Make everyone rich and you make yourself richer. Can it be done? Yeah it can, but will it? Could this meme be taken out of rough draft form and made into a beautiful butterfly? Will any one respond to this weird late night/early morning rant from a drunken asshole?

Who knows, but I am still laughing! Hell yeah, welcome to the head of the holy schizotypal discordian mage. I do magick but it never comes out in an expected way. Do you believe me, would you believe you?

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