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Apple Talk / The Monster
« on: April 05, 2011, 02:43:33 am »
       It's out there. The Monster's out there right now watching you. Peeping through your windows with its mad, yellow eyes, and waiting. It's huge, bigger than any man, stronger than anything made by God. It has grayish skin that feels like paper but that stretches over its misshapen muscle like tight leather. Most terrible of all are its hands, the long, powerful fingers built for choking murder. It's out there right now, watching and waiting for its chance. You created it, and for that it hates you and wants to hurt you.

   It all started out innocently enough. You and your friends, all intellectuals, all politically active young radicals. You just read books and talked about how to make things better, how to make change. You started reading up on John Locke and some other political writers of the Enlightenment, and you thought, why not try them out? So you and you bodies got together and started working. Tom supplied a lot of the ideas, as did Ben and John. They took some old dead ideas, threw in some of their own, stitched them together, and then brought the whole thing to life with something even better than lightning.

   The creature came to life, staggering off of the surgical table with all the clumsiness and fear of a newborn. It wasn't a pretty thing by any means, in fact it was quite ugly, but it was innocent, well meaning, and passionate. And for that you all loved it. The creature did great things, inspired others with its ideals. It had the potential to change the world.

   But time passed, and your creation began to change. Some of the changes were necessary, such as the alterations done when it was twelve years old. But as time passed, it began to get violent and controlling. It turned away from the idealism and fire of its youth, devolving into a twisted, power obsessed monstrosity.

   It took whatever it wanted, its hideous strength making it easy to intimidate others or when it needed to, use force to get what it desired. The creature became paranoid and controlling, suspecting everyone and imposing its rules on everyone. The greed, the violence, the paranoia, and the power hollowed it out, killing the beautiful spirit it was born with. It came to hate the ideas that gave birth to it, and to seek vengeance against the optimists who had helped create it. It became a Monster in both mind and body.

        It has only gotten worse since then. Its paranoia drives it to attack anything different, anything that it is unfamiliar with. The Monster has pushed away all of its old friends and allies, those who looked up to it. None of them trust it, and many of them hate it now. In its madness it does not care whether one was friend or foe. The only difference it understands anymore is between a threat and a victim.

   It's outlived all of its other creators, all except for you. You were the one who did the most to bring it about, the one who was most responsible for both its birth and its decline. It was your job to keep an eye on it, to make sure that your friend's work was not done in vain. And you failed. So now it haunts your shadow, keeping you caged and afraid. It does not want to kill you, but to control you and make you miserable. The Monster holds you prisoner, never letting you leave the house, never letting you feel safe. You do what you can to try and forget its out there, whether its losing yourself in the routine of work or taking whatever pills will make the fear go away, if only for a while.

   But no matter what happens, the Monster is still out there. It'll keep tormenting you forever, until you finally take that step outside of your safe, comforting prison of a home, and face it. On that day, you and the Monster will come to terms, and only one of you will survive it. But until you're willing to take that gamble, to put it all on the line for your freedom, it'll still be out there. Waiting.

Apple Talk / The Other Seven Deadly Sins (part 3)
« on: April 04, 2011, 03:13:31 am »
        Hopefully most of you know what ignorance is. Ignorance, quite simply, is the state of not knowing something. Its a common thing today, even thought this is supposedly the Information Age. And by itself, Ignorance is not a sin. As long as you are willing to get informed about whatever you don't know, then there's nothing wrong with it.

   But a lot of the time you don't bother to get informed. Maybe you don't have the time, or the interest to research whatever it is you're ignorant about. Maybe you think that knowing about whatever it is is pointless or wrong. That is Willful Ignorance, the next contestant in our tour of humanities failings.

   As with so many of the things that are wrong with people, the best place to showcase Willful Ignorance is in politics. In America, it is a commonly held belief that politicians are liars and bastards. Many Americans will agree with you if you say this to them. But how many of you bother to look up what politicians to say, to actually catch them in the lies? Not many. A lot of Americans neglect to research candidates before election day. No, instead of hitting the internet and seeing where our duly elected representatives stand, you watch them on TV and go off of that. You take their word at face value, these people who are generally assumed to be liars. What's worse, many people don't even bother to watch the news. A lot of you don't even bother with or know anything about politics.

   For example, a poll done in 2010 shows that less than 60 percent of Americans are informed about politics. That may not sound to bad for some of you, since hey ,it's more than 50 percent. But this is a country based upon the people's involvement and knowledge of the political process. For our country to work, citizens have to know about what's going on in politics.

   Along the same lines, a series of studies done in 1996 revealed that 4 in 10 Americans didn't know who the Vice President was. 46 percent didn't know the name of the Speaker of the House. Saddest of all, nearly half weren't aware that the Supreme Court  is responsible for judging whether a law is constitutional or not. With the existence of the Internet, there is no excuse for being ignorant. It just takes a little work.

   But you aren't prepared to put in that time, are you? You just absorb the lies and move on. In a time where information is no farther away than you're cell phone, you can't be bothered. The same holds true with what you're reading right now. Are you going to bother researching anything I've said, are you going to check the examples or the facts I've used to support my ideas? Probably not, because that would require a little bit of work and the use of higher brain functions.

Apple Talk / The Other Seven Deadly Sins (part 2)
« on: April 03, 2011, 04:50:16 am »
The next sin on our list is Prejudice. This is something we should all be familiar with. We grew up being taught about the Civil Rights movement, about racism or sexism, or whatever -ism is the bad thing of the day. Prejudice is hating someone because they're different in some way, whether the difference is physical or ideological. Prejudice is when you care more about what someone's demographic is then what they're saying.

   For a good example, let's take a look at America today. America has had a long and sordid past when it comes to prejudice, what with segregation, the Red Scare, etc. Even today, there are plenty of things I could use as examples (the treatment of Muslims and Latinos comes to mind). But I want to focus on another kind of prejudice, another kind of mindless division and hate. Party politics.

   Our country has two major parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, the Right and the Left, the Elephant and the Donkey. The Republicans believe in small government, national security, and sucking up to large corporations and WASPS. The Democrats believe in large government, civil rights, and sucking up to large corporations and everyone who isn't a WASP. But in this modern age, the beliefs that these two parties espouse have become less important than the parties themselves. Both parties care more about sticking it to each other than they do about their ideology. They care more about being right than actually doing they're jobs.

   Take a look at the news and at yourselves.  How often do you see politicians blaming the opposing party for a problem rather than trying to fix the problem, and how often do attempts to compromise for the greater good fall through because neither party was willing to act like adults?

   And you bastards do it too. You don't bother seeing what the other side has to say, you just write it off because you can't stand to be wrong or to have your narrow worldviews challenged. You read the news that agrees with your beliefs, you don't research or fact check, you just swallow the rhetoric. You let the politicians and media lie to you because they happen to share similar beliefs. But guess what, the reason they have those beliefs is so they can lie to you and get away with it.

Apple Talk / The Other Seven Deadly Sins (part 1)
« on: April 01, 2011, 04:54:19 am »
The Seven Deadly Sins are traditionally regarded as some of the fundamental human flaws, the parts of humanity that make us the depraved, sniveling little toads we are. Everyone knows their names, they are about as basic as human evil goes. They're as old as time and despite their age they continue to trip us up to this very day. Lust lives in the specter of AIDS, Wrath is displayed on the faces of our leaders like war paint, and Greed is personified in the short sighted avarice of our political and business leaders. Even the least thought of of the sins, Sloth and Gluttony continue to show their ugly faces in cases such as the obese man in Ohio who was so obese and immobile that when he died he was fused to his chair.

   But those Seven aren't the only primal evils. They've got brothers and sisters in crime. These other sins are known as Apathy, Deception, Short Sightedness, Prejudice, Willful Ignorance, Exploitation, and Fear. They don't get as much attention as the more traditional seven, but they are just as, if not more, damaging to our development as a species.

   First up is Apathy, the distant cousin of Sloth. Apathy is indifference, its just not caring about anything that doesn't affect you. Its being unwilling to rock the boat, to try and make change or even have an opinion. Apathy is evil by omission. Look at every genocide, every dictatorship, every singularly vile act in human history and you'll find people who knew that things were messed up but said nothing. Apathy is letting monstrous shit happen because you don't have the guts to make a stand.

   On April 18, 2010 a Guatemalan immigrant called Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax was stabbed several times while trying to save a woman from an attack. He bled to death in the street as people walked by, doing nothing to help him. The only person who stopped only did so to take a picture of him dying with a camera phone. And this isn't the only case of such behavior. On Christmas Day, 2010, a charity worker by the name of Simone Back posted a suicide note on Facebook. The message was short and simple, "Took all my pills be dead soon so bye bye every one." The response from her 1,082 "friends" was to mock her. While she died of an intentional overdose, these people, some of whom lived within walking distance, called her a liar and argued with each other. No one even bothered to inform her mother of the note until seventeen hours later. Simone's mother posted a message on Facebook announcing her daughters death and asking her friends to please leave her alone. These people who claimed to be her friends were still insulting and arguing about Simone even after she was dead.

   I'm sorry, does this make you feel uncomfortable? Does hearing about the indifference and cowardice of people who do nothing while people suffer around them offend you? Good, because it should. This should make you angry and sick inside. But does it? Think about how this little tidbit affected you. Cause there is a pretty good chance you just wrote it off, just like the spineless bastards who stood by and let  Simone Back and Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax die. Because hey, it isn't your problem, why should you get worked up over it?

Apple Talk / Hey Roger
« on: March 29, 2011, 03:21:14 am »
This year, I've had a question knocking around in my head. Just one of those thoughts that lurks at the back of your conscious, niggling like a tooth ache or a bad knee. Apathy or Boredom? Are the monkeys too jaded, brainwashed, and bored to see what the world really is like, or do they just not care? I'm not talking about the baboons and the howler monkeys, the screeching mob with their placards and their self righteousness. No, I'm talking about the people who are right beneath the noise, scratching their asses and living their lives oblivious to everything outside of what directly affects them. I'm talking about the silent majority, the sleeping tiger which never really wakes up, but occasionally roll over in bed, throwing the entire world on its head.

I look at these monkeys, the People if you want to call them that,  and I can't figure out what keeps them blind. Are they all stuck in their own little cells in the Black Iron Prison, and they just need to break out, or is it that they don't care? Can they not see past the Lies to the Truth, or are they just happier staying ignorant? The question keeps kicking around in my head bones, on optimistic days pointing toward Boredom and darker days Apathy. So I've decided to take this to a Holy Man. Is it worth the trouble trying to spread the Truth to the Quiet Apes? Boredom or Apathy?

Or Kill Me / Strange as Fiction (part 2)
« on: March 23, 2011, 12:59:35 am »
While every person who frequents Connery's is a character in their own right, with their own tales of daring do and surreal danger, there are still those who stand out from the rest. Among the most interesting regulars is Lady Madeline DeWinter, who in her hey day was one of the world's greatest assassin's, a femme fatale to put all others to shame. There was not a single international man of mystery who had not known her kiss, nor one who could say they had bested her. Able to kill with a look, or when push came to shove, a stiletto, she had been lusted after and feared in equal measure.
Sadly, her dark, intoxicating beauty eventually softened and lost its edge, though the same couldn't be said for the Madame DeWinter herself.
 Rather than cling to her youth, like so many of her peers, she has taken advantage of her age. She's  perfected the demeanor of a sweet grandmotherly old woman, tying her silky hair into a bun and hiding her curvaceous and willowy form underneath thick sweaters and conservative skirts. She still works as a killer for Her Majesty's government, using maternal charm to get close to targets, rather than sex appeal. And while she enjoys the work, especially the jealousy it engenders in her fellows, it lacks the savor, the excitement, of the old days.

In the old days, the targets were mad scientists and sorcerer dictators. She'd cut her teeth cutting the Mad Doktor Bat's throat while he slept beside her, the night before he was going to unleash his. She'd shot at motorcades from grassy knolls, slipped undetectable poisons into the champagne of international criminals, and on another notable occasion, stalked, seduced, and assassinated every single member of a rogue group of power hungry geneticists. But in these modern times, the targets are reporters, Control's political rivals, and similarly boring marks. It's no longer a heart pounding game of cat and mouse, but rather a game of Bengal tiger and squeaky toy. Cloak and dagger intrigue has become boring, bureaucratic, and...mundane.

Or Kill Me / Strange as Fiction (part 1)
« on: March 21, 2011, 11:45:57 am »
The bar is called Connery's. The name's a half serious joke, a nod to the closest thing to acknowledgment its inhabitants have ever gotten. In many ways it resembles a cop bar, the kind filled with retired detective's with nothing left but the good old days and stale booze. Beer isn't served here, it's all martini's, and vodka, and scotch for this crowd. The furniture is spartan, thanks to the ever shrinking black budget that pays for everything. The bar,  like the nameless town that surrounds it, is slowly being forgotten by the people whose asses its inhabitants spent their lives saving.

   The most interesting thing about the place is the decoration. Every wall is covered with pictures of expensive cars and exotic and beautiful men and women, most of them with a date of death scrawled scrawled in the corner. A shrine to lost loves, and old friends. The customer's themselves are plenty interesting in themselves. The women are all aged beauties, some faded whilst others only made more beautiful with time. They're dressed elegantly, in startling gowns and stylish, but still professional suits. The men are similarly well dressed and kind to the eyes, quietly smoking and drinking.

   Connery's is rather quiet most of the day, as people simply drink, smoke, and mournfully reminisce. The barkeep, a one eyed Brit by the name of Montjoy, keeps the martini's coming, only stopping to stare longingly at the picture of a blonde woman whose beauty is startling even by the standards of the wall. As the evening wears on though,  nostalgia and a formidable amount of alcohol takes hold and the inhabitants begin to tell stories. Tales of convoluted criminal conspiracies, of nearly averted Armageddons, of long dead masterminds stroking white cats. They tell stories whose telling is punishable by death anywhere else in the world.

   Ever day starts the same, with the denizen's crawling out of each others' beds (even in retirement it's still fun to sleep with the enemy), putting on their evening wear (which is the only thing they ever wore), cleaning their various concealable weapons (because you never know when it might come in handy), and heading for Connery's.

Or Kill Me / Larger than Life
« on: January 24, 2011, 09:54:19 pm »
When was the last time you heard the phrase "Larger than Life"? If you heard the phrase recently, it was probably being used to describe someone who is either dead or getting up there in years. What about today's leaders and artists? Does anyone use the words Larger than Life when talking about Sarah Palin or Justin Beiber? I doubt it.

The reason, at least from where I'm standing, is plain as day. Humanity has forgotten what life really is. They've forgotten how weird, how truly epic life can be. Think about those larger than life people, people like George Patton or Jack Churchill. These larger than life people were all half crazy and completely out of sinc with everyone around them. Because they knew how to have a good time. They knew what they enjoyed and they pursued it. They were the only ones with the stones to actually do what they wanted with life. Amelia Earhart wanted to fly, and nothing on earth would stop her from flying. She kept on flying until the day the disappeared. Nikola Tesla wanted to invent, and he did so up until his death. These people are exceptional because they couldn't be bothered with mediocrity.

You never hear about someone being Larger than Life anymore, is because no one seems to be willing to go out there and make themselves into a legend. No one is willing to push themselves to the very edge, to wage war against an arch enemy, to live life like it should be fucking lived! Instead we've got weak chinned politico's and reality TV. Humanity has castrated itself.

Knows the real enemy when he sees it.
Dr. James Semaj

Apple Talk / Profile issues
« on: January 14, 2011, 12:46:02 am »
Uh...I'm having some difficulties changing my profile picture. Anyone know what's up?

Or Kill Me / Red Handed Man
« on: January 04, 2011, 02:52:36 am »
The Red Handed Man sat in the corner of the bar, far from the notice of the establishment's other patrons. He nursed a scotch, an excuse for him to sit in the booth. He wore a nice suit, elegant yet tasteful, a gentleman's attire. His eyes were always hidden, impossible to see beneath the shadows which clung to him like a rain soaked coat. A rictus grin was scrawled across his face, wide and filled with too white teeth. He was a gentleman predator, a personification of artful violence and the fear of death.

On any other night, he would have been watching the herd, selecting with utmost care tonight's sacrificial lamb. He would have spied them out, latching onto them, his latest pet obsession. He would watch them and write in his little notebook, noting details such as hair color and height. He would make predictions as to which of his tools would inspire the most fear. Maybe he would give the mewling little thing a shave, or wrap his scarf around the slender little neck. Or he could go with the classics and just use his bare hands.

But tonight something was wrong. Instead of selecting his prey and writing in his little black book, he just sat and brooded, his spidery fingers tapping on the table top to rhythm of a heartbeat. In all honesty something had been wrong for quite some time.  The way of life that sustained the Red Handed Man had survived for millennium. Select prey, stalk prey, kill prey. He had sipped wine with Vlad Tsepesh at the height of his power, strolled through Whitechapel knife in hand, and haunted Boston during the sixties. But things had changed.

He couldn't really say when things had changed, when the value of his work had vanished. At some point, the very nature of Murder had changed. It was no longer a thing of fear and malice. The art to which he'd dedicated his existence had been transformed into a business. People no longer regarded the deaths of innocence with terror or despair. In the cities, people walked past corpses without a second thought. Governments assassinated their own citizens and there was no cry of outrage. Children murdered fake people regularly, treating it as a  diversion rather than as a High Art. The herd, his beloved squealing lambs, had become complacent to their own violent deaths.

He was the Red Handed Man, Saucy Jack, the Dark Stranger and the Saint of Murder. And looking out at the great unwashed mass of humanity, he discovered disgust.

Or Kill Me / In the Belly of the Beast
« on: December 11, 2010, 06:56:48 am »
Have you ever met a Trickster? I'm not talking about a mortal asshole putting on airs. I mean a real Trickster, like Loki and Coyote, creatures whose sole purpose in existence is to force those around them to really take a look at themselves and the world around them. Personifications of mindfuckery. I have.

He's a thin, pale, metro-sexual guy, the kind of person who doesn't last long in Redneck Land, in the heart of the Machinetm. But this fellow doesn't just survive, he thrives. He's liked by everyone except the more bitter and banal teachers. Every kid in the school confides in him or confides in someone who confides in him. He knows every dirty secret at this school, which is saying something. He uses these secrets, parceling them out whenever they'll cause the most mayhem. My buddy the Trickster plays the student body like a violin, and what's more, they know he does, and yet they fall for it anyway. And just like any good Trickster, when everything is said and done, the trap has been sprung and you're wiping cream pie off your face, he shows you that it was your own nature that betrayed you. He's the smartest guy I know, and he's destroying himself.

The Trickster parties constantly, drinking himself into a stupor a couple times every week. He's not even eighteen and he's an inch away from being an alcoholic. He's let himself be taken advantage of sexually while drunk, in a town which boasts one of the highest rate  of STD's in the state. He's apathetic in the extreme and amoral to an extent that is sometimes frightening. He doesn't trick anyone so as to teach them, he tricks them so that he can demean the.  In the face of the Machine, of this place, the Trickster has become another cog, turning its way to self destruction.

If the Trickster can't handle it, where does that leave the rest of us?

Apple Talk / List of Vengeance
« on: September 29, 2010, 12:49:55 am »
As some of you may know, I have recently changed from a Pulp Hero to a Villain. Why you may ask? Because I have received no respect. I worked hard, tried to do the right thing, and even entertained Dok Howl so that he didn't destroy the world. And what did I get in return? I was turned into a stock character and victim of a running gag. I was mocked and maligned because of what I was. Well, NO MORE!!!

You don't there to be any Heroes? Fine, then I'll show you what a Villain I can be. You will all pay for your disrespect! But, while all of you are in some form responsible for my Fall and will be suffer accordingly, there are those who are principal causes of my turn to Evil.

Phoenix of Discordia
Doktor Alphapance
Sir Squid Didimus
The Good Reverend Payne
Doktor Blight (you asked for it)
Eater of Clowns (Gone to Confessional)
and three two one mystery targets, just to keep things interesting...

So here is my first and final warning: Do not shelter these individuals. Do not try to aid them in any fashion. Don't even stand to close to them, for if you do, then you will be counted as just another delightful casualty. I do not care about civilian casualties, if anything, I relish them. Do not give me a reason to add you to my high score.

In the future, when all of you are but corpses in shallow, unmarked graves, buried at the base of my Dark Throne, people will say in hushed whispers, "This is the price of disrespect." Today is the dawn of a new Era.

So farewell, you poor, unfortunate worms, and remember


Apple Talk / The Rogue's Gallery
« on: August 29, 2010, 02:53:41 am »
Given the sheer number of trolls that invade this place regularly, it occurred to me that it may be handy to have a thread dedicated to documenting these guys. By documenting various alts and the trolls patterns of behavior, we'll be able to identify these fucks easily. Or at least that's the idea.

I'll start with a recent one.

Classification: False Impression Troll, leading up to Zaniness troll
Possible Alt of: Daruko
Behavior: Left good impression early on as smokescreen, repeated use of "I killed the last American Eagle" joke/reference, knowledge of forum history, fixation on TGRR/Dok Howl, performs stupid antics to gain attention.
Stage of Troll Development: Attention Whore

This is kind of a rough draft thing. So, if you guys think this'll prove handy, post some dossiers. I'll due our recent spammer/shitbag tomorrow.

Apple Talk / Marvel, this is the last fucking straw.
« on: August 11, 2010, 03:51:19 am »
That's it. I have had enough of Marvel's shit. They've killed Nightcrawler. My favorite X-Man. My favorite character, period. And the worst part is that in a couple years they'll just bring him back in some idiotic retcon. I have had fucking enough!

Starting out, I thought Marvel was getting better. They gave us Civil War, which was a truly brilliant series. Sure, it killed Captain America, another of my favorites, but they did it perfectly. They immortalized him Kennedy style. His death made fucking headlines! But of course instead of letting him rest in peace, they retconned him from the dead. You know how? They said that the bullet that killed him actually sent him back in time to World War II. A time travel bullet. So they can tell the story of Cap's fight against the Nazi's. Again.

I give up. Marvel has shat on every good character and storyline they have. For the past couple of decades they've recycled the stories from the sixties, over and over again. And now they've just gone into a retcon frenzy. They've desecrated the heroes I've loved since early childhood, and for that I will fucking watch them burn.  :argh!:

Any comic fans present, don't hesitate to rant your hate at Marvel Comics. They've fucking earned it.

I started a new topic so as not to derail the conversation happening in the other thread. So, hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to tell me what you think.

Politics is dead, at least as a means of enacting change. The political machine has become bloated with corruption, meaningless bureaucracies, and influences from the private sector. Getting even the simplest motions passed takes an inordinate amount of time and effort, and it will be useless with fine print. To get anything done you will have to make compromises, to let corrupt officials and corporate pawns destroy all the work that has been done. To do even a little good, you'll have to  sell your soul to the devil. Politics is a trail of tears culminating in a Faustian bargain, a road paved with the ideals and passions of the people.

   As for the so-called revolutionaries, those people who think that if they can just remove the power group, things will get better, don't trust them. Revolutionaries tend to be not better than those they are replacing, and even if they are idealists, they probably won't be able to handle the challenges of running a nation, or even better, they'll just turn on each other once their in power. See, the problem with just changing the power group is the people. The people sell out the revolution for cable TV and some Levi's, because when it comes down to it, most of them couldn't' give a shit about saving the world. So, revolutions don't change anything either.

   But there is another way, another means of changing a society. Politics may be damned and revolutions may be found wanting, but culture is still there. Language, values, customs, all of these things are elements of culture and all of them are ripe to be used for change. By changing the culture you can change the people, changing the way they think and perceive the world around them. Language is especially good for this. By first subverting a cultural idea and then replacing it, you can completely alter the way a society works.

   The manipulation of culture has been used before, most recently by the Culture Jamming movement. But this movement has not used the full range of culture. Culture Jammers have only used the most obvious methods, and have only subverted culture, without giving anything to replace it. Subtlety and patience is the key to changing culture, as the people are notoriously resistant to change, and will fight to defend their culture.

   The Culture Jamming movement is also too scattered to be of real effectiveness. It is composed of many small groups who each use their own unique method and fight their own private battle. A unified Culture Jamming movement would be capable of more. Culture change also requires a united front, and a group large enough to fulfill your goals.

   Like any method, culture has some inherent problems. Most importantly, it takes time. One of the most successful cultural changes in recent memory is the fight against racism. Starting over a hundred years ago with the abolitionist movement, the fight against racism continues even today. You will probably not see it come to fruition. Get used to that idea.

   Also, while cultural change is more effective than political or revolutionary change, it is also even more likely to fail. When you are trying to change the cultural makeup of a society, then that entire society is your enemy. The people you are doing this for will hate you, the power structure will call you deviants and terrorists, the corporations will try to profit off of you. The best way to avoid failure is too strike from as many angles as possible. Don't have just one plan, have a thousand plans. Don't just change the language, change the customs, or subvert the holidays. Cultural change is like fighting a guerrilla war, you cannot just march up and change society, you have to strike someplace vulnerable and then move on.

   Changing the world or even a society, is never easy or simple. But it is possible, if you're willing to deal with failure and frustration, if you're brave enough to keep going. Cultural change is not perfect, but if you're committed enough, it can do wonders.

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