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Or Kill Me / SNOW dammit, arrrrrg!
« on: December 20, 2009, 08:26:56 am »
Why do people get so exited about snow. Ok, so its nice to look at for a few minutes, but that soon changes when it starts to melt and goes all grey and sleety. And lets face it apart from that its just cold and annoying. It makes everything so much more difficult, iv gotta go to my matial arts class in the snow this morning and its a journey that i would normally longboard and it would take me 10 minutes. I  cant get a lift because we are snowed into the drive, so iv got to trudge all the way across town by foot, lugging various heavy weaponry and it will probably take me close to 40 minutes.
By the time i get there ill probably be too cold to fight anyway or ill find its been cancelled because my instructor couldn't get there because of the snow.

But hey, its Christmas and we all dream of a white Christmas.  :argh!:

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