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Apple Talk / A public service announcement.
« on: October 13, 2018, 11:25:15 pm »
Cramulan thinking and methodology will not help you "hook up".  They will not make you dance better.  They WILL, however, fuck up your skin, make your teeth fall out, make your face curl up like a fist, and cause you to think you have bugs under your skin.

Stick with 'stache.  It's a better high, and it won't make your nose suppurate.

Apple Talk / Ill-considered drama #1 of hopefully 1.
« on: October 10, 2018, 01:18:00 am »
Okay, I have just had the 10th or so PM, between here and Facebook, telling me to sack up and get over my mad with Kai.

Problem:  I'm not mad at Kai.  Yes, he shat on me from a very great height.  But so has every single other member of PD at one time or another (except Cain, our one beef was on account of I didn't listen to him when I should have).  I myself MAY have occasionally shat on someone here and there over the years.  But I got over every last one of those beefs within no more than 6 months.  If it looks like I have been mad longer than that, this is a problem of perception.  It isn't anger.  When I stop talking to someone and it lasts for years, it is because that person has in one way or another offended me on a moral level.  Hugh is a good example.  He read people's mail to find ways to fuck with them.

In Kai's case, there was a Facebook argument about GMO crops.  I said that I didn't have enough information to know how dangerous - if at all - single-generation seeds were, from an agricultural point of view.  Instead of linking me to something or just answering me, Kai took that as, finally, an excuse to obey Charley and crap on me.  But what he DID was to say, "This is why I don't mix with liberals that don't have advanced degrees, they don't know how to think."

Roll that around in your head for a moment.  Leave aside the screamingly funny pompous side of it, and consider what he said to everyone reading that post.

"I am the stereotype the willfully ignorant use to attack intellectualism and science."

Now, I've heard that Kai got his PhD.  But unless he found for crushed-up caddis flies cure human stupidity, there is no single thing he could add to the body of knowledge that would balance the harm he did the entire scientific community with that bullshit.  He couldn't have made Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh happier if he gave them a hand job with a fistful of money.

And this doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest.

I'm going to close with two things:

1.  I may be misgendering Kai, based on what several of the PMs also said.  If so, my bad.  He hasn't told me that and odds are he isn't going to.

2.  I will never discuss this again, after this thread.  All shit-stirring in that direction will simply be linked here, because there isn't too much else to be said about it.  To anyone that gets linked to this, GET OVER IT.  I have.  Seriously, fuck off with yourself.  I don't have time for this crap.  Neither do you.  Life is short, go get laid or something.

Apple Talk / 21C Weirdness in blog format.
« on: October 07, 2018, 09:01:53 am »
(Note:  I am inviting Cain, Brother Mythos, Chaotic Neutral Observer, QG, and LMNO to add their own entries to this, on any subject related to 21C.  Vex and Cram, too, if they're around.  EDIT:  Also Hoops, even though he is a savage)

12:19AM, 10/7/18, Tucson, Arizona, American Empire

I didn't meet any of you until the 21st Century.  My life has been divided between the two centuries, one foot in 32 years of the last century, the other foot being 18 in this one.  I was informed by David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, I am now listening to Imagine Dragons and Fun, which are already of course old hat.  Music doesn't stand still, and I don't move as fast or break as many things as I used to.

This makes a fun contrast, really.  I Want to Break Free vs NaturalZiggy Stardust vs Some Nights

I Want to Break Free is a song about finding yourself, finding love, then losing it, and all the fallout that goes alongside it.  Freddie is telling you how to survive having your heart broken.  Natural is about functioning at all times with a heart of stone...Even when Dan Reynold's voice has the exact opposite effect on you.  Reynolds isn't in the same league as Freddie Mercury, not really, but he has a good range and he's not afraid of it.   Reynolds is telling you to avoid heartbreak by not having a heart to break in the first place.  He's not pimping actual sociopathy, of course, he isn't describing good people and he wants you to know that.

Ziggy Stardust talks about alienation brought on by the title character being a genius that is a half-step out of phase with everyone around him, plus substance abuse.  Here is a man that isn't on the same wavelength as everyone else, but is trying to drag anyone along with who wishes to go.  Things get out of hand, the band breaks up, and his fans are left without their leader when the "Spiders from Mars" show up.  I'd say these spiders would be the horrors of everyday life, but with Bowie it's a little hard to tell.  Might have been actual spiders from actual Mars, for all I know. Some Nights, on the other hand, is about alienation brought on by disgust with the shitty deals and shitty compromises that the 21st century shovels down your throat until you can't remember what your values are.  At the end, he confronts his infant Nephew and realizes that not everything is awful.  Both are realistic takes on their own respective eras.

At the moment, though, I have a lot of time for Dan Reynolds.  He doesn't hold with the Cramulan notion that there are deeper things under the surface.  He will not tell you that there is freedom, if you can trick your mind into ignoring the conditioning that is drummed into you from birth.  He's here to tell you how things are, what things are going to happen to you, and sells you the idea that you can kick their asses if you're serious about having a good time.  Not that you'll win; instead, that you can make enough space to do you, but that this comes with a price tag.  Your ass-kicking also changes you, so by the time the party starts, you're not really the same person that accepted the invitation (With Bowie, you're not the same person when the party ends).

I dance to 1970s Abba and 2012 Neon Trees, I drive to 1970s Motorhead and 2010-ish Frost Heaves and maybe some of P!nk's more angry stuff.  I do not feel bound by genre, but the general feel of pop & rock informs the way I move my thing.

And given the horrible nature of the world today, moving your thing is a mental health tool.

Apple Talk / Dream a Little Dream With Me, part VIII
« on: October 05, 2018, 06:13:47 pm »
My wife and I were a 18th century frigate.  She was apparently some kind of mathematical savant who helped with navigation, who also happened to be blind.  Since she was blind on a ship, she was constantly sea sick, so she was wearing a rubber dress, which was kinda hot.

Anyway, 3rd Lt LMNO wanted to speak with me.  He seemed a little upset, so I moved my ass.  Above me in the rigging, Seamen Cram and Cainad were singing a sea chanty that went "O, Ricky, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Ricky, Hey Ricky".  When I got to Lt LMNO, he expressed his concern that why wife was showing a bit of ankle around the crew.  He was smiling, but I could tell he was angry.  The more he smiled, the angrier he got.

"But it's just ankle," I said, "What's wrong with showing a little ankle?"

"HURRRP" *splash*, Jenn added.

"You can't show ankle in a pressure suit."  Replied LT LMNO.

"Wait, what?"

"What are those men doing?"  He asked.

I looked, as Cram and Cainad faded out of sight, leaving only fake mustaches.

"I think they're fucking off, sir."

"Never mind, here comes the captain."

The captain walked onto the deck, and as usual, we could only see him from the neck down, and even then only bits of him at a time.

"First read up ^ Then read down v" He said, "BLOW THE BALLAST TANKS"

"HURRRP" *Splash* Jenn replied.

(And that's all I remember)


Remember GE?  They're not even on the Dow Jones anymore, after a solid century of dominating it.  They have lost 5/6ths of their value, for a whopping half a trillion dollars.

Thing is, they didn't lose their market share to technology changes, like 3M and the insufficiently-nimble Toshiba.  They lost it because they outsourced to the absolute lowest bidder for 30 years, until they became a byword for "catastrophic failure" in power plants, etc.  To try to save themselves, they divested themselves of Thomas Edison's light bulb company, which was the only earner they had.

In short, they have demonstrated a level of incompetence that couldn't be topped if you did it on purpose.

Apple Talk / Maps
« on: October 01, 2018, 05:28:18 pm »
So, I've been trying to plot out everyone's maps here at work.  I plan to flesh these out a bit.  I am trying to be as honest as I can about all of this, or it's useless to me.

Boss's boss:  This place is a couple of golf courses with a resort-esque town stapled on the end of it.  His worthless employees cannot keep the resort part going without whining about cash.

Boss:  This place is a military unit that is severely dysfunctional and would everyone please stop the cutthroat shit because it's getting kinda scary.  (He just retired from the air force and has very odd ideas about how the civilian workplace operates.  I've been there.)  Can't we just get things done?

Evil HR Lady:  A BIG HAPPY FAMILY (with her as the first among equals, of course.)  THE PENALTY FOR NOT HUGGING IS DEATH.  HR would be less messy if there were no people.

Me:  This place is busted and we have work to do.  Things that get in the way of the work are bad.  If you simply must be sick, die at home so you don't infect the rest of the crew.  Yes, the situation is really that bad.  No, there is no line item for your feelings.  GET OUT THE WAY.

More later.

Apple Talk / Hi, it's me.
« on: August 31, 2018, 08:31:14 pm »
Hi, it's me.  This is more complicated than it sounds...I am not the me I was when you first met me (especially you old timers), and believe me when I say that this can be uncomfortable.  I am not the me that raced cars on Book Road back in the day.  I am not the me that stood horrified in a pumphouse under the streets in Panama.  I am not the me that worked for a dodgy cargo airline when some of you met me for the first time.  Let's skip a bit...I am not even the me that wrote Little Orange and Hell in a Dry Place.  I have changed, as you have changed, as everyone changes.  To expect a person to react the same way to a given stimuli over a half-century isn't realistic.

The hard part, the part that took that entire half-century, is to understand that yourself.  That you aren't the same person you used to be.  Maybe you're better, maybe you're worse, maybe you're neither, just different.  But once you DO realize that, you remove an enormous burden of false expectations from yourself, and the affect that has is some pretty strong mojo.

I am not Shaky, Mozart of the M16.
I am not The Good Reverend Roger, screaming out rants.
I am not Padre Dolor, delivering the hurt.
I am not Little Billy, taunting the Pagans.
I am not Doktor Howl, explaining your doom to you in terms you understand.

I am a mish-mash of all of these people, and "we" are stronger for realizing that.  I am a ball of aggregate Horror™, and I am not impressed by the puny villains we have today.  Trump and his hordes of waterhead Nazis may be dangerous to some degree, but they have no opera.  They are banal.  Boring.  This should change.

On the other hand, this entire future is kind of banal and boring.  It is a flimsy thing, built on shaky foundations by drunks who never even bothered to look at the blueprint.  It is the intensely monotonous accumulation of wealth into the hands of a tiny group of people while the rest of the world starves - or is facing the specter of starvation - and drinks filthy water.

And I think maybe that needs to change, as well.

Or Kill Us. 

Aneristic Illusions / UNLIMITED 2018 Midterm Thread.
« on: August 28, 2018, 09:37:26 pm »
To kick things off, furious white people screech in Maricopa county, "Voting machine problems are supposed to happen to non-whites!"

Apple Talk / Jim, please pick up line two.
« on: August 27, 2018, 09:13:40 pm »
Hello, Jim?  Is this Jim?  Hah, I was just sitting back thinking of you and touching something.  Not gonna tell ya what I'm touching, and I'm not gonna tell ya what I'm touchin' it with, but know that you are always in my thoughts.  I was thinking back to early 2009, and all the fun we had watching the po'buckers lose their damn minds over President Obama and his un-American blackness.  Remember that?  Sure ya do.  We all do; it was the most fun I've had since Nixon resigned. 

Now, I'm not going to tell you that Obama was a world-shaker or go on and on about hopey-changey-Yes-We-Can bullshit, but the man could give a speech.  He made you feel like someone was driving the train, and that yes, we will slow down to a reasonable speed on the really bad curves.  Now?  Ho ho!  There are no brakes and the lumpy orange thing in the white house is deliberately speeding up for the curves.  And while I would normally be all about that kinda "taking it to the wall" mentality, it occurs to me that this is where I keep all of my STUFF.

And then I got to thinking about all the shit you said before the 2016 election.  About how you were gonna vote write-in or vote Green or just not vote at all, because you feel that because the democrats are corrupt, they are just the same as Trump and his crowd...Because Baby Jesus knows, there is no such thing as nuance and if you aren't perfect, you are entirely evil.  You didn't feel that there was any shades to corruption, and therefore you simply couldn't vote for Hillary because reputable people had been telling you bad things about her since 1992.

Now, this sort of thinking has real-world results, Jim, and lots of people we know got hurt on account of it.  Not only that, the apparatus of government has been permanently damaged.  Like a bent frame in a car, you might not be able to see the damage after the repair man works on it, but I wouldn't take that thing on the highway.  "Wouldn't be prudent at this juncture," as one old bastard used to say.  Our children will not inherit a republic, and poor people will drink filthy water for the rest of their miserable lives.

So then I got to thinking, maybe this is your fault.  You clutched your pearls and put on your best sainted expression and told everyone how you couldn't sully your purity by voting for someone that was less than perfect, even if her opponent was a crazed Nazi maniac.  You told us that if we voted for Hillary, we'd have a right wing warmonger in the white house.  Well shit, son, you were right.  We voted for Hillary and we got a right wing warmonger in the white house...Because you - and millions of equally stupid people - didn't vote.

So next time you feel like dropping in for a beer, I'd think twice and maybe not do that.  Because me and my family and friends will welcome you with baseball bats and crowbars, you miserable, sanctimonious piece of shit.  Go fuck yourself.


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