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Principia Discussion / New Archive of Discordian Texts
« on: May 22, 2012, 12:56:16 am »
Hello all!

I am fairly new here and intro'd myself in the Introduction thread on this board. I have made a new website which I have links to a bunch of Discordian Texts which I have found from info on this site and others. However it seems to require javascript which I was not aware of. So I am providing the links to all the books below and I will continually modify this post to reflect any additions to the list.

There will also be some miscellaneous documents as well but right now it is just a bunch of books and a couple pamphlets. I don't believe anything here is violating copyright but if so I apologize in advance. Just let me know which are problematic and I will remove the link from this post. In any case, all the links work as far as I know and you can download to your hearts content. All files are PDF's or JPG's.

If for some reason something doesn't work or if you know of a book you want me to add, please let me know and I will remedy/add it asap.

Thank you to hirley0 for helping me fix the links and the suggestion of including the file size next to each. Sorry I didn't think of that before.  :fnord:

The Discordia Totalis (19.2 MB)
Containing the PD4thEd., Metaclysmia Discordia, Summa Discordia, Book of Eris, Zenarchy & Zenarchist's Cookbook, and the Apocrypha Discordia in a single 660pg PDF.

1979 Sears - Roebuck Catalog (2.3 MB)

Principia Discordia 1st edition Not 1st edition but strange mishmash (4.6 MB)
Principia Discordia 4th Edition (9.2 MB)
Principia Discordia 17th Edition -23ae (883 KB)
Principia Discordia version 23.5 -23ae (1.2 MB)
Principia Discordia Evangelical Edition (44.4 MB)

Black Iron Prison (2007) (1.2 MB)
Black Iron Prison (2007) Booklet (9.8 MB)

The Chao-Te-Ching (778 KB)

Et Cetera Discordia (127 MB)
Metaclysmia Discordia (6.8 MB)
Summa Discordia (5.0 MB)
The Book of Eris (1.9 MB)
The ZenArchist Cookbook (386 KB)
Aprocrypha Discordia (973 KB)
The Wise Book of Baloney (1.5 MB)
The Apotheosis Psychoerotica (605 KB)
Principia Entropius (6.0 MB)
Aeturnus Ille Discordia (831 KB)
The Book of Chaos and it's Virtue (1020 KB)
The Book of Life (1.6 MB)
The Devia Discordia (3.6 MB)
Erisiana (603 KB)
The Om Nom Nomicon (193 KB)
The Jonesboria Discordia (31.1 MB)
Ommiterre Libellus (2.6 MB)

A Pocket Full of Chaos (3.8 MB)
Discordia: A Little Game About A Lot of Chaos (439 KB)
Condensed Chaos (487 KB)

Intermittens - Vol 1 (5.0 MB)
Intermittens - Vol 2 Elements of New Discordia (7.9 MB)
Intermittens - Vol 3 Weirdness (7.5 MB)
Intermittens - Vol 4 Illuminati, Secrets Revealed! (5.5 MB)
Intermittens - Vol 5 The Law of Fives (6.0 MB)
Intermittens - Vol 6 The Lesser Poop (19.4 MB)
Intermittens - Vol 7 OM (9.4 MB)
Intermittens - Vol 8 Self-Reliance (15.7 MB)
Intermittens - Vol 9 Phobias (7.1 MB)
Intermittens - Vol 10 Meatspace (4.6 MB)
Intermittens - The Fail-Whale Apocalypse and Other Stories (676 KB)

Memoirs of a Daydreamer (3.8 MB)
Musings of a Faceless Man (52.5 MB)
Hey Jim! (1.1 MB)
Modern Mythological Creatures (122 KB)
OR KILL ME!! (1.2 MB)
A Chaos-Marxism Primer (267 KB)
Fractal Cult Pamphlet (932 KB)
The Prophets of the Main Way (317 KB)
Moosemas (4.0 MB)

Discordian Meme-Bomb Posters (54.6 MB)
Discordian Meme-Bombs-Aleph (1.4 MB)
Pirate-Pass-Off (74 KB)

23 Things to Amuse Yourself While You Wait (78 KB)
101 Ways to Make Everyone's Day Weirder (147 KB)
Become A Missing Person (696 KB)
Breathing Manually (270 KB)
Consumption is Democratic (128 KB)
Discordian Devival (322 KB)
Discordian Brochure (35 KB)
End Discrimination (77 KB)
End Minority Opression (53 KB)
Equal Rights for Corporations (63 KB)
How to Know If You Are a Robot (116 KB)
Last Words (730 KB)
Letter to the Cabbages (16 KB)
Notice of Compulsory Illumination (46 KB)
Partnership Agreement (37 KB)
Printable Facebook Like-Dislike Stickers (18 KB)
Rules Not For You (214 KB)
Swine Flu (137 KB)
There Is No Discordian Society (287 KB)
Two Mindfrax (446 KB)

PosterGASM Volume BUTTS (16.5 MB)
PosterGASM Volume Dingus (695 KB)
PosterGASM Volume Calvinball (12.2 MB)
PosterGASM-Ignite Yourself (72 KB)
PosterGASM-Free Job (36 KB)
PosterGASM-UFO Sighting (71 KB)
PosterGASM-Paid Assistant (46 KB)

Discordia (164 KB)
Fnord (25 KB)
Found Cat (98 KB)
Waffles! (74 KB)

(These next two files aren't quite "Discordian" but I felt they would be appropriate regardless.)
HIMEOBS Training Manual (229 KB)
Codex Seraphinianus (56.1 MB)

Books by RAW
Cosmic Trigger (3.9 MB)
Illuminatus! Trilogy (2.4 MB)
Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy (1.5 MB)
Masks of the Illuminati (1.6 MB)
Prometheus Rising (4.0 MB)
Quantum Psychology (8.0 MB)
Coincidance (3.1 MB)
The Illuminati Papers (1.4 MB)
Wilhelm Reich in Hell (3.3 MB)

*note* The original site is located at Discordian Online Library of the M'.'M'.'M'.' and a backup which has all the files above in case a link above doesn't work is here.

(Edited to remove sticky, all links broken - Dok)

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