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Discordian Recipes / Diet Refining
« on: December 17, 2012, 09:39:14 am »
So I've been on a big health kick since I got my gym membership and I've managed to crank out some abs and actually have some biceps and such, but I'm looking for thoughts on how to improve my overall diet.

My main issue is not having enough time to eat since I'm on the run a lot, or when I'm home it's incredibly late and all food stores are closed... but there is hope!  I am taking a promotion soon that pays me to sit at home (which I plan to keep until I get done with my masters) during which I'll be able to cook for myself more, hence the fread interest. 

I'm not a chef or even a talented cook but I can make a couple of things.

My main dish revolves around the following:

Meat: Lemon Pepper Haddock/Salmon/Chicken
Side: Sauteed Spinach (light butter) with diced tomatoes and garlic
Side: Penne Pasta rolled in light butter and seasoned with fresh basil

I probably eat this 5-6 times a week.

I also do a bowl of cereal in the late hours, drink the green machine naked juice and when I'm in an absolute hurry I break down and grab a sausage, egg and cheese wake up wrap from dunkin donuts which is about as close to food as one can get from such a place, plus it's cheap and quick.

After a work out (usually 3-4 times a week but probably more when I have the stay at home gig) I grab an isolean pro shake (works as post work out meal replacement, all organic) with some strawberry bannana flavoring.

Granted I could lose the flavoring on the shake and all the butter in the dish, but I'm trying to eat mostly healthy and not be completely devoid of flavor.  Also worth mentioning I have zero interest in being vegan or vegetarian.

Looking for simple/quick/tastey dishes recommended (links fine) that I can't screw up too much and still have some flavor without being made of lard and diabetus.

For the record I've already sworn off everything evil (soda, junk food, etc.) years ago, sans coffee and currently working to cut smoking off the agenda, but don't quite have the right motivation for that to make it stick yet.

I'm not quite a health pro or anything, and I'm not trying to run a marathon, just have more energy and look better naked fwiw.

Health comments and recipes appreciated.

Apple Talk / How many...
« on: December 17, 2012, 06:55:20 am »

How many assholes holists do we have on this ship, anyway?

Just acclimating to the new climate.  Seems someone earned themselves a mimic profile or two.

Can I get a link or two to the saucy bits/highlights?  I like to keep abreast of the highly important news of the day.

Being a devout discordian on days that end with q, I've found that from time to time I'm required to explain to the curious what discordianism is, which is like trying to tell an african child dealing with starvation what the internet is.

It usually doesn't go well.  I'll give my basic run through and see if anyone has a way to improve upon it because I've noticed some quirks.  I'm not trying to improve for the purposes of proselytizing, but just to satisfy those that are curious without them getting too quick an opinion and after that I'll explain the basic issues with this.

For starters though, I'll point out that it's not practical to just drop them the link since most people in the world have an attention span of squirrel! and can't be bothered to read words and stuff.  I'm trying to get a clear and concise message across with few words.

So here goes:

Prima: "Discordianism is an irreligion, which is to say it's not quite a religion at all in the usual sense."

Secunda: "So like flying spaghetti monster?" 

Prima:  "Sort of but not really.  Unlike FSM there is wisdom to be yielded one just needs to be insightful enough to separate the cream from the mixture."

Secunda:  "Like what?"

Prima:  "Well a lot of the teachings are rooted in Rinzai Zen, but I wouldn't say it's anywhere near as serious or drastic.  If anything it's a serious joke, jokingly serious... the concepts of paradox are kind of inherent in the teachings and one is instead encouraged to find their own way of being within the chaos of the world in a fashion that works for them."

This is usually where I run into problems, the term "joke" tends to automatically turn off the listener and they hear nothing else.  To some extent this can't be helped, some people won't think deeper than they are forced to, but I get the feeling it would be helpful I think to find a more eloquent way to explain that central concept without using a buzz word that will shut down their brains.


Apple Talk / Riddle me this batman...
« on: December 14, 2012, 07:08:01 am »
You love it :cn:.  You hate it.  You hate to love it.  You love to hate it.  What am I?

No Peeking.

P.S.:  You're Welcome.

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