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Or Kill Me / Another reason to hate the world. True or False?
« on: March 05, 2014, 10:55:51 am »
Someone made this list, and I saved it because its an interesting concept.

How wrong is this?
I really think this is true for when you meet people.
This doesn't seem to apply when logic gives up and
a relationship takes over, or when girls are trying
to take pity on someone. Thats usually a friend zone thing anyway.

Literally all women care about.

1. How tall you are
2. How big your dick is
3. How much money you make
4. How much hair you have
5. Your social status
6. How fit you are
7. What car you drive (and other various status symbols)
8. What you do at work
9. How popular you are
10. How handsome you are

I'm hoping that some will try to prove or disprove this, inevitable creating some insight about life.
Either that, or you all can just kill me.

Hello fine chaps.

Now that I'm done talking to my cowboy gear for the purpose of a bad joke,
I would like to say hello to the community, introduce myself, and ask a few questions.

Hello community.

Late last night, someone 'anonymously' pointed me in the direction of the Principia Discordia,
and I had to read every word from start to finish; simply riveting!

After reading the entire book, I believed every word of it.
I especially payed attention to the words prohibiting my believing what I read.

I've got to say, eris has been calling my name for a very long time.
Way before my beloved encounter with Yossarian sometime during high school.
Cutting straight to the chase though, I want in on this.
Ignoring that they actually have explained why a woodpecker doesn't smash its brains out.

Does the hot dog thing count if I didn't know I was doing it?

Many times I've found myself with no buns and a mood to walk off with my meat in hand.
It is very possible that I've done this multiple times on a Friday too.

Does anyone know what Dyslexia does to someone's IQ score?
That could be pertinent information one day. It also could not be.

Finally, is it ok to ask random off topic wordy questions here?
Is that annoying, impolite, or frowned upon?

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