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Apple Talk / Re: people still post on forums, technically
« on: September 12, 2017, 06:43:19 am »
No we don't.

Oh look, Ron Paul vomited Wikileaks on the thread and wants us to take him seriously.

You see thats the opposite of what I want. Primary advantage of being far-right, it keeps out LARPing liberals who care more about virtue signalling than accomplishing things, if they even care about that at all. Can you even imagine people who blubber about safespaces and microaggressions ever pulling off something like this? Taking over one of the major political parties? When someone on the left gets doxxed and harrassed they get an inbox full of mean words. When someone on the Alt-Right does, they call your schools, they call your workplaces and they make sure you have no chance of a future ever again. Then you get no asspats, you get no teary-eyed interviews, you get a chorus of people happy that it happened because youre mean to them on the internet. No one who is in this isnt serious. They might be stupid, but they dont LARP. And thats why we are the GOP now.

Oh. Okay.


Oh look, Ron Paul vomited Wikileaks on the thread and wants us to take him seriously.

She's calmed down a bit. Apparently the Feds know who the fuckers are, so they're being dealt with. Not that this makes it any easier. My bro took her to the range this week to brush up on her shooting skills, just in case. She doesn't have her CCP, which is required in FL, so she can't actually carry to work. It sounds like she seems confident the police are going to be running detail shifts, since the FBI has been so active about it.

Of course, the worst part isn't the election itself. It's going to be the day after. She's flying out here on the 12th, so hopefully she can get a bit of a vacation after this fucked up season.

My friend doing the same gig in Kansas City has flat out said the whole thing has been a "Trumpster Fire", and consider how red Missouri is, I could only imagine.

Apple Talk / Re: Academia Ghetto Thread
« on: October 26, 2016, 06:26:07 pm »
I got nothin' but that I was on campus 82 hours last week. :kingmeh:

At least it appears that my students are improving, which was the goal.

I know that feel.

Did the financial aid situation work itself out?

Apple Talk / Re: Academia Ghetto Thread
« on: October 26, 2016, 05:34:40 am »
My page is fluctuating between the top 2-3% of profiles. Some of my papers up there aren't that great, so I'm surprised they're getting hits at all.

The Crusades have been a hot topic lately, though. My short paper on Geoffrey de Villehardouin is my most popular piece, and it's being downloaded a lot by students back at UNH, so I ran a search on this semester's courses, and shonuff, one of my former profs and thesis committee Russian Judge is teaching the Crusades this semester. My guess is that he just hit the 4th Crusade. Last year at this time, we had a student in the colloquium use my paper for his piece on Villehardouin, so I at least hope I'm being cited (I BETTER be cited) and that the prof gets to see my name as a source.  :lulz: He's a great instructor though, really, he's just tough as nails. I wonder if there's a sense of pride, or dread, in seeing former students' work being used by current students. It certainly was hilarious sitting in the colloquium last year and listening to the undergrad present his paper.

I was asked to present my thesis research at the International Congress of Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo next May. I'm flattered and terrified, because this is basically Medievalpalooza, including the live music. Some of my academic heroes will be there, and you can't really fangirl out when it comes to Peter Frankopan like you can with a comic artist.

In other, more sad news, I've lost library and database access through UNH. I can get it back with an alumni library card, but they require me to physically go to the library on campus to apply for one, probably for identification purposes. Why the hell didn't they tell us this before we left? It's a bummer, really, because there's a few things I'm working on right now, including a paper on cotton cultivation in Medieval Anatolia, and a short article on purple dye.  That, and work, is why I haven't been posting on the boards as much. I can get some database access through CSU, but not the ILL privileges like I had at UNH. Ugh, time to get cozy with the San Diego Public Library.

Add another marker to the "election violence is inevitable" column then.

In other news, trumps campaign manager is apparently posting things that make her look good at the expense of.... trump. One person noted that she's a contractor and therefore unlikely to get paid even in the outside chance of a win.

He's already getting in hot water for not paying a lot of people on his staff. I don't know what he expects will happen. You don't exactly win an Atlantic City jackpot becoming the President, and if Trump is half as rich as he pretends to be, the $425k taxed salary for president doesn't exactly do anything for his coffers.

Thank god your brother was there and armed at least.  This shit is only going to get crazier and worse...especially since it looks like Florida may flip this year.  Are there any upcoming votes after the election?

It looks like the state is putting all of its referenda on the November ballot. Which is basically what California does, and now I am staring at a ballot of 10 propositions and a dozen local referenda, on TOP of presidential, congressional, and state legislative candidates.

Legalization of marijuana is on both states' ballots, that's another thing driving the looneys to the polls, but the odds of California flipping to red is near impossible unless the handful of Trump supporters from the Central Valley decided to take over the cities and force women and brown people to stay home.

I'm actually pissed I have to vote in CA, I applied for an absentee ballot for NH, and it was not processed, so I had to scramble to get my signature to the election board here in San Diego by the deadline, yesterday. I'm not really up on the issues here just yet, and a lot of them are really, uh, California. Prop 60 mandates that condoms must be used in the film of porn movies filmed in state. It's interesting to see a state so invested in having true democratic votes in the lawmaking process, but at the same time, I feel like some things just don't need to go into the public's hands. There's also a prop for background checks involving ammunition sales. If that passes (and if Hillary wins), the 2nd Amendment freaks are going to go ballistic and blame CA on everything, as usual.

I was of the mind that he probably died like 30 years ago, and somebody was ghostwriting his shit.

Apple Talk / Re: We need to fkn saint Chuck Tingle already
« on: October 25, 2016, 02:57:42 am »
There's no point in sainting a god.

My mom is a poll worker, she has been venting to me about this whole election cycle. In fact I was visiting my parents during the primary, and she had ballots thrown back at her by people who wanted to vote for Trump, but did not update their party affiliation.

She told me duing the congressional primary, people were showing up, to vote for Trump. She had to turn them away, of course, because, well, he wasn't on the ballot, but they blew fits and threatened her. They had to call a cop for detail to control them. Mom kept telling me over and over how one particular woman kept coming back, bragging that she never voted, but registered just this year to vote for Trump.

Well, she called me today, scared out of her fucking mind. Some of the Trump "poll watchers" found her at the grocery store and followed her home. They staked out the house, and are now stalking her. Fortunately, this is Florida, so my brother had no fucking qualms walking out front with his .45 and telling them to GTFO. Since my mom works for the election board, she can't have any party affiliation or candidate endorsements anywhere, so it's not like there's Hillary stuff around the house or on her car. They just recognized her and attempted to let her know that they're watching her so she doesn't do anything "funny".

Once they high tailed it when my brother came out armed, mom got the license plate and called the Feds, who came by, and told her that her case was hardly an isolated incident, and they've been getting calls from all over the county to deal with these assholes. Their county is a blue county with the exception of the career old school GOPer in the House who has come out openly against Trump, so now my mom is scared to fucking go to work in 2 weeks, and my brother is trying to convince her to pack the 9mm, and we both keep reminding her that if they so much as speak to her in a threatening manner other than asking for a ballot and "please" and "thank you", they can get locked the fuck up.

And now, for comedy:

Also, week 4 of grad school: FUCK THIS.

I am in a baaaad mood today.

My students were fucking shitheads, so I feel your pain. Except for like, 3 of them that actually wanted to do work. The rest were in it for the gen ed credit, and certainly liked crying to me when they got a D on their Crappy McCrapface  "I wrote this at 2am" paper. Painful.

have I ever mentioned how much I fucking hate south park?

It had its moments.

Back in 2002.

I'm a hipster for hating south park.

No you aren't. I never found it that funny.

« on: September 28, 2016, 03:08:11 am »

Edit: Okay, so I read why, BUT STILL, DUDE. YOU'VE READ THE HORRORS!

Just felt her asshole pucker all over again.

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