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The usual bullshit. Talking about slavery as if it had happened to them rather than having ended 30 or 40 years before the oldest people in the world were born. Blaming the continued existence of racism and sexism on people talking the wrong way

the continued existence of racism and sexism is about people thinking the wrong way. Better language is one way of addressing it.

but we also live in a world where speech is a form of action

It's hard to visualize a world where racism has ended but people still use racist language. Combatting racist language is one form of making the world less racist.

and rolling out new politically correct terms to replace the old ones (or sometimes refurbished variants of really old ones; how is the term "people of color" any better than the term "colored people", how the fuck is talking like Yoda going to help anybody!?

There's something to be said for a group choosing the name they want to be called, instead of everybody insisting on using the name that was in use when they weren't allowed in the same pool as white people.

a recent Contrapoints video talks about this -- she calls out this George Carlin bit where he is complaining about how airlines started saying "People with special needs can board the plane first", whereas they should have just told the TRUTH which is to call them CRIPPLES. These PC people are ruining everything!

Except not everybody that needs to board the plane first is crippled. Some might be elderly, or pregnant, or sick, or any number of things. Also, the word CRIPPLE has a lot of emotional baggage attached to it, it makes people feel bad to be called a cripple.

So why would we stick with a word that's innaccurate and makes people feel bad? Is it so bad to say a few extra words? Everybody who's "anti-PC" has this "Hard Truth tellin" vibe to their arguments .. but isn't the deeper truth that they don't actually care how those people feel?

Apple Talk / Re: Film Flam
« on: Yesterday at 05:01:50 pm »
The Favorite was really good.

especially that dance scene---I laughed so hard

Principia Discussion / Re: Explaining Ourselves
« on: Yesterday at 02:25:31 pm »
right now, I'm sitting on this thing I call a snootborg. Snootborgs are just as real as chairs.

If snootborgs are real, are gizzypumps also real? food for thought!

My claim is that both the pen and the ball-scratcher can be said to exist, since there is a real-world collection of atoms corresponding to both the master and the student's concepts.

and the collection of atoms
and the label we put on it
exist in very different senses

our minds miss this, constantly.

In the Flintstones, cameras have this little bird inside of them. When someone opens the camera shutter, the bird looks at what's outside and pecks a slate until an image appears, which looks to him like what's outside. The bird also cracks jokes, and comments on everything.

And we're like this -- inside of our heads, five birds are constantly pecking---and that's all we've ever known of reality.

We think we are seeing reality, but it's a rough collage made by five wisecrackin' birds.

Apple Talk / Re: Open Bar: Drinks are on the Supreme Court
« on: Yesterday at 11:51:43 am »
It was announced today that all MySpace media content uploaded before 2016 is GONE. Supposedly due to a "server migration error", some notable internet-spags speculate a cost-dumping scheme to no longer pay hosting for 53 million songs from 14.2 million artists.

There are no backups. There is no requesting to download your data. GONE. Electronic static. Entropy spitting in the face of "The internet means forever" and flicking its balls. Apparently this happened LAST YEAR and it has taken this long for pressure from users to force the truth out.

Think about that a second.  Did you have a MySpace account at one distant time? Did you just forget the password and abandon it?


In 2016 all text content (including all wall posts between users) older than a certain date was also deleted "accidentally". This "reboot" caused every musician on the site to have to manually rebuild their communities from (I suppose) old distribution lists.

The internet archivists interviewed by the Loyal Order of Floating Librarions of Mu are PISSED. I mean, these are the guys that recovered GeoCities! And they can do noting. If you've been watching the Magicians tv series, you hve some idea how dangerous a librarian with nothing to loose is.

End of an era. Give me a drink.

Myspace has been popping up here and there on my feed for the last few weeks. I recently tried to log in using my old info (thinking: wouldn't it be great to just migrate back to a 17 year old feed and pick it up where I left off?) and found that none of it worked, despite some copy on the website saying all your old content is still there.

And I already tried shitposting on linkedin... it's just not the same. I once made a fake profile for a surgeon, added a bunch of fake credentials and friended other doctors, then posted status updates about getting fuckin fratboy style plastered every weekend. But literally nothing happened, so it was kind of a wash.

I also enjoyed Ello for a brief moment, because nobody was there except me and Cainad and Roko's Basilisk, saying "No, I will be the last one to post on Ello" (Cainad won when my phone wouldn't update the app and I couldn't log in anymore)

What's left? Friendster? no. Goddamn it.

Principia Discussion / Re: Explaining Ourselves
« on: Yesterday at 11:42:12 am »
A little more about the layer of reality behind our perceptions

No, Chairs do not exist

Literate Chaotic / Gnosis Now!
« on: March 18, 2019, 03:34:02 pm »
Years ago, Robert Anton Wilson's Maybelogic academy hosted a series of talks by Erik Davis called "Gnosis Now!"

It's an 8 part series which introduces gnosticism and gnostic texts. It touches on both the gnostics of antiquity, and modern gnostics like Phillip K Dick and Rene Daumal.

I really enjoyed this series -- it sparked my interest in a bunch of authors and related topics. I was just hunting for it and thought I should share--some of you might dig it.

Apple Talk / Re: ITT: Best Posts of the Day
« on: March 18, 2019, 12:48:52 pm »
 :lulz: :lulz: :lulz:

How did those pics survive the photobucket purge?  I sure as hell didn't buy a subscription.

I think photobucket chickened out.. I see a bunch of their old links work again, albeit with a watermark.

Or Kill Me / Re: The Holy Rage
« on: March 18, 2019, 12:46:25 pm »
Just to be clear, I think Joseph is a great guy. Please read this with a tone of sympathetic concern.

To state plainly what concerned me about the OP: it glorified horrific violence, and said that the 'self who is curbstomping somebody to death' is the "true self", and should be embraced --- but there was no talk about finding the right target, or being discerning in how/when you use that rage. It reccommended visualizing somebody that upset me as I go apeshit on a mattress with a baseball bat.

Joseph didn't say "imagine beating up a nazi", he said "imagine beating up somebody that upset you."

And that's a really dark thought. Because a lot of people have made me angry, and I've definitely had the impulse to slash their tires.  Inside me, the animal parts want their blood. It would have made me feel euphoric. But when I've calmed down, I know that rage was not the correct tool.

I grimace at the suggestion that it would have been "holy" to go ruin my enemies day in some way. The way it's stated in the OP, I can't distinguish that suggestion from advice that horrible people give in to every single day. I really don't want to live in a world where everybody behaves like that. Personally, I'm proud of myself for moderating the beast, not giving in, not slashing those tires. I acted correctly, despite a loud voice inside me saying WAR WAR WAR.

That's what I was saying about the 'true self' not being the animal inside of us, but the human who can master those animalistic parts of us, reconcile them with the whole being. The animal is one of the selves. Sometimes you've gotta let it lead, but a lot of the time you have to tell it "time out".

This is different than denying the animal completely. The example Joseph gave, of the victim lashing out against attackers, is an example of rage applied in a survival moment. It's the right tool for that specific situation. In that situation, you don't have to worry about misapplying rage--your life is literally in jeopardy, and in that context, there is only black and white. The animal behaves correctly there, because it only sees in black and white.

I don't trust myself to only use rage correctly--therefore I can't trust others with it. My attitude towards my own rage is caution. To embrace it inevitably means hurting others, as well as myself.

Apple Talk / Re: Capeshit
« on: March 18, 2019, 11:59:44 am »
Here's a teachable moment:



Or Kill Me / Re: The Holy Rage
« on: March 17, 2019, 05:15:09 pm »
Love can beget Rage. The mass shooter does not use The Holy Rage, which exists to violently preserve life, but a fear of that which they cannot control. I sincerely think you're just squeamish Cram. You intellectualize that which has nothing to do with intellect, it is a fundamental part of you at all times. It can and must be controlled to function as a complete human being, you cannot do this If you deny it.

you said to embrace horrifically violent retaliation. You said that retaliation is sacred, if it's motivated by love. You and the jihadists agree on that, I guess. That guy who shot that trick or treater dead was defending his family.

The line between killing in fear and killing in love is as thin as piss on a rock. Yes, we're engineered to ENJOY exerting power, there are evolutionary reasons for that. It's easy to rationalize that my reasons for "gouging eyes and crushing genitals", "bashing someones head on a rock over and over again" are good reasons, whereas the bad guys reasons just came from the wrong place.

I mistrust anyone that is certain they can tell the difference in themselves.

Or Kill Me / Re: The Holy Rage
« on: March 17, 2019, 01:13:59 pm »
when you are holding a physical or metaphorical gun, and are emotionally charged (with fear, anger, or zeal), there is an internal struggle -- if love is the right tool for that moment, then so be it.

Or Kill Me / Re: The Holy Rage
« on: March 17, 2019, 12:45:09 pm »
Don't confuse power with holiness.

There is an animal in you, yes, and it wants to live. This is an essential part of the human, but it is not the "true human". It's an animal.

The Sacred Retaliatory Murder thumps in the chest of the mass shooter, the terrorist, the neverending feud seeking eye after eye after eye. Every terrorist feels justified. Every war is fought in 'defense of those we love'1. .

Beating the shit out of a mattress, or a person, may make you feel euphoric. It is precisely this euphoria that we need to be worried about, that we need to doubt and distance ourselves from2.

Rage is momentary. But we all have to live in the season of aftermath.

I say--the personal revolution is the triumph over the animal. The animal is emotional, horny, & hungry. And you do need to address these needs. There is a time for rage. But keep the animal on a leash. Who can hold the leash, who can direct the animal? That, not the animal, is the true self.

Think for Yourself, Schmuck! / Re: Reality Safari: Gurdjieff
« on: March 16, 2019, 12:43:54 pm »
Yes that's true. Gurdjieff's Enneagrams are all over the movie:

The Alchemist (who wears the Enneagram) is sitting at the end of the rainbow tunnel. The Rainbow has a special meaning within alchemy--similar to the tree of life--a journey from beginning to end. In fact, do you know why Isaac Newton described the rainbow as having seven colors? Because Newton was a spiritual alchemist first and a physicist second--he was referencing the ancient "law of octaves", which Gurdjieff calls the Law of Seven. The Enneagram is also a symbol of this. But I'm getting distracted...

The Enneagram also appears on the table at the end of the movie, when the characters have completed their transformation.

There is a holy mountain in Beezlebub's Tales, it is a place where people go to conceive children.

But the inspiration for the film The Holy Mountain actually comes more directly from one of Gurdjieff's disciples, Rene Daumal. Speak of the devil, I'm reading Daumal's work Mount Analogue right now.

Mount Analogue is an interesting book. Daumal was a mountain climber who also studied under Gurdjieff. In his mid 30s, he caught a terminal case of tuburculosis. No longer able to climb mountains, he decided to write a book which would help others understand the spiritual experience of the ascent. The Holy Mountain is a symbol in basically every religion -

I had written in substance that in the mythic tradition the Mountain is the bond between Earth and Sky. Its solitary summit reaches the sphere of eternity, and its base spreads out in manifold foothills into the world of mortals. It is the way by which man can raise himself to the divine, and by which the divine reveals itself to man. The patriarchs and prophets of the Old Testament behold the Lord face to face in high places. For Moses it was Mount Sinai and Mount Nebo; in the New Testament it is the Mount of Olives and Golgotha.

I went so far as to discover this ancient symbol of the mountain in the pyramidal constructions of Egypt and Chaldea. Turning to the Aryans, I recalled those obscure legends of the Vedas in which the Soma - the 'nectar' which is the 'seed of immortality' - is said to reside in its luminous and subtle form 'within the mountain'. In India, the Himalayas are the dwelling place of Shiva, of his spouse 'the Daughter of the Mountain', and the 'Mothers' of all worlds, just as in Greece the king of the gods held court on Mount Olympus.

In fact it was in Greek mythology that I found the symbol completed by the story of the revolt of the children of Earth, who with their terrestrial natures and terrestrial means, attempted to scale Mount Olympus and enter Heaven on feet of clay. Was this not the same endeavour as that of the builders of the Tower of Babel, who, without renouncing their many personal ambitions, aspired to attain the kingdom of the one eternal Being? In China people have always referred to the 'Mountains of the Blessed', and the ancient sages instructed their disciples on the edge of a precipice."

Daumal died before he could finish the book; it ends mid sentence. But he put his entire being into this work, and every sentence reads as if written with firm intention.

Jodorowski's film is inspired by the book, though it is not a direct adaptation.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: Christchurch shootings
« on: March 15, 2019, 06:01:28 pm »
we've had to mute #discord (except for regulars), due to a very dedicated 8chantard who really wants to push buttons today

every time there's something explosive in the news, this cat has to come in under an anon nick and spread chantrash. about once every 2-3 months, he shows up for 15-20 minutes late at night to call "the left" a bunch of hypocrites. He seems to have an unusually large stinkbug up his ass today. ayy

Or Kill Me / Re: My house is killing me
« on: March 15, 2019, 12:25:07 pm »
Jeanne de Salzmann (I think? or maybe Margaret Anderson?) said that organizing your life to intentionally create those conditions is a sacred process.

Wait... Doesn't that mean there's people running around creating those conditions for other people? That you could in theory make the whole waking up thing an industrialized process? Sell people placebo pills so people don't realise what is sold to them is actually a live action theatre around them designed to push them off the rails?

Heh, there is a "mindfulness industry", but it's hung up on bogus stuff like productivity and tranquility. And like null said -the church experience is, in some ways, an ecstacy factory.

But no, the conditions I'm talking about are deeply personal, many of them are inner conditions. I think part of it is an attitude towards waking up - you have to be able to recognize that you're asleep and want something else.

How are you feeling about your house today?

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