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Discordia en Espanol / Re: Gender Neutral Spanich, etc.
« on: May 07, 2020, 09:11:42 am »
It must be nice to be perfect

Apple Talk / Re: Plague Diary
« on: April 30, 2020, 05:51:13 pm »

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
what Cram said

lovely picture Faust, she's gorgeous

Apple Talk / Re: Plague Diary
« on: April 30, 2020, 11:14:48 am »
Baby girl was born at around 8:45 april 29th.
We needed a c-section so the recovery will take longer (I wont get to see them again for the next five days).

Welcome to this run down condemned amusement park of a world baby, Im so sorry.

Nice to have some good news for a change - welcome small Faustess

5 days is a real holy week - everyone knows godess doesn't work weekends

Hope they are both well, you didn't say, and tell them that nutjobs all over the world are sending healing thoughts . . .
birth is no laughing matter - it makes the stiches hurt

PS does that mean littl'un will share a birthday with the mewling Tory bastard in no 10?

« on: April 20, 2020, 08:23:33 pm »
How about adding the forums of the oldest (somehow existing for about 20 years) and biggest (prove me wrong!) active (more or less) German (speaking) Discordian (Parenthesis) group, Aktion 23?
How about, um... adding our brand new site? Yeah, I know, pretty shameless advertising from a guy who only posts something every five years... :roll:

Link fail :(

I love how the government is still having to insist that he is in charge, beause of the undeniable terror of Raab being acting PM that every reasonable person has.

How can they tell . . . ?

14m ago
UK PM admitted to hospital for tests
The UK prime minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital for tests after showing persistent symptoms of coronavirus 10 days after testing positive.

Sneaky old bugger

I can't stop sniggering. The heir to the throne, the Prime Minister and the sodding Health Secretary. FFS guys did you think being IMPORTANT persons made you fucking immune? Is the plague only available to the common herd???

BBC Posted at 11:2011:20
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has coronavirus

you know what that means . . . Dominic Raab takes over . . . get well soon Mr Johnson

Damn straight

A good thing we didn't think the NHS needed more funding or anything

ICU treats patients whose lives are at risk or whose organs have failed. Severe Covid-19 leads mostly to lung failure but also causes kidney and cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) failure. All these are rapidly fatal without intense and prompt treatments only available in ICU. In simple terms, treatments include a ventilator taking over the patient’s breathing while the patient is anaesthetised (placed in an induced coma), a dialysis machine cleaning the blood and drugs or machines supporting the heart and blood pressure. The reality of care is, of course, considerably more complex and highly intensive.

So let’s look at some statistics: it is likely that more than 30% of the whole UK population will get Covid-19 – it may be as high as 60% in some estimates. Most will have no or mild illness but maybe one in seven will need hospital admission. Of patients in hospital up to one in five may need ICU care – that would be an unprecedented number of people admitted to ICU. As many as one in 50 of patients known to have Covid-19 may die from it.

ICU is a precious and scarce resource in terms of beds, staff and equipment. This is especially so in the UK. In 2012 the UK had about 4,100 critical care beds including ICU beds and “high dependency” beds which are a step down from full ICU care. Compared with other European countries the UK ranked 23rd of 31 in terms of ICU beds per head of population and 29th of 31 for all hospital beds. Germany has approximately four times as many ICU beds per capita as the UK and the USA perhaps 10-fold as many. Data from 2017 suggest little change. Most UK ICUs therefore run at or above 90% occupancy and often can only admit new patients only by discharging others – even when workload is normal. Covid-19 will increase pressures not only because of weight of numbers but because intermediate treatments for pneumonia and lung failure are “aerosol-generating” (ie they risk spreading the disease) so cannot be used and early recourse to ICU is required.

Increased ICU demands equate to each ICU bed being needed for approximately 100 more patients than on average in the epidemic period – at least 10 times the normal throughput and equivalent to needing at least another 10 ICUs in the hospital during the epidemic. Of course, this demand will be in addition to, rather than instead of, normal workload as the illnesses that usually require ICU admission will not go away during the epidemic. In Wuhan, ICU capacity was increased by over 1,000 beds in two weeks by building a new hospital, but this is not possible in the UK.

And on and on and on.

If only we'd had some kind of party, running on a platform of reversing the disastrous NHS cuts of the past decade...

This is the punchline where I get to watch all those dumb old fucks who voted against independence and then for brexit choke to death on their own phlegm :evil:

Oi, Junior! #NotAllGeriatrics, mate. I didn't get a vote in the Indy Ref on account of being foreign and all [English born - Welsh resident for over 40 years] but I very much wanted Scotland to stay, partly for the very selfish reason that we can't every get another Labour govt if all the well affected leftwing Scots are off huffing their own sporrans and tenderly polishing their own cabers, while voting for that wee Krankie woman.

Fuck 1979, my mum had just dropped dead and I was pregnant

Yes, but in the UK the misery quotient was maxed from 1914 to the present.  And THAT'S if you had money.  Otherwise you had to go way the fuck back to 1100 CE before anyone was having a good time.

And the time machine can only go back to the disco era.
Fuck yeah. Well the law of averages says we got to be good at something so booyah for misery!

« on: February 06, 2020, 01:01:02 pm »
We are all Spartacus, though every time I hear his name my head fills with the theme from the Vikings :(

Fuck 1979, my mum had just dropped dead and I was pregnant

Aneristic Illusions / Re: General Trump hilarity free-for-all thread
« on: January 30, 2020, 02:20:51 pm »
Honestly I wish there was a viable solution where neither Israel nor Palestine gets Jerusalem. Like a "if you can't play nice with it, neither of you gets to have it" type thing.

Because it's not really anti-semitism unless you hate Arabs too...

Don't discordians hate everybody? What PDS seems to mean is "Corpus Separatum", yanno, like the UN agreed to back in 1940 somewhat

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