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Can I just take back all the dirty gritty shit I just said?
That's an interesting question - can you? Like, does and should it make a difference whether:
  • it's something that still resonates with you but no longer seems practical to defend, or
  • it's something that resonated with you, but no longer feels right, or
  • it's something that didn't resonate with you, but sounded good "in-style," or
  • it's something less explicable?

Whether or not you succeed, you can try - and that alone has value, does it not?

This is a world of force. We're edging away from that but it has always been about force. It will be about force for as long as we solve problems with ballistics. To argue otherwise is to be a victim, and who wants that? This world is hard, lonely, fucked up, and you take whatever you can get from it, because it only gets worse from here. One day, you're going to get older, and waste away and die. Nobody is going to remember Alexis the graceful soul but they will never forget Alexis the horrific savage.
I have to go wash my hair now, but if you expound upon this theory in a separate thread - I'll argue the fuck out of it later.

But me and where I belong, it feels like wherever I get accepted I have to tear my way in with my teeth. It's definitely not something that's just a given, not something that happens overnight, but I really, actively have to force my personality on everyone until they get used to me,
Does it bother you that an approach where you force anything is by definition non-consensual - or am I misunderstanding you? Is this something you are aware of in the moment, or a post-event narrative?

Progress involves first learning history, then repeating the same mistakes. Don't listen to the clowns who say you can learn without falling on your face :)

You need at least 10 learys of acid to pull off a half decent shared hallucination. That's hard to obtain - it's easier to find The Others. Where do you feel like you most belong?

Aneristic Illusions / Re: E-Democracy
« on: November 17, 2020, 02:34:09 am »
I didn't go through the whole thing again, but I'm kind of ashamed that even after 5 pages, no one brought up the simple fact that this relies on having an internet connection and the technology to use it, instantly disenfranchising the most vulnerable poor.
I recall RWHN arguing that very point for at least half a dozen pages, despite it presenting less of a financial or institutional barrier than completing basic tax filings required to claim benefits.

On the plus side, that thing about the app that would allow you to scan goods in the store and decide which of the six global corporations you wanted to boycott for a day, did come to pass - but unfortunately it failed to foil capitalism as predicted :/

I know what that feels like. Is it more likely that everyone else has found the same magical puzzle piece, or just found a set of reality filters that happens to work for them in their daily interactions?

How likely is it that shutting the fuck up is going to grant you the understanding you seek?

Bring and Brag / Re: Marjorie's Forgeries
« on: November 16, 2020, 04:29:05 pm »
Ha! I'm loving the retail stories :)

I agree with Dok for the most part, the tricky part is that some trolls like sealioning enough that they've gotten good at appearing to be the first type of person- engaged, ready to learn, looking for honest debate, but after those 2 minutes even if you recognize their shitneckery,  they may have already laid the groundwork to convince whoever else is on a given thread. All they want is an audience, after all. not saying one should give up on trying to educate anyone on anything ever, but this is a thing I've noticed.
True. Is this surprising given how many seem to choose going online as a form of entertainment to comfort and reinforce not challenge their view of reality? The most effective way to engage with such people is one-on-one, offline.

But it's a dirty job and I'm no longer doing it.

Apple Talk / Re: Full Frontal Tool Exposure.
« on: November 15, 2020, 06:15:48 pm »
It's called doing "The Alf". 

As much as I wish I hadn't clicked on this thread, I wish you had called it "Dong the Alf"

Nope, not clicking. Neither here nor in any of the infinite universes parallel to this one.

The energy behind my behavior pattern comes from my male inability to admit defeat, would be nice if it weren't a thing, I know, snip snip and it's over. My impulse control is ever a problem. Thanks for recognizing my self-awareness.

I mean, I could ship you some testosterone blockers today which i no longer need, but do you really think that is the culprit? Masculinity doesn't require testosterone, as much as having testosterone doesn't automatically make you a man. I can think of plenty of people who don't identify as a man but still can't admit defeat.

Your self-awareness is obvious, which makes it all the more curious to me why you ignore it. Any unresolved conflicts gnawing at you?

Thanks for taking the time to elaborate. Ok, so on the surface it looks like you have more self-awareness than impulse control. Relatable. My other question would be - where is that energy coming from behind the behaviour pattern that you identify? Is it internally, or the constraints of other peoples rigid expectations of you, messages from Sirius, or something else?

Yes, it's that other guy who is the Buddha, not me. You might call him Lucifer X, I hear he's right down for that sort of shit, me I'm too old.

Could you educate me regarding this statement? It makes absolutely no sense to me without understanding any of the references.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: E-Democracy
« on: November 13, 2020, 08:50:58 pm »
Yeah, that didn't hold up so well.

Aneristic Illusions / Re: E-Democracy
« on: November 13, 2020, 08:38:47 pm »
I thought that it might be fun to catch up on this thread and see how those ideas held up 10 years later.

I couldn't make it halfway through the first post without boring myself senseless.

Things that any well-studied and well-trained therapist could manage to do without even needing to resort to anything unethical like brainwashing.
It's not a scalable answer though - there aren't enough well-trained therapists to do the work necessary. I've had many conversations about applying machine learning to avoid certain mental health barriers.. but I wouldn't be surprised if it takes as long as until 2030 for competent AI therapists to become widely available and accepted.

But those types of people avoid any kind of introspection or psychic work like the plague (well, they don't actually even avoid the plague like the plague, but you know what i mean).

Exactly :)

Its also worth asking the question "where is this energy best put to use?" Because, frankly, saving nazis from themselves is less worthy a cause than making sure enough brown people have access to the voting booth that politicians just stop listening to nazis. I do not want to put too much energy into making a world where we continue to listen exclusively to white people, but the white people are nicer. That's a personal choice, and I don't spend time shitting on those trying to fight fascism in the hearts of whites, I just recognize it's work and I'd rather work elsewhere.

Same. Both sides of the same shitty sandwich. Inescapably though - it's an awful job and somebody has to do it - so until the problem is solved by an army of competent AI therapists, I vote for non-marginalised white men. As long as education remains a privilege whilst being a right, I find the sentiment "it's not my job to educate you" more problematic than "it's not my job to endlessly debate you".

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